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In this review, I will be reviewing Foxy Locks’s clip-in extensions. I purchased Foxy Locks’s extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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I am always on the hunt for new retailers for hair extensions that offer a good balance between affordability, convenience, and product quality. This is why I often review various hair extension companies with the sole purpose of informing my readers about the pros and cons of each based on my own personal experience, instead of just another sponsored review. As someone who unfortunately was scammed many times, I quickly discovered that many of the reviews online are absolutely FAKE. In other words, they are sponsored by hair extensions companies. I naively believed those YouTube girls when they were “reviewing” hair extensions companies. It’s only later that I discovered that these reviews are 100% fake. These YouTube girls have a financial gain from making you buy hair extensions from a specific company. They don’t disclose this information which is illegal. On one occasion, I even found that one of the person that is “reviewing” hair extensions as a “customer” was actually an employee of the company she was reviewing!!! So I decided to create this blog, where all reviews are honest and unbiased. No companies sponsored me. All the extensions were purchased with my own money.

Now let’s talk about Foxy Locks. Although they have been in the hair extensions industry for a substantial amount of time and have quite an online presence, I only came across their website by chance. I was searching for henna tattoo tutorials on YouTube and that led me to a tutorial posted by the owner of Foxy Locks.

So, this was how I came across Foxy Locks and then decided to give them a try. Here’s my review of the hair extensions I purchased from this hair company. You can also read my general review of the company by clicking here.

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About Foxy Locks

Foxy Locks entered the hair extensions industry in 2009 as a UK based e-commerce store. They have quite a substantial client base and fan following as is suggested by the high number of subscribers and followers on their social media profiles and their YouTube channel. Foxy Locks’ YouTube channel is also popular because of the hairstyle tutorial videos that are often uploaded over there. A majority of these tutorials also use hair extensions in these hairstyle tutorials.

Unlike most of the hair extension retailers I have tried before, Foxy Locks only offers clip in hair extensions and a small variety of hair accessories. So, if you are looking for any other type of hair extension, then Foxy Locks is probably not a good option for you. Just like Luxy Hair, Foxy Locks is a company that is severely limited in terms of product range. For me though, clip-ins were just what I was looking for. In fact, this type of hair extensions is a personal favorite for me. Over the past decade or so, I have not only used lots of hair extensions myself but have also installed a lot of hair extensions for others in my capacity as a hairdresser and a certified hair extensions technician. I like to clip in hair extensions because they offer a good balance between affordability, durability, and ease of use, thereby making them a most suitable option for those who are using hair extensions for the first time or those who want a bit more flexibility with their hairstyles.

In the clip in hair extensions, Foxy Locks offers 4 different lengths and thicknesses. This makes it great for those people who already have long hair but want to achieve a bit more volume and thickness by using hair extensions. Generally, the longer the hair length is, the thicker it tends to get and so the more they will weigh. In terms of color selection, Foxy Locks doesn’t offer a lot of variety. They also have a limited number of shades available which doesn’t even include standard shades like the blonde shades #613 and #60.

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Foxy Locks online reviews

I found quite a few mixed opinions online about Foxy Locks. This is almost always the case with any hair extensions e-retailer. To be fair though, the number of positive reviews for Foxy Locks was significantly higher than the negative reviews. I do think that some of the positive reviews were sponsored by the company too. I have talked in more detail about Foxy Locks and their online presence and the reviews I found about them in my searches in the general review I posted about the company. You can read that here. Regardless of the reviews, I found online, I decided to not form an opinion about the company based solely on those. Instead, I wanted to purchase a set of hair extensions from them myself and then form an opinion about the company based on my own experience. The main point is that Foxy Locks had a good balance of positive versus negative reviews. It’s impossible for a company to get only positive reviews.

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Pricing, Affordability, and Buying Process

As a hairstylist, I often do a lot of hairstyles for brides. I have found that in such cases, clip in extensions are generally the best option since they are easy to install and therefore you can easily and quickly create a beautiful bridal hairstyle using them. On top of this, the bride can keep the hair extensions and reuse them later. This way, they are not a waste of money for them. I find the clip in extensions to be the most affordable option of hair extensions. This is why I am often on the lookout for some good quality clip in hair extensions. In all honesty, 99% of the girls would be content with clip-in extensions. No need for you to go with tape-in extensions, micro-beads extensions, or any other types of hair extensions. Clip-ins are by far the best and cheapest since you install & remove them yourself!

