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In this review, I will be reviewing Irresistible Me. I purchased Irresistible Me hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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Being a professional hairdresser myself, I have immense experience in the field of hair extensions. I fell in love with hair extensions when I first started using them. I just love how they can give everyone an overnight solution to almost all hair problems related to volume and length! I love experimenting on my own hair with hair extensions too. Over the years, I’ve bought hair extensions from a lot of different brands, so I’m pretty confident that I’m in a good and unbiased position to review them so that you can find out which hair extensions are the best for you!

Clip in hair extensions is my favorite type of hair extensions. They’re pretty easy to install – in fact – you can even install them on your own at home! Not only this but they’re also usually pretty affordable. Considering all of these advantages, clip in hair extensions have become quite popular, so much so that almost every hair extension brand sells clip-in hair extensions!

If you’re confused about which hair extensions to purchase, then the safe choice is always clip-in hair extensions owing to their convenience of application and general affordability. It’s very hard to go wrong with clip-in hair extensions. Not only are they generally more affordable but since you can install these hair extensions in the comfort of your home, they also save you installation charges! Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable fix to your hair, you should consider purchasing clip-in hair extensions.

With the increasing popularity of clip-in extensions, there comes one problem: there are too many options to choose from! Since every brand now sells clip-in hair extensions, it can become really hard to decide which brand to try!

I wanted to purchase clip-in hair extensions for myself. There were so many options to choose from that it became hard for me to decide. After some struggle, I finally made my decision. I also found an easy way that helps you decide which company to choose.

First of all, whenever you’re about to choose a company, always read online reviews of the company. I’m not talking about fake online reviews that are sponsored by the companies themselves, but genuine online reviews on independent websites like this one. All of my reviews are independent and I do not gain any monetary or other benefits from any hair extension company while writing them. Hair extensions have become a passion for me and I truly wish for all of my readers to be properly guided, which is why I’m so focused on honest reviews.

Irresistible Me

Let’s get back to Irresistible Me. I found out about Irresistible Me while I was going through Bellami Hair extensions reviews on YouTube. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about this company.

The thing that annoyed me the most with these YouTube reviews is that they are almost all sponsored by Irresistible Me. It’s pretty obvious when the Youtuber “reviewing” the extensions is encouraging you to buy from the company by including coupon codes in the video description. You shouldn’t trust the review of someone who has a financial gain in making you buy the product! YouTube reviews are fake most of the time.

Therefore, I decided to dig deeper to find out more about Irresistible Me.

I checked other independent review websites like Makeup Alley. Now, Irresistible Me had many bad reviews on Makeup Alley, which kind of put me off. Just like Bellami Hair, Irresistible Me had great reviews on their own website but pretty bad reviews on Makeup Alley. The picture below is a screenshot taken from Makeup Alley. It shows the average rating of Irresistible Me on that website.

irresistible me hair reviews-min

Irresistible me was rated pretty poorly and only 40% of people would repurchase Irresistible Me, which meant that the majority wasn’t satisfied.

bad irresistible me reviews-min irresistible me extensions reviews-min irresistible me extensions review-min hair extensions irresistible me reviews-min

However, on a different website, Irresistible Me had a much better rating. A screenshot of the website is shown below.

irresistible me hair extensions reviews-min irresistible me good review-min irresistible me positive review-min

What confused me the most was that all of the reviews were either at one extreme or the other. Whenever I would read their reviews, one customer would be extremely satisfied but then the next would be equally disappointed.

BBB also had many negative reviews about Irresistible Me. The screenshot below is from BBB.

irresistible me reviews bad-min bad irresistible me-min bad review irresistible me-min

At the end of the day, I still decided to order from Irresistible Me because, at the same time where there were negative reviews, there were many positive ones as well. Therefore, I decided to give them a chance.

My Order

After reading all the reviews, I finally decided to order from Irresistible Me. At first glance, it seemed to me that the company only sells almost only clip-in hair extensions. However, I dug deeper into their online website and found out that they also sell wigs and hot tools.

Their website is very well-organized and is extremely friendly. I found it very easy to look for the extensions I wanted. A lot of websites have unorganized web pages where it’s pretty hard to find what you’re looking for. However, I faced no such problems.

Since Irresistible Me had only clip-in hair extensions, they had a lot of variety in this field. They have a great variety in terms of lengths, colors, thicknesses, and quality.

The greatest plus-point for me while ordering from Irresistible Me was that they accept PayPal payments. I highly recommend Irresistible Me for all those who wish to order their extensions online because the payment method is very easy and their website is pretty user-friendly.

In short, I had a great experience while ordering through them and using their website, and I would recommend it to all those looking for clip-in extensions. I was hoping that my whole experience would go as great as it started. So, keep reading to find out about my general experience while shopping at Irresistible Me.

I ordered Royal Remy Hair Thick Clip-in hair extensions, in the shade of Royal Natural Black #1b. For a detailed review about my thoughts on the quality of Irresistible Me hair extensions, click here.


