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In this review, I will be reviewing Bellami Hair’s clip-in extensions. I purchased Bellami Hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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Working as a professional hairdresser with an experience of over ten years, I’ve dealt with many different types of hair and hair products. From simple hair treatments to treatments that changed the entire outlook of the hair, I’ve done it all. However, during the journey, I fell in love with hair extensions. I love the idea of hair extensions and the fact that they’re so easy to apply, especially clip-in hair extensions. They provide a simple, over-night solution to most hair problems, including volume, length, and color! They also let you experiment hair colors so that once you find out which hair color suits you the most, you can apply that color as a permanent color on your natural hair! Honestly, clip in extensions are the best extensions. Period. Especially if you’ve never had extensions before. Moreover, the hairdresser cannot screw up the hair installation. Many times, I’ve had customers come to my hair salon because the previous hairdresser did a horribly job installing the extensions. Over the years, I’ve dealt with many different types of hair extensions of many different brands, which brings me to my passion. Well, I have a passion for two things in my life: hair extensions and honest reviews.

Don’t believe everything you read online

In all honesty, you can’t trust the internet today. You’ve probably been advised by your older brothers or sisters never to trust everything you read on the internet today, and it’s true. They say that phrase from experience. Whether it’s for reviews or ratings, you’ll always find bloggers or YouTubers giving fake reviews of products just for the money. You’ll find thousands of reviews of any famous product online, but are those reviews even honest or are they just paid tasks? Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Do you remember watching a YouTube review just to find out that the reviewer has a discount code that has her own name in it at the end?

This happened with Bellami Hair reviews. A lot of the reviewers who wrote positive reviews about Bellami Hair got their own discount codes. Where do you think that discount code came from? The company offering the discount code paid her off to give a positive review in order to lure clients into buying their products.

It’s called affiliate marketing, which means, the person who has supposedly “reviewed” the product for you will get a financial benefit every time her discount code is used.

Why would you trust a review from a person who gets paid to sell the product? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing. However, to use affiliate marketing under the cover of what’s supposed to be an honest and unbiased review is absolutely immoral and unethical. I mean, if you can’t be honest with your reviews then why review products at all? Honestly, I find it very annoying in the least and unethical and dishonest at the most. This isn’t just a conspiracy theory that I’ve made up to defame anyone; it’s the truth about what’s actually happening out there! Don’t get me wrong, conspiracy theories are very fun and interesting to write, but I’d never stir such a thing up by myself! As a hairdresser myself, and a professional reviewer, I get really pissed off when I see this. On some occasions, I noticed the “reviewer” encouraging you to buy the product with “limited-time offers” and “discount codes”. This is ridiculous. And you know what?

YouTube is filled with reviews like these. Do yourself a favor and read the video’s description. If the “reviewer” has a discount code, it’s a fake review. Don’t believe it. On one occasion, I caught Bombay Hair having their employees post fake “customer testimonial” videos. In the video description, that Bombay Hair employee pretending to be a customer also gives you a discount and mentions that the review is not sponsored. Ridiculous! And to be fair, it’s not only Bellami Hair and Bombay Hair that sponsor those “reviews” that are pushing you to buy their products. I’ve seen this with literally every company: Luxy Hair, Irresistible Me, Glam Seamless, you name it!

Cashmere Hair, a competitor of Luxy Hair and Bellami Hair, wrote an excellent blog post on why you shouldn’t believe everything you read online. It’s an amazing blog post, really. You can find the blog post here. It summarizes what I’ve discussed in the above section pretty clearly and accurately. I suggest you give it a read and if, at the back of your mind, you’re still thinking this is a conspiracy theory, and then this blog post will clear it all up for you.

The funny thing about these reviews is that most of the people writing them don’t even know the ABC of hair. The words used in their reviews is enough to distinguish them from an actual professional. With fake video reviews, it’s even more obvious because, from the way they handle the hair extensions, it’s obvious that they’re not professionals. Being a professional myself, it makes me furious to see how many people are out there making a name for themselves in the form of dishonest and paid reviews. Just like every profession has a specific lingo, so does mine. Therefore, it’s pretty easy for me to distinguish between someone who’s writing a professional and honest review and someone who doesn’t even know how to pronounce hair extensions! I’ve seen a video where the person is reviewing tape in extensions. Not once did she mention how thick the extensions are from top to bottom, how sticky are the adhesive tapes, does the extensions tangle easily, etc. Instead, that reviewer would say generic stuff such as “It’s great hair. I like them. Really it changes your look. Go buy them now”.

