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In this review, I will be reviewing Cashmere Hair’s clip-in extensions. I purchased Cashmere Hair’s extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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Hi everyone! I’m back with yet another hair extensions review! For those of you who haven’t already been following me, I’m a professional hairdresser based in Canada. I’m also certified in installing hair extensions. I’ve fallen in love with hair extensions because of their versatility. They provide such a quick overnight solution to hair problems related to length and color. When I came across hair extensions, I immediately developed a passion for them and I knew I had to get myself certified in installing hair extensions. A few years down the line, I’ve tried and tested numerous international as well as local hair extension brands. My clients love hair extensions, which is why I want all of you out there to get the best hair extensions there are. I post detailed reviews of all the hair extensions that I purchase so that you can benefit from my reviews and get the hair extensions that suit you the most!

All of the reviews that I post are 100% genuine and there’s no monetary influence behind any of them. I’ve purchased all of the products that I’ve reviewed myself.

Today’s Review: Cashmere Hair’s Clip-in Hair Extensions

Today’s review is based on Cashmere Hair’s clip-in hair extensions. Surprisingly, I came to know about Cashmere Hair through a television show! I was watching a show called “Shark Tanks” which was featuring a hair extension company seeking investments. It caught my attention and I watched the whole show!

Well, of course, I had my eyes glued to the television after I found out that they were featuring a hair extension company because I’m very passionate about hair extensions and if I find any new company launching their extensions, I’d be the first in line to try them! I watched the show pretty enthusiastically.

The two founders of Cashmere Hair were on the television show and they seemed to be pretty passionate about hair extensions, which impressed me. I could relate to them because I’m passionate about hair extensions too. Furthermore, from what I could gather, they had amazing personalities. That’s when I decided that I would purchase their hair extensions even if no shark invested in them!

The two business ladies managed to impress me to the point that I made my decision of ordering their hair extensions. After all this time, I can really differentiate between someone who is actually talking about hair extensions passionately and someone’s who’s just doing it to market their products and the two entrepreneurs that I saw on the television show were definitely part of the former group.

They also revealed a lot of minute details about their products! Furthermore, they claimed that their hair quality was superior to that of the other brands out there. It didn’t seem like a marketing trick at all because of the way they were describing their products. I knew that it was time for me to test whether or not their description was accurate myself.

Moreover, watching a new brand come up in the market is always interesting and exciting because the greater the competition in the market, the more affordable and higher quality products you get.

Little did I know that Cashmere Hair would become my favorite hair extension brand. As someone who tried countless hair extensions brands, I can definitely say that Cashmere Hair is the best in terms of hair quality. This is really important because you will quickly notice that all retailers pretend to offer the best or a good hair quality. In fact, this is most of the time untrue. Most hair extensions retailers offer poor quality hair extensions. In order for extensions to be of good hair quality, the extensions need to be made of real 100% human hair (remy hair preferably) and the top to bottom thickness ratio must be reasonable. Cashmere Hair does a good job at providing excellent hair quality. This review is going to be about the clip ins I purchased from Cashmere Hair. For a more general review of the company, click here to read my first review about this company.

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Cashmere Hair: My Order

After I made up my mind and decided that I was going to purchase Cashmere Hair extensions, I visited their website and I was relieved to find out that they deliver to Canada since I’m based in Canada. I was eager to compare Cashmere Hair to the other hair brands that I’ve tested to check which hair extensions are better. Usually, the lighter shades that hair extension companies give are of poorer quality than the darker shades. This is because the lighter ones undergo extensive bleaching and treating processes so that the light color is obtained. This may damage the hair and make the hair quality poor. I’ve ordered both light and dark hair extensions in the past, and I’ve noticed that the lighter ones are usually of poorer quality.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to order a similar color to the one I had ordered with Luxy Hair because I really wanted to compare the hair quality of the two. Therefore, I opted to purchase the 20-inches # p2/10 bombshell brunettes clip-in hair extensions at $280 USD.

