Which hair extensions are the best?

Allow me to share a little something about myself.

I am a hairdresser based in Ottawa, Canada. Over the past many years, I helped people with just about anything hair related. My particular favorite kind of service is installing hair extensions. I have been doing this for many years now, both professionally and personally. This means that I installed hair extensions on other people’s heads in my capacity as a hairdresser but have also used them personally too. I’ve been wearing almost any kind of hair extensions you can name. My personal favorite kind of hair extensions are clip ins!

The best hair extensions are clip-in extensions!

They are the most versatile and convenient option out of all the other kinds available. Anyone can use them on their own without seeking help from a professional hairdresser or a certified hair extension technician. I feel they are the most convenient and easy solution for anyone who wants a thicker head of hair without having to worry about the hassle of getting the hair extensions installed and maintained every single day. Just purchase clip in hair extensions, part your hair, clip them on, and style your hair the way you want. And that’s it. You are done. All it takes is a few minutes of your time. And you can easily do it on your own, instead of having to head over to a hairdresser every time for installation or maintenance. Moreover, clip in hair extensions gives you the luxury to go about it any way you want in terms of how dense you want to keep your hair at any given time. Unlike permanently fixed hair extensions where once they have been installed they are installed, and you can’t change anything about them. Finally, taking care of your clip in hair extensions is easy. In short, clip ins are the best hair extensions in my opinion.

One reason that people generally stay away from clip in hair extensions is that they think they won’t last as long. Well, I have had quite the opposite experiences. Not just with the hair extensions, but also other clip in hair extensions I have used over the years from different hair extensions brands. They easily last for a few months if you invest in a good set and take good care of them.

So, in short, I guess it is safe to say that hair extension and I go back a long way. And so, writing a review on something like clip in hair extensions is not only something that I am interested in, but I feel it is also something I am well qualified to speak about.

A Comparison of the Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are fast becoming one of the hottest selling hair products out there and for good reason. They make it easier than ever for anyone to have the hair they had always dreamed of. Hair can take ages to grow, and even if you were willing to wait, time won’t help if you have naturally fine hair. So, what if you want long and thick hair, and you want it now? The answer is hair extensions. But of course, not all hair extensions are the same. There is not only the question of the brand or the hair company, although that is a big question, there is also a question about the type of hair extensions available.

There are quite a few types of extensions available and there is no way to judge which one out of those is the best. It is completely a matter of personal preference and knowing your needs and what works best for you. However, I can help you compare the different types of hair extensions so that you can decide for yourself.

The most basic categorization of hair extensions depends on the permanency of the hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions falls under the non-permanent hair extensions type. Then there are the semi-permanent hair extensions. In this category there is tape in hair extensions, microbead extensions, I tip hair extensions, keratin extensions, and ponytail extensions, to name a few.

Clip in extensions are the most common used extensions. Since you can put them on or take them off whenever you want, therefore you are not obligated to wear them all the time once they are on your head for the first time. This is why they also last longer because you don’t wear them all the time. Additionally, clip in extensions are also typically the least expensive type of hair extensions. Other types of hair extensions though require a lot more effort, maintenance, upkeep, and time. On top of this, they also cost more generally. Take, for example, tape in extensions. You need to get them installed by a certified hair extensions technician. Usually, not most hairdressers are certified to install hair extensions so it’s harder to find one that is really qualified to install them. I am personally certified and have installed semi-permanent hair extension for many customers. Moreover, with such hair extensions, there is also the chance that the person will need to come into the salon again after a little while to get them fixed again if they start to come to lose.

For all of these reasons, I generally prefer clip in hair extensions.