For those that want extra volume, length, or a pop of color in their hair without the commitment, what better solution is there than hair extensions? Hair extensions are the quickest and easiest way to change up your hair look and achieve a healthier and longer appearance without having to spend years growing it out and using expensive hair products. However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding hair extensions, much like every new innovative product, and we’re here to debunk all of them. The main worry that customers have about hair extensions is the question, “Can wearing hair extensions cause hair loss?”Read on to find the right answer to your question as well as the perfect way to install and remove hair extensions to prevent any damage or hair loss.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions traditionally refer to wefts/pieces of hair that come with either clips or tapes at the top, depending on the installation method, to attach to your real hair and add length or volume. However, some types of hair extensions can also be installed strand by strand, such as micro-loop, fusion, and nano-ring hair extensions. Hair extensions are a form of hair replacement system that helps in adding volume, length, or even a pop of color to your real hair without having to make any long-term commitments. 

Misconceptions About Hair Extensions:

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding hair extensions that we can debunk right away. One myth is that hair extensions leave your hair damaged and extremely thin, which is false since hair extensions don’t affect the health or length of your real hair in any way. Another misconception is that the extra hair will weigh down on your head and cause headaches, which is untrue because you can only feel the weight of the extra hair for the first few hours, then you simply get used to it. 

Can Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

However, the main misconception about hair extensions is that they cause hair loss. Let’s use the examples of the two main types of hair extensions to debunk this myth.


  • Can Tape-In Extensions Cause Hair Loss?


As long as tape-in extensions are installed, maintained, and removed safely, they won’t cause any hair loss. The mistake that often results in hair loss is attaching the tapes too close to your roots or sandwiching an extremely thin layer of real hair between two tapes. 


  • Can Clip-In Extensions Cause Hair Loss?


Although clip-in hair extensions are easy to install at home, we would always recommend getting the help of a professional to ensure that the clips aren’t attached too close to your roots or too tightly since that could result in hair loss. Other than that, they are completely safe to use as long as they are taken care of properly.

How to Correctly Install Hair Extensions

The most important thing to keep in mind while installing any type of hair extensions is to secure a stable bond with the real hair while also making sure not to suffocate the roots by using too much glue or attaching the wefts too tightly. This issue most commonly occurs with weave-in hair extensions. That’s exactly why we would always recommend getting the expertise of a professional hair stylist if you want to avoid hair loss from hair extensions. After that, your only job is to maintain the hair extensions properly, such as gently massaging while shampooing, not roughly brushing your hair, avoiding tight and pulled back hairstyles to remove stress from your roots. Also, make sure that you hair is in a healthy condition before using any kind of hair extensions.

How to Correctly Remove Hair Extensions to Prevent Damage:

Clip-in extensions are simply removed by detaching the wefts from your hair one by one. Tape-in hair extensions, on the other hand, require much more gentleness and an adhesive remover since simply ripping off the tape from your real hair will definitely result in hair loss. Apply the adhesive remover as close to the tapes as possible and let it seep into the tapes for a few minutes. Once the adhesive remover has made its way into the tapes, the tapes will be loosened enough for you to remove gently and avoid any damage or hair loss at all. 

The bottom line is, as long as they’re installed, maintained, and removed correctly, all types of hair extensions are completely safe to use and don’t result in any hair loss but instead help in covering it up.