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Clip-in extensions USA Hair Reviews

Clip-in hair extensions USA Hair Reviews: Did you buy clip-in extensions from USA Hair? If so, please leave your USA Hair review below.

In this review, I will be reviewing USA Hair clip-in extensions. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased Usa Hair clip-in extension reviewreview.

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Introduction of my USA Hair review

Hair extensions are one of those hair accessories that can literally transform your overall look instantly without making you look like you are trying too hard. It is a quick way of adding a lot more oomph to your natural hair. Let me remind you, hair extensions are not a new invention. They have been used for the beautification and protection of natural hair since the old times. They were widely used in Ancient Egypt as the locals would shave all their natural hair and rely on wigs for the beautification purpose.

I have been a huge fan of hair extensions all my life; you might know this passion in detail if you are an avid reader of my blog. The reason behind the creation of this blog was that I wanted to share my knowledge about the hair extensions and hair products that I have and I am still learning as a professional hairdresser with all of you. I have not received any commission or freebies to review the products on my blog and I buy each and every product reviewed on this blog, with my own money to share genuine reviews with my readers. Once again I am here with another review so, keep on reading! 

Wearing wigs and hair extensions is the easiest way to alter the color, length, volume, and texture of your hair. I am a hairdresser by profession and I love using different kinds of hair extensions on my own self and my clients. I have tried countless different brands of hair extensions but the ones from USA Hair have definitely won my heart. It’s an online store with wide variety of hair types, hair lengths, and colors so that everyone can find something for themselves. Not only that, they have all these products at the most affordable price rates without the inclusion of any hidden charges that might cause you trouble later on. In my last blog post, I penned down a general review of the brand that had all the information about their prices, their collection, delivery service, and all the other policies. They have everything mentioned clearly on their easy to navigate website so there is no confusion or possibility of hidden charges when you are all set to make a purchase. 

In my last post I also mentioned about the quality of their products as I personally ordered a set of their dark brown hair extensions for my sister in law on her baby shower. As a hairdresser, I think hair extensions are a must-have when it comes to Instagram and Pinterest worthy hairstyles so I made sure to not waste any time and ordered a set for my sister in law for her event. She absolutely loved the hair extensions and gave me a very positive review that I have included in my previous post to help you all decide if you want to make a purchase from or not. My profession requires me to keenly hunt for the highest quality hair extensions, that is why I am always on the lookout for premium quality hair extensions that are also easy on the pocket, as this is one of the biggest demand of my clients. This major hair extension hunt led me to discover

To try out their services again, as I was quite impressed with my first order, I bought a set of blonde hair extensions for myself as well which I am going to review here in detail. I have tried so many different brands of hair extensions that I can safely say that I will be able to compare these hair extensions to a few of the major hair extensions brands in the United States. The sole purpose of my website is to let you all know about the most amazing kind of hair extensions available in the market and a few bad ones that you need to avoid. I think hair extensions have passed my test of being one of the best hair extensions out there which is why I am here with a detailed review of my hair extensions that I ordered from this web store. So, let’s get started!

About the company

USA Hair is the same company as Canada Hair. I bought from each store a few times. The sell exactly the same stuff. They both carry the same brand of extensions: Tara Hair and Quality Hair. The only difference is sells to the U.S market. sells only online. Their website is easy to navigate through while the ordering process is smooth. One drawback while checking is that there wasn’t much reviews I could find online since it’s newer website!

Usa Hair Online Reviews

As I have mentioned in so many of the previous posts that I go through the comments and reviews section of a website or that specific product before proceeding to buy the product. I am a huge believer in reading other people’s opinions before investing my hard earned money into any product. This is why I have created this website about hair extensions with no affiliate links or sponsored posts with sugar-coated opinions. In the same way, I checked the reviews and testimonials of before making the purchase. I couldn’t find much reviews online about USA Hair, but there were reviews posted on their website and it was leaning towards the positive side of the spectrum. The reviews I read suggest their customers are quite satisfied with the quality, quantity, and delivery service of the product. All these reviewed made me feel like it is actually a good idea to buy another set of hair extensions from this website and I will not be regretting it. Considering all the positive online reviews about, I added my desired hair extensions to the card and proceeded to the checkout. My previous review about this brand was also positive but going through the online reviews was mandatory to be 100% sure.

My Purchases from has a variety of options if you want to buy hair extensions. From clip-ins to sew-ins to tape-ins and various other kinds of hair extensions in both synthetic and human hair categories, they have it all. On their website, they have mentioned that their hair extensions are the best for adding length, unmatchable volume, dramatic highlights/lowlight, or correcting a bad haircut.