The good news is: that’s not how I work. I’m a professional reviewer who knows how vital it is for a reviewer’s reviews, to be honest, and unbiased. Seeing how there are so many fake reviews out there and being a review enthusiast myself, I decided to launch this website and dedicate it to genuinely reviewing hair extensions. Genuine is the word in focus here, my friends! Yes, that’s right. All of my reviews are original and 100% real and genuine opinions that I have of the products I’m reviewing. I’ve been in this field for a very long time and I have immense experience with hair extensions, which is why I know exactly what I’m talking about when I’m reviewing a product. Therefore, I’ve created this website. Hair Shop Reviews is dedicated in reviewing all hair extensions company genuinely. All reviews on this website are honest. I was never sponsored by any hair extensions company, and I will never be. Keep in mind that the only reviews you should ever believe are the genuine ones. Generally speaking, I find Google reviews and Facebook reviews to be quite trustworthy. On the other hand, reviews posted on the company’s website aren’t that much trustworthy since it’s easy for the company to filter reviews.

E-commerce: the good and the Bad Explained

It’s no surprise that e-commerce is growing every day owing to its convenience. Just look at Bellami Hair, they keep growing to the point that they opened multiple hair salons across North America. Just recently, they’ve opened in British Columbia (Canada). However, with this growth also come many adverse effects. In fact, online shopping has a great drawback; that is, companies can easily manipulate their reviews and tempt customers into buying their products even if they’re of a very low quality. Not only this, but I’ve also been ripped off by hair extension companies. That too, not just once or twice, but countless times. In fact, I’ve actually had to open disputes with my credit card company because of the issues I faced, only to find out that the hair extension company played me at the end. This brings me to the fact that many credit card companies blatantly refuse to deal with hair extension retailers. Surprising and horrifying at the same time, isn’t it?

Stripe and Braintree, two infamous payment processors, have a strict policy against hair extensions. None of their dealers can sell hair extensions because of the numerous drawbacks that are associated with this industry. Why then, would any reputable payment processor allow such an act?

Unfortunately, for those in the e-commerce industry, there are no strict rules and regulations. Customers can’t physically view or feel the products, which is why it’s so easy to fool them. Advanced payment methods, too, aid the process of deceiving customers. It’s not uncommon for e-commerce customers to order one thing and receive another. Of course, by the time they open their parcel, they’ve already paid for it. Lodging a complaint against the order is futile too because the company is aware of what they’ve done and they’re not sorry about it. In short, shopping online has certain risks attached to it that make it very easy for companies to rip off customers.
Unlike the real world out here where there are heavy rules and regulations to be followed, online retailers can get away with a lot of gimmicks due to the lack of such rules and regulations on e-commerce. Many, if not most, online companies use this to their advantage and manipulate their online reviews.

Bellami Hair extensions reviews

In light of the information above, can the online reviews of Bellami Hair be trusted? Does Bellami Hair manipulate their online reviews to get fake positive ones that trick gullible customers into purchasing their products? In my opinion, I don’t know! How can I? The only thing I know is that lot of YouTube videos reviewing Bellami Hair are obviously sponsored by Bellami Hair. I’ve read some reviews accusing Bellami Hair of filtering reviews on their website (but how can we verify this?). Therefore, it is important to read Bellami Hair reviews on a different platform than YouTube and the company’s website. As I said, it’s pretty easy for online retailers to fool customers.

Generally speaking, these are the best places to read genuine honest customers reviews:

Google places reviews

Facebook reviews

Trust Pilot


Site Jabber

Makeup alley

Independent reviews websites like this one

Bellami Hair has numerous positive reviews on their own website, but a quick Google search will reveal something different. A quick search on forums like TrustPilot, BBB, and MakeupAlley will show you that Bellami Hair has a lot of poor reviews and disappointed customers. That really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting this at all. After all, Luxy Hair, Bombay Hair, and Clip Hair have good ratings on reviews websites.


