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In this review, I will be reviewing Foxy Locks. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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Foxy Locks is one of those online stores for hair extensions that are generally not that well known. This is why I only discovered them accidentally. I was searching for various henna tattoo tutorials on YouTube. One particular tattoo was really gorgeous. Obviously, I wanted to look at more similar designs. So, I ran a search on the YouTube channel creator, who as it turned out also had a hair extension e-store. This was how I stumbled across Foxy Locks. As someone who often reviews various hair extension e-retailers, Foxy Locks seemed to be a good candidate.

Foxy Locks is a UK based hair extensions e-commerce store that was established in 2009. From what the online reviews suggested, they have come a long way since then in terms of the quality of the hair extensions and customer service etc. Foxy Locks also has a YouTube channel as well as profiles on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The YouTube channel has about half a million subscribers! The YouTube channel basically consists of various hair tutorials which are all quite cool. All of these tutorials showcase the company’s hair extensions. On top of this, they also have a substantial number of followers on their social media profiles, which are all quite active. In other words, Foxy Locks has a fairly solid online presence. Seeing this apparent popularity of Foxy Locks, I was actually quite surprised that I hadn’t heard about them before.

In terms of product range, Foxy Locks is rather limited. They only offer one type of hair extensions, i.e. clip in hair extensions. Apart from this they also have a small variety of accessories on offer too. The clip in hair extensions is available in 4 different lengths and thicknesses. Generally, the longer the hair length is, the more they will weigh. In terms of color selection too, I found Foxy Locks to be lacking severely. They have very few shades available. In fact, even the standard colors like the blonde shades #613 and #60 were not available.

This review will be about my general experience shopping on Foxy Locks. If you wish to read a detailed review about the hair quality of Foxy Locks extensions, click here.


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Foxy Locks online reviews

A general practice I do before trying out any hair extensions’ e-commerce store is to check out the online reviews about the company. I found plenty of reviews for Foxy Locks on both Instagram and YouTube. However, it was quite apparent that many of these had been sponsored by the company, so I read those reviews with a grain of salt. Almost all of the YouTube and Instagram influencers that had reviewed Foxy Hair were also offering exclusive discounts or coupon codes for Foxy Hair that included their name or their social media handles. Of course, Foxy Locks isn’t the only retailer to do so. Many other hair extensions companies such as Luxy Hair also have a similar marketing strategy.

Apart from this I also found a few positive reviews for Foxy Locks on Trustpilot and some negative reviews on Makeup Alley’s website. The company doesn’t have a profile on BBB. All in all, I found a mixed opinion about the company in the many reviews I came across.

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The Website and the Buying Process

I have reviewed several hair extension companies lately and I have noticed that the way the retailer’s website is designed makes a lot of difference. I feel e-commerce retailers, should really pay a lot of attention to this aspect of this business, however, it I something that is often overlooked.

Foxy Locks website was quite simple. The initial impression was that the website looked just okay but nothing remarkable or noteworthy. In terms of general aesthetics of the website, and its user-friendliness and responsiveness, I found Foxy Locks’ website to be a step below what I had seen on other websites I have reviewed. The mobile version of their website was even worse than the desktop version.

When it comes to hair extensions, it is important for the customer to be sure about the color that they are about to purchase. For this, the customer needs plenty of good pictures of each product. However, in the case of Foxy Locks, I only saw 2 pictures per color which is not enough to make a sound decision, in my opinion. On the positive side though, the product descriptions provided on the website were quite thorough and well-written. They contained a lot of information about the products, the payment and pricing, the shipping details, and the return policy. In other words, you can find all the information you need on one page without having to scour the whole website or refer to the FAQ section.

Another good part of the Foxy Locks’ website is that the checkout process was very simple. Moreover, you can also make an account there in order to track your order. The retailer accepts payment in the Pound Sterling (GBP). Apart from the standard payment methods, you can also pay through PayPal, which is always a good option when you are purchasing anything from a company that is located outside your country. If you have a coupon code, it is easy to miss the place where you are supposed to it during the checkout process since it isn’t clearly mentioned. You need to use it right at the end at the time of payment.

Shipping and Duty Fees

Foxy Locks offers their Canadian customers two options for delivering their orders. These are Royal Mail tracked and International DHL Express. The delivery time and the shipping costs for both of these are different. Royal Mail costs 12.05 USD for shipping and it can take 15 to 21 days for your order to be delivered. On the other hand, DHL takes 5 days to deliver your order but costs 27.21 USD for shipping. On top of this, Foxy Locks also charges its customer’s duty fees if you are based outside of the UK. Since I am based in Canada, I also had to pay the duty fee. This was a little annoying for me but at least, the company had been upfront about it and had mentioned it on the website instead of simply surprising their international customers with the additional fee.

