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I read a few reviews online before I placed my order. Therefore, once I received my order, I decided to publish this online Canada Hair review. Please note that I’ll be reviewing only the store itself. For an in-depth review about the hair extensions that I purchased, please visit my clip-in hair extensions review. I purchased these hair extensions with my own money. I was not sponsored and I don’t have any financial gain from this company. This is an unbiased review. is dedicated in collecting honest, unbiased, and genuine reviews about different hair extensions and wigs stores so please only leave a review if you have purchased from the stores reviewed.

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I found on Google search. I used to buy hair extensions from, but it’s so expensive! So why not try a different website?

With a name like ‘Canada Hair’, I decided to give it a try. Prices are in Canadian dollars $CAD and they ship from Canada.

On a first glance, the website looks okay. It’s pretty obvious they sell hair extensions. The main problem I have with Canada Hair is that they lack online reviews. When you compare them with competitors, Canada Hair doesn’t have a lot of online reviews. However, the prices of hair extensions are really good and they seem to carry lot of products. Taking into account I’m in Canada and I’m sick and tired of paying duty fees, I decided to give them a try.

If you bought from Canada Hair, please leave a review below. quality of hair extensions reviewed

To read an in-depth Canada Hair review about their hair quality, click here to read my clip in extensions ultimate review. In short, the quality was very good. It wasn’t the best I had in my life, but for the price I paid for, I think it’s really good.

When you compare them with or, it’s sad how little online reviews this company has. Their hair quality was surprisingly very good. I wasn’t expecting this at all taking into account how affordable the extensions are. I guess when you only ship to Canada you will logically have less reviews than other brands that sell internationally.

I purchased clip in extensions and what I really liked is how the clips were small and comfortable. The hair quality offered by Canada Hair was superior to many other hair extensions brands I’ve used!

So if you wish to read more about the quality of the extensions used by Canada Hair, click here. Otherwise, keep on reading if you wish to learn more about my thoughts about the company as a whole.


Canada Hair Reviews

Hair Thicknesses

I was happy to see that there was quite a lot of variety and options available. This included the type of hair extensions, shade, and thickness type. The three thicknesses they offer in clip ins are standard, thick and very thick. I found the one product I needed, namely clip in hair extensions in the color #1b, which falls somewhere between black and brown, with standard thickness. I opted for standard thickness because I have fine hair, and I assumed that this should be enough. In my previous experiences with hair extensions too, I have felt that standard thickness gives the best result, whereas opting for thick hair extensions gives a little too exaggerated end result for my hair type.

Hair Qualities

Canada Hair also gives you a choice when it comes to choosing the hair quality for your clip in hair extensions. You can opt for either real hair, premium remy hair, or synthetic hair. The real hair extensions are made using as the name suggests, real hair, so they are a better choice in my opinion in the sense that they will blend in well with your natural hair. The texture is smooth and silky, and you can easily use any hair styling tools on them such as a hair straightening iron. Premium Remy hair, on the other hand, is probably the highest quality of human hair available at Canada Hair. They have all the features of real hair, but they will last you longer than regular real hair. Finally, synthetic hair is the most cost-effective option, but I feel that they aren’t as natural looking like real hair. So, there is a risk that they will be ruined once exposed to heat. Keep all of these factors in mind, I opted for real hair clip in hair extensions.

Hair Lengths

Finally, there was also a choice of hair length. The three available options were 14 inches, 18 inches and 22 inches. Simply select the one which is closest to your hair’s natural length and you’re all set. Of course, the weight of the hair extensions will also vary according to the length you choose and the thickness you select. So, for example, an 18-inch standard thickness clip in hair extension would weigh a 100 grams. The weights of the hair extensions range from 85 grams to 250 grams depending upon your preferences, with 14-inch standard hair extensions being the lightest, and 22-inch thick hair extensions being the heaviest.

How I found Canada Hair

I stumbled upon Canada Hair while searching for clip in hair extensions on Google. I took the time to look at their website in detail and look for any reviews they might have received from other bloggers or YouTubers etc. I did find a few video reviews here and there but there weren’t too many of those and the ones that were there, they all seemed like honest reviews. On top of that, the company didn’t seem to be doing a lot in terms of social media advertisements and promotions. For instance, most of the popular Canadian bloggers and YouTubers had never spoken of Canada Hair. This led me to believe that at least one of the following two possibilities was true. One, Canada Hair doesn’t indulge in sponsoring online gurus such as bloggers and YouTubers to give positive Canada Hair reviews of their products. And two, they aren’t a big enough company which is why they might have slipped under the radar of these gurus who are always on the prowl for more and more brands and companies to give reviews for.

