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Bellami Hair Reviews

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In this review, I will be reviewing Bellami Hair. I purchased Bellami Hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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I’m sure you’ve all heard of Bellami Hair by now owing to its immense fame and popularity, especially on social media. Bellami Hair is probably the biggest hair extensions company that you can find online and it has grown pretty rapidly. Of course, we’re not taking account into its annual revenue because for a private company like Bellami, such valuable information is always kept away from the eyes of the public. Therefore, we can only make an estimate. Nonetheless, they appear to be the most popular hair extension company on social media and their physical presence is far greater than any other hair extension company. That being said, they also have a few hair salons of their own in the United States. Recently, they’ve expanded their business into Canada, with the opening of a Bellami Hair salon in Vancouver, Canada. Opening a hair salon is actually a pretty big deal and is usually indicative of a company’s growth. After all, how many hair extension companies do you know that actually have their own salons, that too, in two different countries?

There is no doubt regarding the fact that Bellami Hair has expanded and gained popularity pretty rapidly. However, does their popularity and fame certify the quality and an excellent customer service? Technically, it should, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Unfortunately, when companies expand rapidly, their quality and customer service can’t keep up with the expansion and they begin to decline. Think of it as a large blob of slime. When it’s compact, it’s huge and can be handled carefully. However, as soon as you expand it, the slime begins to thin out at some places until it breaks. This scenario is comparable to that of a company or business rapidly expanding.

bellami hair reviews

Keeping in mind the popularity of Bellami Hair, I decided to check for myself if their products were actually worth the fame and the price. Hence, in this review, I’ll include my general experience with Bellami Hair. However, I’ve never visited a Bellami Hair salon so my review is related to online shopping at Bellami Hair. My review will mainly assess their shipping, delivery, pricing, and customer service. If you wish to read more about the quality of Bellami Hair, then please click here.

Before we begin reviewing Bellami Hair, I want to introduce myself to you. I’m a professional hairstylist certified in installing hair extensions. In the years that I’ve worked as a hairstylist, I’ve gained a lot of experience and after dealing with hair extensions, I immediately discovered my passion for them. I love how they provide an overnight solution to almost all hair problems and how easily and quickly they can transform an individual’s hair and overall appearance.

Furthermore, I’m also a professional reviewer. Since I’ve had the opportunity to interact with many brands and companies dealing with hair extensions, I know how to properly assess the quality of hair extensions. I want to use my skills to enlighten everyone about the pros and cons of different types and brands of hair extensions!

That being said, the one thing that annoys me more than anything is when fake reviewers, or shall I say, “paid reviewers”, talk about hair extensions and other similar products that they’re not qualified in reviewing. Have you ever seen a dermatologist perform a heart surgery or a cardiologist perform a skin graft? The reason they don’t is that every individual specializes in their own field. Hence, only an individual from that field is qualified enough to asses products related to their respective field. You’ll never see me reviewing skincare products because I’m only qualified in dealing with hair-care products!

Unfortunately, there are many individuals out there who have some sort of a monetary incentive when they post a review. For example, you might have seen many YouTube reviewers giving positive reviews about Bellami Hair who just happen to have a discount coupon for Bellami Hair named after them at the end. Those coupons are provided by Bellami Hair to the reviewers to make the reviewers write a positive review about them. These fake positive reviews then convince other people to buy products from Bellami Hair. It’s a marketing technique called “affiliate marketing.”

There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing except when it’s done under the cover of an “honest review.” Reviews are supposed, to be honest, and unbiased, not paid for by the company you’re reviewing! Not only do such bloggers and YouTubers promote dishonest reviews and guide the ones following them incorrectly but they also diminish the credibility of other websites, like this one, that is dedicated to giving unbiased product reviews. They’ve ruined the essence of true reviewing and blogging and unfortunately, most only do it for the monetary benefits and have no passion for the field or for the reviews. This is one of the reasons I decided to start writing reviews and create this webpage, apart from my passion for hair extensions! All the reviews that I’ve posted on this website are 100% genuine and unbiased because I paid for the products with my own money in each case!

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that all of the positive Bellami Hair reviews on the internet are fake. Keep reading to find out my personal review on Bellami Hair in general!

Bellami Hair


The first thing that I noticed after opening their webpage was the impressive diversity of hair extensions they have. From shades of blonde to black and from clip-in extensions to the permanent tape-ins and pre-bonded hair extensions, they have everything. Furthermore, all of these extensions are available in a variety of lengths! Bellami Hair, therefore, has a lot of variety available on their website so that you can choose your hair extensions according to your own preferences. This should be great news for those who love experimenting with new, wild hair colors that are often hard to find in the market! Customers and clients often come to me and ask me where they can find a range of hair color varieties!

bellami hair extensions reviews

Customer Service

Well, here comes the catch. Their customer service was honestly horrible. The first time their customer service failed to answer my query, I let it slide. However, when it happened again, not once but twice, I knew that it couldn’t be a coincidence and that their customer service is almost non-existent. Bellami Hair expanded quickly but it’s sad that their customer service couldn’t pick up their pace or maybe it wasn’t helpful at all in the first place.

