If you are a newbie in the hair extension world, and are planning to buy or look for new hair extensions for the first time and cannot get past the mysterious stories that you have heard about hair extensions, then you are in the right place. Because today, we will talk about the questions that have probably been bugging your mind, ‘Can/Do hair extensions damage your natural hair?’ Keep on reading to know all about it!

Misconceptions About Hair Extensions: 

Hair extensions are the ultimate solution for people who want to add length, color, or volume to their hair. Not only that, but they also come in handy for people who are suffering from any kind of hair loss, whether it be hair thinning or bald spots. But with easy availability and ton of benefits come the confusing misconceptions. One of the most common misconceptions about hair extensions is that ‘Hair extensions damage your natural hair’. 

Do Hair Extensions Ruin or Damage Your Hair?

One of the most commonly searched questions by hair extension wearers is ‘Do hair extensions damage your natural hair?’ They often find themselves refraining from getting hair extensions because they keep thinking if hair extensions damage your natural hair. But the truth is, they don’t. They are extremely easy to handle and lightweight, which gives the wearer a comfortable hairstyling experience. It still does not mean what people have felt after installing their hair extensions is untrue or fake. Some of the wearers have complained their scalp or hair hurting after the installation. And you know what? That too is very true. Hair extensions don’t usually hurt your hair or scalp but they can in some cases. Multiple reasons can cause the hair or scalp to hurt sometimes.

How Can Hair Extensions Be Good for Your Hair?

Here are some of the reasons why hair extensions are good for your hair:

Covers Real Hair:

The first thing that makes hair extensions the best option for your real hair is that they protect your real hair. Not every type of hair extension requires you to cover your real hair, but types of hair extensions such as sew-in hair extensions do. You have to braid your hair to install the hair extensions onto them. This helps keep the real hair clean, safe, and away from dirt and dust, under the hair extensions.

Protects From Heat:

As your hair is tucked under your hair extensions into tight braids, you can use heat and experiment with your hair extensions however you want. This keeps your real hair safe from all the damage without having to sacrifice all the fun. As your hair is safe from damage and any type of impurities, safe and healthy growth of hair is strongly promoted under the hair extensions.

How Can Hair Extensions Be Bad for Your Hair?

Here are some of the reasons that cause hair extensions to damage or hurt natural hair:

Tension Bumps:

One of the drawbacks that cause people to refrain from getting hair extensions is the tension bumps. The tension bumps are red, painful bumps that form over your scalp if your hair extensions are too tight. These bumps cause your hair to hurt and damage it if not treated immediately. This is usually caused by improper installation.

Uneasy Washing Process:

The other reason that makes the hair extensions experience a little troublesome for people and make their hair hurt is the uneasy process. The detailed wash requires you to pay extra attention to your roots that often end up staying unwashed. The impurities make your hair drier and weaker which results in your hair getting damaged and hurting later on.

How to Avoid Damage from hair Extensions?

Here are some tips on how you can avoid hair extensions from damaging your hair:

  • Don’t tighten the braids too much when installing sew-in hair extensions.
  • Wash your hair extensions and scalp thoroughly.
  • Buy human hair extensions to avoid any allergies, and if you can’t, give your synthetic hair extensions a vinegar-apple cider bath to prevent any allergic reaction.
  • Take good care of your hair extensions along with your real hair.
  • Avoid using harmful products when you have hair extensions as it will only weaken both your hair and the hair extension.

We hope that this simple guide helped you answer the very dreaded question ‘Do hair extensions damage your hair?’ and have a comforting hairstyling experience with hair extensions.