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Luxy Hair clip ins

Luxy Hair Clip-in extensions Reviews: Did you buy clip ins from Luxy Hair? If so, please leave your review below. In this review, I will be reviewing Luxy Hair. I purchased my Luxy Hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased Luxy Hair review.

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Luxy Hair, as the name suggests, is a hair company that specializes in hair extensions and not just any hair extensions, but clip in extensions. The company has received a lot of recognition all over the world especially in the US and Canada. This is because the company is based in the USA, but they market and advertise heavily in Canada.

As you might already know, I have been reviewing different hair brands and products lately and today, I will be talking about Luxy Hair. But before I do that, let me just clarify a couple of things first.

First off, this is a completely unbiased review and the opinions expressed in it are based on my experience with the product I purchased from Luxy Hair using my own money. This review has not been sponsored in any way, and I am not an affiliate or marketer. This also means I don’t have any exclusive discount code or coupon for you that you can redeem against your order total from Luxy Hair.

Secondly, in this review, I will talk about the hair extensions I received from Luxy Hair. In other words, I will be talking about the hair quality, the clips, price etc. only. However, if you wish to find out more about Luxy Hair as a company then head over to my general review of the company by clicking here. There, I have discussed all of the general characteristics of Luxy Hair and have talked in detail about the good and the bad parts of purchasing hair extensions from Luxy Hair.

About Luxy Hair

They are a hair company based in the US, but they do offer international shipping. Since I am based in Canada, this was a necessity otherwise obviously I wouldn’t have been able to review Luxy Hair.

They have been in business for quite some time now and over the years they have earned quite a reputation for themselves as one of the more popular hair extensions choices for people all over the world. They offer a good balance between affordability and quality. They initially started off as a YouTube channel which has a huge fan following, mainly because of the popularity of their various hairstyle tutorial videos. Soon enough, they branched out into the e-commerce world too and started selling hair extensions. In particular, they offer clip in hair extensions. They have gained immense popularity for these too. I have also shared a general review of the company where I talk about the basic features of the company. Here, though, I will specifically be talking about my experience with Luxy Hair’s clip in hair extensions that I purchased and used myself.

Online reviews

Whenever I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase a product from a company, I always make sure I read the reviews about it first. Fortunately, we live in the digital world where it is so easy to find product or brand reviews about any and everything. And hair extensions and hair companies are no different. So, naturally, I looked up Luxy Hair too. And sure enough, I found lots of reviews online. These were both blog reviews and video reviews on YouTube.

However, after just seeing a few of them, I noticed a disturbing pattern. Most of the reviews were only talking about the good parts about Luxy Hair. And then they would also mention exclusive discount codes that would also have the reviewers name in it sometimes. This led me to believe that these reviews were being published by affiliates or those who had been sponsored by the company. Because of this, it was hard to view them as credible and form an opinion about Luxy Hair on the basis of these reviews.

However, there were quite a few negative reviews too, especially on TrustPilot.

luxy hair clip in review

reviewing luxy hair clip ins

clip in review

But, there were also positive reviews.

On Facebook, where I feel the reviews are a lot more credible as compared to blogs and YouTube, the majority of the reviews were positive, but there were some negative reviews as well.

luxy hair reviews

luxyhair clip in reviews

As for Google reviews, which is also an excellent credible review platform, Luxy Hair was seemingly doing very well too.

hair extensions review luxy hair

clip in review

luxy hair reviews

As it’s the case with almost every beauty websites, the reviews are from one extreme to another. One person will tell you that Luxy Hair are the worst extensions ever, and someone else will tell you that they are the best extensions ever.

Every company has bad reviews. Luxy Hair isn’t much different.

Some reviewers may have a questionable credibility whether their Luxy Hair review is negative or positive. So how can you confidently decide if you should buy Luxy Hair extensions? Well, it’s quite simple. Keep on reading this blog post! Because I purchased the extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review. Also, I’m a professional hairdresser who followed hair extension classes. So I’m in a good position to help you assessing whether you should buy Luxy Hair clip ins.

Since there were a lot more positive reviews than negative ones, I decided to go ahead and ended up purchasing Luxy Hair clip in hair extensions.

But before we move forward in testing the hair quality used in Luxy Hair clip ins, I want to say that I was quite surprised that Kim Kardashian uses their product!

Kim Kardashian Used Them Too!

Okay, so online reviews are one thing, but one thing that really made me excited to give Luxy Hair a try was the fact that Kim Kardashian has worked with Luxy Hair too. According to an Instagram post by Kim’s hairstyle, Kim Kardashian used Luxy Hair’s clip in extensions on one occasion at least.

