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Hey everyone, I am back with another review, so you guys won’t have to go through the struggles of unsatisfactory hair extensions shopping experiences. You can take a look at the list of reviews that I have posted before. The detailed reviews explain every aspect of the order, from ordering to shipping, delivery to the product review. With the help of my reviews, you can decide if the respective product is the ideal option for you or not. Before I start this new hair extension review, I would like to thank all people who read and appreciate my blog posts. It takes a lot of money and time to buy and form a review on a single product. It encourages me to do better for you all as you guys find it useful and appreciate it when it helps you make a decision. All my investment and hard work pay off when I get a positive response from my readers. So, I thank you all again for all the love and support!! As for the ones asking me which hair extensions are the best, it really depends on many things but I’ve put together this list of my favorite hair extensions brands

Now on to the review; today, we will be talking about the hair extensions and wigs by the very famous brand, In H Hair. This hair extension and wig brand was first founded in 2018 by the employees of Color Pop, which is a famous makeup brand.  The talented employees gathered together to create this hair extension and wig brand, In H Hair.

in h hair review

There is a funny story on how I had discovered this brand and decided to post a review about one of their products. I was randomly scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across this ad by an influencer. The ad had mentioned something about clip-on bangs, and this caught my attention. The Instagram had a text written all over by the influencer, something along the lines of “clip-on bangs by In H Hair here.” This had me wondering if the influencer had made a typo while typing out the ad’s text. I thought she must have just copy/pasted the text without checking for spelling mistakes. Curiosity got the best of me, and I instantly clicked on the tagged link to see if this was the brand’s name. When the ad redirected me to the brand’s online website, I found out that In H Hair was their original brand name. I don’t want to sound picky, but In H Hair’s name wasn’t the best option for a hair extensions and wigs brand. It seemed quite confusing, leading me to make tons of typos and mistakes when searching for the brand online on Google. Most brands opt for easily pronounced and catchy brand names such as Luxy Hair or Bellami Hair. The tricky brand defeated the purpose of remembering the brand name to search it up again. But hey, what do I know right? Perhaps there’s some genius marketing behind this that I’m unaware of. Maybe In H Hair did this on purpose, so that we start talking together about how confusing the brand name is (just like we’re doing now!)

Anyway, I visited the website and scrolled through on a good minute only to go for the product they advertised the most; their ponytails. Their exclusive ponytails were all over the website and on their social media platforms. I finally decided that this ponytail would be the first product to post a review about from this website. After checking the specifications and details, I finally ordered their ponytail Brit in the shade Jet Black.

Before I get into the product’s details and my experience with In H Hair, I would like to confirm that any brand or company does not sponsor this review. All of the details and points mentioned here are based on my personal experience with the hair extension and wig brand. The ponytail that I got from In H hair was bought from my own money. It means that everything you will now read is my personal opinion or experience, without any alteration. I will be referring to the brand by its real name, In H Hair, to avoid any confusion and misunderstandings.

Purchasing Experience

Let’s move on to the purchasing experience.

The company some bad reviews:

But it also has tons of positive reviews

Here I will tell you all about the website, the buying process, and much more in detail.


I’ll start with the website, which was reasonably easy to use, and the layout was pretty simple. I could easily navigate through the menu, pages, and collections and select the item that I had desired. I explored the entire website with detail and interest; I even found out that the FAQ page was well explained and had all the questions answered correctly. The FAQ page was not only easy to read, but it also had all of the information a new customer would need to understand the tips and tricks. The website answered all the commonly asked questions there. The website also featured a couple of blogs that helped me know how to use hair extensions or wigs. The blogs explained all a newbie would want to get started with the hair extensions and wigs available on the website.

