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In this review, I will be reviewing Glam Seamless Hair. I purchased Glam Seamless extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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I have a lot of experience with various hair companies and the hair extensions they offer. This is why I also post regular product and brand reviews for such hair companies. These reviews are completely unbiased and are not sponsored in any way. All hair extensions are purchased with my own money. I feel this is important to say, because many reviews out there are sponsored by the hair extension company in question… especially when it comes to YouTube reviews! This is pretty obvious when the “reviewer” encourages you to buy from the company he or she is reviewing. The reviewer will even have “exclusive” coupons that can be redeemed on the hair extension company’s website. It’s even funny when the coupon has the name of the reviewer in it. Because this means that the company sponsoring the fake review created a coupon for that “reviewer”. Don’t be fooled by fake online reviews. Hair Shop Reviews is a website dedicated in gathering honest and unbiased reviews. As a hairdresser that was scammed countless times by hair extensions retailers, I feel it’s my duty to start publishing honest hair extensions reviews.

My latest experience with purchasing hair extensions was from a US-based hair company by the name of Glam Seamless. As a Canadian, I prefer to buy from local Canadian vendors. However, I did not know that Glam Seamless was a US company. After all… they advertise heavily to Canadians! I kept seeing their Facebook ads on my newsfeed on a daily basis.

As always, I have posted a separate, general review for Glam Seamless which talks about the hair company’s website, customer support, pricing, return policy and product ranges in detail. This review though is specifically about the tape in extensions I purchased from Glam Seamless. In other words, I’ll be reviewing the actual hair quality used in Glam Seamless hair.If you would like to know more about Glam Seamless as a company and their customer service in general, then you can click here to read the general review for this company.

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Glam Seamless Hair Quality Review

Glam Seamless was an extremely overpriced company for hair extensions. I just hoped that the hair quality would justify the very high prices. But even in this department, Glam Seamless failed to deliver quality. The hair quality was very low for the price I had paid. You can easily get similar hair quality for a much lesser amount. In fact, I think you can even get better hair quality from some hair companies such as Bombay Hair for a lesser amount. I had a much better experience with Bombay Hair than Glam Seamless… and I didn’t pay anywhere close to the amount I paid Glam Seamless. I also had a great experience with Babe Things in terms of both pricing and hair quality. The tape ins I purchased from Babe Things, were by far the best tape in extensions I have ever used.

Hair texture and color

As far as the texture of the hair is concerned, it wasn’t as silky or smooth as I had expected. Instead, it was obvious that the hair used for making these hair extensions was of low quality and had been chemically processed more than once. They were a little dry and weren’t shiny like I had hoped they would be.

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These extensions were falsely advertised as $140. To learn more about why the price was inaccurate, please click here to read my general review about the company. Long story short: the company advertises to Canadians. In other words, they solicited Canadians into buying from their websites by heavily advertising on Facebook and Google. However, nowhere on the website does the company mention that the prices are listed in USD. So we Canadians are misled. Even worse, the company billed me 50% duty fees. So I ended up paying twice more than I anticipated: 270$. I learned this by looking at my credit card statement and seeing a different amount than on Glam Seamless checkout page and by being forced to pay a duty fee to DHL in order to get what I already paid for. This is dishonest from Glam Seamless. They should instead not advertise to Canadians or alternatively inform us that the prices are in USD & we will be charged duty fees.

Therefore, the $270 extensions I bought turned out to be the most overpriced extensions I ever purchased in my life. Keep in mind I’m a hairdresser and therefore I’ve purchased lot of extensions.

For the high price I paid, could have purchased a much better hair quality from some other retailer. The tape in extensions I had purchased was in #2 shade, which is brown, but the set I received had a very botched up dye job. The shade wasn’t consistent throughout the set and there were a lot of white and orange strands in it. These were even worse than the brown #4 color hair extensions I had received from Luxy Hair.

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Hair Thickness and Distribution

The tape in extensions I received from Glam Seamless was divided into ten wefts. This is a good thing because this way you can install the extensions in whatever way is most suitable for you and your head’s shape and natural hair density. Tape ins are indeed one of the best way to get long hair if you wish to wear extensions permanently (and if you have the budget!)