I am assuming that Kim got exactly the same hair extension quality an average customer would receive after buying from Luxy Hair, then this is really impressive! After Bellami Hair worked with Kylie Jenner, it is interesting to see a competitor hair company respond by working with Kim Kardashian.

luxy hair etensions reviews

Browsing Through Luxy Hair’s Website

Now that I had decided on the hair company, the next step was to find the particular hair extensions I wanted and place an order. With that in mind, I started browsing through Luxy Hair’s website. They have a beautifully designed website. It has a minimalist design in the sense that everything is neatly sorted into pages and sections. On top of this, there isn’t too much going on the website so that you can go about browsing for your desired products easily without being bombarded with pop up ads and notifications.

Now, as far as the graphics on the website are concerned, there was a large number of high quality and high-resolution images available on the website of the products Luxy Hair has on offer. These images come with thorough descriptions of all the products so that there is no ambiguity in the minds of any potential customer.

luxy hair clip ins reviews

Besides this, Luxy Hair’s website also features several videos. These were videos from reviewers, tutorials, product descriptions, and other promotional content. So, in short, all the information I need about the products and the company was available on the website in one format or another. Finally, the website was responsive, smooth and secure. I was able to navigate through the website easily without being bothered by long waiting times for the pages or images to load etc. The company states on the website, and I also observed myself, that the website is secure. This is always a big pro in my opinion, as far as e-commerce websites are concerned. One should always take special care while inputting sensitive personal or financial information on any website as there is always a risk for scams and frauds.

However, when it comes to the product range offered by Luxy Hair, it really wasn’t as extensive as I had hoped it would be. The hair company offers only one type of hair extensions, namely clip in extensions. No other type. So, if you are a fan of the semi-permanent hair extensions, Luxy Hair is not the company for you. It would be better to look elsewhere. The good part though is that the company offers a lot of choice in terms of colors and thickness of the clip in hair extensions. Considering how popular the company is and the sheer number of positive reviews, I really find it hard to understand why they have such a limited product range. They could really benefit greatly from a more diverse product range. But for now, clip in hair extensions are all they offer. I personally prefer clip in extensions too, so I didn’t have many complains about this though.

Pricing, Payment Options, and Shopping Experience

As far as price is concerned, Luxy Hair can be ranked among the average hair extension companies. The prices were definitely not the cheapest you can find online, but they were fairly consistent with the prices I had seen on other e-commerce hair extension websites. In short, you get a good value for your money. I found the clip in extensions by Luxy Hair to be fairly affordable and reasonably priced. At the end of the day, you do get good value for your money.

The prices are automatically converted into your local currency since Luxy Hair delivers internationally too. Since I was browsing the website in Canada, the prices were automatically converted to Canadian dollars. The payment options are the standard ones i.e. you can pay through credit card or through PayPal.

The shipping was advertised as free, but I later found out that this wasn’t entirely accurate. I had to pay $20 as a duty fee when I collected my parcel. This was not mentioned on the checkout page.

My purchase

I purchased Chocolate Brown number 4 clip in hair extensions from Luxy Hair. They only had the one standard length i.e. 20 inches. For weight, I went with their thinnest extensions that weigh 120 grams. The buying procedure was pretty straightforward. Find the desired items and then add them to your cart. Select your preferred payment method and check out. Next step, wait for the product to be delivered. In my case, this was the longest step. Read on to find out more about my very negative experience with the shipping process of Luxy Hair.


This is one area where Luxy Hair seemed to be lacking and I really hope they work on this part in the future. The first problem was that shipping took way too long. There was a waiting period of two weeks between placing my order and receiving my package. These long waits are the reason I prefer local retailers as it only takes a few days for the products to be delivered within the country. But even then, two weeks was a bit too long even for an international vendor. I have ordered from the US retailers previously as well, and the average shipping time was less than this. I literally received my order in 1 day from Canada Hair. And Cashmere Hair were really quick in shipping my order despite shipping from the US. Babe things and Irresistible Me also were quite fast in shipping my order. Luxy Hair, just like Bellami Hair, had a very long delivery time.

