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In this review, I will be reviewing Babe Things’s tape-in extensions. I purchased Babe Things’s extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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I’m a Canadian hairdresser with an undying passion for hair extensions! My love for hair extensions has led me to try numerous hair extension brands over the years as a certified hair extensions’ technician! It’s this same love for hair extensions that also motivated me to open up this review website where I can post honest and genuine reviews about hair extension brands!

Today’s Review: Babe Things

Babe Things is one of those brands whose products you can’t purchase directly online or from a beauty store. Such brands sell their products exclusively to distributors, who sell them exclusively to hairdressers and hair stylists.

There are many companies out there that only sell their products to their distributors. Then, you have to be a hairdresser or cosmetologist to get those products from the distributors. You have to become a member of their companies in order to purchase their products.

The products that such companies sell include hair dyes, hair tools, and hair extensions, among others. This is probably why you can’t find the same product that you saw at your hairdresser’s from anywhere else! This is common practice.

You might be wondering how this review will help you if you can’t even purchase the hair extensions themselves! Well, in that case, this review will be pretty useful for you when your hairdresser recommends that you use hair extensions from this brand on your hair! This reminds me to give you a pro-tip: always ask your hairdresser which brand of hair extensions they’re using on your hair! Don’t shy away from the question. You have a right to know what’s being applied to your hair!

Alternatively, you may be a hairdresser looking for online reviews about Babe Things tape-in extensions and would like the advice of a fellow hairdresser.

This is my honest review about the hair quality used in Babe Things’ tape-ins. If you’d prefer to read my general review of the company as a whole, please read my general review about Babe Things.

Babe Things: Placing my Order

As explained earlier, you can’t buy this brand from the company’s website or from a local store. Although this is common practice for many beauty brands, I found it to be a bit odd coming from a hair extension company. Generally speaking, most hair extensions brands are accessible to the public.

The only way to purchase Babe Things tape-ins was to go through a local distributor that Babe Things told me to contact.

babe things reviews

Unfortunately, I had to face a lot of issues while placing my order to my nearest distributor. The details of this whole buying process are discussed in my general review regarding Babe Things hair extensions, so if you want to know more about how the buying process went, please refer to my general review!

I didn’t get my Babe Things’ tape-in hair extensions the correct and suggested way. Instead, I got a set of Babe Things’ tape-in hair extensions from one of my friends who also happens to be a hairdresser. She hadn’t used them, so I decided to buy the extensions from her!

Babe Things: Tape-in Hair Extensions

The hair extensions my friend gave me were tape-in hair extensions. The code of the hair extensions is #12/600 whereas the name of the color that I got is Gabby.


tape in hair review babe things  hair extensions tape in babe things

The color I got with the code #12/600 was an ombre color. However, there is some discrepancy in this regard between the website and the actual product.

On the official website of Babe Things, the color #12/600 is not an ombre color but is instead a highlighted color. Moreover, the name is no longer Gabby, but Caroline, as shown in the picture below!

babe things extension review

Apart from the confusion in the hair color, the actual ombre color that I got was a very beautiful ombre color. I’ve also uploaded pictures in this article to show you the hair color.
Before trying to place an order at my nearest distributor, I contacted Babe Things directly and asked them about the quality of their hair extensions. They told me that they do not grade the quality of the hair extensions, but the hair extensions are made of 100% real Remy hair and are of generally high quality. They told me that the extensions were sourced from India and then manufactured in China.

The Packaging

I was kind of disappointed in the packaging of the hair extensions. The packaging wasn’t that fancy and surprisingly, it was made of thick paper. The design and images on the paper, however, gave out a very retro pinup vibe and it looked really cute. If the same design and images had been on a higher-quality material rather than thick paper, the packaging would’ve been much better but I guess they were just trying to avoid plastic for environmental concerns. If that’s the case, then I’m pretty impressed! However, there’s no way to know the real reason behind their thick paper packaging.

Moreover, since the packaging doesn’t really concern you as you won’t be getting these hair extensions directly through the mail, I won’t go much into the details of the packaging.
The main thing is the quality and condition of the product you get, so let’s talk about that!

reviewing babe things hair babe things hair extensions reviews babe things reviews babe things  babe things

Each set of tape-in hair extensions contained 20 wefts, which is the standard quantity of wefts in the market that every brand sells unless specified otherwise by the brand.
However, even 20 wefts aren’t enough to adequately cover your entire head! You’ll need about 3-5 sets of 20 wefts each for full-head coverage. Here, I’ve used only one set consisting of 20 wefts because I only wanted to check the hair quality.

The Installation Process

The color of my hair is brown, whereas the extensions that I got were of an ombre color. Therefore, I decided to install them on my sister’s hair because she has lighter hair! After all, what’s the point of having sisters if you can’t even experiment on them?

