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ClipHair micro-beads extensions Reviews

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In this review, I will be reviewing ClipHair. I purchased ClipHair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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About ClipHair

I regularly post reviews about different hair companies and their products. This time I am reviewing the hair company Clip Hair. In particular, I will be talking about my experience with their Micro Loop extensions. I have talked in general about the company too in my general review of the company. If you want to read that then just click here.

To give you a quick recap, ClipHair is a hair company which is located in the UK. Normally, I won’t purchase from a vendor based on a different continent, but I was misled by their Canadian website.

They have different versions of their website, one of which was

This is where I placed my order. Seeing the word ‘Canada’ in the name, I wrongfully believed that they had a presence in the country too.

Does that mean they ship products to Canadian customers from Canada? No, they don’t. They ship only from the UK.

This wasn’t clarified anywhere on their website or mentioned to me during the checkout process. I wasn’t even informed that I would have to pay a duty fee on the parcel since it was being delivered from a different country. That was extremely dishonest and misleading because now I have to wait a long time before receiving my order and on top of that I will also have to pay duty fees. The whole time, I thought I was encouraging and supporting a Canadian company, but that was not the case.

My experience with ClipHair did not have a good start at all because of this. If you wish to read more about my experience shopping on Clip Hair, click here. But if you prefer to know more about the quality of their hair extensions, then please keep on reading.

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My Purchases from ClipHair

From, I got myself a set of micro loop hair extensions in the length of 18 inches.

In case you don’t know, this type of hair extension is installed without using glue. I had a customer who used to have pre-bonded hair extensions for many years and it damaged her hair.

As far as the color is concerned, I purchased micro loop extensions in shade #1b. When I received my product, the color was just as advertised and was really nice and well done. I have nothing bad to say about that.

I found ClipHair to be a very affordable choice for hair extensions. They offered a good variety and all of them were priced economically. Of course, there are cheaper options such as Ali Express, but I am quite skeptical about the quality of those.

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My Experience with the Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Overall, I must say I wasn’t really impressed with the micro loop extensions I received from ClipHair. There were multiple reasons for this.

Let’s start with the fact that they claim that the hair used in their extensions is remy human hair. This is not remy hair.

Remy hair means the hair wasn’t altered in any way and all of the hair cuticles point in one direction. In other words, remy hair is of a better quality and is more natural looking.

ClipHair mentioned many times in the product description that the extensions are made of remy hair, and this isn’t true! Their hair extensions are not remy hair.

Hair Distribution and Thickness

When it comes to hair extensions, one of the most important aspects is the hair distribution and thickness. If they are not distributed evenly or there isn’t a good top to bottom ratio, then your hair ends up looking unnatural and disproportionate.

When it comes to ClipHair micro-loop extensions, the extensions didn’t have a uniform thickness. They were thinner at the bottom than at the top. The top to bottom thickness ratio wasn’t good at all.

This is a common practice some hair extensions brands do. In short, they sell you 18 inches hair extensions, but it’s blended with 14 inches and 16 inches. So, although the product is described as being 18 inches, maybe only 50% of the actual hair is 18 inches. The rest are shorter in length. This means that when you install them on your head, your hair looks thicker on top and thins down considerably as you go along the lengths. I, personally, feel that does not look very natural or flattering. To show you the uneven hair thickness distribution, I braided my ClipHair extensions. In the picture attached below, you can easily see the difference in the thickness of the braid as you look from top to bottom.

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Quality of the Beads

There is nothing more embarrassing than having your hair extensions fall out of your head in a public place. This is why it is important that regardless of the type of hair extensions used, the grip and hold is good and that the hair extensions remain in their place.

When it came to ClipHair’s micro loop extensions, the beads used on the extensions were okay. But the beads don’t have a layer of silicon on the inside. This means they don’t have such a good grip, so they will slip and fall easily.

And this is exactly what happened with my customer. ClipHair micro beads extensions kept falling because there was no silicone inside the bead. It is the silicone coating which gives the beads their sturdy hold. Without that, it was no surprise that they kept falling out. ClipHair lost some major points because of this.

Flat Iron Heat Test

The most important test anyone using hair extensions needs to use is a flat iron heat test. This lets you figure out how the hair extensions will hold up when subjected to heat.

As most hair styling tools use heat, it is important for hair extension to perform well on this test.

For this, I used a hair straightener on the extensions with the max temperature. The extensions did not melt too much. In contrast, when I used the same test on the hair extensions from Luxy Hair and Bellami Hair, who sells their extensions way more expensive than ClipHair, the extensions kept melting non-stop. It was really annoying.

