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In this review, I will be reviewing DONNA BELLA Hair. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased DONNA BELLA Hair review.

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Today is a very exciting day for me since I’m going to be reviewing Donna Bella Hair and sharing my detailed and comprehensive experience with the brand so that you know exactly what you’re in for before you make any investments. It was a few months ago that I came across their website, and by the looks of how professional the layout of their website was, I was instantly convinced that I have to try out and review some of their products. The variety and diversity of hair extensions available on their website was also another convincing factor for me. In my experience, I’ve noticed that most online hair extension businesses tend to offer just clip-in extensions or something similar that caters to more of a general audience, but in the case of Donna Bella Hair, it was easy to see that they not only offer different types of hair extensions but also cater to audiences with specific requirements with varying lengths and shades. The first thing that’ll attract you to their products is how user-friendly their website is; with a well-made and organized design, they offer everything you’re looking for with no complications. A detailed menu helped me find just the product I needed without getting lost in the website. All in all, I’d say that my first impressions of the business were positive and I wasn’t disappointed. When I searched online for other reviews of their products, I didn’t find anything substantial which is another factor that motivated me to review their products for my readers. Another thing I noticed about Donna Bella Hair is that, unlike other brands such as Bellami Hair and Luxy Hair, they aren’t heavily sponsoring influencers to promote their business which was really refreshing to see. I’m hoping my review of their extensions will help shed some light on their products and work and introduce more people to their business. In the meantime, here are a few interesting reviews I read about Donna Bella Hair Extensions online. These Donna Bella hair extensions reviews were found on  SiteJabber.

Ordering Process

The ordering process from Donna Bella Hair was actually fairly easy in my experience and I can say that I didn’t face any complications. To be specific, I was looking for tape-in extensions to review and I had absolutely no trouble finding exactly the shade and length that I needed. The user-friendly format of the menu made it easy for me to get to my destination with just a few clicks. I was highly impressed by the color range that they offered and the blonde shades were especially attractive. There were many shades available in every color and I don’t suppose it’ll be difficult for anyone to find the right fit for themselves in Donna Bella Hair’s collection. Each product was detailed with a product description which was very informative and told me about all the specifications I was wondering about. The product I purchased was the Tape-In Pro Straight #22 extensions in the shade Light Ash Blond and 12 inches length. I planned on installing them in my sister’s hair.

Hair Insurance Fee

Something I was startled by was the fact that, upon adding the hair extensions to my online shopping cart, I was automatically charged for a hair insurance few which was $7.50. I was neither asked about this insurance nor informed that this fee was being added to the total price. I wanted to mention this so that any of my readers who plan on buying from Donna Bella Hair are careful about checking this beforehand so you aren’t charged for something you didn’t agree to. If you don’t want this hair insurance, you’ll have to remove the fee from your shopping cart manually before you proceed with your final payment. Personally, I decided upon availing this insurance and paying the fee just in case I end up having any dissatisfaction with the quality of the hair extensions. Plus, I wanted to document the entire process and review all their features for the readers of my blog.

Shipping Fee

I did some searching online to see if I could find a coupon code that I could use on the website but had no luck. I didn’t end up finding any codes that were still working. The shipping fee for the products was $14, which seemed quite expensive to me, but I wasn’t given any specifications about the delivery delay or when I can expect my package. The one I picked was called “Premium International” and it was the least expensive delivery option out of the three that were offered, which were “FedEx International Economy” and “FedEx International Priority”. It took 5 days after I had placed my order for me to receive a tracking number for my package from the business and 2 weeks for me to receive the package at my doorstep. Considering that I’d picked the cheapest shipping option, the shipping fee seemed a bit too high to me. However, the good news for any of my readers from the United States is that Donna Bella Hair offers free shopping on all orders in the US which are over $125.

Donna Bella Hair Extensions Review

The product I purchased was the “Tape-In Pro Straight #22” in the shade Light Ash Blond, with a length of 12 inches, and priced at $50 USD. Donna Bella Hair’s website describes these tape-in extensions as being made from 100% human Remy hair, handcrafted, long-lasting, and easy to install. The tapes that they use in their tape-in extensions are described by the website to be a revolutionary system since it uses a special adhesive formula to attach to your hair, which was a description I found to be quite vague. 


