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In this review, I will be reviewing Babe Things. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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I’m a professional hairdresser who developed a liking for hair extensions as soon as I started experimenting with them! I’m a certified professional in installing hair extensions and I’ve tested numerous different hair extension brands, both local and international.

Throughout my career as a hairdresser, I’ve come across various fake reviews, which is why I decided to create a space where you can find honest and genuine hair extension reviews! All of my reviews are honest and they’re not influenced by any brand or company!

Today’s Review: Babe Things

As a professional hairdresser or cosmetologist, you come across many products that are only available at specific distributors. Some of these products that can only be brought through distributors include hair extensions, hair dyes, and other hair tools.

Babe Thing is an example of a professional brand that only sells its products to authorized distributors and doesn’t deal with its clients directly.

Therefore, I decided to contact Babe Things directly to find out where their distributors are located.

Communication with Babe Things

I searched for Babe Things’ official website. Their email address was available on their official website. I emailed them and asked them to give me the location of their nearest distributors.
I was happy to get a quick response. They replied to my email the same day and gave me the contact information of the distributor that was closest to me.

Of course, I asked them about the hair quality as well, to which they responded:

‘’Our hair extensions are sourced from India and then manufactured in China. While we do not grade the extensions, they are of great quality, 100% human Remy hair extensions. We do not do any direct sales and work solely with distributors. The distributor in your area would be the one to provide you pricing information as well as place orders for you.”

I was pretty satisfied with their response because they responded on time and gave me all the information I needed, that too, pretty clearly!

Dealing with the Distributor

Unfortunately, the distributor that was closest to me was located a 2-hours’ drive away! Of course, driving 2 hours just to get there and then two hours just to get back was not a feasible option for me because it would cost me a lot of my time and energy.

Therefore, I decided to place an order for the distributors through email or phone. However, I could not get hold of the distributor. I called multiple times on the number I found on their official website but was met with no luck.

All the emails I sent also bounced back to me. That’s when I decided to look for them elsewhere. Considering how important social media has become for business, I decided to search for them on Facebook.

I found their official page on Facebook and then sent them a message asking for the price list of the hair extensions. Unfortunately, they told me that they couldn’t send me a price list or take my order due to their inventory. However, they said that they would send whatever I ordered through email after they were done with their inventory.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for reviewing the brand, I would’ve abandoned the idea of buying from them a long time ago! The whole process started getting so complicated and troublesome that it became pretty hard for me to keep track of what to do next. It felt like I was going from one bad lead to another. At the end of the day, despite putting in so much effort, I still wasn’t able to place an order, though, because they never emailed me about my order, which they said they would.

The distributor had all of my information now, including my cell phone number, email address, and social media profile. On the website of Babe Things, the brand claims, “we place our full confidence in our distributors, and we know that they will help you find exactly what you need.”

Well, I couldn’t disagree more about what they had to say! Helping was still out of the question, they didn’t even reply to my messages and never left me an email about my order! They weren’t true to their words and didn’t help me at all in placing my order!

However, I will not name the distributor because my purpose here is not to name and shame distributors, but to review the quality of hair extension brands, not their distributors. Plus, naming the distributor won’t do any good either!

The entire experience of locating the buyer in getting the hair extensions was very weird, lengthy, and unnecessarily troublesome. I didn’t have a good experience at all with the buying process of this brand owing to these hurdles.

Every step of the way, I had to face so many issues! Normally, I’d just place an order on the website of the hair extensions I wanted to purchase, and they’d be at my doorstep a few days or maybe weeks later. However, I had to go through multiple tiring steps in order to get my distributor’s contact and then the problems I had to face while dealing with the distributor reached an entirely new level.

The Solution

I finally thought of a great win-win solution to all of my problems. I couldn’t leave Babe Things without reviewing it and I was unable to place an order through my nearest distributor. Therefore, the only option I had left was to contact a friend of mine, who is also a professional hairdresser.

I contacted her and she gave me a set of Babe Things hair extensions! The extensions were brand new. I also asked her for the price list, and fortunately, she had it saved.

Affordability and Value of Money

I asked my friend for the price list and to my surprise, the prices were average. The hair extensions from Babe Things weren’t crazy expensive like those from Glam Seamless!

However, there is one thing that was bothering me about the pricing, though. Since these hair extensions are only sold to hairdressers, their prices aren’t known to the general public. This means that hairdressers can overcharge their customers for the hair extensions and kick up the price however much they want! This will put the customers at a great disadvantage because they’ll be paying a lot more for the hair extensions than their fair share this way.