Secondly, the package I received wasn’t delivered in the condition I had expected it to be in. The box seemed to be damaged and the security seal had been broken. This was a big red flag! Like most e-commerce companies, Luxy Hair only accepts returns if the package is unopened and the security seal is intact. So, due to the broken seal, I couldn’t return the package even if I had wanted to.

luxy hair extensions reviews

Finally, there was a matter of additional shipping fees. I was charged $20 in duty fees when I went to collect my parcel from the post office. This came as a surprise to me as there was no mention of these fees on the checkout page or in the billing information I had received when my order was confirmed via email. I understand that international vendors usually do charge duty fees, but I consider it to be deceitful if they don’t declare these charges when you place the order and surprise you with it when you collect the package. Luxy Hair needs to work on being a little more transparent with their customers who aren’t based in the US. Otherwise, don’t advertise in the US.

A good practice is to do exactly like Bombay Hair. They advertise in both Canada and the USA, but they have a warehouse in each country.

Bellami Hair, a competitor of Luxy Hair, didn’t even charge me duty fees.

I feel it’s really dishonest to advertise to Canadians with the mention of “Free Shipping” when in fact we’re being charged by surprise when we receive our product. This is a hidden fee. Mentioning the possibility of duty fees in one of their website pages is not enough. This information needs to be communicated more clearly!

Luxy Hair clip ins: Initial impression

When I received the package, I could see the box had been damaged and had already been opened. I was worried that the hair extensions inside might have been damaged too or worse, the extensions had already been used before. That would have been super unhygienic. However, when I took the extensions out of the box, I was relieved to see that they looked untouched and brand new.

human hair luxy hair clip ins luxy clip ins review reviewing luxy hair clip in human hair human hair clip in luxy hair reviews

The box the extensions were delivered in was quite generic. It had the company’s name on it, but nothing special. I have seen better packaging from other hair companies. The extensions inside were neatly rolled up into coils to keep them from tangling or getting damaged during the shipping. Good thing though that they weren’t coiled too tightly, or the extensions get wavy and you have to straighten them out as soon as you unbox them.

Fortunately, the color matched my hair perfectly. So, all that remained to be seen as the quality of the hair extensions. The extensions were silky and smooth to the touch. And they had a lovely shine to them. In texture, they looked like real human hair. Although the website stated that Luxy Hair uses real human hair, but then again, many other companies say the same thing but then try to pass synthetic hair as real hair. So, I was happy to see that it did not seem like that was the case with Luxy Hair.

On the downside though, the hair extensions had a strong dye smell on them. To get rid of that, I washed the extensions before using them. I didn’t want to go around with my head smelling like hair dye. However, when I did that, the hair extensions lost most of the shine they had earlier. Apart from this, they also became quite dry, frizzy and puffy. I believe they Luxy Hair put a heavy amount of silicone coating on the hair extensions at first so that they look silkier and shinier when you unbox them. But after the first wash the silicone coating will wash off and they will lose their shine.

Now, coming back to the dye smell. I suppose this was because the hair had been dyed. This is okay since they don’t claim to sell you virgin hair. But what did bother me was that on Luxy Hair’s website it says they use a multi-tone adapt coloring system. This means that you will not get a solid color on your hair extensions but will instead get more of a color with several different undertones. However, the color I ordered Chocolate Brown #4 had so many orange hair strands and even some white hair strands that it looked more like a botched hair dye.

human hair luxy extensions reviews

Testing the extensions

For hair extensions to really be a good bargain, they really should pass the heat test. Otherwise styling them would really be next to impossible. You will not be able to style our natural hair and hair extensions in any way that uses heat. So, naturally, this is one of the first things I test when I receive my hair extensions.

When I used heat on the extensions using my hair straightener, I experienced some hair was starting to burn and was sticking to the blades of my straightener. It was not a lot, but I had to stop a few times to clean the blades. It looked like the hair extensions were using some synthetic hair or poor quality human hair and had mixed them in with the extensions. But I have also read that this might have been happening because of the silicone coating on the extensions. The silicone coating could be causing the burning smell and was the reason the hair was sticking to the blades. I will have to test them again after washing them again to see if they still stick and burn once the silicone coating has been washed off.

Hair Quality

If you talk about the quality of the hair, then the hair extensions from Luxy Hair are of satisfactory quality. This makes the price somewhat of a good deal. Overall, I think it’s a reasonable hair quality for most of the women, and since these extensions are meant to be removed on a daily basis, the quality doesn’t necessarily need to be better than that. Neither did they need to be more expensive. It is not the best quality in the market, but for the price you’re paying, it’s overall excellent value.

If you are looking for something that is easy on the pocket but will also last you a good length of time, then Luxy Hair is definitely a good option. Especially if you are in the US, because then you won’t need to pay any additional shipping or duty fees.

