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Working as a professional hairdresser, I have years of experience in my field. Hair extensions have lately become a very popular hype and I absolutely fell in love with them from the first day I started working with them! I’m a professional certified in installing hair extensions as well. I believe that installing hair extensions is an art. For me, it’s one of my biggest passions.

I love how hair extensions can completely change your outlook, that too, only in a matter of hours! Of all the hair extensions I’ve experimented with, I found the clip-in hair extensions to be my favorite. These extensions are pretty easy to work with and you can never go wrong with them. Their ease of application has led me to use them multiple times on myself too. Furthermore, I love the fact that I don’t have to wear them 24/7 and can remove them whenever I feel like. This really helps me get along with my day in my regular routine because there are a few tasks that I find easier to perform when my hair extensions are removed.

When it comes to hair extensions, I’ve had experience with a lot of different hair extension brands, which puts me in the perfect position to write unbiased reviews on hair extensions. All of the reviews that I write here are entirely my reviews and are independent of anyone else’s thoughts and opinions. Moreover, I do not gain any monetary benefits by any of the hair extension companies for writing reviews, so all of my reviews are 100% honest and unbiased! Keep reading to know more about today’s review!

Irresistible Me Clip in Hair Extensions

I found out about Irresistible Me by two different sources. My first source was a very trusted and reliable friend who also uses hair extensions very frequently. She recommended me to buy these hair extensions. Apart from that, I had also heard of Irresistible Me owing to the numerous YouTube reviews of this specific company.

After reading all the online reviews, I finally decided to order hair extensions from Irresistible Me to test it for myself.

For a more general review regarding my experience with Irresistible Me, read my first review on Irresistible Me here. That review deals with my general experience while shopping at Irresistible Me. It takes into account the overall ordering procedure, ease of use of the website, affordability, delivery and customer service.

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This review is a more detailed review of the quality offered by the Clip-in hair extensions at Irresistible Me.

Irresistible Me Hair Quality

The thing about clip-in hair extensions is that you need excellent quality for them to be an actual success. The hair quality matters a lot when it comes to clip-in hair extensions. In fact, the hair quality is the top priority when it comes to any type of hair extensions because the hair quality greatly determines how the extensions will look on you. It determines the success and outlook of the hair extensions.

Although you don’t need to wear clip-in hair extensions 24/7, the quality of the hair still needs to be pretty amazing so that whenever you do wear them, no one can tell that they’re fake.
Some hair extension companies like Cashmere Hair offer amazing and high hair quality, but they’re not affordable at all and can cost you a fortune. Therefore, Cashmere Hair offers high-quality hair but only at a price that must of us can’t afford!

Therefore, we need to look for a brand that combines quality with affordability so that the average person can afford high-quality hair extensions! The good news is that such a brand exists, and I have already introduced you to it.

Yes, that’s right. Irresistible Me offers quality and affordability, two in one!

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Just like Luxy Hair & Cashmere Hair, Irresistible Me seem to focus mainly on clip-in hair extensions! However, unlike Bellami Hair, Canada Hair, and Glam Seamless, Irresistible Me doesn’t offer as wide a variety of extensions! This is both, an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s an advantage because they’re focusing on a specific type of hair extensions, which means all their energy goes into those hair extensions. This is good because such focused companies usually produce excellent hair quality!

Just like I specialize in my field of hairdressing and installing hair extensions, Irresistible Me specializes in producing clip-in hair extensions. Thankfully, Irresistible Me does, in fact, meet my expectations in this regard. They certainly have high-quality products that are highly affordable as well. The clip-ins offered by them have a higher than average quality. I’ve dealt with too many hair extension brands by now to know what the “average” quality is out there so trust me when I say that their quality is in the above-average range.

In this review, I’ll specifically be targeting and testing the hair quality offered by Irresistible Me. So, keep reading to find out more! If you want a more general review that deals with the delivery, customer service and variety offered by Irresistible Me, then click here for my other general review on Irresistible Me.

My Purchase

I purchased Royal Remy Thick Hair Clip-in hair extension in the color jet black. When my order arrived, I was pretty surprised to find out that they had such a great packaging for the hair extensions, which really gives out an impression that the brand actually cares about satisfying their customers. Only high-end brands that actually aim at delivering 100% customer satisfaction pay attention to minute details like their packaging, which may not seem like a big deal to the company itself but it wins the hearts of the customers. Well, Irresistible Me did, in fact, win my heart, and not only through their pretty packaging, but also other features that I will discuss in details below.

