Which hair extensions brands are the best? Where can you buy quality hair extensions? This is exactly what this section will outline. Here are the top 5 stores to buy quality hair extensions with reasonable pricing and great customer service. I’ve personally tested each of these hair extensions companies. To read my in-depth reviews, please click here.

Top 4 hair extensions brands in the USA

#1 – Cashmere Hair

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We chose Cashmere Hair as the best place to buy hair extensions online in the USA. There are many reasons why we loved Cashmere Hair. First of all, their hair quality is really amazing. This is important because all hair extensions websites pretend that their quality is great and the best. However, it’s not always true. But in the case of Cashmere Hair, the extensions were really made of high quality hair. Although the price wasn’t the cheapest, it’s absolutely great value for the quality you’re getting. Secondly, customer service is great and helpful. The company is actively responding to all questions and not ignoring customers. Moreover, the company isn’t sponsoring fake reviews. This is a common problem in this industry where hair extensions stores sponsor positive reviews. Overall, Cashmere Hair was a great company to deal with especially if you’re looking to buy the best quality extensions.


#2 – USA Hair

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My experience with USAhair.com was excellent. I think the products are great and the prices reasonable. What makes this company different is that they have a wide range of products. It’s one of the few websites where you can find virtually any hair color or hair length. The website is somewhat well organized, and communication with the company was better than expected. All my questions were answered quickly and staff seems to be really friendly. The quality of set of clip-in hair extensions that I bought from USAhair.com is, hands down, without any doubt whatsoever, simply excellent and top of the notch. The best part about these hair extensions is that they are quite affordable without compromising on the quality of the hair. There are no hidden charges or security issues when you order from their website.



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Despite my experience with Luxy Hair being a rocky start, I’ve ended up having a positive experience with the company. Their hair extensions aren’t the best, but definitely the most affordable I’ve seen. For the price you’re getting, you’re getting great value by buying Luxy Hair clip ins. I really enjoyed how responsive their customer service was. As someone who purchased lot of hair extensions online from different vendors, I can definitely tell you that Luxy Hair customer service is the best I’ve ever seen. Their customer service team was actively responding to all my questions. There was no problem with communication at all with this company. Every single question I had was being promptly answered by caring employees. They are definitely above average when it comes to customer service! If you’re looking to get affordable clip-in extensions with good hair quality, Luxy Hair is definitely recommended!


#4 – Irresistible Me

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Irresistible Me is a hair extension brand that I really loved. I purchased clip ins from their website a couple of times and I’ve never been disappointed. One common problem with clip ins is when the clips are too big. The clips used by Irresistible Me were small and really comfortable. My general experience with Irresistible Me hair extensions was great. Customer service was quick in answering my questions. Communication with the company was great!

Top hair extension brand in Canada 


Canada Hair

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The hair extensions sold on Canada Hair were really affordable and as it turns out, the quality was amazing! I’ve been using Canada Hair extensions for now a few months and so far, I have nothing to complaint about. The extensions were soft, easy to apply, heat resistant, and everything was shipped quickly. It’s a shame that this company doesn’t have many online reviews because my experience with Canada Hair was amazing. Their clip ins were definitely above average in terms of quality. Customer service is amazing and quick in replies!


Top hair extension brand in UK 


Foxy Locks

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Foxy Locks extensions are great hair quality and really do feel like human hair. I really enjoyed how thick the extensions were from top to bottom. The amount of hair included in 1 set of clip in was just perfect. The clips were comfortable to wear all day and they did not get loose or slip. The extensions barely shed or tangled. After a few washes, the extensions still looked in great conditions. I’ve been using Foxy Locks clip ins for now many months and I have no complaints!