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In this review, I will be reviewing ClipHair. I purchased ClipHair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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I am an experienced hairdresser based in Ottawa, Canada. I am on a mission to review and inform my readers about the different hair extension companies available and what to expect when purchasing any hair extensions from these companies. Over the past ten years or more, I have been a regular user of hair extensions and as such, I believe myself to be quite an expert on the subject. I really enjoy trying out different companies and comparing them with the other hair companies available. I strongly believe in providing completely unbiased and honest reviews.

This is why I always purchase the products I review with my own money and don’t rely on sponsorship or affiliate programs offered by the hair companies.

Unfortunately, many people accept to “review” products in exchange of financial compensation. This is wrong. You can’t trust a review if it’s being sponsored by the company.

YouTube reviews are the WORST. They’re almost all sponsored by hair extensions company. Pretty obvious when the YouTuber is giving you promotional coupon codes that can be redeemed on the hair extension’s website in question.

Even worse, is when sometimes those “customers” reviews are posted by actual employees of the hair extension company. That’s what Bombay Hair did, one of their employees posted a customer testimonial video. Nowhere in the video are there any mentions that the reviewer is an actual employee. Instead, the video claims that the video is not sponsored, yet she gives you an exclusive coupon code you can redeem on Bombay Hair.

As a good rule of thumb, the most credible reviews online can be found at:

  • Google places reviews
  • Facebook reviews
  • Trust Pilot
  • BBB
  • Independent review websites like this one

What the readers need is something they can trust. I don’t shy away from mentioning both the good and the bad parts of any company, as you will see in this review and can also experience in my previous reviews of various hair companies and their products. The company I choose to review today is ClipHair. Read on to find out more about this company. This is just my general review of the company. However, if you want to read in detail about my experience with their product then you can click here for the product review.


About ClipHair

ClipHair is a UK based hair extension company. Normally, I prefer shopping from hair companies located in Canada. This is because when purchasing from a local company, the shipping doesn’t take as long, and you don’t have to pay any additional duty taxes,

However, the reason I decided to give ClipHair a try is because their website is named 

The word Canada in led me to believe that the company is Canadian, or at least would ship from Canada.

With this assumption in mind, I placed my order for micro loop hair extensions.

But it was only after my order had been confirmed that I received the notification that my order had been shipped from the UK!

This is misleading and I wasn’t happy at all.

I’m not the only one pissed off by this dishonest practice. I’ve seen a comment on their Facebook page that mentioned the same thing. This comment is no longer visible on their Facebook page so I cannot show you a screenshot.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t pleased with this notification and I immediately had buyer’s remorse. I instantly regretted having purchased anything from ClipHair. Now I had to put up with an extremely long shipping time as the products had to be shipped from a different continent, and also had to pay additional duty fees.

If you are a UK based consumer, then this should not be a problem for you. However, those who are based outside of the UK, especially those Canadians who have been misled into believing that ClipHair Canada is a Canadian branch of the hair company, I would advise against purchasing from ClipHair if you don’t want to go through the hassle of ordering from an international vendor. In contrast, ClipHair’s competitor Canada Hair really is a Canadian company which operates out of Montreal and ship from there too.

It is unfortunate that I had to start my review of ClipHair like this, however, as I mentioned before, I believe in sharing my experience as it is without worrying about how it reflects on the company. And this is what m experience with Clip Hair was. We really didn’t start off on a good note. Having the Canadian flag on their website, listing prices in Canadian, advertising to Canadians, and using CANADA in their website name were all shady tactics employed by ClipHair to make you believe you are buying Canadian. I was tricked into thinking that ClipHair is a Canadian company that operate & ships from Canada. Very disappointed!!

The good parts

Although I had a rocky start with ClipHair, this doesn’t mean that everything has to be bad about them. There were a few pros of buying from ClipHair too. I have discussed these good parts in detail below.

Affordable Hair Extensions

First of all, let’s talk about pricing. I found the hair extensions from ClipHair to be really affordable.

They aren’t expensive at all. You can get hair extensions that use human hair for a fraction of the price you would have to pay elsewhere. This was a very big pro in my opinion. Of course, because of the additional duty fee that I expected to pay, this affordability factor was tainted a lot. Regardless, I can safely say that the other hair extension companies generally charge a lot more for hair extensions than Clip Hair.

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A Decent Range of Products

When it comes to product range and variety, ClipHair has an extensive variety. They have a lot of different types of hair extensions. You can not only choose among the different types such as clip in or tape in extensions, but you also get a choice of straight haired or curly haired extensions. This really was a big deal for me as I feel that finding curly haired extensions sure is a hard task. The company also had a good range of available shades and colors in their hair extensions. Not only do they have common shades like black, blonde, and brown; they also have some of the shades that are not so common and are usually hard to find. All in all, you have a good chance of finding just the hair extensions you needed at Clip Hair’s website.

Hair Quality

Now let’s talk about the hair quality of the hair extensions from Clip Hair. Generally speaking, I was sort of happy in this department. The hair used was genuinely human hair. I have seen quite a few hair companies which claim to offer real human hair extensions but actually just sell a cheap blend of human hair and synthetic hair.