However, of course, any company is bound to get poor reviews at one point or the other. Not everyone is going to like your product even if it’s 100% real and genuine and delivers what was promised. Getting bad reviews is a common part of any running business. That’s not even the real point here. The real question here is: Does all of this mean that the products offered by Bellami Hair are of a very low quality? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Don’t get me wrong, Bellami Hair is one of the most widely recognized hair extension companies and that doesn’t just happen overnight by scamming customers. In my opinion, somewhere in between those fake positive reviews and poor reviews, people actually like Bellami Hair Extensions.

Keep in mind that generally speaking, customers are more inclined into leaving negative reviews than positive ones. Another theory I’d have would be that Bellami Hair may have been victim of competitors trying to sabotage their reputation. Obviously, this is just a though and I cannot know the real answer. I’m saying this because Bellami Hair grew so much, with million of followers all around the world, that maybe other competitors gave that company fake negative reviews?

Therefore, to settle the dispute, I’ll be giving my unbiased review of Bellami Hair Extensions that I personally purchased using my own money from Bellami Hair. I’ve specifically mentioned that I’m using my own money so that I can make it clear to you that all of my reviews are 100% real and genuine.

If you can’t decide whether or not purchasing Bellami Hair Extensions are worth it, then I suggest you keep reading to find out more about the quality offered by Bellami Hair!

Hair Quality

While I was doing my online research on Bellami Hair before purchasing their extensions, I tried separating the honest reviews from the fake ones. I was surprised to find out that there are numerous insulting reviews of Bellami Hair products out there. The reviews really concerned me because it was obvious from the reviews that Bellami Hair has many unsatisfied and annoyed customers who are trying their best to convince people not to buy Bellami Hair products because of their own experiences.

A lot of the customers were dissatisfied with the quality offered by Bellami Hair. For example, Bellami Hair has a very low score and poor reviews on and I’ve attached a few screenshots from these websites to show you exactly what I’m talking about.



The screenshots above are taken from As you can see from  screenshot above, Bellami Hair has 21 reviews in total, of which 62% rated them only a single star. Moreover, you can see in the comments how annoyed the customers are with the quality they received from Bellami Hair. Bellami Hair has received only one or two good hair reviews, out of 21. That really tells a lot about the quality offered by Bellami Hair. Now, let’s take a look at what MakeupAlley has to say about Bellami Hair.

Bellami Hair extensions reviews

The screenshots above are taken from

The screenshots above are taken from and you can see that Bellami Hair has been given a rating of 1.9 out of 5, through an average of 182 reviews. Therefore, out of these 182 reviews, most were disappointed customers who will ask you never to buy Bellami Hair products again. That can’t be a coincidence. I mean, getting 1.9 out of 5 on a trusted review website is bad, really bad. I’ve also posted a screenshot containing a few comments about Bellami Hair. It is pretty obvious that customer satisfaction is pretty low and the quality of the hair extensions is poor.

Regardless of the above data, Bellami Hair works with the names of Kylie Jenner and Guy Tang. Let me tell you another interesting fact: the founder of Bellami Hair bought Kylie Jenner’s house. There must be something good about Bellami Hair that has given them such a big name and such huge success; it can’t be merely a result of scams. Keeping this in mind, I decided to purchase Bellami Hair Clip-In extensions so that I could see for myself if the product was really worth it, because I thought to myself that if I’m not supposed to trust everything that the internet has to say, then I shouldn’t be so quick to trust the negative reviews too, right?

My purchase

I ordered Piccolina 120g 18” Beach Blonde (613) Hair Extensions from Bellami Hair to satisfy my curiosity and enjoy the two things I love doing: applying for hair extensions and writing honest product reviews.
These extensions cost me $140 USD, inclusive of the shipping fees.

Excited to try out the hair extensions, I jumped with joy when my package finally arrived. Waiting for your parcel to arrive is the most annoying part because it’s so exciting and you don’t know what lays ahead of you! Imagine getting a lottery and then having to wait for the money. That’s what waiting for online products is like for me, especially if they’re hair extensions!

Shipping was quite long, but at least I wasn’t charged duty fees. I really appreciate that. Because on some occasions, we Canadians get charged duty fees whenever we buy from US retailers. For example, Glam Seamless billed me 50% duty fees!

Anyway, the parcel finally arrived and there I was, opening the box in joy. Inside the box, I found the product I had ordered, the Bellami Piccolina 120g 18” Beach Blonde (613) Hair Extensions!