Only a few other companies like Bombay Hair pay attention to their packaging. Therefore, I was pretty impressed! Also, keep in mind that I don’t get impressed pretty easily because I’ve seen and worked with some of the most high-quality extensions out there! The bar is set very high!

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Hair Thickness

After opening the beautiful packaging that the hair extensions came in, the first thing I noticed about the hair extensions was their thickness. The hair extensions were thicker than the average “thick” hair extensions you get out there. On their website, Irresistible Me has three options for clip-in hair extensions: thin, regular and thick. Usually, when I order thick hair extensions from any website, they usually send in the regular ones, because their standard for thick hair is pretty low. However, at Irresistible Me, I actually got the thick hair extensions I was hoping to get!

When you compare the thickness of these hair extensions to those of other brands like Bellami Hair, Irresistible Me wins the game, without any doubt! The reason I’m focusing so much on the thickness of the hair is that the thickness greatly helps in determining whether the hair look natural or artificial! Imagine this, you have a head full of hair till the shoulders, but then beneath the shoulders, your hair suddenly starts to taper too thin. That is exactly what thin hair extensions look like, especially for those that have naturally thick hair! Hence, the thickness of the hair plays a great role in determining whether the hair look natural or fake.

General Hair Appearance and Material

The hair extensions that I ordered from Irresistible Me had a naturally shiny and silky appearance! The hair was also very soft to touch, which assured me that the hair quality offered by Irresistible Me was above average! They didn’t have a fake look at all and I was pretty happy with the hair quality I received. In fact, I would even recommend Irresistible Me to the clients that approach me and ask me which hair extensions they should purchase.

Furthermore, I had ordered Remy hair from the website. Before my order arrived, I wasn’t sure whether I was actually going to receive Remy hair or not because of a lot of companies that say their hair extensions are made out of Remy hair lie, which annoys me a lot. Those companies claim that their hair extensions are made out of Remy Hair or virgin hair when, in reality, their hair quality is nowhere near the remy hair grade.

However, after my order arrived, I was happy to find out that the hair provided by Irresistible Me were, indeed, made out of Remy Hair. I’ve seen so many hair extensions that now, I know exactly what Remy hair looks and feels like and for me, the hair extensions offered by Irresistible Me were exactly Remy hair. The distinguishing identification point of Remy hair is that they have intact cuticles, which are lost in non-remy hair. Furthermore, all of the cuticles in this pointed in one direction, which means that these extensions wouldn’t tangle too much!


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Top to Bottom Ratio

Now, let’s get to the top-to-bottom ratio of the hair. Take a look at your natural hair for a minute in the mirror. Now, notice that your hair isn’t too thin at the bottom or too thick at the top. Your hair has a certain top to bottom thickness ratio, which gives it a natural look. Of course, this ratio is affected by your hairstyle, but generally, even with a different hairstyle, your top to bottom ratio is made such so that the hair looks natural! With Irresistible Me, I was very happy to find a satisfactory top to bottom hair volume and thickness ratio. This also played a great role in determining whether the hair looked natural or fake!

Hair Length

The hair extensions I ordered were 20 inches long. In the past, I’ve had to face incidents where I ordered hair extensions that were 18 inches long but when I measured them, only a few handfuls were actually 18 inches long, which was very disappointing for me. What a lot of low-quality companies do is that they include only a handful hair of the length that they’re advertising, while the rest are pretty short. This distorts the top to bottom ratio and makes the hair look absolutely artificial! However, since it saves the company money, they do it. An example of such a company is Hair Extension Sale, which provided me with the worst top to the bottom ratio that I’ve seen in my entire life!

Well, this is also where Irresistible Me impressed me! I ordered 20-inch long hair extensions and when I measured those extensions, most of them were actually 20 inches long! Of course, not all of them can be 20 inches long because they need to have a realistic and natural top to bottom ratio.

The clips

The clips provided by Irresistible Me were of very high quality and I could tell just by feeling them that they would hold on firmly to my hair as well as the hair in the extensions.

The clips weren’t directly sewn into the hair wefts. Instead, they were sewn onto a cloth that was integrated within the hair wefts. This method of securing the clips onto the hair wefts is called the seamless method of securing clips of the clip-in hair extensions. Apart from Irresistible Me, Bellami Hair and Luxy Hair also provide seamless clip-in hair extensions.

The advantage of seamless clip-in hair extensions is pretty obvious. If clips are sewn directly into the hair wefts, it would be very easy for them to fall out or for the hair strands in the wefts to pull away from the clips. However, with the introduction of a separate cloth into the hair wefts, it is made sure that all of the hair is secured tightly as a single unit with the clips of the hair extensions. This provides a much stronger bond than otherwise, without a cloth. Hence, seamless clip-in hair extensions last much longer, have considerably lower chances of slippage and hold on much better to the clips and the natural hair.

