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In this review, I will be reviewing Glam Seamless. I purchased Glam Seamless Hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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As a hairdresser and a certified hair extension technician with over a decade of experience under my belt, I often get requests from my clients to purchase and install hair extensions for them. One of the most popular requests I get is for tape in extensions. And this is not a surprise because they are indeed one of the best extensions out there, and for good reason. Once installed properly by a professional, they last you for a good long time and if purchased from a good, reputable vendor, you can expect good hair quality. On the downside though, this type of hair extensions is also one of the more expensive types. I knew this already, and when my customer requested for tape in extensions, I told her too. However, she wasn’t worried about the price, so I decided to go ahead with the purchase too.

Over the years, I have tried many different hair extension companies and have written product and brand reviews for many of these companies too. This time I decided to purchase from Glam Seamless.

judging from their website, it seemed that the company specializes in tape in extensions. On top of this, they also offer hair extensions certifications to hairstylists as well. These factors combined, I figured that the company must be good in their respective industry and know what they are doing. So, I decided to go ahead with the purchase.

Before we move forward, be aware that this review is specific to my general experience shopping hair extensions on Glam Seamless. For a more detailed review about the hair quality offered by Glam Seamless, go read my ultimate Glam Seamless tape-in extensions review.


Glam Seamless Reviews

Before purchasing hair extensions, or anything online, always be sure to read reviews about the company.

Keep in mind that many YouTube reviews are generally sponsored by the company being reviewed. Additionally, some online reviews posted on the vendor’s website may be filtered as well.

Generally speaking, the most credible reviews are on:

  • Facebook
  • Google places
  • Makeup Alley
  • Trust Pilot
  • BBB
  • Yelp
  • Independent review websites such as this one

I would like to clarify to you here that I don’t censor or filter my experience with any of the companies or products I write a review for. I believe strongly in only sharing my true experiences with my readers, be they positive or negative. I don’t get any monetary gains out of these reviews and I only do them because I genuinely love hair extensions and I want to inform other people about the many different options available and how to navigate in the industry.

Looking at Glam Seamless, I found a number of reviews online.

Some of these were on the company’s own website and they were mostly all positive reviews.

On the other hand, there were also several reviews of the company on other platforms such as BBBTrust Pilot, Pissed Consumer, and the reviews were really bad!

I was very concerned to read so many Glam Seamless bad reviews.

Here are a few example from BBB:

glam seamless reviews reviews glamseamless glam seamless hairn hair extension glam seamless review

And here are a few example from Trust Pilot:

glamseamless trustpilot reviews

glamseamless reviews trustpilot

reviews glamseamless trustpulot

glam seamless hair reviews

This made me realize that maybe the company was heavily filtering out the reviews on their website and wasn’t willing to show the customers the whole picture. Or worse yet, it gave the impression to me that the positive reviews weren’t exactly honest or unbiased. In fact, they might have been sponsored by the company or were posted by affiliate partners of Glam Seamless. This is pretty obvious when the reviews include promotional coupon codes that can be redeemed on Glam Seamless.

Either way, no one can know! This is just my observation.

On the other hand, there were some good credible reviews as well. Here are a few examples from Yelp:

glam seamless yelp review-min

glam seamless review yelp

This discrepancy in the online reviews I found on the website and elsewhere did not inspire a lot of confidence and trust in me.

There were very good reviews and very bad reviews on the same time. I wasn’t sure what type of experience I’ll have!

On a side note, some of the Glam Seamless bad reviews above were answered by the company. Not all of them, but some. In their replies, Glam Seamless seemed to be genuinely concerned and offered a helping hand. Indeed, most of the replies from Glam Seamless to the bad reviews indicated a really good customer service from the company. Therefore, I decided it was worth a try and purchased from Glam Seamless.

My Purchases

From Glam Seamless I purchased 14 inches long tape in extensions color dark brown (#2). I found them to be quite expensive. One set cost roughly around 140 USD including shipping charges. I was quite surprised by this cost, especially considering that one set of such extensions is never enough for a full head.

Regardless, I decided to still give it a try and ended up purchasing tape in extensions from Glam Seamless in the color #2 and 14 inches in length.