However, little did I know that the joy would soon fade away.

They say whenever you’re breaking the bad news to a patient, you should always start with the most positive thoughts because that’s the first thing they’ll hear and it will impact them a lot. For example, if a patient’s leg is to be amputated, you tell them the benefits of the amputation first, not that I’m comparing a simple product review to an amputation.

My point is, you should always let the positive thoughts slide first so that the negative thoughts become easier to digest. Okay, I think I’m building a little too much suspense, so I should start with the review already now!

Pros of Bellami Hair Extensions

As I said, the bright side should always lead. So, here it is: First, let’s discuss the pros of the Bellami Hair Extensions.

Let’s back up a few steps and get to the part where I actually ordered the extensions online. The Bellami Hair website was very user-friendly and simple. Not only is this, but Bellami Hair itself a solid and experienced company with a huge name that’s pretty well-known and famous. I was not disappointed by the variety of products they have available at their online store. In fact, the diversity of products available actually satisfied me. There was a lot to choose from and when I finally made my choice, the process of checking out was done without any hassle and I faced no issues with the delivery and payment of the hair extensions.

Well, owing to the company’s reputation, at least I knew that I would get my product on time and not be entirely fooled. That gave me a sense of security at first.

Finally, my order arrived with no duty fees, which is a lot more than what you can say about a few other hair extension companies. Delayed orders are pretty annoying and since it was my first experience with Bellami Hair, I didn’t know what to expect. Keeping the reviews in mind, my expectations were very low so when the parcel arrived without duty fees, I was actually surprised and happy.

What I liked most is that the packaging was transparent, which allowed me to have a peek at the hair extensions without having to open the seal. Therefore, if I had gotten the wrong color or wanted to exchange it, I would’ve been able to do so because I wouldn’t need to open the packaging seal for it. Once you open the seal, getting your product exchanged is a hassle and usually, you’ve to go through a lot of trouble to make sure that it actually gets exchanged if there’s any fault with the color or order.

Next, I opened up the packaging. Since we’re only talking about the pros here, I’ll get to the parts that I actually liked about the clip-in extensions and skip the ones I didn’t for later.


The clips were well-stitched on the hair wefts so that they wouldn’t get detached from the hair wefts. The bond between the clips and the hair wefts was solid so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have to face any detachment issues. Furthermore, the clips themselves seemed to be of a high quality and did not feel too light or cheap at all.

Next, I really loved the hair color because it was exactly what I had ordered and had been expecting. So, that was really a plus for me, since I’ve had to face many disappointments related to the expected hair color and the hair color that arrived with a few other brands. Blonde colors are usually easy to mess up. But in Bellami Hair’s case, the blonde shade was PERFECT.

Another positive quality about the hair extensions was that they were pretty comfortable to use. What I mean by this is that the quantity of hair in the extensions was a lot more than I am used to getting. This made it easy for me to use the extensions for greater coverage. So, if you’re focused on quantity, the extensions were good.

Cons of Bellami Hair Extensions

Now, let’s get to the bad news, that is, the cons.

Notice how I haven’t mentioned anything about the hair quality in the pros. That’s because, in all honesty, the hair quality doesn’t have any pros. It’s all cons.

My joy after receiving the box was cut short as soon as I opened the packaging and held the extensions in my hand. All along, there was a tiny voice at the back of my mind telling me that those negative reviews that I saw online were true and that I’d be disappointed by the quality of the product.

However, my heart still had a little string of hope that it kept holding on to. I had hope that the numerous online bad Bellami Hair reviews would prove to be false and that I’d get a very high-quality product at my doorstep. When I first saw the hair extensions inside the package, the hair seemed pretty dry and that’s when I saw my hope fading away. There was still some of it left, hoping that my money wouldn’t go to waste and the hair extensions would turn out to be moisturized when I touched them.

To my disappointment, all the hope I had left was crushed as soon as I felt those hair extensions in my hands.

I don’t want it to sound dramatic, but that is exactly what happened. The moment I touched the tester, I knew that the hair quality wasn’t good. Like I had suspected earlier, the hair was also pretty dry to touch. It felt like I was touching dead hair that had undergone a lot of damage. Since the color I ordered was blonde, I knew that the damaged hair was a result of the strong chemicals that were used to bleach the hair into a blonde color.