One thing that bothered me a little when I was first browsing through the website was the pictures they had posted. The website was filled with images of famous influencers who had tried out their products and shown what they look like after wearing them. It felt like the influencers were the main focus of their website. Again, this is my personal opinion; this was distracting as there were no pictures of the general customers shown using the items from In H Hair. Images of other customers would have shown the real and unfiltered experience. Posting the pictures of influencers only, made it seem like they were just sponsored posts. For instance, websites like Cashmere Hair or USA Hair are rare websites that do not post pictures of influencers using their products. Instead, they show the results from the general customers who have used their products. You can see ordinary people like you and me wearing hair extensions or wigs. Using the same technique can help attract more customers as they see standard results and honest product reviews. On the other hand, some hair extensions companies such as Luxy Hair and Glam Seamless post all the pictures they get whether it’s from influencers or ordinary people. I would have much more enjoyed seeing regular girls like me wearing the product.

UPDATE: I wanted to update this article by saying that actually there’s tons of customers pictures on the website. It was actually at the bottom of their product pages. So I was wrong. In H Hair actually does post hundreds of real ordinary people wearing their extensions. I really enjoyed that each review was accompanied by different attributes to the customers’ hair. Each review has the customer’s hair texture, hair’s amount, and hair length. This really helps you decide which review would be the most applicable to you.

Big respect for In H Hair for not filtering negative reviews on their website. In 2021 it’s pretty obvious to know which company hides their negative reviews. When a company has no negative reviews, it’s really fishy. By seeing that In H Hair isn’t hiding their negative reviews, I can trust that their reviews are genuine. Overall each product seem to have a very good average customer rating. The product I purchased Brit ponytail had over 700 reviews and an average total score of 4.7/5 which is excellent. Again, I would like to point out how easy it is for companies to filter negative reviews. I run this website on wordpress and even I have the option of removing users’ reviews. I’m confident all e-commerce websites can do the same as well. So it’s a very positive thing that In H Hair isn’t removing bad reviews. You can therefore trust the average rating shown on their website. 


One other thing that caught my attention and was important enough to be mentioned in this review was the YouTube videos. Most of the YouTube videos posted as reviews seem to be sponsored. Even if they didn’t say that the video is funded, the special code to buy the product at a discount provided by the influencer is a traceable link given by the company. Most of the reviews seem to be sponsored, which means it was altered, and all of the details were not mentioned. Other than that, the photos posted on the website were not so helpful or descriptive. If I were someone who wasn’t sure what to buy and was having a problem getting the right shade, I would have been completely lost. In my opinion, Luxy Hair has the best pictures attached along with their products. They not only help choose the right shape, but they also show how the wig would look like after putting it on. All the pictures and information makes the whole online shopping process a whole lot easier and less stressful. In the end, I made the final purchase quickly as I already knew what I was going to buy, which is the ponytail Brit in shade Jet Black. I also used a coupon code that I found on Retailmenot “HAIRBESTIES” to get a discount.

Shipping & Delivery

Let’s talk about the shipping and delivery experience after I had ordered the product. I will be mentioning all the details and the fees that I had to pay. Keep on reading if you have dealt with extra or surprise costs, you wouldn’t it happening to you again.

Shipping Details:

In my opinion, the prices were costly. I had to spend $20.15 for the delivery, even for 7 to 21 business day’s delivery. If I wanted the quick delivery service, I would have had to pay $60 for 5 to 10 business days. I received my order in approximately nine days, which was a little late. I wanted my package to be delivered earlier, but the massive delivery fee forced me to wait and get the regular delivery service. I could not spend this large amount of money on the delivery along with the money that I had paid for the ponytail itself. But what I appreciated was that they had informed me that I would have to pay for the duty fees before I could even confirm the order. I think this was an excellent addition if I wanted to cancel the order due to the duty fees. The disclaimer helped me decided if I wanted to go ahead and confirm the purchase. If In H Hair didn’t notify me of duty fees prior to my purchase, this would have severely affected my opinion of them. For my American readers, you may not care and that’s fair. But for us Canadians, that’s the most annoying thing ever. I hate when US retailers advertise in our countries, but are not informing us of whether we may incur additional fees or not in order to receive our order. That’s totally unfair. You can’t just advertise your website to us because you really want our money, but on the other hand you don’t take the appropriate steps in informing us of any additional fees that may have just because we reside in Canada. I had this incredible frustrating experience with Glam Seamless where nowhere on their website they’d talk about duty fees, yet here they are advertising heavily to Canadians. That’s horrible business practice honestly. But In H Hair was transparent, and I was aware of the duty fees that I’d be charged and I accepted these terms. 