Pricing and Affordability

I found Glam Seamless to be quite an expensive retailer for tape in extensions.

I understand that tape ins are the more expensive ones out there, but even then, 140 USD per set was a little too much. Regardless of that, I still decided to give the company a try. I just hoped that the quality I would receive would justify the costs. Sometimes, it’s better to pay a bit more to get higher quality hair.

The problem I have with Glam Seamless is that they weren’t transparent in their pricing.

On the website, it was written that this payment was inclusive of shipping charges. However, I later found out I had to pay a big amount in duty fees too. All in all, the extensions from Glam Seamless kept getting more and heavier on the pocket.

The Website and the Buying Process

The Glam Seamless website was pretty much the standard e-commerce website. Nothing remarkable or worthy of a special mention. Everything was sorted into pages and there were some good images and descriptions available for the products. The company has one of the nicest website I’ve seen in this industry.

By the way, they also had a decent product range with a lot of emphases placed on their tape in extensions variety. Apart from that, the buying and checkout process was simple and soon enough I had my order finalized. I should mention here though that I did not receive the confirmatory email for my order for quite a bit after I had placed m order. This delay and inefficiency continued even later during the shipping process. As I talk in detail below, the shipping alone took 3 whole weeks!

Shipping and Duty Fees

This was the part where Glam Seamless performed really poorly.

Glam Seamless does not give their customers the option to choose their desired shipping and courier service.

Instead, the hair company simply assigns your order to any one of their preferred delivery services.

In my case, my package was delivered by DHL. This was my first experience with them and I must say I wasn’t exactly pleased. I don’t know whether it was DHL who was at fault here or whether I should blame the hair company.

Either way, I wasn’t happy with the shipping process of my Glam Seamless order.

There were 2 problems: I was charged duty fees and the I discovered that the prices listed on their website was actually in USD$, so I ended up paying more since I thought it was in CAD$.

This a big problem and let me explain you why:

I never heard of Glam Seamless before. I did not google them. I did not search for them.

Instead, the opposite was true. Glam Seamless searched for new customers by advertising heavily to Canadians.

By advertising their website to Canadians, Glam Seamless should have done the following:

  1. Automatically convert the prices into Canadian dollars just like Luxy Hair or mention that the prices on the website are in USD
  2. Include duty fees at checkout just like Beautylish

But they don’t do this. Instead, they advertise to Canadians and when we do buy, we’re negatively surprised by many hidden fees!

This is what really pisses me off. It’s because it’s Glam Seamless who solicited me into buying their hair extensions by heavily advertising in Canada. 

But they fail to mention that their prices are in USD$ and that we will be charged duty fees.

So I thought I was paying $140, I ended up paying TWICE!

It really isn’t hard to exclude Canadians from their marketing campaigns. Why on earth would they show their ads to Canadians, and then omit to mention that the prices are in USD, shipping will be long, and you’ll have to pay 50% duty fees?

They are the ones who were searching for me and trying to convince me. They are the ones responsible for ensuring that their Canadian customers to whom they advertise heavily are well-informed prior to making a purchase. But Glam Seamless failed to do so. So my nightmare begins now:

Shipping alone took 3 whole weeks! I find a waiting period of 21 days an outrageously long time just to receive my order.

As if this wasn’t enough, upon receiving my order I was informed that I also had to pay $70 in duty fees.

glam seamless hair extensions reviews

There was no mention of this fee in the e-receipt I got from the company or during the checkout process on Glam Seamless’ website. Considering that my order total was around $140, I found it unbelievable that I had to pay an extra 50 percent off my order to DHL in order to receive my order.

To make things worse, the prices on the website were listed in USD. But there are no mention of that! I learned this by looking at my credit card statement.

I honestly find it unbelievable that they’d list their prices in USD without any mention of that… and then advertise heavily to Canadians! Either automatically convert your prices into Canadian dollars whenever you advertise to us, or simply exclude us from your marketing campaigns!

Don’t solicit us if you’re going to surprise us by making us pay literally TWICE what we were expecting!

This was by far, the worst experience I have ever had with any online retailer in my life. The company advertises heavily to Canadians and despite that, they conveniently failed to mention that they will be charging us with such high duty fees and that the prices are listed in USD.