The last time I ordered from this website it was for my beautiful sister in law. I wanted to gift her a nice set of hair extensions on her baby shower that she can use to amp up her hairstyles. My sister in law also wore the hair extensions on the day of her baby shower, that I styled into a beautiful, soft bun to match the ultimate grace of her flowy gown. Her hair extensions were dark brown and matched her hair perfectly and glammed up her hairstyle quite naturally. 

This time I decided to order something for myself from as I had a good experience last time with my purchase. I was adamant to try something different and review it over here on my blog for you all but I decided to go for the color #613 with the length of 18 inches in the standard thickness. I cannot stress enough how easy to navigate their website is. All the options for color, length, thickness, and hair type are on the exact same page which’ makes it so much easier for you to choose customize your hair extensions in accordance with your preference. There were two types of hair; synthetic hair and natural Remy hair along with three lengths; 14”, 18”, and 22” that I was able to choose from and I preferred to opt for 18 inches for my hair. There were also 3 options for the thickness’ standard thickness, thick hair and lastly very thick hair and I went for standard thickness for my hair extensions as I did not want to weigh my hair down. I have relatively fine hair so I believe this was only fair if I selected the standard thickness from USA Hair as well to critique it properly. The selection process of the hair extensions of my choice was quite easy and then proceeded to the checkout. USA Hair does not only have hair extensions but also different wigs that also caught my interest but I decide to only stick to the clip-in hair extensions for now. Perhaps later I may start reviewing wigs or a hair topper

If you are looking to add length to your hair, then try going for a few inches longer than your hair first and check how you can handle it. For me, 18 inches were perfect as I am a petite women and a longer length would have looked too much on me. Standard thickness is ideal for people with thin hair or people that don’t have a lot of hair in general; hair extensions with more weight and hair might tug on your roots and cause damage. Therefore, I usually go for standard thickness as it is the most suitable for my hair type.

Pricing and Affordability

I have been an avid user of hair extensions and I can say for sure that they are not inexpensive at all, especially when it comes to high quality human hair extensions, like Remy hair extensions or Virgin hair extensions. These hair extensions are quite expensive. The prices might vary from one brand to another but they are never cheap because of the way this kind of hair is obtained and treated. When I stumbled upon USA Hair, I was taken aback by how affordable their prices are. Their hair extensions were not cheap but quite reasonably priced according to the different kinds of products they provided.

They did not have any hidden charges that could later surprise you and you end up paying more than you estimated. If you reside in the United States, you will be quite pleased with their pricing and delivery, since it’s free. They also offer discounts on some occasions, this means you can get your desired hair extensions or wigs at a much more affordable cost than the actual. I think the cost of the hair extensions on USA Hair is quite affordable. I, as a hairstylist, know the value of human hair extensions and I have seen and experience how expensive they are on other websites. I have used many different brands of hair extensions and the average set of human hair extensions can cost from anywhere between $100 to $500 which is quite heavy on the pocket especially if you are a newbie.

What I really like about is that the prices are really reasonable, but the quality is great. I ordered twice now, and both times the quality is awesome. The website really has great hair extensions deals

Instead of spending unnecessary bucks on high end and popular brands that charge a hefty amount, it is better to order from a different/smaller company that can offer you the same thing but for cheaper. always has free shipping, that’s a big plus. The prices are cheap and there’s lot of coupons online. And most importantly: the quality is great! 

The Website and The Complete Buying Process

When you first open the website, you see amazing visuals and a clear description of all their products. They have used clear images to display the quality of their products. On the top bar, they have tabs for the store, products, and pricing and each tab opens into a new page with all the information about the products and pricing. When you scroll down, there is a list of their best selling products along with their starting prices to help you make your mind about what kind of hair extension set or wig to choose for yourself.

They have everything from synthetic hair to human hair to Remy human hair at such an affordable price rate. When you choose one product it allows you to select the hair length, quality, and color on the same page, which I found convenient. I always love a website that is designed to make sure the user has no hassle while placing an order. Once you select the product that you wanted, you proceed to checkout to confirm your order. There are no hidden charges or over the top delivery charges to scam you. Their prices and delivery service is amazing in my opinion. They always ship for free and that’s great!. 

I really liked the clarity and user friendly layout of their website which is quite easy to navigate for everyone, along with the super easy ordering process. 

If you are having an issue finding your hair color, there’s an easy to access color match service in the main menu so feel free to use that service!