I had the preference that the company does not pay the YouTubers or bloggers or the other influencers for marketing or giving positive Canada Hair reviews of their products. I feel this is a big factor when it comes to determining the authenticity of the product reviews if there is no monetary incentive involved for the reviewer. It doesn’t look like Canada Hair sponsors YouTubers. However, keep in mind the company has very little online reviews, but the few reviews they have seem legit.

Looking at my list of preferences and requirements now, I can see why some might think that I was asking for a lot. It sure does sound like a long list. But I was more than happy to see that Canada Hair fulfilled all of these requirements.

So, it seemed that Canada Hair checked out in all respects and I was more than happy to proceed with reviewing their products. In fact, not only did the company satisfy all of my criteria, but there was also another factor which made Canada Hair the obvious choice for me. This was also the very first thing that caught my eye while on their website. I noticed just how affordable all the prices are. Contrary to almost every other hair extension website I had tried before, Canada Hair turned out to be the most affordable. And like I said before, I have tried quite a few such companies. The company also claimed to provide fast shipping with no duty fees. On top of that, they made the usual claim that their hair is of great quality. But of course, that’s what every company says. No one says on their website that they sell substandard products. Which is why I decided to try the products before forming an opinion. So, I placed my order and here’s my review!

Canada Hair Reviews

There are not many reviews online. Contrary to international retailers such as Bellami Hair, Luxy Hair, Foxy Locks, and other hair extensions shops, reviews were limited in number. This could be because their customers are exclusively from Canada and therefore there are fewer people to review Or maybe they aren’t that good in marketing?

I really don’t know the answer to be honest with you.

So this section will show you most of the reviews I found online about the company.

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

Canada Hair Reviews

You can read other Canada Hair reviews in this facebook post and also this facebook post.

Customer Service

The good

  • Quick and free shipping from Canada
  • No duty fees
  • Prices are in Canadian dollars
  • Helpful, friendly, and quick replies by email
  • Free returns

The bad

  • Doesn’t ship to USA/internationally
  • No customer service phone number

Canada Hair has the best return policy I saw on any websites yet: If you want to return your order, they will pay for your return fees. It’s the only company I know that does that. The clip in extensions I purchased came with a warning notice on the package reminding me how their return policy work. In short, don’t remove the extensions from the original package and contact them.

The clip in extensions (14 inches clip ins color 1b) I bought cost me $90. The hair extensions are great, soft and easy to apply. It’s a great deal, they are better than so many other hair extensions I had before. Bellami Hair extensions are still better in quality than Canada Hair, but way more expensive. Canada Hair was overall a better value.

The only thing that irks me a bit is that I didn’t know the brand of the extensions until I received my order. Nonetheless, the hair is amazing especially for the price paid.



The buying process was quite standard and straightforward. If you have any experience with online shopping, then navigating Canada Hair’s website should not be much different. As far as the website was concerned, it was quite nice. The pages were appealing and eye-catching. The images were plenty and of good quality so that you could clearly see what you were ordering. The product descriptions provided were quite well explained and thorough so that I was able to make a good decision about which product to purchase. Moreover, the website had the necessary certificates etc. so I could see that it was secure. This, I feel, is very important because during online shopping you have to provide information about your credit card and also your personal information. So, everyone should make sure that they only purchase stuff from secure websites. A quick way to see this is to look at the URL column on your browser. If it says ‘https’ before the website address, then it means the website is secure. But if it says ‘http’ or it is red, then it is not secure, and it is a good idea to not make any purchases there.

Once I had the product I needed, I simply added it to the cart, added my credit card details, contact details, and delivery address. Pretty standard stuff. Now, although I paid for my order using a credit card, this wasn’t the only available option. You can also pay using money order or PayPal and even Interac E-transfer. It says on their website that all transactions are secure and that the customer’s personal information would be kept safe. I know that this something that every company says, but I sure hope that this true as far as Canada Hair is concerned. Everything did look alright and secure as far as I could judge. Anyway, once the order had been placed, I received an email almost immediately which contained confirmation of my order and an order number .