The reason I went for the 20-inches length was that I usually order hair extensions that are either 18 inches long or 20 inches long. Therefore, I wanted to order the same length I had used earlier so that I could make a fair and just comparison to the other brands.

I placed my order on their website and then eagerly waited for my package of joy to arrive!

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The Arrival of My Order

My order from Cashmere Hair finally arrived and I was ecstatic to open it. It’s always exciting to try a different brand! The package that I received was nice. It was the standard hair extension package design that many other companies use too, so there wasn’t really anything new or too impressive about the packaging when compared to other brands.

The package had two compartments: one of the compartments contained the tester weft of the clip-in hair extensions while the other compartment contained the remaining wefts of clip-in hair extensions.

I received 7 hair wefts of clip-in hair extensions, excluding the tester clip. Each weft is of a different width. This enables the clip-in hair extensions to be placed in different areas of your hair, allowing for a more even and natural hair distribution.

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You can check the details of the weft widths on their website online before purchasing them!

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Quality of the Hair Extensions

Like I mentioned earlier, I discovered Cashmere here through a television show which featured its owners who were seeking investments for the company. On the television show, the owners claimed that the hair quality offered by Cashmere Hair is superior to the hair quality offered by other brands.

For me, hearing that wasn’t a big deal because every hair extension company claims their product to be the best, even the ones with the absolute worst hair quality! After all, that’s how they market their product. Sometimes, the hair extension quality does turn out to be as good as they say it is, which is why I never lose hope.

However, I still had negative experiences with a few hair extensions retailers. For example, I was extremely disappointed by the hair quality that Bellami Hair offered me. Despite paying the premium price on Bellami Hair, I received the absolute worst quality hair extensions, followed by an experience with the worst customer service! Their website, however, claims that they provide high-quality hair extensions. Since then, I’ve stopped believing what I hear and I just need to test a product myself before believing anything I see or hear about it but I always have inner hope that the product will turn out to be of great quality. Do you know how they say that you should hope for the best but expect the worst? Well, that is kind of what I do now!

Especially when most reviews published online are blatantly FAKE. Unfortunately, almost all hair extensions websites I’ve encountered seemed to be engaged in sponsoring fake positive reviews online. For example, Bombay Hair have their employee pose as a “satisfied customer” in a YouTube review video. That employee pretending to be a happy customer of Bombay Hair happens to handle Bombay Hair’s marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Luxy Hair is relentless in sponsoring YouTubers. That’s why these YouTube girls all have a coupon for you. Because they MAKE MONEY IF YOU BUY LUXY HAIR. Not only this is dishonest, but it is also illegal to not disclose this information in the video! A worst experience is Hair Extension Sale, a literal scam company that takes your money and then ignore you and ship nothing. They just ship nothing. LOL I swear, that’s my only complaint about this company. They really just ship nothing and ignore all customers. What the FUCK LOL! You need PayPal cases and credit card disputes to either get your order or a refund. Yet, so many “reviews” are positive about this company online (especially on YouTube). My word of advice is this: don’t believe YouTube videos. Generally speaking, honest reviews about hair extensions brands and stores can be found on:

  1. Independent and honest review blogs like this one
  2. Facebook reviews
  3. Google Reviews
  4. Makeup Alley
  5. BBB

I became quite good at spotting fake reviews. One thing that I noticed is that Cashmere Hair is not sponsoring any fake reviews online. It’s pretty obvious for someone like me when YouTube reviews are fake. In the case of Cashmere Hair, the reviews seem to be honest.

I was pretty excited to open the package that I had received from Cashmere Hair, hoping their hair quality would match their words!

Hair Quality

After opening the package, the first thing I noticed was how soft and shiny their hair was. I took a big sigh of relief because I really wanted them to turn out great considering that the hair extensions were pretty expensive.

High prices don’t mean high quality. I learned this the hard way with Glam Seamless, which turned out to be the most expensive hair extensions I ever purchased in my entire life (and the quality was below average!)

On other occasions, some companies with really affordable prices such as Canada Hair turned out to provide excellent hair quality!

