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In this review, I will be reviewing Cashmere Hair. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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Hair extensions are one of my favorite indulgences. As a hairdresser and hair extension technician, I also have a lot of experience with hair extensions. On top of this, I have also used hair extensions personally too. So, I can say with confidence that I know good quality hair extensions when I see one. This is why I am often on the prowl for the next best hair extension retailer. For this purpose, I have reviewed several hair extension vendors all over the world in an unbiased and objective way without any monetary incentive.

This is important, because most of the online reviews are fake. It’s not rare to see YouTubers promote companies that paid them. The worst is that they don’t even disclose this information in their video, which is actually ILLEGAL. It’s pretty obvious these reviews are fake, since the YouTuber always happen to have an “exclusive” coupon! And that coupon has their name in it. Someone in the hair extension company had to create the coupon right? This is called affiliate marketing. In short, the YouTuber pushing you into buying products from a specific company has a financial gain whenever you do so. So they pretend to “review” the product in an unbiased way. These YouTubers are liars. Generally speaking, big YouTubers don’t do this. And if they do, they disclose this information in the video. I noticed most of the liars on YouTube are the small channels.

I was surprised to see how many YouTubers were promoting the scam company Hair Extension Sale. You read this right, Hair Extension Sale is literally a scam, yet so many small YouTube channels are promoting them!!!

This brings me to Cashmere Hair. Does Cashmere Hair sponsor YouTube videos? Actually they don’t. I noticed this when I was browsing hair extensions videos on YouTube and noticed that the people reviewing Cashmere Hair on YouTube didn’t have any coupons. The reviews also seemed to be very honest. For someone like me, it’s pretty obvious when the review is fake. In the case of Cashmere Hair, all reviews seemed to be honest. It doesn’t look like the company is sponsoring YouTube videos.

The surprising thing about Cashmere Hair is that I already heard of this company a long time ago. The company had appeared on the popular TV show ‘Shark Tanks’. Now, before you go raising your eyebrows or wondering how Shark Tanks and hair extensions go together, well let me tell you that I share your confusion too. But one thing is for sure. Despite the questionable pairing of investors and hair extensions, Cashmere Hair did a great job of portraying their products and company well in the show. Needless to say, none of the sharks invested in the company neither were they sporting hair extensions, but it was still a good form of marketing.

In this review, I’ll be reviewing Cashmere Hair in general in terms of customer service, pricing, shipping, etc. If you wish to read a detailed review about the hair quality used in Cashmere Hair clip-ins, click here. It is important to note that I’m not sponsored by any hair extension company. All extensions are purchased with my own money and I review all companies/brands in an honest and unbiased way.

About Cashmere Hair

Cashmere Hair is a US-based hair extension, an online retailer. They first made their appearance on the popular TV show Shark Tanks. They went on to become one of the biggest names in the world of hair extensions. Since 2013, they have sold hair extensions to many customers and claim to have consistently delivered top quality hair extensions, which makes them a highly attractive option for anyone looking to purchase hair extensions, despite the fact their hair extensions are quite expensive.

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In terms of product range, Cashmere Hair only offers clip in hair extensions. However, they claim that their clip in hair extensions are the best ones you will find anywhere. Since I am personally a fan and an advocate of the clip in extensions, I did not have a problem with the fact that the company doesn’t offer other types of hair extensions too. I particularly like the fact that anyone can use the clip ins themselves without having to go to a hair extension technician. Moreover, you can also remove or reinstall them whenever you want. The good part is that Cashmere Hair offers a wide range of shades, lengths, and thicknesses of the clip in hair extensions so that you can easily find the one you need.

Cashmere Hair online reviews

Although I usually do research any hair extensions company before placing an order by looking at the online reviews, I didn’t do so with Cashmere Hair. Somehow the way the company had depicted their hair extensions in the show really ignited my curiosity to experience their products. Contrary to Luxy Hair, Cashmere Hair wasn’t sponsoring fake YouTube reviews. So I came to the conclusion that I can simply bypass the search for the online reviews and instead went straight to the website to place my order.

My purchase

Over the past decade or so since I have been using hair extensions, I have tried many different shades of hair extensions. My most common purchase is the brown hair extensions. Since I have bought brown hair extensions from just about every major hair extension company out there, this is why I decided to purchase the same shade from Cashmere Hair too so that I could compare the shades from different companies.