However, just because clip in hair extensions are probably the cheapest type of hair extensions, it doesn’t mean that you will find the same price range everywhere. There are some like AliExpress where you can get a set of hair extensions really cheap. And on the other end of a spectrum are the higher priced ones offered by retailers such as Bellami Hair. When you are looking for clip in extensions, don’t be fooled into thinking that the higher the price the better the hair quality would be. Bellami Hair is a great example of this. Although their prices fall on the higher end of the price spectrum, their hair quality is average at best. Same thing with Glam Seamless, which was the most overprice hair extensions I ever purchased and as it turns out, the quality wasn’t so great. On the other hand, retailers such as Cashmere Hair provided great quality extensions but it was quite expensive.

As far as Foxy Locks’ pricing range is considered, I found them to be averagely priced. The prices weren’t so low that one would be skeptical about the quality. However, they weren’t too expensive either that most people can’t even afford it.

Foxy Locks had a rather basic website. It needs some serious revamping in my opinion. It’s not as intuitive or user-friendly as some of the websites I have seen for other hair extension retailers. The good part though was that the product description on the website was quite detailed and self-explanatory. This meant that customers are able to get all the information they need easily in one place without having to really look for it. Moreover, the buying process was also pretty standard like you would see in any other online store. I have talked in more detail about the company’s website and buying process in the general review which you can read by clicking here.

My order of the clip in hair extensions from Foxy Locks was delivered 2 weeks after I had placed my order. While this was a rather long time, but I can’t exactly complain about this. Foxy Locks had been upfront about their delivery times on their website. There were two shipping options available and each of them had different delivery times and shipping costs. Since I had opted for the one that had a delivery time of two weeks, therefore the delivery was made right on time. On top of the shipping fee, I also had to pay an additional duty fee since Foxy Locks is based in the UK, whereas I am based in Canada. For this reason, I generally prefer local Canada based hair companies. However, it never hurts to try different options, which is why I gave Foxy Lock a try in the hope of finding yet another great international vendor for hair extensions. What’s important to note is that Foxy Locks was upfront with duty fees. Contrary to Glam Seamless and Luxy Hair who weren’t clear enough in this regards, Foxy Locks was quite transparent. You know what’s the worse? It’s Clip Hair. They run a website by the name of, yet they don’t even ship from Canada!!! Totally dishonest (and the hair quality of Clip Hair wasn’t even good!). So far, my experience with Foxy Locks is a positive one. Despite the many bad Foxy Locks reviews claiming the company’s customer service wasn’t good, I was having a satisfactory experience with the company.

My clip in hair extensions was wrapped in a beautiful looking package. It was really nice and simple. The design was similar to the ones used by Canada Hair and Bellami Hair as well. I should mention here that I noticed a disclaimer on Foxy Locks’ website that they had recently changed their packaging and since they were still in the transitional period, some of the customers were receiving the old packaging and some were receiving the new packaging. I am not sure which packaging did I receive, but either way, I was happy with it. Obviously, it is not just the packaging that matters. Instead, it is the contents of the packaging that really matter. The noteworthy part about the packaging, however, was that it was divided into two sections. The larger of the two sections containing the hair extensions I had ordered and the smaller section contained a single weft of the same hair extensions as a tester.

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As Foxy Locks’ return policy states that a product can only be returned if the larger of the two sections in the packaging is unopened. In other words, you can test out your product using the tester without violating the return policy.

Now it’s the most important aspect of this review: the hair quality! Regardless of how great a company is, it all boils down to the hair quality being used in the extensions.

Foxy Locks Hair Quality

So now, let’s move on to the most important part of the review. The hair quality of the hair extensions from Foxy Locks.

Hair texture and appearance

My first impression of the hair extensions after unwrapping them was that they were really shiny and soft. On top of that, the color on the dye was smooth and uniform. In other words, I was quite impressed with the dye job. The hair coloring was done well and there weren’t any white or orange strands in the entire set. This alone set Foxy Locks apart from other hair companies such as Luxy Hair which don’t have such well-dyed hair extensions. In terms of the quality of the hair used, I was quite satisfied with that too. The hair felt smooth, healthy and soft. It was obviously real human hair and that too of good quality. Foxy Locks left a good first impression on me.

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Hair Volume and Thickness

The next thing I noticed was the thickness of the hair. Foxy Locks scored well here too. The thickness of the hair extensions was just perfect. They weren’t too heavy that it would become uncomfortable to wear and neither were they too thin to provide the volume a full set of hair extensions should provide. On top of this, the thickness distribution and the top to the bottom ratio of the thickness was also well on point. The hair extensions are divided into 8 wefts so that you can adjust them as needed and the amount of hair on each weft is ideal. And the top to bottom ratio means that once you have the hair extensions installed, the overall thickness of your hair would gently taper down in a very natural and gradual way.

Both the quality of the hair used, and the thickness of the hair together make me think that the hair extensions sold by Foxy Locks are of a higher quality than those sold by Luxy Hair and Bellami Hair, both of which are quite renowned hair extension retailers.