So far, I’m really satisfied with Cashmere Hair extensions. I’ll get to the pricing details too once I tell you about the quality offered.

The hair extensions seemed to be made of high-quality human remy hair, as promised. However, this was just their external appearance and the real test was yet to come.

You can judge hair quality by feeling and touching the hair to a certain extent, but you can’t really be sure of the hair quality until and unless you test your hair extensions with heat.

Therefore, I went ahead and tested the hair extensions by applying heat to them after installing them. I used a hot curling rod in order to curl the hair. Fortunately, the hair extensions handled the heat pretty well. I’ve had bad experiences with hair extensions earlier in this regard. Once, the extensions even melted and ruined my hair straightener!

Testing your hair extensions with heat is pretty important because the whole purpose of hair extensions is to make your hair look better and for that to happen, you might need to style your hair, especially if you have an event to attend. Therefore, all hair extensions should be able to handle heat well because that’s the only way you can style them!

For me, it was a relief that the hair extensions responded well to heat. This means that I could style them in the future as well without facing any trouble. Furthermore, not only did the hair extensions handle heat pretty well, but they also held well for a few hours even without hair spray! That was a big plus for me because I avoid using hair spray as much as possible.

I also tested the hair extensions with my flat iron. I set the temperature setting of my flat iron to 400 degrees, and I used a heat protector from Moroccan Oil. Once again, the hair extensions handled heat pretty well and I didn’t notice any weird or burning smell arising from them.

Real human remy hair responds to heat pretty well, and that’s how you can differentiate real hair from fake hair. The fake hair will eventually burn up or start to stink in a matter of seconds after you’ve applied heat to them.

Cashmere Hair claims that their hair quality is ultra-luxurious and that their hair extensions are made of 100% remy real human hair, and well, in my experience, they actually lived up to their claim. I was pretty impressed by their hair quality and the ability of the hair to handle high temperatures.

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The Clips

The clips of clip-in hair extensions determine how strong the clip-in hair extensions will hold to your hair. The quality and smoothness of the clips are very important in ensuring that the hair won’t just slip away.

Throughout my experience as a certified professional in installing hair extensions, I’ve come across many clips that were either too hard or too easy to open. Being too hard to open has the disadvantage that it takes a lot more effort to put on the hair extensions than it would otherwise. Furthermore, the clips might damage your natural hair this way.

On the other hand, clips that are too easy to open have no firm hold on your hair, which is why they usually start slipping away soon after you’ve installed the hair extensions. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you went to a wedding while wearing your clip-in hair extensions and the extensions just started slipping away!

I faced the problems above with hair extensions that I purchased from Bellami Hair. However, the good news here is that the clips of Cashmere Hair’s clip-in hair extensions were neither too hard nor too easy to open! The clips snapped open smoothly, making the installation process very easy for me.

seamless clip in extensions cashmere hair review-min
Not only this but the clips stayed on for a long time too without slipping away!

Once I installed the clip-in hair extensions, I didn’t feel any discomfort owing to the clips either. They were of the perfect size.

Furthermore, the clips had the silicone strips that I saw in the hair extensions of many other brands like Canada Hair, Bellami Hair, and Foxy Locks.

Hair Thickness

Hair thickness plays a great role in determining whether the hair extensions will blend in with the rest of your hair or look artificial.

If you have thick hair but the hair that is in the extensions is too thin, then the thin hair will become more prominent and will give a fake look.

Since I have thick hair, I was hoping to receive high-quality thick hair. To my satisfaction, I received exactly that! The hair thickness of the whole set was great and superb. The hair extensions blended well with my natural hair, making it hard to differentiate between my natural hair and the hair on the extensions. There was no weird separation line because of this and my hair looked completely natural and gorgeous with the extensions.

Therefore, when it comes to the hair thickness, I was pretty satisfied by the clip-in hair extensions that Cashmere Hair had to offer.

Hair Color

The clip-in hair extensions that I ordered were the p#2/10 bombshell brunettes. This color is a highlighted color. The base color in this is the #2 shade, which is a dark rich brown shade and the highlighted color is the #10 shade, which is the dark ashy blonde shade.