Other companies such as Zala Hair charge you hidden fees and if you don’t pay, you won’t get your order!

Hair Quality

Now let’s get into the details of the ponytail. As I have mentioned before, I ordered the ponytail Brit in the shade Jet Black by In H Hair. When I received the order, I wasted no time and got right into it. I opened the package and analyzed the ponytail extensions correctly. What I could gather from the inspection was that the ponytail extensions was made out of synthetic hair. Even when I searched around the In H Hair website, I noticed that they made all of the ponytails out of synthetic hair. Just like I mentioned before, there was an ad about their ponytails that they had been promoting a lot, which is why I decided to choose it. The ad had also claimed that the synthetic used in making their products is finer and stronger than the usual synthetic hair. They offered a high-quality ponytail, better than the common ones sold online. In H Hair also stated that they made their synthetic hair out of Japanese synthetic fiber. This point had made me feel very curious about the Japanese synthetic fiber, so after a bit of research, what I gathered was that it makes the hair look and feel super realistic, just like the human hair.

However, it is recommended that you don’t use heat or styling tools on this ponytail. On to the ponytail’s texture and quality, when I first touched the ponytail and brushed my fingers through the strand, I could already tell how soft and beautiful this ponytail is. This ponytail style was my favorite out of all the other ponytails available on the website by In H Hair. In my opinion, I think I made the right choice by choosing this specific style and texture. The synthetic hair ponytail felt very real to the touch, almost like natural human hair; the ponytail even looked realistic and shiny. I thought about spraying on a little bit of dry shampoo so the ponytail could look and feel more like human hair. Keep in mind that most retailers offering synthetic hairpieces use cheap synthetic hair. I don’t know what the name for that would be. But I noticed many times that synthetic hair extensions just suck and doesn’t look real at all. It feels like Barbie hair that’s why most of us prefer human hair. I think synthetic hair gets a bad rep from people in general. But with In H Hair, I must say that their synthetic hair is really superior to anything I ever experienced. I’d usually wouldn’t recommend synthetic hair unless you’re going to wear the extensions only one time. But in the case of In H Hair, all I can say is WOW. Their synthetic hair is better than some hair extensions companies’ HUMAN hair. Furthermore, the ponytail’s length was very satisfying; it was long enough to create a hairstyle that consisted of a long ponytail. The texture was smooth and straight, and wavy on end, perfect for the ponytail to look realistic and natural. I was impressed by the ponytail’s overall style; from the texture to the style, it looked gorgeous.

Do you know what the best part was? The thickness of the hair was consistent from top to bottom. I ran my hand through the ponytail multiple times to see if there was a defect, but I couldn’t find any. Most ponytail extensions tend to have thinner hair at the bottom, which makes the ponytail appear weak. But this ponytail by In H Hair looked very healthy and natural all over. As for the color of the ponytail extensions, the color that I had initially ordered from the website was the same as the one I had received. The jet back color was not faded from any spot and looked precisely on the website.

I read an article on how to wear the ponytail the right way and followed the relatively easy steps.

 I had to loop my hair through the ponytail extension and wrap the attached band to secure the ponytail in place. I had to use my bobby pins to keep my ponytail in the right place and prevent it from opening or messing up. I was pretty satisfied by the outcome, and I was happy with the way it looks on my hair. I have to say, I have worn it a couple of times now, and I am not disappointed with how it makes my ponytail look super healthy and well-maintained. I even got tons of compliments when I wore this ponytail extension outside. The package consisted of the ponytail extension by In H Hair and a couple of bobby pins to help set the ponytail in place.