Alright, I think I have talked enough about the outside of the package. So, now coming on to the contents of the package. What I received basically was the main package and a tester package. The tester package was attached to the main package so initially, they looked like one thing, but when you remove the first wrapping you see that they are two separate things.

The tester package is closed in the standard way using a button, but the main package has a security seal on it. Now, this is very important. I know it can be very tempting to just open the big compartment first, but it is a good idea to resist that temptation. This is because once you open the main package, the security seal will break. And when that happens, you will no longer be able to return the products. Therefore, make sure that you use the tester first and that you are satisfied with it before you open the main package.

This tester package basically just includes a single strand of hair. You can use this strand to check if the hair extensions you received will match your hair color without having to open the main package.


Now coming on to the delivery service. All order ship for free no matter the order amount. Canada Hair shipped my parcel using Canada Post XPRESS Post. I don’t know if this is a standard practice or they change the delivery service providers. However, one thing I do know is that as the customer you don’t get a say in which deliver service provider should deliver your product. That is something that Canada Hair manages. Although I have no complaints against a free Canada Post and have always had a positive experience with them, still it wouldn’t hurt to be given the freedom to choose the delivery service provider and pay for it.

As far as duty tax is concerned, Canada Hair clearly stated on their website that the shipping costs would be free of any additional duty fees, and that is exactly how it was. I didn’t have to pay any duty since I was in Canada. However, one thing that confused me was the fact that the company only ships within the country and not internationally. Not even the United States. So, mentioning the fact that there is no duty was a fairly redundant point since duty tax will only apply if they were shipping across the Canadian borders.

As I have already mentioned, Canada Hair does not deliver internationally. If you are located outside of Canada, then you might be in for some disappointment. They don’t ship to the USA or internationally. There isn’t much logic in that according to my personal opinion. This is very bad for business and no wonder is a small company. I believe they’d have a lot more success if they shipped internationally. Regardless, if you are a reader that isn’t located in Canada, don’t waste time reading my review. will not ship to you! This should have been mentioned clearly on their website. The only way to find out that they don’t ship to people outside of Canada is by reading their “shipping” page or by trying to complete your order and only when you reach the checkout page will you be informed that they only ship to Canada.

Last but certainly not the least, is probably one of the qualities that made me really happy that I chose Canada Hair as my first review. This was that you can request to have your order to be ‘rushed’. You might be thinking that that is a very standard practice, but Canada Hair offers this at no additional cost. I guess this means your order will ship before their other orders. That is a pretty great thing, in my opinion.

I don’t know about you, but I am a total meme person. I seem to have a relatable meme for just about every moment. So, I saw this one post, where a woman is standing at the window waiting impatiently for the delivery guy to deliver her parcel, the minute she gets the text message that her parcel was on the way.

So, yes, this was me as soon as I had placed my order, and thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long. I received the order in literally just one day. This makes sense considering that Canada Hair ships from Montreal and I live in Ottawa. I know many e-retailers that claim to ship locally, but they outsource the products from other places and I was happy to find out that Canada Hair wasn’t one of them. I mean I don’t know if that would be a bad thing per se, but I do strongly believe in integrity and honesty, and if a company claims to ship from within the country then that is what they should do. So, Canada Hair scored high in this regard.

So, yes, I received my package in just one day, and this was with free shipping. I don’t know how much faster it would have been if I had requested that my order is rushed. Maybe I will try that next time. Considering how there are no additional charges for getting the order rushed, then the feature sure is worth trying out.

Coming back to the part where I received the package. As already explained, the delivery was made by Canada Post XPRESS Post. I signed for the package.


Overall, provides great value. The hair extensions I purchased are amazing.

I’m still clueless as to why this company isn’t more popular than they currently are. The clip ins were good quality hair. The price was amazing. The customer service was good despite no phone numbers or physical locations. And they pay for your return fees if you wish to return your product.

Please give me a favor and leave your review about Canada Hair below. If you had a negative experience, I’d be really curious to read your review since I haven’t seen much negative reviews about Canada Hair. If you have pictures and videos you’d like to share, that would be amazing because I could update this page with your photos/videos! Reviews – Now it’s your turn!

Please, leave a review about Canada Hair below! It is important that we all participate in leaving reviews.