However, I must say that the hair was burning a little bit. On some strands, it burnt so much that it left a funny odor and even got stuck on the blades of my hair straightener. I had to use coconut oil afterward to clean up the blades and remove the burnt hair from it.

But as I mentioned, it wasn’t that much. I was definitely expecting a lot worse taking into account the low price I paid for these extensions! It was definitely bearable and not a deal-breaker if you’re considering to buy extensions from ClipHair. reviews cliphair reviews customer hair extensions

Hair Texture and Quality

At first glance, the hair extensions from ClipHair were of good quality. The hair looked shiny and soft to the touch.

The color was exactly as advertised, and the dye was good ensuring a consistent coloring. It was nice and even.

The hair was of good quality and was certainly real human hair. However, it wasn’t remy hair as claimed by the company.

Upon usage, I noticed that the hair extensions did not tangle that much. As long as you brush them thoroughly at least once a day, they remained more or less tangle free. This was a good thing because I have seen many people have this complaint about their hair extensions from various vendors tangling too easily and frequently.

Another problem I had with the hair extensions from Clip Hair was that they seem to shed a lot. This means they won’t last you for too long.

This combined with a poor top to the bottom ratio of the hair means that these hair extensions really aren’t a sustainable option. I feel hair extensions should at least last you for a few months.

Customer Support

ClipHair scores big in terms of customer support.

Contrary to Canada Hair that doesn’t have a phone number, Clip Hair did. This is absolutely crucial in today’s age.

On top of that, ClipHair is also very helpful while answering customer’s complaints on various platforms. If you have a complaint about their hair extensions, they will not ignore you. Instead, they seem to be very responsive and attentive to customers’ questions and complaints.

Some companies like Bombay Hair don’t answer negative reviews and other companies ignore you, but ClipHair answered to each single negative review.

ClipHair Extensions Reviews

Like with every other hair company I write a review for, I searched for the online reviews available for ClipHair.

I found a mixture of positive and negative reviews online, but it was mostly positive.

I’ve ignored all the YouTube video “reviews”, since they are most likely all sponsored by the company. You’ll see this a lot, where companies sponsor YouTubers into giving positive “reviews”. On one occasion, I caught Bombay Hair’s employee posting a fake customer’s testimonial video where it would of course endorse the company.

It seems ClipHair sponsor YouTube videos. So remember to always ignore such reviews, especially when you see coupons in the video’s description.

One thing that is good from ClipHair is that they don’t seem to be filtering out the bad reviews. It seems that ClipHair is transparent in that regard.

I looked at their TrustPilot and SiteJabber page, and there were lot of good reviews. Some reviews were bad, but the overall score was positive. A huge contrast with Bellami Hair bad reviews. reviews cliphair canada reviews

Just a reminder, this review is also completely unbiased and honest. I purchased the products and the review isn’t sponsored by the company. The only motivation behind writing this review is sharing my passion for hair extensions and helping my readers make better decisions about which company to purchase their desired products from.

Which one is better: ClipHair or Canada Hair?

You’ve probably stumbled upon, since they share a similar name. But make no mistake: Canada Hair is far more superior than for many reasons.

First of all, Canada Hair is a real Canadian company that ships from Canada. But doesn’t ship from Canada, they ship from the UK. So why do they include the word “Canada” in their website name? They do this despite knowing that their customers will have to wait long delivery times and may be charged a duty fee. Not to mention that most of us Canadians prefer to encourage Canadian companies, and not foreign ones!

Secondly, Canada Hair definitely offers better hair extensions. I’ve tried both websites and the hair quality offered by Canada Hair was much better.

Thirdly, Canada Hair shipping is quick. So far, I’ve had nothing but great experience with Canada Hair and would totally recommend them over ClipHair.

Final Verdict on Clip Hair

Overall, I did not really have a good experience with ClipHair because of the misleading name in their Canadian website:

They weren’t the worst, but they weren’t the best either.

The hair quality was average, but the price really good.

You can definitely find better hair quality, but at a higher price.

So, the big question is, should you buy hair extensions from ClipHair? Well, I would say no if you live in Canada or in the USA since there are better alternatives. You can definitely find better.

But if you’re from the UK, buying hair extensions from ClipHair can be a good idea, since they are a lot cheaper than their UK competitors.

This was my opinion on ClipHair, but I would also like to know what you thought of the company if you have also purchased any products from them. If so, please do leave your review below.