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Embarking on my hair extension journey, I stumbled upon through a Google search. As a former customer of, I was seeking a more budget-friendly option. Canada Hair, with its pricing of hair extensions Canadian dollars and Canada-based shipping, seemed like a promising alternative. Initially, I noticed a scarcity of online reviews for Canada Hair, which was a contrast to their competitors. However, their attractive pricing and extensive product range were compelling. Considering I’m in Canada and eager to avoid additional duty fees, I decided to explore what Canada Hair had to offer.

Canada Hair Extensions Review

Canada Hair Extensions Review

Canada Hair Extensions Review

Canada Hair Extensions Review

Canada Hair Extensions Review

Canada Hair Extensions Review

Canada Hair Extensions Review

If you bought from Canada Hair, please leave a review below.

So, let’s dive into my Canada Hair review.

Quality and Variety

Delving into Canada Hair’s product quality, my experience with their clip-in extensions was quite satisfying. The quality, while not the absolute best I’ve ever encountered, was impressive, especially considering the affordable price. Compared to well-known brands like or, Canada Hair stands out for its value. The lack of extensive online reviews initially made me hesitant, but the product exceeded my expectations. The small, comfortable clips and the overall hair quality were notable highlights.

When it comes to hair extensions, thorough research is key to a successful purchase. Before unveiling the main package from Canada Hair, I took the time to dive into their return policy and decided to embark on a tester strand journey. I selected a hair strand in the perfect shade of #1b, exactly what I had ordered. This preliminary test assured me that it would blend seamlessly with my natural locks, setting a positive tone for the unboxing experience.

The main package revealed seven meticulously divided wefts, each adorned with secure clips – a standard practice across many hair companies. These versatile wefts allow you to strategically place them throughout your hair to achieve your desired volume and balance. In essence, you have the freedom to create a customized, harmonious look.

Before delving further into my Canada Hair experience, I meticulously checked the hair extensions’ length and weight, which matched the website’s specifications precisely. Everything appeared to be aligning perfectly, and my excitement was mounting.

Next on my checklist was assessing the clips. They exhibited a robust and secure grip, assuring me they would stay in place without any slipping or discomfort. Moreover, the clips were cleverly designed to match the color of the hair extensions, making them virtually invisible once installed – a crucial detail for those who prefer a discreet appearance.

Installation of the clip-in hair extensions proved to be straightforward, especially given my prior experience. However, I’m confident that even newcomers to clip-ins will have no trouble achieving a seamless look. Simply attach them wherever you desire added volume, and voilà, you’re ready to go.

One slight drawback I noticed with Canada Hair is the absence of instructions for clip-in installation. While this may pose no issue for experienced users, it could be problematic for those new to extensions.

Initially, I opted to install only two of the seven wefts, and they seamlessly blended with my natural hair, both in color and texture. The extensions had a remarkably natural feel, resulting in voluminous locks that appeared entirely authentic.

To put the clips to the test, I gently tugged on the extensions and combed through them, yet they remained steadfastly in place. My satisfaction with Canada Hair’s clip quality was unwavering.

When it came to the texture of the hair extensions, I was pleasantly surprised. They felt incredibly silky to the touch and were effortless to comb through. Unlike some extensions that emit an unnatural scent, these from Canada Hair were odorless, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant wearing experience.

In conclusion, I was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional quality of Canada Hair’s extensions, from their natural appearance and secure clips to their silky texture and absence of any unpleasant odors. It’s safe to say that my hair transformation journey with Canada Hair was off to a fantastic start!

Canada Hair Reviews

For the heat resilience test, I decided to put the hair extensions from Canada Hair through a rigorous trial using a hair straightener. I cranked the straightener up to its maximum temperature setting, pushing it to the limit. Remarkably, even under this extreme heat, there was no sign of melting or any peculiar odors emanating from the extensions. The silky texture remained intact, and there was no alteration in the overall quality.

Despite subjecting them to the highest heat setting, the extensions retained their authenticity, avoiding any telltale signs of being artificial. In fact, they looked just like genuine, naturally straightened hair. This test confirmed the exceptional quality of the hair sourced by Canada Hair.