Thickness and distribution

One thing that is excellent with Luxy Hair is their clip-in extensions’ thicknesses. This is really important when buying hair extensions. I’ve read some bad reviews of Luxy Hair complaining about the thickness of their clip-ins, and in all honesty, those reviews are clearly made by people who are inexperienced with hair extensions. I say this because the thicknesses offered by Luxy Hair are well above industry average. Their thinnest set of clip in hair extensions is of weight 120 grams of hair extensions. I know a lot of hair extensions retailers that offer a lot less! Many, on average, sell a set of hair extensions that way somewhere between 70 to 100 grams.

On the downside though, the hair extensions don’t have a uniform thickness distribution. That is, the hair is not thick from top to bottom. This makes installing them in a way that they look natural and flattering highly difficult. On top of this, I wish the hair pieces had been designed a bit differently. Out of the 9 pieces you get, 4 of them have only one clip attached to them. This means you have to install almost half of the extensions on one spot on your head and the rest can be spread out. It doesn’t do much for the overall hair thickness and it is a bit awkward to find the right place to put them on your head.

The Quality of the Clips

Whenever you purchase clip in extensions, it is important to pay a lot of importance to the quality and grip of the clips. In fact, I think it is just as important, if not more, than the quality of the hair. This is because there is nothing more embarrassing than having your clip in extensions fall out of your head I public just because the clips weren’t strong enough. Or else, if they don’t stay in place, then this could mean that your hairdo would be ruined.

reviews luxy hair real luxy hair reviews

I was happy to see that the clips used by Luxy Hair on their hair extensions were small and sturdy. The clips hold on pretty well to your hair once you install them. Moreover, the extensions are easy to install, and the clips were comfortable and don’t slip.

Installing the Clip ins

The hair extensions I received from Luxy Hair were easy to install and the clips were comfortable and did not slip once I had put them in. I mean, I do have a lot f experience with hair extensions, especially clip ins because I’m a hairdresser and as such have installed lots of hair extensions on my own head and for my customers too. On top of this, I am also a certified hair extensions technician. But I still feel that even someone without experience like mine would also be able to install Luxy Hair’s clip in extensions easily.

Upkeep and Maintenance of the Extensions

Unfortunately, there were a few bad things about my experience with Luxy Hair’s clip in hair extensions. These had mainly to do with the upkeep and maintenance of these extensions. The main problem was that my Luxy Hair clip ins extensions were shedding a lot. I would say this was quite more than the average hair extensions from various hair companies. Since I have worn and installed many hair extensions from different hair brands, I have often seen that no extensions shed quite as much as Luxy Hair Extensions. This is not a good thing because, at this rate, I will have to get a new set of hair extensions as this one will no longer have the desired thickness. Additionally, I don’t really enjoy leaving a trail of hair everywhere I go. I find that extremely embarrassing. I don’t know why this was happening though. Maybe it was that the hair quality of the extensions was not that good.

luxy hair extensions

luxyhair clip in extensions

real remy luxy hair extensions

Apart from this, I also faced another problem with my Luxy Hair Extensions. The hair extensions tangle quite easily and frequently. This is a common problem with hair extensions as it is impossible to get tangle free extensions, but it is a bit of a hassle as it seems like I have to carry a brush with me all the time because I need to brush them out every two hours or so. It is not the worst extensions I’ve seen in terms of tangling, but I have definitely seen better too.

Customer service

Luxy Hair scored really high in the customer service department. As I have mentioned before, I wasn’t very happy with the shipping process. My package had been tampered with and the security seal was broken. I lodged my complaint via email and a customer representative got back to me within two hours. That is really fast. Usually, emails can take at least half a day, if not more. And many more emails simply go unanswered. But not with Luxy Hair. They not only responded to this email in a very short time, but all future emails were also answered just as promptly. As far as my issue was concerned, the representative assured me that the extensions hadn’t been used previously and to compensate for my troubles, they offered me a partial refund of $30. In short, Luxy Hair’s superior customer service and their helpful and receptive customer service representatives won me over and redeemed the company in my eyes despite the rocky start.

As someone who has purchased hair extensions from many retailers, I can confidently say that Luxy Hair offers the best customer service. Contrary to other hair extensions retailers, Luxy Hair looks like they genuinely care about you. My email interactions with them were excellent and the representatives responding to the emails were helpful and really attentive.