On the downside though, the hair extensions didn’t have a good top to bottom distribution. The hair wasn’t distributed evenly which was why it was hard for me to get an even and well balanced final look after putting on the tape in extensions from Glam Seamless. And contrary to Babe Things, the tape ins were quite thin at the bottom. When using hair extensions, a thick, voluminous finish is one of the most important element, so I was very disappointed when I see how thin the tape ins from Glam Seamless were at the bottom. To get a full head of such thin extensions, it would be necessary to get at least 3 or 4 sets but seeing how expensive each set of tape ins from Glam Seamless were, this surely makes it very hard. Just like Bellami Hair and Luxy Hair, the top to bottom ratio in terms of thickness was very bad. Cashmere Hair and Irresistible Me do a much better job!

Adhesiveness and Tape Protectors

Now, let us talk about the tape protectors. The tapes are obviously one of the most important parts of tape in extensions, so I had expected that this part at least would be of good quality. I thought that since tape ins are like a specialty of Glam Seamless, they would have good tape quality. Unfortunately, I was in for another disappointment. The tapes on the tape ins I received were nothing short of a mess!

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The tape ins I received were divided into 10 wefts. Half of these wefts didn’t even have tape protectors installed on them properly and as a result, the adhesive glue had dried out or had been wiped off on the plastic packaging of the extensions. Because of this, when I tried to use the tape in extensions, they weren’t sticking to my hair as they should.
This is a very annoying problem!

One of the worst nightmares for anyone using hair extensions is that the hair extensions might come off in public.

That’s exactly what happened when I used Bombay Hair tape ins on my customer. I was hopeful that with Glam Seamless, we’d have a different outcome taking into account the company seems to be specialized in tape ins. However, with Glam Seamless’ tape in hair extensions, this wasn’t just a possibility, but a certainty: The tape ins were not sticking well at all!

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So, needless to say, I was quite disappointed. I contacted the customer support of Glam Seamless, but they weren’t exactly helpful. I have talked more about this later in this article.

Resistance to Heat

Lastly, in terms of the quality of the hair extensions, I had another issue with the quality. The poor quality of the hair was apparent once again when I applied heat to them. I used a flat iron on the hair extensions and immediately I could smell them burning. Some of the strands had burnt and melted. This is quite common for quite a few brands of hair extensions but considering the high price I had paid for this set of tape ins, I found this low quality of hair to be extremely unacceptable. Apart from some of the strands burning and melting, I even noticed that the ends of the extensions looked frayed and damaged after being subjected to heat. So basically, because the hair extensions from Glam Seamless aren’t heat resistant, you can’t style them using any hair styling tool that uses heat. Also, Glam Seamless hair extensions shed a lot, definitely more than average.

My Experience with customer support

I believe that for any online retailers, it is highly important for them to offer good customer support that is both efficient and helpful. I was hoping that Glam Seamless would be able to redeem themselves in my eyes by having a good customer support system, However, I was disappointed once again. The customer support department of Glam Seamless wasn’t helpful at all.

As I have mentioned above, half of the wefts that I received did not have any tape protectors on the tapes. Because of this, the tapes were no longer adhesive and when I installed them on my head, they kept coming off.

In light of this issue, I contacted the hair company’s customer support via email. I told them that some of the tape protectors on the product I had received were missing. I had received a damaged or faulty product. I even sent pictures with the email to help them better understand the issue.

However, they weren’t helpful. First of all, it took time before I received an answer. And when they replied to me, they told me that I could opt for one of the following two alternatives.

  1. The first option was that I could return the faulty tape in extensions but only if they would meet Glam Seamless’ return policy.
  2. The second option was to send the tape ins I had received to Glam Seamless’ quality inspection department.

I obviously couldn’t return the hair extensions since I had already opened the package. That was quite obvious in my email and the pictures I attached. But Glam Seamless’ return policy states that products can only be returned if their packages are unopened. But of course, I had to open the package since the only way to touch and feel the hair is to actually open the package itself and therefore voiding any possibilities of returns. Glam Seamless should either relax their return policy to accept returned products that are in unused conditions (especially when it’s a defective product) instead of only accepting unopened packages. Otherwise, they should include a test strand so that their customers can test out the hair quality and color without having to open the package.