However, the damage as a result of the dying process doesn’t justify the quality of the product. Hair companies are usually careful to use better quality hair if they plan on bleaching the hair to a blonde shade. That’s exactly why some hair extension companies charge more for blonde shades. Therefore, Bellami Hair should’ve taken the responsibility of dyeing the hair so that the end result wasn’t dry and damaged hair. They should’ve used better hair quality for blonde hair because all hair companies know the toll that dying can take on the hair.

I was disappointed and felt regret after realizing that I had spent a huge amount of $140 USD on these Piccolina 120g 18” Beach Blonde (613) Hair Extensions. The hair quality was awful and needless to say, I wasn’t the tiniest bit impressed. I could’ve gotten this quality for way less. The only reason I paid a huge amount was that I was expecting high-quality hair extensions.

The thickness of the hair strands was uneven, with the top part being thick and heavy and the bottom part being thin and weak. Such an uneven hair thickness is bound to give poor results when applied to the hair, I thought to myself. This is because if the top part is thick and the bottom is thin, the results will show greater volume at the top and the hair at the end will look dead and dull. I had no idea about this earlier because the hair extensions were packed in such a way that their top and bottom parts were intermingling. At this point, I wondered whether or not I should even try the hair extensions on.

Next, I tried to bargain with myself. I thought that maybe if I actually tried them on to see what they’d looked like once applied, that I’d be satisfied.

Therefore, I decided to give the hair extensions a try. After application, when it was time to use heat on the hair extensions to style my hair, I was utterly shocked and my disappointment couldn’t have reached a new low. I had received 7 wefts and I used heat on only one of them because of the surprising and frankly, horrifying results.

What I saw next was actually a horror story for someone like me who’s in love with hair extensions, especially the clip-in ones. After a single stroke of my flat iron across the first hair weft, the hair burnt instantly, as if I had set fire to them. The hair burnt completely, just like synthetic hair would even though the hair quality I ordered from Bellami was, according to them, the best hair quality available. Not only had this, but the lace at the top part also burned, just like you’d expect plastic too.

By this time, I was furious and I finally understood why Bellami Hair had received such negative reviews on and I mean, come on, who sells hair extensions that burn? They’re supposed to be made heat-proof because it’s pretty obvious that hair curler or straight irons will be used on them to style them. I felt angry and disappointed. Scratch that, anger and disappointment is an understatement, too! Imagine buying a hair product just to find out that it gets burned when you apply heat!

Not only did my $140 USD go to waste, but my flat iron (that I had purchased for 200 USD) was also affected because of a nasty plastic residue that was left behind on it. You can imagine how furious I was. I mean, if I order a product and I go through a bad experience, then I’d be furious. However, if that product affected something else that I loved (my flat iron, in this case) then furious would be an understatement of what I felt at that moment.
Of course, I did not use heat on the remaining six wefts because I knew that the same thing would happen with them. My flat iron had already been through enough for the day and I didn’t want to damage it any further. After all, it was way more expensive than the hair extensions and not worth destroying over awful, low-quality hair extensions. Additionally, I had faced enough disappointment for a day too and I wasn’t ready to try heat on the remaining six wefts just to be more disappointed if that was even possible.

My next step, of course, was to write a complaint to Bellami Hair. Therefore, I emailed Bellami Hair and wrote in my complaint that the lace where the clips were sewn had melted on the single stroke of a flat iron. I wasn’t surprised when they gave me an automated response asking me to wash my hair properly before applying for the extensions. Like, excuse me I’ve already worked with tons of hair extensions and I know exactly how to apply them. Covering up your mistakes and poor quality by blaming the client wasn’t such a smart move, Bellami Hair.

Perhaps I should’ve taken the hint about their poor customer service when I had first used it.

Initially, I had asked them if I was being charged double for the extensions I had ordered. They took a whole week to reply and gave me an automated response that didn’t answer my query. They told me how to complete a payment. Was that what I asked for? It definitely wasn’t. I let that slide thinking it might have been a mistake from their end because their inbox would’ve been filled by so many messages. Little had I known that their poor customer service would not help me during the actual problem that I had faced.

This gets me thinking; maybe their inbox is filled with too many angry and upset clients who are registering their respective complaints, which is why they can’t address individual queries properly.

