Everyone knows that hair extensions are a great way to gain more volume and length in your hair without the wait and commitment; what’s not to love about them? They’re perfect for those that are experiencing hair loss or bald spots or simply those that want to change up their look. However, the most asked questions by skeptics are, “Are hair extensions realistic?” and “Can you see hair extensions in real hair?” Lucky for you, we’re here to settle all your worries and answer all your queries about the discreetness of hair extensions. Read on to find out whether hair extensions are realistic and which ones are the most discreet out of all.

A Brief Introduction to Hair Extensions: 

Hair extensions, as we said, are an ideal solution to hair loss or thinning hair or even just wanting to add length, volume, or a pop of color to your real hair without the commitment. The most high-quality hair extensions are available in all lengths, colors, and texture to ensure a perfectly seamless look that blends in with your real hair discreetly. The main way to categorize hair extensions is into synthetic hair or human hair extensions. If you’re looking to achieve a completely realistic look, synthetic hair extensions aren’t the way to go as they can often end up looking quite plasticky and since they aren’t heat-friendly, you can’t heat style them to match your hair’s texture.

Can You See Hair Extensions?

As long as you opt for high-quality human hair extensions that match the texture and color of your hair, you won’t have any trouble with your hair extensions looking fake or noticeable. Now let’s tackle this question with the example of a few popular types of hair extensions. 


  • Can You See Hair Extensions In A Ponytail?


Ponytail extensions are the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to add more length and volume since all you have to do is wrap the ponytail of human hair extensions around the base of your real ponytail. Any worries about these extensions looking unrealistic or noticeable can be diminished by wrapping a strand of hair or a hair band around the base of your ponytail where the top of the wefts can be seen. 


  • Can You See Clip-In Hair Extensions?


Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most common and sought-after types of hair extensions since they are quick and easy to install by yourself at home, specially if you’re a busy bee who’s always on the go. The wefts of hair are sandwiched between your real hair which means you can’t see the clips at all. Clip-in hair extensions aren’t only easy to install, they’re also super realistic and discreet, just make to sure to get enough hair according your hair thickness.


  • Can You See Halo Hair Extensions?


Halo hair extensions stay at the top of the list when it comes to hair extensions that are quick and easy to install, since all you have to do is sit the halo on the crown of your head and you’re good to go! Covering up the hair extensions with a thin layer of your real hair and setting the hairstyle in place with hair spray is a great way to ensure the stability and discreetness of the hair extensions. The wire of the metal halo is extremely thin, making it undetectable amidst your real hair. However, this type of hair extensions is not recommended for people with short hair. 


  • Can You See Tape-In Hair Extensions?


On the topic of being realistic and unnoticeable as well as temporary, tape-in hair extensions definitely take the cake. Not only are these tapes medical grade which makes them reliable and well-bonded to your real hair, but their transparency and thin strips also allows the extensions to blend in seamlessly with your real hair as long as they’re installed correctly.

Which Hair Extensions Are The Most Realistic?

Out of all types of hair extensions, the most realistic hair extensions are undoubtedly fusion hair extensions, which are best installed by a professional hair technician to ensure complete discreetness. These hair extensions are installed strand by strand with the use of keratin glue, which results in a completely realistic look and lasts a very long time. If you’re looking for something less permanent, tape-in hair extensions are the second-best option. As we mentioned, the tapes blend in with your hair seamlessly and don’t show up in the final result at all. 

Now that you know which type of hair extensions to buy to achieve the most realistic and seamless look, you’re free to change up your hair look without the trouble of it looking fake.