The other option, namely that of sending the tape ins to Glam Seamless’ quality inspection department, was also not a feasible one since that would mean I would have to pay for the shipping fees again. It’s expensive to ship from Canada and I clearly remembered how much I had to pay for these extensions, especially the $70 duty fee. I was not about to incur those fees again. Additionally, it wasn’t clear what would happen afterwards.

So, basically, I didn’t have any other option. These were the only two options I had, but I couldn’t follow either of them. And even if I had opted for one of the two options, what then? Would Glam Seamless send new hair? If they did, would that mean that I had received a bad batch? That would be really worrisome that I had received a defective item. And even if it would be replaced, I assume I’d have to pay the shipping fees and the 50% duty fee? Because of this, I preferred to not move forward with the return and just take the loss.

On the good side, Glam Seamless answered me… whereas Bombay Hair literally ignored me when I sent an email.

As of now, I can confidently say that most hair extensions company suck at customer service. The companies that give the best customer service so far are Luxy Hair, Canada Hair, Irresistible Me, Cashmere Hair, and Foxy Locks. All the others are very bad!

I’ve also noticed that Glam Seamless has some bad online reviews.

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glam seamless hair extensions bad review

General thoughts about the website

Although I already covered my general experience shopping on Glam Seamless in my other article, I’ll be outlining some key factors in this post.

Before placing an order with Glam Seamless, I wanted to test out their website. All in all, it was all good in that department. The website was built nicely. Nothing over the top, or too remarkable, but it does the job. It was easy for me to navigate and find the products I needed.

Now, let’s talk about the product range offered by Glam Seamless. At first glance, it looks like the hair company only offers tape in extensions. That’s how much the company had promoted the tape in hair extensions. But if you take the time to browse through all the categories, you will find that Glam Seamless also offers other types of hair extensions, albeit in lesser variety as compared to tape in extensions.

When the time came to add products to my shopping cart, I decided to go with tape in extensions since Glam Seamless seemed to specialize in those. I figured that since the company is promoting this particular type of hair extensions, these must be the ones they make the best. So, instead of experimenting with other types of hair extensions, I purchased a set of tape in extensions. The color I chose was brown #2 with a hair length of 14 inches.

I made this choice, primarily because of how much Glam Seamless had advertised their tape in extensions. Otherwise, I prefer to clip in hair extensions as I feel that they are a much more customizable option and are easier to install yourself. On top of this, tape in extensions is usually more expensive than the other types of hair extensions.

Pricing information

When it comes to pricing, I found Glam Seamless to be rather overpriced. The set of tape in hair extensions I ordered had a hefty price tag of $140. Now, I understand that tape in extensions is usually some of the most expensive types of hair extensions available, but even then, $140 seemed a little too much to me. You can get a really decent set of hair extensions for a fraction of that price. Moreover, in order to get a full head of hair, especially if you have fine hair, then you need more than one set of extensions. So, it really isn’t a feasible option to buy multiple sets of such highly priced hair extensions. Regardless, I still went ahead with the purchase because I was hoping that at this price, I would receive a good quality of hair extensions. Keep in mind that the advertised price by Glam Seamless is 100% false. You’ll end up paying twice. More on this later…

The buying process

I finished the buying process and confirmed my order. Glam Seamless offered the standard payment options and the checkout process was also similar to what you see in just about every e-commerce website. I finalized my order and received a confirmatory email soon enough which contained the details of the hair extensions I had ordered and the price etc.

A Discrepancy in Pricing Information Provided

Apart from the observation that the hair extensions offered by Glam Seamless were a bit overpriced, up till now, I was having an okay experience with Glam Seamless, but things started to go downhill after this point. As I have already mentioned, the price mentioned on the company’s website for the hair extensions I had selected was $140. The same price was mentioned during the checkout process and later on, in the confirmatory email, I received.

