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Hair extensions have now become increasingly popular and it is not surprising at all. They offer a highly convenient way to add a bit of volume and length to your hair or to experiment with different colors and styles without having to commit to getting your hair dyed or cut.

Fortunately, for all of you who share my love for hair extensions, there are tons of online stores that sell hair extensions. These stores vary in all aspects such as quality and price etc. I have tried almost all of them because my association with hair extensions started long before they became popular. Moreover, as a hairdresser and a certified hair extensions technician, I also install hair extensions for my customers.

Hair Extension Sale Back in 2009

One such online store for hair extensions is Hair Extension Sale. For anyone who is new to the world of hair extensions, they might not be familiar with this company, however, for someone like me, I have often purchased hair extensions from them. I first started purchasing hair extensions from Hair Extension Sale back in 2009. Back then, they were only very limited options for online shopping. And when it came to purchasing such a niche product such as hair extensions online, Hair Extension Sale was more or less the only available option that I was aware of. On top of this, back in 2009, since there weren’t too many online stores available for any niche, the delivery and courier systems weren’t as clogged as they are now. As a result, even though the products from Hair Extension Sale were shipped from China, I would receive them within one or two weeks. My experience with the hair extensions I received from Hair Extension Sale back then was fairly good. There would usually be some small issue with the products or with the shipping, but overall, I was quite happy with what I was getting from them.

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Branching Out to Other Hair Companies

Eventually, many other online stores entered the world of hair extensions. I started experimenting with them. Now, I can say with confidence that I have tried almost all of them. Not just the big names but also the smaller companies and brands that aren’t too mainstream at the moment. Due to a large number of options now available to me, I had stopped purchasing more hair extensions from Hair Extension Sale.

Giving Hair Extension Sale Another Try

However, recently, I decided to return to Hair Extension Sale and order a set of hair extensions from them. I was hoping that in the past few years, they would have improved even more. Or at least maintained the standard they had back in 2009. However, I was in for a disappointment. If I was to compare Hair Extension Sale now with all the other hair companies that sell hair extensions, I can safely say that Hair Extensions Sale performs much more poorly than every single one of them.

That might sound like a big claim, but I have a good reason to make this claim. I said this because I feel that Hair Extension Sale is no longer in business the way they were before. What I mean to say is that although their website is still active, and everything seems to be just the way it was before, it seems like they don’t ship out products anymore. However, they do still receive payments from customers who make the mistake of purchasing from them. Whether they will deliver your products to you in return is not confirm. Now, this might sound extremely strange to you, but it is true. Hair Extension Sale is a scam. I feel that they aren’t being exactly transparent with their customers and people should practice caution before deciding to make any purchase from them because there is no guarantee that your products will be shipped even after you have paid for them.

My Bizarre Experience with Hair Extension Sale

The reason I found this out was that I recently made a purchase from Hair Extension Sale. Because of my past experience with the hair company, I had no reason to be suspicious. The website looked active and seemed to be getting visitors too. The website also had active promotions on it. It also seemed like the website had been updated since the last time I was here. So, I selected the product I needed, namely a set of micro loop hair extensions and checked out. For payment, I selected credit card and paid for my purchase.

It was after this that things took a turn for the worse. I noticed that I hadn’t received a confirmatory email from Hair Extension Sale to confirm that my order had been placed. In most online stores, the confirmatory emails are generated automatically, so they only take a few seconds to arrive in your mailbox after you have placed an order. But with Hair Extension Sale, I didn’t receive any confirmatory email. However, I wasn’t too worried at that point. I figured that maybe the website was having some technical issues or there was some other reason for the delay.

Soon enough though, I realized that I had forgotten to use a voucher I had for Hair Extension Sale. I went back to their website and found a contact form there. I filled it out with the request that the company redeem my voucher and then adjust my bill accordingly. The hair company should have received an email when I submitted the contact form. However, I didn’t receive any reply from Hair Extension Sale in response to my email. Again, I thought that maybe the website wasn’t functioning properly which was why the company hadn’t received my email or had been unable to reply. So, I filled out the contact form again and submit it once more. Once again, I was met with complete radio silence. No response whatsoever from Hair Extension Sale. Just like Bombay Hair, the company was ignoring me. However, with Bombay Hair, they ignored me when I complained about the tape ins. But with Hair Extension Sale, they were ignoring me even when I was asking for a simple request… such as redeeming a coupon!

I figured that there must be some other way to contact the company apart from the contact form since that didn’t seem to be doing any good. I looked on their website for any other method to communicate with Hair Extension Sale, but I didn’t find anything. So, I searched for the company online and I found one email address. It was I sent them multiple emails on this email address but again there was no response from the hair company. I mentioned my request for the voucher as well as some other queries but there was never any response. I checked my email inbox folder and also the spam folder in case the email had ended up there, but there was no email from Hair Extension Sale anywhere.