Shipping Fees

On the topic of shipping fees, I would like to mention I had no issues with the whole process. The ordering process went on without any obstacles and I also have nothing negative to say about the shipping since my package arrived in just a matter of 3 to 4 business days. Plus, I should mention that I paid absolutely no duty fees or taxes with my order and USA Hair offers free shipping on every single order, so all I had to pay for was the product. Most of the time the delivery and duty charges are double the price of the product which kind of keeps people away from online shopping, but with USA Hair I only paid for what I bought. The package was delivered quickly with USPS and it was overall a quick and effortless process. I placed my order on Saturday, and the next Monday, I received my tracking number. My product arrived without any damage. Everything went exactly as expected. 

How to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions

The best thing about the super excellent and fine quality clip-in hair extensions that I had bought from USA Hair is that they are so easy to install, you can do the job yourself without going through any hassle, and that too at the comfort of your very own home. Let me tell you a little about how I applied the clip-in hair extensions myself at home along with a few pointers on the process so that the whole thing can be easier for you. You do not have to worry at all about whether you will be able to do it or if it would take you too much time because the process is fairly easy and does not consume hours upon hours, and with knowing the right tips and tricks, you can nail the installation process right on the head. And lastly, be patient with your self you will get better at installing them with time and practice. USA Hair has video tutorials to help you as well. 

Reviewing USA Hair Quality

Hair extensions come in several different qualities from synthetic to natural human hair to premium quality Remy human hair. On USA Hair you can find all the different kinds of hair quality to cater to your own budget. I ordered their 18” human hair clip-in hair extensions and they arrived in a perfect condition. When I received the hair extensions I first noticed the beautiful, natural shine on them which mimicked the look of healthy natural hair perfectly. Even though these hairs are not attached to any roots, they looked well-nourished and hydrated. Most of the hair extensions have a brittle and rough look. Their strands are smooth and silky, ready to be styled instantly.

I have faced quite a lot of shedding with some sets of hair extensions but these hair extensions from USA Hair impressed me with minimal shedding and no rough ends. The quality of the clips was also quite sturdy that were sewn on the weft of the hair extensions quite neatly. Coming towards the thickness of the hair, it was the ideal thickness for me that will not weigh down my actual hair or feel uncomfortable. It lies in the goldilocks zone of the hair thickness in hair extensions. They were lightweight but not “cheap” as there is a massive difference between just being heavy and having a healthy weight. I even forgot that I am wearing any hair extensions after a while because of how easy to use and lightweight the set was.

On their website, they have mentioned that the quality of their hair extensions is the utmost priority. They ensure that all their hair extensions and wigs meet their quality standards. A lot of companies claim to maintain certain quality standards but I have seen them lacking in a lot of places especially when it comes to the quality of the hair. However, both the times I placed my order at USA Hair, I was completely satisfied with the delivery service and the quality of their products. I highly recommend this company and is definitely on my list of best hair extensions brands. 

Customer Service

I didn’t contact the company for this order. But I did contact them a few times before for previous orders and also for purchased made on their Canadian website, and I always got quick replies from their customer service team. On some occasions I’d get replies from them in a few minutes, and on other occasions it would take a few hours. They only offer support by email and text, which makes it somewhat inconvenient when you need to contact them. Their contact form is easy to access and they are quick in answering emails, but it still sucks that there’s no way to reach them by phone. 


Clip-In Hair Extensions and Their Design

The reason this certain type of hair extensions is called clip-in hair extensions is that the hair wefts have little clips sewn into them, these clips help you attach the hair extensions to you own hair. These clips are pretty lightweight and sturdy so that they do not tug at your hair and not cause irritation or itching on your scalp. In addition to this amazing factor, they are also fairly small in size and just about invisible. Despite the fact that these clips are small and lightweight, they are surprisingly and pleasantly sturdy and strong, holding on well to your hair  to prevent the extensions coming loose, falling, slipping, or breaking. That alone is good enough for anyone to instantly fall in love with clip-in hair extensions, especially if you are a newbie. 

Steps to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions at Home:

Now that you are better familiar with and know more about clip-in hair extensions, you must have figured it out that the installation process for these hair extensions is no problem at all and how it is to do it yourself at home, saving yourself any visits to the salon or spending any money on getting them installed by someone else. Let us walk through a step by step guide on how to install clip-in hair extensions yourself. Again, the best way is just to follow this tutorial USA Hair has video tutorials to help you as well. 