Delivery and Customer Service

Irresistible Me has a great customer service! I had numerous questions regarding my order and I got instant and helpful responses to each one of them. Earlier, I’ve had pretty bad customer service experiences, including one in which the company totally ignored all of my messages in all forums. Even worse, there was this company that literally scammed me. Therefore, I was more than just satisfied by Irresistible Me’s Customer Service. Just like with Luxy Hair and Canada Hair, I found it pretty easy to communicate with them. In fact, I was very excited and eager to receive my product because everything seemed to go so smoothly and I was expecting them to deliver high-quality products.

Only a few hours after paying for my order with PayPal, I received an email notifying me that my order had been shipped. I wasn’t expecting such a quick response from them! There are only a few companies that actually ship their products the same day they’re ordered. This was a great plus point for me because I could easily order hair extensions on such short notice thanks to their quick delivery service.

I received my order in the next few days, and I was very happy when I found the package at my doorstep!

The hair extensions were packed in a very pretty box, which gave a very good impression. Such pretty boxes are usually indicative of the fact that the company actually cares about their customer service and satisfaction. They resembled Bombay Hair in this sense because Bombay Hair also comes in a very pretty box.

irresitible hair reviews clip in extensions-min

irresistible me royal remy review-min

irresistible me hair extensions-min

Hair Quality

I was pretty satisfied by the hair quality that Irresistible Me had to offer. Their quality was better than the average quality of hair extensions you find out there. There are many things about the hair extensions by Irresistible Me that impressed me, so I definitely recommend that you order hair extensions from them!

The hair quality was superior to many of its competitors. The hair was very smooth to touch and looked natural. The hair extensions didn’t give off any fake vibes at all. The volume of the extensions was also pretty generous and the hair was very thick, way thicker than your average clip-in hair extensions. The top to bottom ratio was also excellent, which gave the extensions a very natural look.

Furthermore, the hair extensions responded very well to heat. This was a great relief for me because applying heat is the actual test that determines whether or not the hair quality of the extensions is superior! I’ve had many issues with brands in the past where the hair from the extensions melted on heating but thankfully, this did not happen with the extensions from Irresistible Me.

I’ve also washed the hair extensions a couple of times and I haven’t faced any issue in washing them either. They turned out to be just fine after the whole washing procedure.

The hair color was just what I wanted it to be! The color royal jet black was excellent and very well-colored! It was exactly the color that I had ordered and was expecting. I’ve also had bad experiences with the color as well because there are many incidents on which the color I received was slightly different from the one I was expecting to receive.


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The clips of the clip-in hair extensions were made of very high quality. I could tell that just by feeling the clips and popping them open. This is very important because there are many hair extension companies out there that provide low-quality hair clips. These can easily detach from the hair extensions, causing the hair extensions to slip away.

The clips are well-stitched on the hair wefts and the bond between the clips and the wefts is pretty strong. The clips are also very solid and firm, so there’s no danger of the clips sliding out from the hair shafts.

Furthermore, the clips opened and closed pretty smoothly, which meant that installing the hair extensions was going to be a pretty easy task. Usually, some clips take so much effort to just pop open that they drain all of your energy and you have to put in a lot of effort in that. On the other hand, some clips pop open a little too easily, so they slip out from the hair. These clips on the hair extensions by Irresistible Me were on neither extreme!

I’ve been using the clips for about a month now and I haven’t faced any issue related to them!

This review is a general review of my shopping experience with Irresistible Me. For a detailed review about the hair quality offered by Irresistible Me, click here to read my second review on Irresistible me, which is more focused on the quality of the hair extensions rather than the overall experience of shopping at Irresistible Me.


Value of Money

The overall value of money offered by Irresistible Me, considering their quality and rapid response, is amazing! The clip-in hair extensions that I bought are very affordable. I found Irresistible Me to be a lot more affordable when compared to Bellami Hair. However, Luxy Hair was still cheaper, but considering the superior quality of Irresistible Me, I’d definitely recommend it.

I paid around 300 USD for 20-inch long hair extensions that weighed 200 grams. The hair quality seems to be comparable to the one offered by Cashmere Hair.

Furthermore, another great advantage for me while buying Irresistible Me was that I wasn’t charged any additional duty fees despite being a US retailer, as was the case with Bellami Hair too. This is important, because on occasions, you may have to pay duty fees. For example, Glam Seamless billed me a whopping 50% duty tax!

Final Verdict

Considering the high quality offered by Irresistible Me, combined with its extreme affordability, I definitely recommend that you purchase hair extensions from Irresistible Me! The only disadvantage at Irresistible Me is that they don’t offer other types of hair extensions other than clip-in hair extensions. However, they have a very wide variety of the clip-in hair extensions that they do have, which is great for a person like me that often needs different colors and lengths.

The hair responded pretty well to all kinds of treatments including heat treatment and washing, which was another great quality of Irresistible Me. Now that I think about it, I finally know why they named the brand Irresistible Me. Well, it’s actually irresistible since I’ll be buying many more extensions from them in the future.

Have you ever purchased hair extensions from Irresistible Me? If so, please let us know about your experiences in the comments below. Wherever possible, please try to add photos as well! Thank you!