As for the packaging, the hair extensions came to me in a slim and long package, which is a style of packaging that I truthfully don’t take a liking to because, in my experience, this means that the hair extensions will be folded when they are shipped. This creates creases in the hair extension which are hard to get rid of and ruin the whole look.

Hair color

Let’s move on to the appearance of the tape-in hair extensions that I bought. Unfortunately, the difference between the color of the hair that was advertised on the website’s product photos and the color of the hair that I received in my package was very evident. The hair extensions that I originally saw on the website were clearly a warmer and yellower shade of blonde than the one I was seeing in real life. I suppose it was the different lighting or camera settings that they used at the time of product photography that altered the extensions’ hair tone. Nonetheless, that was a disadvantage for me and I would recommend being wary of that factor before you buy from them.

Hair Quantity

When it came to the quantity of hair that the brand offers, I was a bit perplexed. In my experience, all other websites that sell tape-in extensions, such as Glam Seamless, Canada Hair / USA Hair, and Bellami Hair, offer them in standard-sized packs that consist of 20 wefts each. However, in the case of Donna Bella, each of the hair extensions’ packs only held 10 wefts and the website recommended ordering 4 to 6 packs to be sufficient for one head. I was a bit confused as to why Donna Bella Hair didn’t stick to the standard format of wefts per pack that’s used in the hair industry. However, they did detail it in the product descriptions that are available for all products on their website, which is why I always recommend thoroughly reading through the available product descriptions to make sure you don’t miss anything and know exactly what you’re buying.

Hair Quality

I instantly noticed the similarities between Donna Bella Hair’s and Glam Seamless’ tape-in hair extensions when I saw the neat and seamless tapes of the extensions. Not only are they handcrafted, but they’re also double-stitched into the wefts which makes them extra durable and resilient. The seamlessness of the tapes creates a more realistic look, making it easier to apply without the risk of anything peeking out. I am personally a big fan of this style and always hope for other hair extension businesses to catch and offer the same designs or something similar. I’ve found that these types of tape-in hair extensions look significantly more natural than any other I’ve worked with. Plus, it also makes the process of wearing up-dos and trying out different hairstyles all the more possible and easier. The realistic appearance of the hair extensions is one of their main selling points and Donna Bella Hair doesn’t disappoint in that field. The hair extensions were soft and healthy to the touch and that often isn’t the case for blonde shades since they go through a bleaching process that dries the hair out, so I’ll say that I was satisfied. However, since they weren’t coated with silicon, the hair extensions weren’t too glossy or shiny. 

Before The Installing Process

I’d like to make a few disclaimers for any of my readers that haven’t read a previous review of mine and don’t know much about me; I am a professional hairdresser and a hair extension technician and have several years of experience in the field. Installing air extensions and styling hair of all textures and lengths is something I do for a living and practice every day. Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews, however, knows that whenever I install any hair extensions for a review for my blog, I install them the same way I do it when I’m working for my clients. As I mentioned, I bought the tape-in extensions in the shade “Light Ash Blond” since my sister wanted blonde highlights in her hair so I installed these Donna Bella Hair extensions in her hair to test them. Before I started with the process of installing, I made sure to wash her hair the same day of the installation; I used the “Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo” which is a product that I would recommend to all my readers since I’ve used it for a long time now and have always ended up with satisfying results. I made sure to only shampoo her hair so I refrained from using other products like hair conditioners, leave-in treatment, hair oil, or anything of the sort of her hair before the installation process.

Installing Process

The installation process was fairly easy and I had no problems using the tapes since they were sticky and very easy to work with. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Donna Bell Hair offers only 10 wefts per pack and since I’m used to the hassle of 20 wefts per pack, their hair extensions were easier for me to install than usual. The whole process was also much faster than usual; it barely even took me 10 minutes! I always give my client instruction on how to keep the extensions in place and keep them healthy and I gave the same advice to my sister after installing the extensions.

The Results

She followed my instructions thoroughly and washed her hair 3 days after the day of the installation, making sure to avoid friction on the area where the wefts were attached to her hair and only applying conditioner to the ends of her hair. I was very disappointed when I saw that most of the wefts are detached after she had rinsed her hair and there was no resilience at all. Some were barely holding on to her hair and were about to detach any second and the rest had completely fallen out. I was surprised by this result since the type of tape-in extensions Donna Bella Hair uses have always been efficient in my experience.