What I’m going to suggest next as a solution to this problem may sound weird, but it’s the only way to deal with a situation like this. If your hairdresser decides to use this brand of hair extensions on you, then you should politely ask them for an invoice of the hair extensions so that you can know the real price of the hair extensions. This would be a wise move, but be sure to pull it off politely! This way, you can find out whether or not your hairdresser was overcharging you for the hair extensions. After all, you’re paying your hairdresser to install extensions. There’s no point in your hairdresser getting a profit margin from the hair extensions she’s selling you.

The extensions my friend gave me are called Gabby hair extensions. They’re tape-in hair extensions. The code of the hair extensions is #12/600 and the length is 18 inches. These hair extensions cost my friend $130.

tape in hair review babe things
reviewing babe things hair
$130 is an average price for hair extensions. It’s not too expensive! I’ve had to deal with way more expensive hair extension brands that didn’t even provide high-quality hair extensions. Therefore, the price was a relief!


The thing that bothered me the most about these hair extensions was the long and tiring process of placing the order. First of all, you can’t buy online from Babe Things. Secondly, they don’t have stores like Sally Beauty

Although the hair distributor I got in contact with confirmed they could ship the product to me, this is only true if the distributor has the exact hair extensions that you’re looking for. If the hair extensions you’re looking for are out of stock, then you might have to wait a few weeks before you receive your order so that the distributors can place your order at Babe Things.

Therefore, the duration of the buying process depends on the availability of the particular hair extensions you’re looking for.

Hair Quality

The hair package was a bit flimsy and it was made out of thin cardboard. I feared that the hair extensions might have gotten damaged during shipping, but thankfully, they were fine when I opened the package. Anyway, I will not talk much about the packaging because you can’t purchase it yourself, so you’ll almost always need to get it from a hairdresser. The packaging won’t really matter then.

babe things

In this general review of Babe Things, I will briefly describe the hair quality and try to cover all the main points I liked and disliked about it. However, if you’re looking for a detailed review on the hair quality, please read my other review on Babe Things’ tape-in hair extensions.


Coming back to the hair quality, it was great. The hair felt soft and also looked pretty silky and natural. The hair quality was definitely superior to that of Glam Seamless, which cost me a lot more than these hair extensions.

The hair color was beautiful and looked professionally done. There were no weird golden strands and the hair didn’t seem to be damaged either. I have nothing negative to say about the hair color!
What really matters in hair extensions is how well they blend and how long they last. Well, these hair extensions blended pretty well with my sister’s hair. I had to cut them a bit to match her hair cut, but otherwise, the hair looked perfectly natural. Cutting your extensions according to your haircut is often necessary because the extensions are made of a specific length, whereas the length of your hair might be different at various places.

Now, let’s come to how long they lasted. In the fourth week after applying for these tape-in hair extensions, my sister lost 2 out of the 20 hair wefts. However, losing 2 out of 20 hair wefts in the fourth week isn’t that alarming.

I re-installed those two hair wefts and they didn’t fall out again. I removed her hair extensions after three months. Since her hair growth is pretty slow, the tape-in hair extensions didn’t need any adjustments in those three months.

However, if your hair grows quickly, then you might need to re-adjust your tape-in hair extensions to secure them nearer to the roots again.

In general, I’d say that these hair extensions were of high quality. They were definitely of better quality when compared to other hair extensions brands, and cost a whole lot less too.

The Installation Process

Since I couldn’t choose which hair color to get because I wasn’t in contact with the distributor and had to settle for whichever color my friend had, the color that I received didn’t match my hair color. The extensions my friend gave me were of a light color, whereas I have medium brown hair, which is darker than the color of the extensions.

Therefore, I decided to apply for the hair extensions on my sister because she has a lighter hair color than mine.

The installation process was pretty easy and quick. The adhesive on the tapes was intact, which was great because I’ve received tape-in extensions with crooked tapes earlier.

The tapes were of high quality and were pretty user-friendly.


My overall experience using Babe Things hair extensions was pretty great! The hair quality is high and the price is reasonable as well. However, the only thing bothering me is the lengthy ordering process and the fact that the distributor in my area is about 2 hours away!

Your Opinion Matters

This was my personal review of Babe Things’ tape-in hair extensions. Have you ever used tape-in hair extensions form Babe Things? If yes, please let us know about your experience in the comments below! Wherever possible, please upload pictures so that everyone can benefit from your review!