So, in short, I purchased brown hair extensions with a length of 20 inches. These extensions cost me 270 USD. This is by far the most expensive hair extensions I have ever bought. But since Cashmere Hair heavily advertised that their hair quality is ultra-luxurious and made of 100% remy and real human hair, this is why I decided to make a purchase from Cashmere Hair.

Pricing and affordability

All of the products offered by Cashmere Hair are quite pricey. In fact, the hair extensions I bought from Cashmere are probably the most expensive set of hair extensions I have ever bought.

However, the hair company claims to offer a very high quality of hair and perfectly crafted hair extensions. If that is the case, then I believe the higher price tag is justified. But of course, every hair company claims to offer top quality hair, so I couldn’t just accept this claim without experiencing it myself. Which is why, even though a set of 20-inch long hair extensions cost me $270 as well as shipping fees, I still went ahead with the purchase.

If the quality is really remy hair, then the price is okay. The problem in this industry is that everybody claims their extensions are remy hair, but that isn’t always true. Remy hair is a hair quality meaning the cuticles point in one direction. It’s a good hair quality because the extensions won’t have too much knots and won’t tangle too much. Some retailers such as Bombay Hair claim to sell virgin hair, but this isn’t true. Their hair quality wasn’t great. Clip Hair is a worst culprit claiming that their quality is remy hair, which isn’t true at all (that doesn’t surprise me taking into account the company run a website called but they don’t even ship from Canada!).

Another company in which I had high hope was Glam Seamless. Their hair quality is supposedly good according to the company, but to my surprise it was really bad. Glam Seamless was the most overpriced extensions of all time. Bellami Hair is really famous, and I honestly don’t know why. Bellami Hair quality wasn’t that great for the price I paid! So far, my favorite hair extension company in the US are Luxy Hair for their average quality of clip-ins sold at an average price, and Irresistible Me for their good quality hair extensions.

However, today I must say that Cashmere Hair is my favorite US retailer. They are by far the best hair extension brand. Yes, the price is expensive. Much more than their competitors. But you actually get what you pay for, and that is REALLY high quality hair. This is why we’re now featuring Cashmere Hair as the best place to buy hair extensions in the US. If you can afford it, go for it! But keep in mind the extensions offered by Cashmere Hair aren’t meant for everybody since they’re expensive. If you’re looking for something more affordable, Luxy Hair is okay. But if you’re looking for high quality extensions, then I definitely recommend Cashmere Hair. In this review, I’m reviewing the company in general. If you wish to read more about my experience wearing Cashmere Hair clip-ins and my thoughts about their hair extensions, please click here.

The Website and Buying Process

Cashmere Hair has a great website. Unlike Foxy Locks, Cashmere Hair’s website has a simple design and is easy to use. You can easily navigate through it to find the product or information you want. The products have plenty of high-quality pictures and great descriptions so that you always know what you are purchasing.

Moreover, their buying process is pretty straightforward too. Just find the product you need, add it to your cart and checkout. After this, all that is left is to wait for your package to be delivered!
I placed my order on Cashmere Hair and I received a confirmatory email almost immediately. The email contained all the details of my order including the product details, price, expected time of arrival, and a tracking number. So far, I was happy with the efficiency with which my order had been confirmed. But of course, this is a common practice. Most e-retailers send a confirmatory email almost immediately after receiving the order… except for the scam company Hair Extension Sale.

Apparently, though, Cashmere Hair isn’t efficient only at the time of confirming an order. They also processed and delivered my order really fast. My order was shipped out to me on the very next day after I had placed my order! That’s pretty amazing. And I received my parcel shortly after that. So far so good. I should mention here that Cashmere Hair took an exceptionally short time to deliver my order even though they are a US based company and were shipping to Canada. In fact, the shipping time with Cashmere Hair was shorter than the time some of the Canadian companies such as Bombay Hair took to deliver my order.

During the checkout process, I had been informed that I would also need to pay additional shipping fees amounting to 35 USD. This is by far the most I have ever paid for shipping. In terms of shipping fees, Cashmere Hair is the company that charges the most if you’re in Canada. I don’t know how much they charge if you are in the US. I find it quite disappointing that they don’t offer free shipping when you have already paid so much for the hair extensions. I was glad though that the company didn’t charge me any additional duty fees too. I was half expecting that since Cashmere Hair was shipping out the products from the US, whereas I am based in Canada. Regardless, the company is transparent in their pricing. As a Canadian, I’m regularly bombarded with advertisements from US retailers who are soliciting Canadians into buying from them… without informing you of all possible fees you may incur (duty fees, currency conversions, etc.).