As I mentioned before, you can create an account for yourself on the website in order to track your order. Three days after I had placed my order, I received a tracking number. This was a rather long time in my opinion for the company to provide me with a tracking number. Most e-retailers provide you with a tracking number almost immediately after placing an order or as soon as your order is confirmed via a confirmatory email. However, this was only a slight inconvenience and one that can easily be ignored. It took 2 weeks for my order to be delivered. So far everything was as advertised by Foxy Hair.

After I had paid my dues and collected the package, it was finally time to unwrap it. The clip in hair extensions that I received from Foxy Locks was in a very sleekly designed package which was overall quite nice and simple. The design was similar to the package designs of Bellami Hair and Canada Hair.
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The package was divided into two compartments, one big and one small. The smaller of the two compartments contained a tester strand while the bigger compartment had the rest of the clip in hair extensions. I really appreciated that Foxy Locks includes a tester strand with their orders so that customers can verify that they have received their desired product without unboxing the hair extensions. This way, they can still easily return the hair extensions in case of any issue without violating the return policy.

Hair Quality

Now, on to the most important part of the review- the quality of the hair extensions. I talk in detail about this in the review of the clip in extensions I got from Foxy Locks. You can read it here. However, in this general review of the company, I will give you a brief account of how my experience was with Foxy Locks in terms of hair quality.

When I opened the package that I had received from Foxy Locks, the first thing I noticed was just how shiny the hair was. I believe that the company deserves kudos on the aesthetics and appearance of their valuable products. Texture wise too, I was quite happy with these hair extensions. They were soft, silky, and healthy looking. Most importantly, they were obviously human hair and not synthetic hair. The coloring on the hair was also neatly done and it was just what I had asked for. Unlike a few other hair extension retailers such as Luxy Hair, the hair color was nice and overall uniform and smooth. reviewing foxy locks clip in extensions

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The clips used on the clip in hair extensions also looked strong and sturdy. They were sewn into a mech band. I did try them on too for a little while and the clips seemed to have a good grip and held onto my hair the way they should. Although I haven’t yet used them for too long, I have a good feeling that I can wear these clip in extensions in public with confidence and without having to worry about them coming off in public.

I also ran a short heat test on the hair extensions by using a curling iron on them. Although I used the curling iron on the maximum heat, I did not notice any red flags. The hair didn’t melt, dry out or burn. In other words, Foxy Locks uses the hair of good quality for their hair extensions.

Finally, I really liked the volume and thickness of the hair extensions I received from Foxy Locks. The hair volume was really generous. One set of hair extensions gave my hair a lot of volumes. In fact, the thickness of the hair is definitely more than that you can expect from an average hair extensions retailer. On top of this, the volume of the hair was also uniformly distributed. The top to bottom thickness was great, unlike Bellami Hair and a few others. I also really liked the fact that the hair thickness matches the length. That is, the longer the hair is, the thicker the extensions are. In short, with the hair extensions from Foxy Locks, you can achieve a well-balanced and proportional finish after using their hair extensions.
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All in all, I was quite happy with the hair quality and I think Foxy Locks performed exceptionally well in this department.

Final Verdict

Overall, I think that Foxy Locks performed quite well. I was very happy with the quality of the hair extensions, and I am hopeful that this quality will remain once I have used the hair extensions for a bit longer. The company’s website needed some work, but that too wasn’t a complete deal breaker, in my opinion. As they are based in the UK, so it is a highly suitable option for those in the UK to purchase hair extensions. Others will obviously need to pay duty fees. I was a bit concerned in the beginning because of all these bad Foxy Locks reviews complaining that the extensions weren’t made of 100% human hair. Honestly, I don’t know how this is possible because the Foxy Locks hair extensions I received were absolutely 100% real human hair. This review (and all the other online reviews on this website) are totally unbiased. I purchased these hair extensions with my own money and I’m not being sponsored by anyone. Therefore, I am confident when I say that Foxy Locks offer  good hair quality and definitely worth the price! 

So, that was my general review of the hair company, Foxy Locks. If any of you have had any experience with them, then please do share your views. Also, you can read in detail about my opinion of the quality of the hair extensions I received from Foxy Locks by clicking here.