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Quality of the Clips

Now, moving on to the quality of the clips attached to the clip in hair extensions by Foxy Locks. I found them to be small and sturdy. So, good job there. The small size ensures that they won’t be visible, and the sturdiness will ensure that the extensions will be durable. Moreover, the clips are comfortable to wear. As in they don’t hurt your scalp or are uncomfortable upon wearing. Additionally, the clips did not slip or get loose even after I had worn them for an entire day. In other words, the clips have a good grip which is an essential feature for all clip in hair extensions. This way, you can use our hair extensions with confidence without having to worry about them coming off in public. That would be a complete nightmare! Finally, another good thing about the clips used by Foxy Locks’ hair extensions was that they were sewn into a mech band. This adds to the durability of the clips and thus the hair extensions. If the clips are sewn into mech bands, like was the case with the hair extensions from Foxy Locks, then you can rest easy knowing that your clips would last you for a relatively long time i.e. for quite a few months without the clips breaking.

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Hair Shedding

Anyone who uses hair extensions would have noticed a common problem with them, namely that of shedding hair. After just using the hair extensions once or twice, they start to shed some of the hair. In worst case scenarios, this means that very soon you will find that the hair extensions don’t provide as much volume as they did before. Even with the hair extensions, I purchased from Foxy Locks, I did notice some shedding. However, it wasn’t too much. I would say there was an average amount of shedding. Also, because the clips were sewn into the mech bands, this design significantly reduced the amount of hair shedding.

Resistance to heat

The superior quality of the hair used in the hair extensions from Foxy Locks was also apparent in their resistance to heat. When I received my hair extensions, I subjected them to a heat test. I used the flat iron on both the tester strand first and then also on the complete set of hair extensions to get rid of the curls and indentations in the extensions that were there due to the way the extensions had been curled in the package. I used my usual Avanti flat iron on them which was set at a temperature of 400 degrees. Along with that, I also used a heat protector from Moroccan Oil on the hair extensions before using the flat iron. I noticed that the hair extensions handled the heat pretty well. There was no burning smell or any melting strands. Moreover, the hair from the hair extensions didn’t stick to the flat iron’s blades or leave any burn marks on them, as I had experienced with the hair extensions from Bellami Hair, Luxy Hair, and Glam Seamless. This showed that not only were the hair of good quality, but they were purely human hair. Synthetic hair usually causes these problems and fails the heat test.

Later on, I also curled my hair extensions from Foxy Locks a few times. Just like with the flat iron, the hair also handed the heat from the curling rod quite well. Moreover, I also noticed that the hair held the curls pretty well. In fact, the curls lasted me an entire day.

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Hair tangling

Another common issue with hair extensions is that they tend to get tangled up quite easily. I have experienced this problem with almost all the hair extensions I have used. However, the degree of tangling varies a lot from company to company. With Foxy Locks, there was some tangling, but fortunately not too much. With regular brushing and a good hair care regime, I was able to keep my hair extensions in good shape and quite free of tangles.

Foxy Locks uses a very good quality of hair for their hair extensions. This along with the way the hair extensions are designed ensures that users have a smooth experience with them. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that even the best of the hair extensions, no matter what the quality, require a great hair care routine and regimen.

Taking care of your hair extensions

You should always use top quality hair products on our own hair and also on the hair extensions. I personally, like to wash my clip in hair extensions using any products that are free of sulfates and alcohol after every few days. The very first time that I washed my hair extensions from Foxy Locks, I was quite impressed to see that the hair was still soft and shiny even after the hair had dried. Most hair extension companies simply coat the hair extensions with silicone to make them appear shiny and soft initial. However, once this coating washes off, the hair becomes dry and rough. I was happy to see that this was not the case with the hair extensions from Foxy Locks. In fact, they remained in great condition overall even after a few more washes. In short, the overall quality of the hair used by Foxy Locks is great and I am confident that these hair extensions will last me for quite a few months.

Final Verdict

Overall, I was really happy with the hair quality of the hair extensions I purchased from Foxy Locks. The quality was exactly as advertised on the website. The parts where Foxy Locks seems to be lacking are the website though. If they can work on that, then they would surely rank high among the top e-retailers for hair extensions. Of course, at the end of the day, it is the quality of the hair extensions that matters the most, so I still believe that Foxy Locks is worth purchasing from again. And if you are UK based, then you will surely find Foxy Locks to be a great choice of hair companies as you won’t even have to pay duty fees.

This was my product review of the clip in hair extensions I purchased from Foxy Locks. If any of you have purchased any hair extensions from them, then please do share how your experience was with this hair company. I would love to know about your experiences and views of Foxy Locks.