As far as the packaging is concerned, nothing special there. It is a simple and minimalist designed packaging. It is a user-friendly package though. It is transparent, so you can see the color of the hair extensions without opening the package. It wasn’t the best package, but that doesn’t matter.
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Finally, Cashmere Hair has a generous return policy. You can get your order exchanged or returned within 60 days. This time period is quite generous. However, do keep in mind that Cashmere Hair will not pay for the shipping charges for returning the product. This is the case with most companies. In fact, so far, I have only seen Canada Hair that pays for the return fees too. That, I think, is great customer service.

I didn’t have any complaints with my order, so I can’t say how would Cashmere Hair’s customer service department respond to that. However, I feel that they would have a good customer service judging from how fast they confirmed and processed my order. Moreover, the company also offers phone customer support, which I believe is really important. Unfortunately, many hair companies such as Canada Hair and Luxy Hair don’t offer phone support for their customers.

Hair Quality

I decided to buy clip in hair extensions for my personal use from Cashmere Hair. I had noticed that Cashmere hair heavily advertises the fact that their hair extensions are made using high quality of hair. This is very important because there are many hair qualities out there. Although all of the hair extension companies claim to offer high-quality hair, this isn’t always the case.

Cashmere Hair vs Luxy Hair vs Bellami Hair

As noted earlier, all hair extensions companies pretend to have the best hair quality (or at least a really good hair quality). Two examples of this are Bellami Hair and Luxy Hair. Both of these companies are big names in the hair extensions industry, but I was rather disappointed with the quality of the hair extensions I received from Bellami Hair, and the quality used in Luxy Hair clip-ins was pretty much average.

With Bellami Hair, despite paying a premium price, I was extremely underwhelmed with the hair quality and their customer service. And as far as Luxy Hair is concerned, their hair quality had seemed promising when I read all the online reviews out there, but I was really unimpressed with the botched hair color.

Cashmere Hair clip-ins quality

So, needless to say, I was quite skeptical about Cashmere Hair’s huge claims of selling ultra-luxurious hair extensions. However, upon receiving my order from the company, I was pleasantly surprised by the hair quality. In all honesty, this was indeed the best hair quality I’ve ever seen on hair extensions!

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If you ask me, this makes the extensions really worth the price. Quite often, people mistakenly believe that just because some hair extensions have a heftier price tag, they would be of superior quality. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, Glam Seamless are really expensive but their hair quality wasn’t that great. On the other hand, Canada Hair is really affordable, yet they offer excellent hair quality

Cashmere Hair is an exception though. Even though their hair extensions cost significantly more than the average set of hair extensions from other vendors, their quality really is proportional to the price too. As of now, Cashmere Hair provides the best hair quality I have ever tested. Compared with their competitors, they are infinitely better. If you’re wondering whether to purchase from Cashmere Hair or any other company such as Bellami Hair or Luxy Hair, then, to be honest, there really is no competition at all. Cashmere Hair is better.

Cashmere Hair’s clip-ins were really great because the clips are well stitched in the extensions, are small and comfortable, and when they are installed, they didn’t slip at all.

In fact, when I tried them on, I didn’t even have to tease my hair or add any hair spray to make the clips hold better.

The top to bottom thickness ratio of the hair extensions was excellent as well, contrary to Luxy Hair whose hair extensions tend to get thinner at the bottom as compared to the top.

In terms of texture too, the hair extensions from Cashmere Hair performed really well. They were silky, soft, and blended really well with my hair. It didn’t feel cheap or like fake or synthetic hair. I even washed the hair multiple times and they always returned to their original state without becoming frizzy or losing their shine.

In terms of the hair color too, the hair dye was done perfectly. I didn’t see any orange or white strands throughout the hair. Just the perfect brown shade that I had ordered.


In short, if you have the budget and you’re looking for the best quality of hair extensions available, then you can’t really get much better than Cashmere Hair.

If you would like to read more about the hair quality of the extensions from Cashmere Hair, then please click here.

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Final Verdict

I had a great experience with Cashmere Hair. True, they were quite costly, but they obviously offer a really high hair quality. In short, if you have the budget and are on the lookout for some of the best quality of hair extensions, then Cashmere Hair is the best solution available.

Here was my review of Cashmere here. I personally don’t really have any complaints. But what about you? Did you purchase any hair extensions from Cashmere Hair? If yes, then please do share your experience and reviews below. I would love to read your comments.