Step #1 Clean Your Hair Well:

The first and most important step when it comes to installing hair extensions is that you have a clear head and your hair is clean as well so that your scalp is clear because you would not want any natural oils coming in the way of the attachment. This way, installing the hair extensions would be easier and would result in more firm and sturdy attachment. Second day washed hair is okay too as long as you don’t have a very oily scalp. 

Step #2 Brush Your Hair Properly:

Now that your hair is all clean, it is time to brush or comb through your hair. Remember that this step is crucial and it is important that it should not be skipped or missed because otherwise, it can be quite problematic to attach the hair extensions. Get rid of all the tangles in your hair so that they do not get mixed up with the extensions, creating the risk factor of the extensions getting damaged, breaking, or ripping.

Step #3 Part Your Hair into Sections:

Now that your hair is clean and brushed through, it is ready to be worked on. You can now begin the process of applying the clip-in hair extensions to your head. The first step to doing so is that you part your hair into appropriate sections so that you can attach the extensions with adequate distance.


Step #4 Start from The Bottom:

When installing any kind of hair extensions on your head, the best way to go is that you start from the bottom. This way, you will get the right length and volume without messing up the calculations. Start from the top of your neck, or the base of your hair, and strategically work your way up, clipping in the hair extensions along the way. 

Step #5 Brush Your Hair Extensions Thoroughly:

Having installed the required amount of hair extensions correctly from the top of your neck to the crown of your head, congratulations, you have successfully completed the process of installing your clip-in hair extensions at home all by yourself. There is just one last step that you should do, which is brushing your hair extensions thoroughly to avoid any tangles. Done with that, and your now longer and more voluminous hair is ready to be styled!

How to Remove Clip-In Hair Extensions

While we are on the subject of installing clip-in hair extensions, let’s learn a little about removing them too, since, of course, the knowledge would come in handy later on.  The process of removing clip-in hair extensions is fairly easy. All you have to do is hold your hair back and gently unclip the attachment, sliding the extensions out of your hair. Make sure the clip is fully opened before pulling it out of your hair, otherwise you might break a few hair strands every time you will remove your hair extensions. Brush your hair thoroughly after the removal of your hair extensions and voila, you are done.  Also, make sure to close all the clips, brush the hair extensions using a hair detangler and store away.  You can order a storage kit from USA Hair or you can use a zip lock back or small box. 

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, my shopping experience from the USA Hair has been phenomenal. I am indeed impressed by the amazing quality of their hair and their fast delivery service. I do not like waiting for weeks just to get a single product delivered to my doorstep and this brand made sure I did not have to face any delays. There are also no hidden charges to scam their customers into paying more than what they should. I only paid for the products that I purchased and there were no extra charges deducted from my account. I insist on that because if you read my other reviews, you can recall that I has to pay extra fees for some product I reviewed when they were delivered. My sister in law still uses her hair extensions that I purchased from USA Hair and loves them. My own experience with their hair extensions was just as I expected. These clip-in hair extensions did not fail to impress me at all. From the hair quality to the sturdiness of their clips to neat packaging and affordable prices of USA Hair, everything is quite a perfect in my opinion.

I have bought these hair extensions with my own money and this post is not sponsored by them at all. My review is based on my personal understanding and experience with the hair extensions that I have used, styled, and washed just the way I do with the rest of my hair extensions. I used the Kerastase Reflection range of color treated hair to wash my #613 hair extensions after wearing them every single day for two weeks. The hair did not dry up or lose any color which is a plus. I have experienced color bleeding of hair extensions after the first wash, but with these I did not experience any such issue.

All in all, I loved USA Hair hair extensions and I will be going back to their website to buy more of their products for myself and my customers. I always suggest the best and pocket friendly products to my customers and this will be on top of my list now. I have yet to try out their wigs and I am intending to do that pretty soon.

I have reviewed quite a lot of hair extensions on my blog to make it easier for everyone to make a purchase without getting scammed. These are one of the best hair extensions I have ordered for myself so far. I have found no issues with the quality of the hair or their prices as I have purchased quite a good amount of hair extensions from various brands and is by far the most affordable one out there. I will be going back to to purchase hair extensions.  I recommend this brand to everyone now, personally and through this blog as well.

I have also been getting countless requests to review the different kinds of permanent hair extensions like tape-in, sew-in, or fusion hair extensions. These reviews are on my list which will be up soon so, keep an eye out for that. I will do my best to continue reviewing different companies, just be patient with me since it’s quit expensive to buy and review all these products. 

If you have tried out products, then share your experience with us in the comments section below.