Customer Service

However, I did purchase hair insurance for $7.50 just in case something went wrong. The customer service representative that I spoke to was very professional, responsive, and polite, so I’d say that my customer service experience went well. They asked me a few questions about the installation process and what went wrong with the results so they could see what could be done. I received a response to my claim the next day in which they were offering me replacement tapes for the hair extensions that I’d bought. They also stated the top reasons that often make tape extensions fall out before their time. The text basically briefed all that you can do wrong while installing tape-in extensions, which was something I found quite discouraging and discrediting since I have years of experience in installing all kinds of hair extensions professionally and knew what I was doing. I did everything right while using their given tape-in extensions but somehow still faced an issue with the tapes falling out after just the first wash, which is why I am confident about my statement when I say that the tapes had some manufacturing defect.

Replacement Tapes

However, I will say that when I visited their website once more, I noticed that they already sell replacement tape at Donna Bella Hair for about $11 or $12, which is surprising because I only paid $7.50 for the hair insurance and received the same replacement tape. It’s basically like I only paid half the price for the replacement tapes that I’d otherwise have had to pay if I didn’t purchase the hair insurance. Although I wouldn’t have accepted the hair insurance if I knew that what I’ll be receiving is just their replacement tapes since I already have enough extra tapes in my salon for me to use, I’ll still update my readers about the delivery of the replacement and if they helped in bettering the results of the hair extensions at all.

UPDATE: yes I did receive the replacement tapes! Great customer service from Donna Bella Hair.

Final Thoughts

If I’m being honest, I have very mixed feelings about my experience with Donna Bella Hair and their products, and I was a little disappointed with the results I found. Admittedly I was very impressed by their website at first glance; the layout is clean and user-friendly to make sure you find your desired products quickly and easily. The search bar of their website is very efficient and helped me find just what I needed to buy without getting lost in the website’s endless products. I also found that they have a very wide range of product selections, in just about every shade, length, and texture. They offer more options to pick from than most websites of hair businesses that I’ve shopped from. Plus, they also sell their own tools to install any kind of hair extensions, making things even easier for a beginner in the field. I also was happy to see the fact that Donna Bella Hair offers a whole education program on their website which will help you learn the basics of installing any kind of hair extensions quickly and efficiently; this shows that the business isn’t just all about selling their product, they care about their beginner customers too.


When I had first installed the tape-in hair extensions from Donna Bella Hair into my sister’s hair, the tape looked very natural and was basically invisible to the naked eye. The extensions were easy to install and comfortable to wear according to my sister, and I assume that that’s because these extensions were handcrafted and double stitched. This ensures more stability and resilience in the hair extensions which, unfortunately, failed to show up later on. However, in the two days that my sister was wearing these tape-in hair extensions, she admitted to liking them a lot in terms of appearance, feel, and comfort.


These were a few of the factors that attracted me to Donna Bella Hair and their products, but after trying them out, I found a few disadvantages in my experience that turned my opinion a little sour. One of those disadvantages was that the shipping seemed too expensive, especially considering the amount of product that I purchased. The total price of my order rounded up to $50, and to pay $14 for a $50 order is excessive. Another thing to consider is that even after paying that much for delivery, it wasn’t too quick and took 2 weeks to arrive at my doorstep. The second thing that I wasn’t satisfied with was the hair color as it looked much different from what I was expecting and saw on their website’s product photography. The hair extensions I received were clearly a warmer and yellower shade of blonde than what I saw on the website. Last but not least, the main thing that disappointed me about Donna Bella Hair’s tape-in hair extensions is their lack of stability and resilience after just one wash. They did not hold up well even though the installation process was correct and thorough and there was caution taken while washing the hair. One more thing I’d like to mention to my readers is that I’m slightly unsure if the hair insurance was really worth it. I wouldn’t personally suggest buying it to anyone that’s reading unless you face a bigger issue than the tape itself failing to work, but I doubt there would be a bigger issue than poor tape quality in tape-in hair extensions. Since they don’t explain on their website what the insurance actually consists of, you’ll have no idea what it is until after your purchase. It’d be more helpful for Donna Bella Hair to provide their customers with a chart that contains more details about what issues are covered in their hair insurance package and how they’ll be fixing the issue for the customers. This would certainly help their customers be more in the know and make wiser decisions while buying from them. My final opinion is that Donna Bella Hair definitely has some areas of improvement, but so far they are a great hair extensions website and I recommend them.