With low prices like these, you can easily expect to get the worst hair extensions ever. But this was not the case with ClipHair.  The hair extensions were actually of satisfactory hair quality.

However, the hair wasn’t remy hair as was described on their website.

The extensions I got were definitely not Remy Hair!

Apart from that, I noticed that the hair thickness distribution wasn’t up to the mark. It was thicker on the top and thinner at the bottom.  On top of this, the microbeads on the hair extensions weren’t as strong as I would like them to be. They kept slipping out. I think this was basically because of the lack of a silicone coating inside the rings. Additionally, the hair did not tangle too much as long as you brush them well at least once a day.

The product I purchased was micro-loop hair extensions and I conducted some tests on it to ascertain the hair quality. You can read more about the tests and the way ClipHair’s extensions performed in my product review by clicking here.


cliphair reviews micro loop extensions reviews micro loop hair extensions

ClipHair’s top-to-bottom thickness ratio wasn’t good: 

Testing Clip Hair extensions with hair straightener: 

Ability to Pay by PayPal

As far as payment options are concerned, Clip Hair also accepts payments via PayPal, apart from the standard payment option of credit cards. I feel this is one option that is a must in today’s age. Whenever you wish to buy hair extensions online, or really any other products, always make sure first that they accept PayPal payments. This option provides you with a lot of security from frauds or scams as you can open disputes in case the seller makes a mistake in your order or literally rips you off!

Customer Support

Finally, they also offer a good system of customer support. I feel strongly about customer support and I find that many e-commerce companies often lack in this department. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with Clip Hair. They had a good customer support system. Apart from the usual email support option, ClipHair also offers customer service through phone support and that is a big plus. I feel that’s important. Many other hair companies such as Luxy Hair don’t even have an option for phone support. But ClipHair did and that is excellent. I feel this is a necessity for ensuring customer’s queries and issues are resolved effectively and efficiently.

ClipHair Reviews

As for ClipHair reviews, overall the company seems to be getting positive feedback from customers. I’d assume most these positive reviews were from UK residents, since I can’t see how someone residing in Canada can be satisfied from buying extensions from them!

Additionally, there were lot of YouTube videos reviewing ClipHair that looks like they were sponsored by the company. It’s pretty easy to know when the video description has promotional coupons.

However, on platforms where it’s hard to control reviews, ClipHair had great reviews. For example, SiteJabber and TrustPilot ratings were really good.

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Overall, the reviews were great. Obviously, you will find negative reviews as well. Those negative reviews weren’t that concerning to me. Most of these negative reviews are problems you will find with any other hair extension store. My personal experience with ClipHair is that the hair quality was average.

For the price you’re paying, you’re getting overall a good value. I’d say it’s the same hair quality offered by Bombay Hair, but cheaper.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that paying high price mean getting good quality hair. Glam Seamless were the most overpriced tape-in extensions I ever purchased and they weren’t that good (and customer service wasn’t good neither since I was charged with 50% duty fees and they list their prices in USD despite advertising to Canadians!)

My Purchases

I am generally a fan of the clip in hair extensions but this time I decided to try something different and so I purchased Micro-loop hair extensions. The hair extensions length was 18 inches and I have reviewed them in detail. So, if you wish to learn more about the hair quality offered by Clip Hair, click here. I will be reviewing the quality of the hair and whether it passes my flat iron test or not. I will regularly update the page follow-up on the extensions.

clip hair canada reviews extensions

ClipHair vs Canada Hair

Honestly, I see no comparisons between ClipHair and Canada Hair.

Canada Hair is by far much better. 

Canada Hair is a real Canadian company that ships  from Canada. Whereas ClipHair isn’t a Canadian company and doesn’t even ship from Canada, despite misleading its users into believe they are by using the word “Canada” in their website name

Canada Hair prices are cheaper than ClipHair, and you get a lot more value for your money. Canada Hair quality was excellent and far more superior to ClipHair.

Final Verdict on ClipHair

Overall, I feel that Clip Hair offers a good value for your money, but there are definitely superior alternatives.

I don’t believe in encouraging companies that misuse the word “Canada” in their website name when they don’t even ship from Canada.

With their hair quality, customer support, and the other pros I have mentioned above, I feel that you get a good deal with this company… but definitely you can find better if you’re in Canada. Canada Hair is my favorite, and Bombay Hair is definitely better than ClipHair (and both these companies ship from Canada!)

Of course, the matter of the origin of shipping being the UK was very upsetting for me. If they can do something about this, I would be more pleased with ClipHair. The hair quality is not the best either, but the price is really affordable. Customer service from ClipHair is really good. I’m pretty sure they will not ignore your complaint and will actually be helpful.

If you’re in the UK, ClipHair could be a good solution if you wish to buy hair extensions without spending too much.

This was my opinion of the hair extensions I received from ClipHair. They ranked average in my opinion. I would also love to hear about your reviews too, so if anyone of you has purchased any products from ClipHair, do tell us about your experiences and if possible do share any pictures or videos you have with you.

Pros and Cons

To wrap up my general review of Clip Hair, I have summarized the pros and cons involved with purchasing hair extensions from Clip Hair.