However, a word of caution: While these extensions proved their heat resistance, it’s essential to remember that extreme heat should be used sparingly and cautiously on hair extensions. Always opt for the lowest heat setting when styling your extensions to maintain their longevity and health. I utilized the maximum heat setting solely for the purpose of this review, and it should not be a standard practice in your daily hair care routine.


My discovery of Canada Hair while scouring Google for clip-in hair extensions was an intriguing journey. Upon delving deep into their website and diligently searching for reviews from fellow bloggers and YouTubers, I was met with a few video reviews scattered here and there. While the quantity of reviews was not substantial, they all resonated with an air of authenticity.

What struck me as particularly noteworthy was Canada Hair’s minimal presence in the realm of social media advertising and promotions. Surprisingly, many prominent Canadian bloggers and YouTubers had never mentioned Canada Hair in their content. This led me to ponder two plausible scenarios. Firstly, it appeared that Canada Hair might not engage in the practice of sponsoring online influencers to procure positive reviews for their products. Secondly, it crossed my mind that they might not be a colossal conglomerate, which could explain their absence from the radar of these relentless influencers always on the hunt for new brands and companies to showcase.

Personally, I held a preference for a company that refrains from paying YouTubers, bloggers, or other influencers for marketing or soliciting favorable reviews. To me, this practice adds a layer of authenticity to the product evaluations, as there is no financial incentive involved for the reviewers. While it’s important to note that Canada Hair has relatively few online reviews, the handful of reviews available exuded a genuine aura.

Reflecting on my comprehensive list of preferences and requirements, it may seem that I had set high standards. Indeed, it reads like an extensive checklist. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Canada Hair met every single one of these criteria, reinforcing my confidence in their authenticity and commitment to quality.

Canada Hair Review

When it comes to online reviews, it’s apparent that has fewer reviews compared to well-known international hair extension retailers like Bellami Hair, Luxy Hair, and Foxy Locks. There could be a couple of reasons for this scarcity of reviews.

Firstly, it’s possible that predominantly serves customers in Canada, resulting in a smaller customer base available for reviews when compared to global brands with a broader reach.

Secondly, it’s conceivable that their marketing efforts, particularly in terms of collaborating with influencers and enhancing online visibility, might not be as extensive as those of larger competitors, potentially impacting the number of reviews available online.

The exact cause for the limited number of reviews remains uncertain, and as you mentioned, it’s challenging to provide a definitive answer. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that the quantity of reviews should not overshadow the quality and authenticity of the feedback given by actual customers. To form a well-rounded opinion about the company, it’s crucial to consider the reviews you’ve encountered along with other factors such as product quality, customer service, and your individual preferences and requirements.

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

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Customer Service

The good

  • Quick and free shipping from Canada
  • No duty fees
  • Prices are in Canadian dollars
  • Helpful, friendly, and quick replies by email
  • Free returns

The bad

  • Doesn’t ship to USA/internationally
  • No customer service phone number

Canada Hair boasts one of the most customer-friendly return policies I’ve come across online. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through, as they cover the cost of return fees, a rarity in the industry. In fact, I’m not aware of any other company offering this level of service. The clip-in extensions I ordered arrived with a prominent notice on the packaging, serving as a helpful reminder of their straightforward return process: simply refrain from removing the extensions from the original package and get in touch with their customer support team for assistance.



The process of purchasing from Canada Hair was refreshingly straightforward and familiar, especially for those accustomed to online shopping. Navigating their website was a breeze, and it left a positive impression. The site’s pages were visually appealing, featuring high-quality images that provided a clear view of the products. The product descriptions were thoughtfully detailed, making it easy for me to make an informed choice. What’s more, the website displayed the necessary security certificates, reassuring me about the safety of my personal and credit card information. This level of security is paramount when shopping online, and a quick check of the URL in your browser (seeing “https” rather than “http”) can help confirm a secure connection. Once I had selected my desired product, I added it to my cart and proceeded to provide my credit card details, contact information, and delivery address – a standard and hassle-free process. It’s worth noting that Canada Hair offers various payment methods, including credit cards, money orders, PayPal, and Interac E-transfer, all backed by their commitment to secure transactions and safeguarding customer data. While every company claims to prioritize security, I felt confident in the measures Canada Hair had in place. After completing my order, I promptly received an email confirmation, complete with an order number for reference. Now, let’s delve into the contents of the package. What I received included both the main package and a tester package, which were initially connected but separate upon closer inspection. The tester package featured a standard button closure, while the main package had a security seal. This seal is crucial to note, as breaking it by opening the main package signifies that the product cannot be returned. So, despite the allure of exploring the main compartment first, it’s advisable to exercise patience. Start with the tester package to ensure satisfaction with the product’s color match before venturing into the main package. The tester package contains a single hair strand, a clever addition that allows you to assess whether the hair extensions you received match your hair color without fully opening the main package. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the overall shopping experience, making it more customer-friendly.