Negative Points

Moving on to the points that I did not like or caused me major disappointment. Despite the fact that the ponytail extension looked natural and real and felt like human hair, I experienced some tangling. I had to carry my tangle tease along with a small detangle spray just in case it got tangled again. Whenever I moved around or the weather was a little windy, the ponytail got tangled and looked like a complete mess. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the ponytail lasting as long as I expected it to. It made me feel very sad that this ponytail won’t last long as I had to pay a lot for it. The price was a lot if compared to other synthetic hair ponytail extensions.

All in all, the main question is, would I recommend it? Well, yes. I know this is confusing but I would say yes because I was satisfied by the quality and the way it looked after I put it on. But a big no because it was way too pricey for me, especially that it’s a synthetic hairpiece. If you have the money to go for it, make sure to keep the point in mind that it won’t last as long as you may think. If you are looking for an affordable ponytail extension, Bellami Hair has cheap ponytail extensions. They offer their ponytail extensions at $40, with supposedly durable and promising quality. I never tried Bellami Synthetic Ponytail extensions so I can’t tell you if it’s worth it. But if I can guess, I’ll assume that it will be somewhat cheap and you’re better off with In H Hair if you want better synthetic extensions.  In the end, all I can say is that this ponytail was too pricey for me and at this point, perhaps human hair quality would better.

Return Policy

I have to be honest here; I have decided not to order from In H Hair ever again because of their return policy. They have one of the worst return policies in the entire industry, this may sound harsh, but it is the truth from what I had experienced. The first drawback was that all the ponytails that they sell are a final sale. Even if the product is sealed and not tampered with, you cannot return the product at all. I don’t understand the purpose of putting on a safety seal over the package if you cannot return it.

Furthermore, the only products that can be returned are the clip-in extensions. And do you want to know what the worst part is? You have to ask for a refund within three days of the purchase, or they will return only 85% of your order. They will charge you’re the rest 15% as a restocking fee, just because you had asked them for a return after three days from the delivery date. I will never understand why brands or websites require you to pay the extra restocking fee like it is not their job to handle the inventory anyway. Even the biggest e-commerce website globally, Amazon, doesn’t require their customers to pay such a fee. Some brands don’t even bother you with emails and extensive procedures; they just let you return the products, with no questions asked. Of course, you have to pay for the return fee yourself, which is only fair. No hair extension brand or company pays for your return fees except for, Amazon, and to a certain extent eBay.

Customer Service

This return policy had me fuming, which lead to me contacting the customer service for more information. I had to ask them again, and I wanted complete information. To this, they finally replied, and this was the message I got in return, “Federal law does not allow returns on any hair products. But we allow our customers to return within 72 hours as a courtesy without going against federal policies.”  This made me even more confused. Almost all famous hair extension and wig brands and websites allow their customers to return the product after three days. So it is either the competitors like Bellami Hair, Luxy Hair, USA Hair, and Glam Seamless are into something illegal. They are going against the Federal Laws by allowing the customers to return their product after three days of the initial delivery. Or it’s just that In H Hair is wrong? I really don’t know! I tried googling it real quick and couldn’t find anything. I mean it’s not the end of the world because they still have a return policy in place. Some companies offer all their products as final sale. But I’m confused on why In H Hair doesn’t offer a friendlier return policy when compared to their competitors.


In the end, I would like to conclude that I was satisfied with my experience with In H Hair. The product’s quality was, without a doubt, excellent, but the prices and the return policy stopped me from ordering any product from In H Hair ever again. With that price, I’d be much more comfortable knowing I can return my order without any hassle.

So if you have enough money to buy this ponytail extension, then go for it. I think you will enjoy it. If you’re looking for cheaper and more affordable hair quality, there are other hair extensions vendors.

 hope this review guide helped you understand if In H Hair is the ideal option for you. Until then, Happy Shopping

Your Opinion Matters

This was my personal review of In H Hair’s ponytail hair extensions. Have you ever used ponytail hair extensions from In H Hair? If yes, please let us know about your experience in the comments below! Wherever possible, please upload pictures so that everyone can benefit from your review!