I wasn’t even complaining about anything. I was literally asking them to redeem a coupon I forgot to use during checkout.

Obviously, by now, I was starting to worry. It had been more than a week since I had placed my order and since then all of my attempts to communicate with the company had failed. Initially, I had only wanted them to redeem the voucher, but now more than that, I was now wondering whether my order had even been placed. I checked my credit card statement and sure enough, I had already been charged for the hair extensions. The amount that I had been charged was the same as I had seen on the checkout page on the company’s website, but the name of the company listed on the statement was not Hair Extension Sale. Instead, the business name listed was just ‘PayPal Store’.

Why keep the website live then? It seems the company is closed but keeps taking payments. This is literally the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had shopping online.

How PayPal Helped Me Resolve the Case

For this who are not familiar with this, ‘PayPal Store’ is just the generic name that PayPal uses when the business name is not configured in the merchant’s PayPal account. But the strange part is that I hadn’t even used PayPal. I had paid through my credit card. This sure was getting confusing by then. I realized that the company doesn’t communicate with you at all. Not when you buy, when you send an email, or when your product ships (if it ever ships!). Tell then, my products hadn’t been shipped since I hadn’t even received an email to confirm my order yet.

Now, I know that you can open PayPal cases if and when you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, but in my case, I don’t have a PayPal account. I had simply paid with my credit card. However, judging from the business name listed on my credit card statement, I had a feeling that my transaction had been processed by PayPal instead. I called PayPal’s support department and explained the whole situation to them. I told them that I had purchased hair extensions 10 days ago, but I never received a shipping confirmation email and that all attempts to communicate with the company had been ignored. Fortunately for me, it turned out that I could request PayPal to open this case even though I don’t have a PayPal account and I had actually paid through my credit card. They asked me for my credit card number, the total amount I had made a purchase for and the date of the transaction. Using this information that I provided them with, PayPal was able to locate my transaction and was even able to identify the product I had ordered!

By then, I was hopeful that this strange case would be resolved. The representative from PayPal told me that they had contacted Hair Extension Sale and now they needed to wait for the company to respond. If Hair Extension Sale did not give any response to PayPal for 10 days, the case would be closed automatically, and I would be refunded the money I had already paid.

Taking into account how the company ignored all my emails, I thought they’d ignore PayPal as well. Perhaps the company isn’t even active! In other words, Hair Extension Sale is CLOSED but the website is still live and payments are still being processed.

What keeps making this story even more bizarre, is that Hair Extension Sale only responded to PayPal on the very last day of this 10-day period. So they ignored me for now 2 weeks… but answered PayPal on the last day of the deadline.

The hair company then provided PayPal with a tracking number to track my order. PayPal then communicated this tracking number to me. By now, I was really confused. Why didn’t Hair Extension Sale ever confirmed that they had received my order or that my product was being shipped out to me? Moreover, why did they ignore my emails repeatedly? This company doesn’t communicate but ended up actually shipping something according to the tracking number.

It took numerous ignored emails and a PayPal dispute to get Hair Extensions Sale to even respond and then ship my order. Fortunately, for me, PayPal still closed the case in my favor, and I was refunded the full amount I had paid to Hair Extension Sale. So will I get my order? I have absolutely no idea to be honest with you.

Hair Extension Sale was literally the most bizarre experience I had shopping online. I should have looked at the reviews and not trust the experience I had with them a decade ago. I swear, this company used to be great 10 years ago. What the heck happened? Why are they ignoring customers? Just look at all the bad reviews this company have:

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Finally, after waiting for 40 days since the time I had placed my order, I received my order from Hair Extension Sale!!!! Can you believe it? I was sure this company would ship nothing taking into account how they ignored me multiple times. It took them 20 days and a PayPal dispute to process it, and another 20 days to have it delivered to my house! I am completely speechless. This company is very strange!

Final Verdict

I had a most inconvenient experience with Hair Extension Sale. It seems like they are now no longer in business, but they are still accepting order and payments. But they aren’t that punctual with delivering the products. So, unless you are willing to open up a PayPal dispute and keep chasing after the hair company to process your order, I would advise against purchasing anything from Hair Extension Sale. Moreover, considering that the hair quality they offered wasn’t exceptionally good, you can easily find such hair extensions or maybe even better-quality hair extensions easily from other online stores.

This was just my general review of the hair company Hair Extension Sale. If you would like to find out more about the hair extensions I had received from them or have questions about the hair quality offered by Hair Extension Sale, you can click here to read my detailed review of the micro loop hair extensions I purchased from Hair Extension Sale.

If you have made any purchase from Hair Extension Sale, please do share your reviews. I would love to know whether this lack of communication or delay was only a one-time occurrence or have others also experienced something similar.