On the downside, Luxy Hair doesn’t provide phone support. Usually, that’s a negative, but in the case of Luxy Hair, I would say that the absence of a telephone number really isn’t a problem since they respond to emails so quickly. Apart from this, Luxy Hair also has an instant chat feature on their website for anyone who has a quick question or query. They claim to reply within minutes over there, although I did not get a chance to test this claim.

Overall Experience

This was my unbiased review of Luxy Hair clip in extensions that I purchased with my own money. I had no financial motive for writing this review. Instead, the only reason behind doing this is to share my experience with my readers so that they know about the many options available in the market and what products and brands to look out for.

So, do I recommend Luxy Hair? The answer is yes. They really do offer you a lot of value for your money. Especially if you are in the USA, since then you will overall get good value with free shipping. But if you are outside of the USA, be prepared to pay an extra amount on top of what you already paid for, just to receive your order. Also, be aware that shipping time will be rather long. It took 2 weeks in my case. If you’re in Canada, I’d suggest Canada Hair.

At the end of the day, Luxy Hair offers a good product that is backed with an impressive customer service. In terms of hair quality or how long the extensions will last for you, the hair extensions by Luxy Hair are surely not the best hair extensions in the world, but the company isn’t even claiming to be the best. The quality of the extensions is average, I believe. But the real deciding factor for me is the quality to price ratio. This, I feel, is what helps determine the real value of any product. And for Luxy hair’s extensions, I found the quality to price ratio to be quite reasonable. They sell their extensions at an affordable price and as such you get average (if not slightly better than average) quality. You are buying affordable hair extensions. You are not paying for the premium virgin European hair that can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! Basically, you get what you pay for and Luxy Hair offers you a good return on your money. So, overall Luxy Hair offers great value. For a better hair quality than the one offered by Luxy Hair, I’d suggest Irresistible Me or Cashmere Hair.

Luxy Hair extensions vs Bellami Hair

I have reviewed several hair companies and in each of those, I usually just talk about that company and its products. However, in this review of Luxy Hair, I decided to add an extra section that I don’t normally do. I will be comparing Luxy Hair with Bellami Hair and will tell you which company is, in my opinion, the better option. I am doing this because I noticed that many people were searching for Luxy Hair vs Bellami Hair on Google. Both of these are popular hair extension retailers and they have a healthy competition, so it is no wonder that people are interested in comparing the two and finding out which one performs better. Well, I would love to oblige.

Frankly speaking, there is no comparison between the two. Luxy Hair is definitely superior to Bellami Hair, in my opinion. This is primarily because of Luxy Hair’s customer service which really stood out for me Luxy Hair’s customer service team was really good, but Bellami Hair’s not so much. Before doing this comparison, I conducted some research on Bellami Hair too. During that, I asked a question from Bellami Hair via email. It was just a simple, general question. Despite that, it took them one week to get back to me. They did apologize for the delay in the response right at the beginning of their email. This makes me think that maybe the long response time was an exception, but then I read other reviews that claimed the same thing.

Apart from this, on Luxy Hair’s website, there were not much negative reviews when I last looked. On the other hand, there are a lot of negative reviews for Bellami Hair on Makeup Alley and Trust Pilot.

Finally, in terms of quality, Luxy Hair and Bellami Hair seem to be offering the same hair quality. But the prices quoted by Luxy Hair are significantly lower than those quoted by Bellami Hair. This, along with the fact that Luxy Hair stands out in the other departments, made me say that I would go with Luxy Hair if I had to choose between them and Bellami Hair.

The Final Verdict on Luxy Hair

This was my unbiased opinion based on my experience with Luxy Hair’s clip in extensions. I would recommend others to give them a try too as I feel that they are a pretty good deal. You can definitely get better hair extensions too but finding a better quality in this price would be really hard. Probably even impossible. I have used better hair extensions and also those that were worse than Luxy Hair, so I would say, that they performed slightly better than average in the market. Overall, I was quite happy with my experience with Luxy Hair. Their superior customer service surely was the best part about my entire experience with the company.

As a quick recap so that you have all the facts in front of you, I have listed below all of the pros and cons involved with purchasing hair extensions from Luxy Hair. If you are still on the fence about whether you should go ahead with a purchase from this company, then hopefully this will help you make up your mind.

I would love to hear about your experiences with Luxy Hair’s clip in hair extensions too. If you have purchased any products from Luxy Hair, then please do share our reviews. If you would like to share any pictures and videos or would like to rate the company using our star system, you can do that too. Also, don’t forget to give Luxy Hair’s general brand review too and let me know what you think!