Ordering highlighted hair extensions is a bit risky at times because it’s very common for companies to screw up hair dyes.

However, the package I received from Cashmere Hair was pretty impressive in terms of the hair color. The hair dye was pretty well done and I did not see any weird orange or white hair strands as I did with Luxy Hair.

Often, the color shown in pictures can be very different from the color that you actually receive and on inquiring, they say that the color must have appeared slightly different because of different laptop/smartphone screen display settings. However, I didn’t face any such problems with Cashmere Hair and I received the exact color that I had ordered!

The installation process

Installing the clip-in hair extensions was very easy. As I mentioned earlier, the clips of the extensions snapped open smoothly and weren’t too hard or too easy to open, making the installation process quick and smooth.

Sometimes, however, you may note that the hair extensions don’t really blend well after you’ve installed them. In that case, you might need to custom cut the extensions so that they blend well with your natural hair and give a natural overall look. These hair extensions are easy to cut if you need to go through that process. Don’t risk cutting them at home, though. Just wear the hair extensions and then go to a hairdresser who knows how to cut hair extensions.

After all, you’ve paid so much for the hair extensions so you need to make sure your money doesn’t go to waste, which can happen if you cut the hair extensions too short!

You might think that since I’m a certified professional in installing hair extensions, it would be easy for me to install even the hardest hair extensions. However, the good news for you is that even you can install these hair extensions! That’s right, installing clip-in hair extensions is pretty easy and even you can do it!

There are many YouTube videos online that can also help you learn how to install clip-in hair extensions!


Now that you’re aware of the quality of products offered by Cashmere Hair, let’s come to the affordability of the products.

The hair extensions that I purchased cost me a whopping 270 USD. As far as the price goes, these were very expensive hair extensions.

However, I believe that considering the high quality of the hair extensions offered by Cashmere Hair, the price was worth it. The problem would be to pay a premium price and in return receive poor hair quality. But I can assure you that you won’t experience this with Cashmere Hair. The clip ins provided by this company were of excellent hair quality, way above industry average.

My advice is that if you plan on using these hair extensions on a regular basis, you should definitely invest in Cashmere Hair because these hair extensions will last you much longer than the cheaper variants out there. Cashmere Hair claims to provide ultra-luxurious high-quality hair extensions made of 100% real human remy hair, so the money is worth it.

Therefore, at the end of the day, keeping everything in mind, Cashmere Hair has a satisfactory value for money, but not everybody can afford it.

Cashmere Hair: After a Few Weeks

A huge factor in determining which hair extensions to buy is the time period that the hair extensions last. I’ve used these clip-in hair extensions by Cashmere hair many times now, and I haven’t experienced any heavy hair shedding.

It’s normal for some of the hair to shed, but if the shedding is too severe or heavy, then your extensions aren’t of very high quality and won’t last long.
Furthermore, washing hair extensions often fade their appearance and they often lose their shine in the process. However, I’ve washed these clip-in hair extensions by Cashmere Hair about four times now, and they still look brand new to me.

They always come back to their original state after being washed every time, without becoming frizzy or losing their shine. However, I still suggest that you use high-quality hydrating products on your hair extensions in order to make sure that they last a long time!


Cashmere Hair provides high-quality hair extensions. The hair color, hair quality, clip quality, hair thickness, and length were all on point. Moreover, the hair extensions also lasted pretty long and didn’t just slip away.

After washing the hair extensions a few times, the hair still retained the original shine and softness. The only drawback is that the hair extensions are expensive, but if you consider that they’ll last a long time, they’re definitely worth the investment.

All-in-all, I had a great experience with Cashmere Hair and I highly recommend that you purchase hair extensions from them, especially if you’re going to use them regularly!

This was my opinion on Cashmere Hair’s clip-in hair extensions. Have you ever tried any of Cashmere Hair’s products? If so, please let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your experience because your experience could help somebody out.

Wherever possible, please try to add images too with your reviews in order to give a better and clearer description! Thank you!