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I purchased Canada Hair’s clip in extensions and this is my ultimate in-depth review. Please don’t hesitate to post your own Canada Hair review at the bottom of this page. I purchased the 14 inches clip in extensions color #1b. I purchased this product with my own money. I was not sponsored and I don’t have any financial gain from this company. All reviews posted on Hair Shop Reviews are unbiased reviews!

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Canada Hair Quality

The first thing I noticed with Canada Hair is that it was hard to find online reviews about Canada Hair extensions. Maybe because the company is small since they sell only in Canada? Regardless, I still wanted to try Canada Hair extensions. One of my customers in my hair salon bought from them and was satisfied. I’ve never heard of the company but I wanted to give it a try. I ordered clip in hair extensions. The color I chose was #1b which is a fine blend between jet black and dark brown and I felt that would go nicely with my natural hair. I opted for the standard thickness and a length of 14 inches. As far as the hair type was concerned, I went with the real hair extensions. I paid $90 CAD.

Since I read their return policy I knew I had to open and test the tester hair strand before unboxing the main compartment. The hair strand I got was color #1b just like I had ordered. It blended in nicely with my natural hair and I was very pleased to see that. So, finally, it was time for me to unbox the main package. The hair extensions I had ordered were divided into 7 wefts. Each of these had a clip attached to them. This much was fairly standard for all the hair companies. The hair extensions are divided into multiple wefts so that you can place each on a certain area of your head and adjust volume according to your needs. In other words, you can arrange the hair extensions wherever you feel the need so as to get a balanced end result.

Hair length & weight

I checked the length and weight of the hair extensions and they were just as specified on the website. Everything seemed to be going well up until now and I couldn’t be happier.

First thing I did was test the clips. They looked tight and solid. I could see they would hold on well to my hair and that they wouldn’t slip.

Moreover, the clips were quite similar to the color of the hair extensions so once they are in, you barely notice that they are there. This is a very important point if you don’t exactly want to flaunt the fact that you are wearing hair extensions!

Installing the clip ins

As far as installing the clip in hair extensions was concerned, this was pretty straightforward, especially for me, considering all the experience I have with such hair extensions. However, I am sure that even those people who are using clip in hair extensions will be able to install them without facing any problems. Just clip them in wherever you feel you need to add a little extra volume to your hair and you are done.

A drawback from Canada Hair is that they didn’t even include instructions on how to install clip ins. That can be a problem if you never had extensions before!

Initially, I just installed two of the seven wefts. They blended in well with my natural hair. The texture too was very similar to natural hair, so the hair extensions didn’t stand out at all. So, the end result was just natural looking hair, just a lot more voluminous.

To test the clips further, I even pulled slightly on the extensions, but they remained in their place. Even combing the hair didn’t cause them to slip or move out of place. So, all good up till now. As far as the clips were concerned I was very happy with what Canada Hair had to offer.

Hair texture

As far as the texture of the hair extensions is concerned, I found it be really silky to the touch and was easy to comb. One thing that I have noticed with some types of hair extensions is that they smell really different from natural hair. It is hard to imagine having them on your head all the time. So, I was really glad to find out that the extensions I had received from Canada Hair didn’t smell weird or anything. In other words, no smell at all.

Actually, I was very impressed with the quality of the hair.

For the heat test, I used a hair straightener on the hair extensions. I set the hair straightener at the maximum temperature setting and despite that, there was no melting or funny smell. The extensions maintained its silky texture and remained odorless. There was no smell, change in texture or melting even after being subjected to high heat. Moreover, the hair was easily straightened out and even then, they didn’t look fake at all. Just like real hair. The quality of the hair used by Canada Hair impressed me. So, by now it was confirmed that these extensions are definitely the real hair. So far so good. Please do not do this at home to style your hair, always use the lowest heat setting to style your hair extensions. I only used the maximum heat setting one time for this review.

Testing hair extensions – canada hair review from Cindy on Vimeo.

Once I was thoroughly satisfied, I installed all 7 wefts again, and I have to say, they looked just amazing. Seeing as how I have hair on the thinner side, the extra volume I got from the hair extensions was a really pleasant change. All in all, a great experience.

canada hair extensions before and after


It has now been 4 months since I received my order from Canada Hair and I have been using the hair extensions fairly regularly since then. I am happy to report that they still look brand new and that they are holding up well, I think they will last a couple more months before they are no longer usable.

Customer service

Canada Hair claims to have super fast shipping, and that is personally what I have experienced too. I live in Ottawa and I got my package in literally the next day. So, if you have an event coming up or just need hair extensions in a hurry, then Canada Hair is a good choice.

I found Canada Hair to be extremely generous and thoughtful as far as their return policies were concerned. As I already explained above, they give you a tester extension beside the main package. If the tester doesn’t match your natural hair or isn’t what you wanted or expected it to be, then you can return the main package and can get fully refunded. On top of this, Canada Hair will also pay the delivery charges for the returned package. So you don’t have to pay anything to send your order back.