So with all the hidden fees, I ended up paying $270 instead of $140. TWICE AS MUCH!

And when you compare them to Bellami Hair, who don’t even charge any duty fees, I find that purchasing hair extensions from Glam Seamless is totally unnecessary and a waste of money, since you have much better options that don’t rip you off with such staggering duty fees!

Bombay Hair at least ships from Canada, so that could also be a better option than Glam Seamless!

Hair Quality – Glam Seamless Review

Considering I had paid $270 for 1 set of 14″ tape in hair extensions from Glam Seamless if you count the duty tax too, I had at least hoped that the hair quality would be good.

Unfortunately, I found out that not only were the extensions overpriced, they were also of very poor quality for the price you pay.

glam seamless hair reviews

review hair extensions glam seamless glam seamless tape extensions

I did not like the tape in extensions I got from Glam Seamless at all. The hair isn’t thick, the hair color is botched with a lot of white hair strands and orange hair strands, and the extensions were melting when I was using a flat iron.

reviews glam seamless tape in extensions glam seamless review color brown

Already one set is never enough for a full head but seeing how thin the hair extensions from Glam Seamless were, I was truly disappointed. If you wish to read more in details about my experience with the hair quality of Glam Seamless, click here. The botched up dye on the hair extensions was really unfortunate. It was almost next to impossible for me to use these extensions as they were. This combined with an uneven top to bottom distribution and the fact that the hair wasn’t as thick as I had expected, I think it is safe to say, that I was truly disappointed with my order from Glam Seamless.

galm seamless tape in quality hair

As I explained before, I had ordered these hair extensions for a customer of mine. When I showed them to her, she shared my disappointment and wasn’t happy with the extensions at all. Fortunately, though, with some luck and effort, I managed to install the hair extensions in such a way that she went away relatively happy.

I also noticed that the hair wasn’t as strongly bonded to the tapes as they should have been.

glam seamless reviews tape in hair extensions review (8)

glam seamless reviews

I have a feeling that they will shed a lot and the little thickness they have will be lost too.

glam seamless customers reviews  tape ins glamseamless

At least, my customer won’t have to worry about her hair extensions falling out in public, since I made sure to use extra glue on the tape. That sure is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to anyone.
I also had a complaint with the tape protectors on my hair extensions. They had been misplaced and it seemed as though someone had already used them before me or that the package had been poorly packed. Either way, I didn’t have a good experience with Glam Seamless at all!

Customer Service – Glam Seamless Review

Coming to the question of Glam Seamless’ customer service, I have only one answer to that. They certainly need to improve in this department too. They had a very unhelpful customer support system and I had a bad experience with the company in this regard.

As I mentioned before, I faced an issue with my package from Glam Seamless. The tape protectors had been misplaced when I received my order. It looked like they had already been used before or that the extensions had been packed very poorly.

I contacted customer support for this issue and explained the whole matter to them.

First of all, their reply wasn’t helpful at all for me. In return to my complaint about the misplaced tape protectors, the company’s customer support personnel sent me a response that outlined their return policy. This was strange and unhelpful since my question wasn’t even about returning any product, it was about the tape protectors. And how can I return the product if it’s already opened? I obviously had to open the package to learn that the tapes were misplaced.

On a side note, they did suggest me to send the extensions to their quality inspection department. But who will pay the shipping fees to send the item over there? And then what? Will I have to repay shipping and duty fees to get back my product or a new product?

Overall, I wasn’t happy at all with this situation. I thought I’d get a good experience shopping tape ins on Glam Seamless, but I didn’t.

Final Verdict

Overall, I had a poor experience with Glam Seamless and I surely won’t be making any more purchases from them in the future. Similarly, I would also recommend you to stay away from this hair company as there is no shortage of other hair extensions companies out there that offer you a much better product at a fraction of the price you have to pay for Glam Seamless.

Did you buy any hair extensions from Glam Seamless? If yes, please do leave your review below or share your experience. I would love to read about your experience too. That way my readers and I will be able to judge whether the poor hair quality I received from Glam Seamless was an exceptional occurrence or whether that is just how the company is in terms of quality!