All in all, their customer service sucks and they honestly don’t know how to respond to queries or complaints. I mean, after the incident that happened to me, I had expected them to compensate and make up for it somehow. Little do they know that they’ve messed with the wrong person. I’m sure many others have also fallen prey to their gimmicks and marketing techniques because the quality of their hair extensions could never have made them as famous and successful as they are today.

The list of cons does not end here. The remaining hair extensions that weren’t burnt kept tangling. I couldn’t believe that hair extension could ever tangle so much! They got tangled more than the hair extensions from Luxy Hair did. It was like a war had broken out between the hair strands and my duty was to diffuse it, I couldn’t because they kept tangling again every time I tried to detangle them. It was a mess, really. It was messier than earphones getting tangled. The detangling only damaged the hair extensions further, but what was I supposed to do? Leave them tangled? I had no other option.

After trying to make peace with the hair extensions, I decided that my hair and I had had enough. I couldn’t stand those dry, damaged and tangled hair extensions anymore so I did what any smart and sane person would do: I threw them away after my first wash. Could you blame me? I was ready to give them a chance even after the melting incident. But at the end of the day, they proved that they weren’t even worth the shot.

There went my money and a lot of efforts and hard work down the drain! The only good outcome is that I’m able to write this Bellami Hair extension review in all honestly to warn you guys and to prevent you from going through the same thing that I did.

Coming to the price, I believe that $140 USD is honestly a lot, keeping in mind the quality of the hair extensions I got. Sure, you can get cheaper hair extensions than these, but what should differentiate cheap ones from the expensive ones is the quality and Bellami Hair didn’t seem to care about the quality at all. Getting these hair extensions for $140 USD was basically a rip-off because this quality can be found for much cheaper.

The only reason I decided to buy these hair extensions for $140 USD was that the company was a well-known one and I thought that they’d provide me with high-quality hair extensions if they were, in fact, charging me so much. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. In fact, disappointment is an understatement of what I felt at that moment. I felt like a fool who had fallen for someone’s trick.

Final Verdict

So, let’s get to the final word on Bellami Hair. It’s overpriced, the quality is way below average, the customer service is near to non-existent, and most importantly, and they won’t last. Furthermore, you can’t use a flat iron, or even a curler for that matter, in order to style them because you’ll just end up with a plastic remnant on your hot iron or curler and the hair in the extensions will burn. Basically, you can’t style the extensions and you’ll have to use them in their natural state, which, by the way, is awful. They get tangled easily and loosening up the tangles takes a lot of effort and will make you tired and exhausted.

In short, Bellami Hair extensions aren’t worth the trouble and the price. Don’t waste your time and money on them!

So, what other alternatives are there?

If you were hoping to purchase hair extensions because of all the positive Bellami Hair extensions reviews you’ve seen on YouTube, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble. However, don’t worry because there are plenty of other more reliable options available for you!

If you live in the United States, you can buy hair extensions from Luxy Hair. The extensions from Luxy Hair are far more reliable and don’t melt the way these did. They are also cheaper.

On the other hand, if you live in Canada, I’d suggest you buy extensions online from Canada Hair. Their hair extensions are pretty reasonable and of a very high quality! They’re one of the few hair extension companies that have satisfied me with their quality and affordability!

Another alternative is Cashmere Hair. Contrary to all the other hair extensions retailers, it really does seem like Cashmere Hair put lot of effort in the hair quality of their extensions.

Another great company I’ve dealt with was Foxy Locks. Their website is very user friendly and customer service was really nice.

Overall. I feel that these companies are pretty trustworthy and give you high-quality products, which is a lot more than I can say for Bellami Hair.

I’ve come to realize that I should’ve paid more attention to those negative bad Bellami Hair reviews on TrustPilot and MakeupAlley. But then I think to myself, at least I’ve learned a lesson this way and above all, I can let others know the pros and cons of purchasing Bellami Hair Extensions!

My duty, therefore, as a professional hairdresser and reviewer, has been fulfilled!

Share Your Views

This was all about my opinion up till now! I’d love to hear your story as well! Have you ever purchased hair extensions from Bellami Hair? If so, I’d love to know about your experience with them! (Once again, paid reviewers, please stay away!)

Please share your Bellami Hair extensions review below! You can also use our 5-star rating system to evaluate your experience with Bellami Hair.

Wherever possible, please write a detailed review and include pictures and photos so that everyone can benefit from your review!