Please note here that tape-in hair extensions require an experienced hairdresser for the installation process. They’re much harder to handle and install than simple clip-in hair extensions! Do not get them installed by an inexperienced or amateur hairdresser just to save a few bucks and don’t try to install them at home as well because things can go pretty wrong that way! Trust me, you don’t want the tapes of expensive tape-in hair extensions to get ruined just to save a few bucks! Where you’ve invested so much in getting the hair extensions, it’s okay to avoid any risks and spend a few more bucks on getting them installed by a certified professional.

Note how I’m repeatedly asking you to get these installed by a certified professional who has experience with tape-in hair extensions and not just any random hairdresser! Even inexperienced hairdressers can install them incorrectly, which may cause the tapes to fall out early!

Unfortunately, I’ve seen many hairdressers install tape-in hair extensions incorrectly. I’ve even seen my (former) boss install them incorrectly onto a client. She just started to install tape-in hair extensions that had been washed 2 days prior to the appointment whereas these extensions need to be installed on clean and dry hair that has been cleansed before the installation process!
Since I am an experienced hairdresser who’s also a certified professional in installing hair extensions, I did not face any problems with the tapes.

I washed my sister’s hair using a clarifying shampoo. I let her hair dry and didn’t use any sort of products after the clarifying shampoo. This means no conditioners or hydrating liquids as well!

The problem with using these products is that they cause buildup to accumulate on your hair. When there’s already buildup on your hair, the adhesive on the tape-in hair extensions won’t stick on your hair and the tape-in hair extensions will slip away!

Babe Things’ tape-in hair extensions were easy to use and I didn’t face any issues while installing them.

You can tell whether or not the tapes are of great quality just by using them the first time. I had a pathetic experience with the tape-in hair extensions from Glam Seamless. You can read the review of the tape-in hair extensions from Glam Seamless on my website.

I advised my sister not to wash her hair for about three days after the installation and to avoid using conditioner or excessive heat near the tapes as this can damage the tapes.

Hair Quality

The hair quality of these extensions was pretty great. The hair was shiny, soft to touch and looked generally healthy, just like you’d expect Indian hair to be.

The real test of hair extensions takes place when you apply heat to them. If they can handle the heat well, then the extensions are of high quality!

My sister used a lot of heat on these hair extensions to style them and the hair held up pretty well under the heat! The hair did not melt or give off a funny smell. Unfortunately, these are incidents I’ve experienced earlier so I was relieved when the hair extensions handled heat well.

Since my sister was the one who wore them, I’ve included some of her remarks below.

Tape-in hair extensions may cause some discomfort because the tape can pull on your hair and weigh it down. This may even cause pain and discomfort to the extent that you may need to remove the hair extensions. However, according to my sister, the tape-in hair extensions were pretty comfortable and did not pull down her hair or bother her!

My sister was very happy with the hair extensions because she received a lot of compliments about her hair! The hair looked pretty natural and it wasn’t noticeable at all that she had worn hair extensions!

However, she did complain that her hair routine took a bit longer than usual, but of course, that comes with the hair extensions! No matter what type of hair extensions you get, you’ll have a longer hair routine because you need to take care of hair extensions and you need to take some extra precautions while you’re wearing them.

A Few Weeks Down the Line **UPDATE**

The hair extensions were very soft and silky to touch during the first month. Until the fourth week, my sister didn’t lose any of the hair wefts either.

However, just during the fourth week, two of the wefts fell out. I had installed a total of twenty wefts onto her hair so it wasn’t that alarming for two of the wefts to fall out. I re-installed those wefts and since then, none of the wefts fell out till we removed the hair extensions.

Since I see my sister every day, I could keep track of the hair extensions. I’d notice the quality of the hair extensions on a regular basis and I would answer all the questions my sister had about the hair extensions.

After the first month, the ends of the hair extensions started getting a bit dry, so she needed to use more oils and hydrating products on the ends of the hair extensions in order to hydrate them. Without proper care, hair extensions can dry out pretty quickly and give you a messy and frizzy look.

The hair extensions also started to tangle after a few weeks. Moreover, their shedding increased too!

I removed the hair extensions from her hair after three months. During that time, her hair didn’t grow much so we didn’t need to readjust the tapes of the hair extensions!


As I mentioned in my general review, the prices of the hair extensions are just average. The hair extensions aren’t crazy expensive.

However, one thing bothering me about the price is that since the product is sold only to hairdressers, the general public and clients cannot know the price of the hair extensions. Some hairdressers may take advantage of this fact and charge their clients more than the actual amount for the hair extensions in order to keep their share of profit as well.

I’d suggest that you ask your hairdresser for a receipt if you’ve gotten hair extensions from this brand installed! It may sound weird, but it’s your right to know the price too!


These tape-in hair extensions are generally of great quality and aren’t too expensive either! If you find your required hair color with this brand, then you should definitely try them! Have you ever tried hair extensions from Babe Things? If yes, please let us know about your experience in the comments below! Wherever possible, please try to include images as well!