Apart from this, the clips themselves were pretty small, solid, comfortable and discreet. If the clips are too huge, they will weigh down the person’s natural hair and they will become pretty prominent, which is the last thing we want. Furthermore, huge clips also slip away more easily because the weight of the clips pulls the extensions away from the hair roots. However, with small clips like those used by Irresistible Me, I couldn’t even feel that I had hair extensions installed! They were very light in weight, but at the same time, they were pretty strong too!

Another thing that you need to check about the clips is the ease with which they close and open. If they open too easily, once again, there are chances that the clips might slip. On the other hand, if they’re too firm, installing them on will require a lot of effort and force! Furthermore, over-strong and firm clips also damage your hair. Therefore, moderation is the key here and Irresistible Me offers exactly that! Their clips pop open smoothly, without too much or too less effort, making them the ideal clips for use in clip-in hair extensions!

Effect of heat on the hair extensions

This is where the hair quality shows its true face! If the hair looks and feels great but doesn’t respond well to heat, it’s considered bad quality hair by me because it will be useless in the future. After all, whenever you wear hair extensions, you need heating tools in order to style the extensions properly!

Therefore, this is the real quality test every hair extension has to go through before being labeled as high-quality extensions. Irresistible Me passed this test as well! I used hot tools on the clip-in hair extensions I ordered from Irresistible Me and they didn’t burn, not even slightly! This was a great relief for me because I’ve had horrible experiences in the past where the hair burned and even ruined my hot hair tools!

However, with Irresistible Me, I faced no such issue. The hair extensions that I bought from Irresistible Me responded pretty well to hair styling tools and I was able to style the hair properly! This proved that the hair extensions were indeed made of high-quality Remy hair. They didn’t make false claims, unlike many other hair extension brands.

Hair Color

Another great risk when ordering online is the hair color. You never know what hair color you might get because the color that is shown on the internet can often be different from the actual color you receive because of lighting differences and in that case, the brand providing the hair extensions wont even take responsibility because they’ll say that it’s due to lighting differences between the picture and the actual hair extensions. In such cases, you may get an exchange if you’re lucky and the customer service is nice. However, in my experience, that rarely happens, although if something like that happened with me during my experience with Irresistible Me, I’m pretty sure that their customer service would be pretty helpful as they were always quick to respond to my queries and responded properly, not with vague answers.

With Irresistible Me, I received a great jet black color, which was exactly the color that I had wanted and was expecting. The color I ordered was royal jet black #1b. the color was, indeed, well done on the hair and was the actual color that I had ordered!

Hair washing and hair care

I have been using these hair extensions by Irresistible Me for over a month now, and I must say that I’m pretty satisfied by the quality. During this time period, I’ve washed my extensions and I didn’t have to face any issue regarding that. In the past, I’ve faced many issues like the fading away of the color of the hair extensions during the shampooing and washing process. However, the hair extensions I ordered from Irresistible Me were pretty easy to wash. In fact, they didn’t even tangle that much. Of course, they did tangle a bit because you cannot have tangle-free hair extensions no matter how high the hair quality his, but they didn’t tangle as much as they could’ve. I’ve faced many hair tangling issues in the past while dealing with other brands, especially during and after washing the hair extensions.

Although washing the hair extensions and using hot tools on the hair extensions didn’t damage them, over time, they can if done excessively. Therefore, here are a few general hair care tips that I would advise you to follow when it comes to hair extensions:

  • Don’t wash your clip-in hair extensions too often. I recommend that you wash them after every two weeks or after every ten uses. This is because washing them too often can cause the cloth in the hair extensions to alter its properties.
  • Don’t over-use heat tools on your hair extensions. The fewer heat tools you use on your hair extensions, the longer they’ll last. This is true of all types of hair extensions, no matter how much of a high-quality material they’re made from! Excessive heat tools take out the moisture from the hair shafts, making them appear dull and dry.

Final verdict

I would recommend Irresistible Me to everyone out there looking for high-quality clip-in hair extensions for an affordable price. The product I received matched the product description on the website perfectly, and I was satisfied with the hair extensions in every aspect!

Despite the numerous bad reviews about the company on Makeup Alley and BBB, Irresistible Me offers superior hair quality when compared to its competitors.

This was all about my review of Irresistible Me. Have you ever used products from Irresistible Me? If yes, please let us know about your experience in the comments below. Also, wherever possible, try to upload pictures along with your review!