Nowhere on the website was it mentioned that the dollar signs $ were referring to US dollars. It is a standard practice to mention USD or CAD etc. in front of the prices to remove any confusion if the price is in a different currency than the currency of the country that the customer is visiting the website from. But this was not the case with Glam Seamless. I went ahead with the purchase thinking that the price quoted was in Canadian dollars but actually, it was US dollars. This meant I was actually charged around $200 CAD! The worst part is that the hair company had not clarified it at any point during the buying process. I only found this out when I received the credit card statement.

I had already thought $140 was a little too much for a set of tape in hair extensions, so you can imagine how frustrated I was when I found out that I had actually been charged $200 for it. However, it was already too late for me to do anything about it except wait for the product to be delivered. I was still hoping that the hair quality would justify the outrageously high prices that Glam Seamless was charging for their tape in hair extensions.

Shipping and Courier Service

Now let’s move on to the shipping time and courier service provider. My parcel from Glam Seamless was delivered by DHL. I don’t have a lot of experience with this courier service, so I don’t know if they were a good choice or not. But I was rather disappointed that the hair company doesn’t give its customers the freedom to choose their preferred courier service provider. My tape in hair extensions from Glam Seamless was finally delivered after a rather long shipping period.

More Unpleasant Surprises

It seemed that I was in for yet another unpleasant surprise when my package was finally delivered. I was informed that I needed to pay an additional $70 before I could receive my parcel. When I enquired why I was being charged again, I was informed that these are the duty fees. Needless to say, I was rather shocked that Glam Seamless was charging such high duty fees. I understand that most international vendors charge duty fees, but $70 is too much. I have prior experience with purchasing hair extensions from other hair companies that are based outside Canada such as Bellami Hair and Luxy Hair. With Bellami Hair I didn’t have to pay any duty fees while with Luxy Hair, I had to pay $20 in duty fees for a product priced at $200. That’s like 10 percent of the total as duty fees. So, I couldn’t understand why I had to pay so much more for duty fees to Glam Seamless. Almost 50 percent of my total bill. Other US retailers that don’t charge any duty fees include Cashmere Hair and Irresistible Me and Bellami Hair.

So, all in all, I ended up paying almost twice the amount I had expected when I had placed my order for Glam Seamless. Instead of $140, I paid $270! I found this to be highly unfair and deceitful from the company. They should have been more open about the currency they were using and the outrageously high duty fees.

Let me be very clear: I did not search for Glam Seamless. I’ve never heard of this company before. No one introduced me to Glam Seamless.

Instead, Glam Seamless advertised to ME! They are the one who solicited me by heavily advertising their website to Canadians.

Why don’t they exclude Canadians from their advertisements if we’ll end up paying twice more without prior notifications? Alternatively, they could copy Luxy Hair and automatically convert the prices into Canadian dollars. Or how about clearly informing us that the prices are in USD and that we will be charged duty fees?

glam seamless hair review

It’s very dishonest from Glam Seamless to advertise to Canadians if they aren’t going to be transparent about the pricing system for Canadians. I literally paid twice more than I anticipated.

Seeing how, Glam Seamless, advertises their company and their products heavily in Canada, it is not an unreasonable request to expect them to change the currency to CAD when someone from Canada visits their website or to at least specify somewhere that the currency being used in US dollars. Again, I would give the example of Luxy Hair as one of those many US hair companies, that automatically change the currency to CAD for visitors from Canada. If Glam Seamless can’t do this, then they should at least specify the currency they are using or simply limit the audience for their advertisements and marketing campaigns to US residents. Because the bottom line is that when Canadians end up having to pay approximately double for a product than the amount initially advertised, these advertisements should not be displayed to Canadians or the retailer should indicate on their website the currency being used and mention the possibility of paying duty fees.

Final Verdict

I think by now, you have already noticed, that I was not happy with my purchase and experience with Glam Seamless at all. The hair quality was not acceptable and on top of that, the hair extensions were priced ridiculously high. The hair company’s customer support didn’t impress me either. In the future, I will make sure I stay well away from Glam Seamless.

This was a full narration of my experience with Glam Seamless and the tape in hair extensions I had purchased from them. I would also love to find out about your experience with this hair company. If you have purchased or used any products by Gam Seamless, do let us know how your experience was. And if you want to read my general review of the company then you can click here.