Let’s dive into the delivery experience. One standout feature from Canada Hair is that all orders ship for free, regardless of the order amount. They utilized Canada Post XPRESS Post for my parcel, although I cannot confirm if this is their standard delivery service or if they occasionally switch providers. It’s worth noting that as a customer, you don’t have the option to select your preferred delivery service provider; this is managed by Canada Hair. While I personally have had positive experiences with Canada Post, having the freedom to choose a delivery service provider and potentially pay for it might offer added flexibility. Regarding duty taxes, Canada Hair made it crystal clear on their website that shipping costs would be exempt from any additional duty fees, which held true in my case. Since I was within Canada, I did not have to contend with duty taxes. However, it’s important to highlight that Canada Hair exclusively ships within the country, not internationally, not even to the United States. Mentioning the absence of duty fees might be somewhat redundant, considering that duty tax only applies when shipping across Canadian borders. As previously mentioned, Canada Hair does not offer international shipping, and this could potentially disappoint customers located outside of Canada. From a business perspective, this limitation seems counterproductive, as expanding internationally could unlock significant growth opportunities. It’s crucial for potential customers outside of Canada to be aware of this, and it would be helpful if this information were prominently featured on their website. Currently, the realization that they don’t ship internationally only becomes apparent when attempting to complete an order and reaching the checkout page. Finally, a noteworthy aspect of my experience with Canada Hair was the option to request a ‘rush’ order at no extra cost. While this may be considered a standard practice by some, Canada Hair’s inclusion of this service without additional charges is commendable. Essentially, it means your order receives priority and is shipped ahead of others, which is a valuable perk. On a lighter note, I couldn’t help but relate to a meme I came across where a woman eagerly awaits her delivery, checking the window repeatedly upon receiving the notification that her parcel is on its way – a feeling many of us can empathize with!

After placing my order, I found myself eagerly anticipating its arrival, and to my delight, I didn’t have to wait long at all. Remarkably, my order arrived in just a single day. This swift delivery was expected, given that Canada Hair operates from Montreal, and I reside in Ottawa. I’ve encountered many e-retailers that claim to offer local shipping, only to later discover that they source their products from elsewhere. I was pleased to confirm that Canada Hair is not one of those companies. While I’m not certain if this practice is inherently problematic, I strongly value transparency and integrity. When a company asserts that it ships from within the country, it should uphold that promise, and Canada Hair certainly earned my trust in this regard. To emphasize, my package arrived within one day, and this was achieved with the added benefit of free shipping. I’m now curious about the potential speed of delivery if I were to request a rush order for my next purchase. Given that there are no extra charges associated with this feature, it’s certainly a tempting option to explore. Returning to the topic of the package’s arrival, as previously mentioned, the delivery was executed by Canada Post XPRESS Post, and I had to provide my signature upon receipt, adding an extra layer of security to the process.


In summary, delivers exceptional value, and the hair extensions I acquired have left me thoroughly impressed. I’m genuinely puzzled as to why this company isn’t more widely recognized, considering the remarkable attributes it offers. The clip-in extensions are crafted from high-quality hair, striking the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Even though there are no phone numbers or physical locations provided, the customer service experience has been commendable. Additionally, the fact that they cover return fees for those wishing to make returns adds a layer of convenience and peace of mind. I kindly request fellow readers to contribute their reviews about Canada Hair below. If you’ve had a negative experience, I’m particularly interested in hearing your perspective, as my research has yielded few negative reviews about Canada Hair. If you have photos or videos to share, I’d greatly appreciate it, as it would allow me to enhance this page with visual content. Your insights and experiences collectively contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of this brand for potential customers. Reviews – Now it’s your turn!

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