While I was placing my order and choosing the payment method, I entered my credit card details but their system kept declining it. A window would appear saying that my billing address needed to be the same address that was logged into my credit card. Since I live in Canada, a few of the street names here, including mine, have French alphabets (á, é, í, etc.) in them. Therefore, the address that was associated with my credit card had those special characters in them and in my opinion, their system failed to recognize those special characters, hence, read the two addresses as different ones, even though they were practically the same. My order wasn’t getting through and it was very annoying. I decided to contact their customer service department. I asked them how I could solve the issue I was facing. To my disappointment, I received a reply one week later! Furthermore, when they finally replied after a week, they didn’t answer my query. Instead, they gave a very generic response instructing me on how to complete my payment. There was nothing related to my query in my email and it seemed as if they had given me some sort of an automated response. That’s not what customer service is supposed to do. They’re supposed to answer each and every query individually and every query should be given the same level of importance. It’s needless to say that one week for such a generic response was a disappointment.

However, I finally managed to complete my order – without any help from Bellami Hair, of course. By this time, I had an idea that their customer service wasn’t up to any good, but I let this one incident slide and hoped for better treatment next time.

When the next time arrived, I was disappointed, once again. I hadn’t received my order so I sent them an email asking where my order was. They replied and gave me a tracking number. However, upon entering the tracking number they gave me, I was surprised to find out that my order had the status of “delivered” under it. I was confused since I hadn’t received any parcel. However, once I saw the country to which it was delivered, I figured out that they had given me the wrong tracking number, once again, wasting my time. After all, the order had been delivered somewhere in Europe and I live in Canada!

This time, I was furious because it was the second time that their customer service had let me down. Who gives customers the wrong tracking number? How hard is it to correctly find out and then send a customer’s tracking number? I’m pretty sure that even a ninth-grader can do a task like this correctly. Why then, was Bellami Hair unable to provide me the correct tracking number?

Eventually, my order arrived. One thing that is great about Bellami Hair is that I wasn’t charged duty fees.

For my US readers, you probably aren’t aware that we Canadians have the hassle to pay duty fees whenever we buy from a US retailer. The most annoying thing is that we sometimes don’t know from where the product will ship. For instance, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Bombay Hair shipped my order from Canada. On the other hand, I was quite annoyed by Luxy Hair $20 duty fees I paid just to get my order. Even worse, I was slapped with a 50% duty fee when I ordered from Glam Seamless. The main issue is that these US based websites advertise heavily in Canada. They also automatically convert the prices into Canadian dollars. They even go as far as displaying the Canadian flag next to the cart icon. All of these signs make you think that it’s a Canadian company… until you get surprised with duty fees. Writing a disclaimer in the fine prints isn’t enough. Customers in Canada need to be fully aware of the total amount they will have to pay when purchasing on a website. After all, Amazon and automatically add the duty fee at checkout so that you know exactly how much you will pay for the extensions you’re buying. In conclusion, I was quite happy that Bellami Hair didn’t bill my any duty fees.

However, an incident happened while I was applying heat to the hair extensions with my hair straightener. We’ll get into the details of that incident later. Anyway, once again I decided to contact their customer service to see if they really care about their customers.

The lace that is sewn onto the extensions melted when I applied heat to the extensions.

bellami hair reviews

Therefore, I contacted their customer service about this issue and this time, I was hoping for a serious reply that wasn’t generic because this issue was actually pretty big. The lace shouldn’t have melted. It also left a residue on my straightener so I was pretty furious. However, once again, their customer service had let me down. They gave a generic response telling me that I should wash the extensions before styling them with heat as the extensions could contain silicone residues on them. They failed to understand that it wasn’t the extensions that melted, it was the lace.

It’s beyond me how such simple queries couldn’t be addressed properly by a department that is dedicated to answering specific queries made by clients. It seemed that all they wanted to do was to get the queries off their chest. That part really annoyed me because the whole point of having a customer service department is to make sure that if the customers are facing any issues, they’re sorted out as soon as possible. However, Bellami Hair fails to understand that. Their customer service failed me not just once or twice but three different times, which couldn’t have been a coincidence. This led me to the conclusion that they have a very poor customer service department, that is practically useless. They really need to learn a thing or two about customer care from Luxy Hair, which is way ahead of Bellami Hair in this department!

Helpline number

Although Bellami Hair has an incredibly poor customer service, they did have one advantage in this department over other brands like Canada Hair and Luxy Hair. Bellami Hair has a helpline available at their website for customer assistance, although I can’t say for sure if it actually works or not or if it’s just as bad as their online customer service.