What I received

Now, finally coming on to the package that I received from Canada Hair. It was a nice and minimalist looking packaging. One thing worth a mention here is that the packaging style used by Canada Hair is different from the ones usually found in other stores that sell hair extensions and other such items- both online and traditional brick and mortar stores. Usually, you see a long rectangular cardboard and the hair extensions are aid out flat inside them. With Canada Hair though, the package size was small and the hair extensions inside were curled into coils so as to fit inside the package.

Another thing I noticed was the discrepancy in the name of the company on the package. Strangely enough, the product I received had the name “” on it. It’s not even called “” after I double checked on the website, the brand was mentioned in the product description. I thought that their name would be on the package, but it’s actually a different name. But I guess that’s not a big deal. I assume they simply offer several different hair brands, and not just exclusively those with their own name on them.

Why I reviewed Canada Hair

I regularly buy hair extensions so the next question was which company to go for. There was no shortage of available options. A quick search on Google gave me the most popular companies that have a good reputation when it comes to selling high-quality hair extensions. But when I had decided to write the product review, I had no intention of going about it the way every other YouTuber or blogger went. The same search on Google had also shown me just how many product reviews had already been published for these popular companies. There is no shortage of YouTubers and bloggers in Canada and elsewhere in the world and it seemed that all of them had already reviewed the big names. I wanted to review brands that don’t have a lot of exposure on my website. Review a company that didn’t have that many reviews.

On top of this, I also had a few more requirements that I wanted the company to fulfill. Unlike the popularity aspect, the other criteria weren’t set in stone and I was willing to be flexible about them if need be. One factor was the proximity and location of the company. I wanted it to be a Canadian company. Call me patriotic or just someone who didn’t want to unnecessarily pay international duty taxes. Either way, I wanted to go ahead with a Canadian company. And just being based in Canada wasn’t enough. I would prefer if they shipped from within the country too.

I also wanted the company to be one that I had never heard the name of before. I guess this requirement goes hand in hand with my first requirement that the company shouldn’t be too popular or mainstream. However, considering that I had been using hair extensions for both professional and personal use for the past many years, I had heard the names of quite a few such hair companies and brands, even those that weren’t very popular or mainstream.

Canada Hair is a Canadian hair company. They sell all sorts of hair products ranging from hair extensions to wigs for women, hair extension tools and kits etc. They claim to only stock high-quality products at the most affordable prices available within the country. The cost of hair extensions on Canada Hair is actually quite affordable. They also claim to have a wide customer base ranging from individuals, hairdressers, and business clients. I also noticed that they offer a hairstylist discount and also sell hair sample, which is a great idea since many people would want to test their hair quality by ordering a sample before comminting to speniong more on actual hair extensions.

For all of these, Canada Hair boasted of a high customer satisfaction rate. Reading all of these claims on Canada Hair’s website, I was curious to test their validity and authenticity before I believed anything.

Although I have only tried one product from Canada Hair, seeing the attention to detail they had demonstrated and the quality of the hair extensions, I am confident that their other products would be just as good. I can’t wait to try the rest of their products too.

When it comes to shopping online, one thing that I feel is very important is that the company should be willing to communicate with you in a way that is convenient for you. There are some companies that take days to even respond to a simple query or any complaint. Although, the buying process and everything went smoothly, and I had no complaints in regard to the product I had received, but I was still happy to see that Canada Hair had a live chat feature which makes me think that they would respond to queries and complaints efficiently. Moreover, considering how fast my order was processed and delivered, I have good reason to believe that they will demonstrate similar efficiency when it comes to customer support. Unfortunately, Canada Hair doesn’t provide any phone support!

Perhaps the most concerning issue with Canada Hair is that there are very few online Canada Hair extensions reviews. Contrary to other websites who generally have lot of online reviews, it was quite difficult to find online reviews about Here are a few reviews I found online:

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The Final Verdict: my Canada Hair Extensions Review

So, I think it is pretty clear by now what my final verdict will be on this particular clip in hair extensions I purchased from Canada Hair. I was more than satisfied with the product I received. The quality was on par with some of the big hair extension brands and companies out there, but the prices were a lot better than the rest of these companies. Also, I appreciate the fact that they have remained of high quality even after using them regularly for months. I would definitely be recommending Canada Hair’s hair extensions to other people too who come to me and my mother for hairdressing. True, there were some small drawbacks as I have already mentioned in the pro-con list above, but I feel the pros definitely outweigh the cons. In short, I found that all the claims they had made on their website were quite valid and accurate.

Canada Hair Pros and Cons

I want everyone reading this product review to have all the information they need before they can confidently buy the best hair extensions for them. This is why, listed below are all the good, bad, and ugly of the clip in hair extensions I got from Canada Hair.