Bellami Hair has an edge over other hair extension companies that work online in this case because many of the hair extension companies give no phone number for customer assistance, which means you’re just supposed to blindly trust them and hand over your money to them! Having a phone number for customer assistance gives a sense of security that cannot be provided by an online customer service department working through emails. When a phone number exists, you know that if it really comes to it, you can contact the company on that number for an immediate response. Once again, I’m not exactly sure if the helpline is practically useless like their online customer service or not! Nonetheless, it is definitely something positive.

Bellami Hair reviews

The above was a review of my own personal experience with Bellami Hair. Keep in mind that this Bellami Hair review is specific to my general experience shopping on Bellami Hair. For a more detailed thorough review regarding the hair quality offered by Bellami Hair, please click here. You can also read customers’ Bellami Hair reviews at the bottom of the page. Before purchasing hair extensions from Bellami Hair, I did a quick internet research on them. Like I’ve mentioned above, I found many positive reviews that don’t seem to be genuine. However, I also found a lot of negative reviews on websites like and in fact, most of the reviews on these two websites were negative. Some of the customers were so dissatisfied that they urged others never to purchase hair extensions from Bellami Hair. I’ve posted a few screenshots below to show you what I mean.

bellami hair extensions reviews

bellami hair reviews

hair reviews bellamihair

bellamihair extensions reviews

reviews bellami hair extensions

bellami hair reviews extensions

bellami hair reviews customers

reviewing hair extensions bellami hair

The above screenshots were taken from Out of the 21 reviews that Bellami Hair received, 62% of them were rated as bad and 29% were rated as poor. Only 10% of the reviews were positive reviews. Moreover, you can also see the comments that people have posted about their experience with Bellami Hair. It is pretty obvious that most of the customers were frustrated with the products they received. However, this is just one website. Let me show you screenshots of Bellami Hair reviews on, which has many more active users than TrustPilot. reviews bellami hair extensions reviews bellami reviews hair bellami review hair

Once again, Bellami Hair had a poor rating. It was rated 1.9 out of 5 by an average of 182 ratings/reviews. Since the number of people that rated was greater over here, this is a much more accurate rating than the previous one on TrustPilot, although both of the ratings are very poor. You can see from the comments above that customer satisfaction with Bellami Hair products was zero!

Why then, did I still purchase Bellami Hair? Well, I’ve been told not to trust everything that I read on the internet. After all, keep in mind that Bellami Hair is the biggest hair extension company (I think) and they operate different hair salons in 2 countries. This is no accident. Hence, I ordered Bellami Hair extensions to check for myself if the extensions were worth the fame and the price or not!

Pricing and Affordability

Bellami Hair is pretty overpriced. All of their hair extensions are expensive. Since I’ve purchased hair extensions from many different brands, I have an idea of what type of hair extensions you can get for exactly what price range. Bellami Hair was easily the most expensive brand for hair extensions online.

However, owing to their fame and popularity, I thought that the high price would mean a product with a greater quality. Unfortunately, that wasn’t true for Bellami Hair. The same hair quality, weight, and size can be found in different brands for much less than that charged by Bellami Hair.

bellami hair reviews

The hair quality of the extensions doesn’t do justice to the huge sum of money they’re charging. To find out more about the hair quality offered by Bellami Hair, you can check my review here.

Therefore, I believe that Bellami hair is pretty overpriced considering the quality of the hair they give. I could get way better quality for much less in a different brand!

However, when it comes to pricing, there’s only one good thing about Bellami Hair. That is, they didn’t charge me any duty fee. On the other hand, I was charged a duty fee with Luxy Hair and with Glam Seamless too. Let’s not even talk about the duty fee that Glam Seamless charged. It was over the roof!

Final verdict

To reach a conclusion about Bellami Hair, let’s first look at a short summary of the features we’ve discussed!

Pricing: It’s overpriced, however, no duty fee was charged, so that was a positive thing! Other than that, the hair extensions themselves were pretty overpriced for their quality!

Customer service: almost non-existent, although they do have a helpline for customer assistance I’m not really sure if it’s actually helpful or not.

Diversity: this is probably the best thing about Bellami Hair so far! They have a variety of colors, lengths and hair extension types ranging from clip-ins to tape-ins!

Other general reviews: Frankly, other reviews about Bellami Hair haven’t been positive either. Let’s skip out the biased paid or sponsored reviews done by bloggers!

So, this is all about Bellami Hair and its pricing, customer service, diversity, and other general reviews! Now, it’s up to you to decide whether or not Bellami Hair is worth giving a try! In my personal opinion, I don’t recommend Bellami Hair Extensions.

Have you ever tried any hair extensions by Bellami Hair? If so, I would love to know about your experience. Please leave a comment about your experience with Bellami Hair or rate it using out 5-star rating system.

Your opinion really matters because it could really help others decide which hair extension products they want to use! (Paid reviewers, please stay away!)

Furthermore, your opinion could also be helpful for me in deciding if it was just my bad luck or if Bellami Hair really isn’t worth it!

If you want a more detailed review of the quality offered by Bellami Hair extensions, please click here!