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Luxy Hair extensions ultimate review

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Anyone who has some know-how of the hair extensions world has probably heard of Luxy Hair. They are a popular hair company that supplies hair extensions all over the world. However, the hair extensions aren’t the only reason behind their popularity.

They became popular some time ago thanks to their YouTube channel which now has more than a million subscribers. The main attraction of their YouTube channel was the hairstyle tutorials the company would post.

With time though, they made a name for themselves on the basis of their hair extensions as well.

luxy hair reviews

So, like you, I have also heard a lot about Luxy Hair, and so I decided to give them a try and judge for myself how well deserved their popularity in the hair extensions world is. This is my general review of the company where I will be talking about the basic features offered by Luxy Hair such as the website, customer service, shipping, return policies, and customer service. I will also be sharing my reviews of their products in a separate review.


I am a hairdresser based in Ottawa, Canada. I have been in this line of work since childhood as my mother is also a hairdresser. As a result, I have seen more than my fair share of hair extensions in my life. As I am also a certified hair extension technician, I have installed hair extensions for a lot of people over the past decade. On top of that, I use hair extensions personally too.

So, needless to say, I know quite a lot about hair extensions. I know not just about the different brands and hair extensions companies but also about the different types of hair extensions available in the market such as clip in hair extensions, sew in extensions, tape in extensions etc.

I have reviewed several hair companies and you might have heard me mention Luxy Hair often. That’s how popular the company is. So, now, I decided that it was time to give the real scoop on Luxy Hair. A completely unbiased and objective review since my only objective behind sharing these brand and product reviews is to make my readers aware of the many choices available to them in the market and how to find the one that is the most suitable for them.

About Luxy Hair

Okay, so the name of the company is pretty self-explanatory. They are a hair company. They are based in the US, but they do offer international shipping. They have been in business for quite some time now and over the years they have made a big name for themselves as one of the more popular hair extensions choices for people all over the world. They offer a good balance between affordability and quality.

luxy hair reviews

luxy hair reviews

As I have already mentioned, they started off as a YouTube channel which has a huge fan following, mainly because of the popularity of their various hairstyle tutorial videos. Soon enough, they branched out into the e-commerce world too and started selling hair extensions. In particular, they offer clip in hair extensions.


A good and easy to use website which has been designed keeping in mind functionality and practicality often forms the cornerstone for any successful e-commerce enterprise. Luxy Hair seems to share this sentiment as I observed that they have a beautifully designed website. It has a minimalist design in the sense that everything is neatly sorted into pages and sections. On top of this, there isn’t too much going on the website so that you can go about browsing for your desired products easily without being bombarded with pop up ads and notifications.

Now, as far as the graphics on the website are concerned, there is a large number of high quality and high-resolution images available on the website of the many products Luxy Hair has on offer. These images come with thorough descriptions of all the products so that there is no ambiguity in the minds of any potential customer. Kudos to Luxy Hair for that!

Besides this, Luxy Hair’s website also features several videos. These are videos from reviewers, tutorials, product descriptions, and other promotional content. So, in short, all the information you might need about the products and the company is available on the website in one format or another.

Finally, the website is responsive, smooth and secure. I was easily able to navigate through the website without being bothered by long waiting times for the pages or images to load etc. The company states on the website, and I also observed myself, that the website is secure. This is always a big pro in my opinion, as far as e-commerce websites are concerned. One should always take special care while inputting sensitive personal or financial information on any website as there is always a risk for scams and frauds.

Online Luxy Hair Reviews

Like I have already mentioned a couple of times before, Luxy Hair is a fairly well-known hair extensions company, so it is no surprise that I found plenty of brand and product reviews for them online. A quick search on Google was all it took to come across the reviews and opinions shared by different bloggers and YouTubers. However, I think many of those Luxy Hair reviews have been sponsored by the company themselves. You might be wondering what makes me say that.

Well, for starters I noticed that some of these reviews only talked about the good parts. Call me skeptical, but I find it hard to believe that there is any hair company, or any company for that matter, which is perfect. There have to be some drawbacks. And the fact that I found next to no mention of any drawbacks of Luxy Hair made me think that the reviews weren’t 100% objective. On top of this, I noticed that many of these reviewers seemed to be giving exclusive discount vouchers that their readers could redeem on Luxy Hair’s products.

This, obviously means that those reviewers are affiliates and get some incentive for every sale Luxy Hair makes after people read those reviews. Sometimes, these vouchers even have the name of the Blogger or YouTuber in it!

Seeing this, I was once again reminded of why I had first embarked on this journey of writing and sharing product and brand reviews for hair extensions. The purpose was to inform the readers only, without any financial incentive from the company. So, you can be sure that my review of Luxy Hair and all the other companies and products are 100% my unbiased opinions and I don’t hesitate to highlight both the positive and the negative parts of my experiences.

This does not mean that I only found positive Luxy Hair reviews. I saw several negative Luxy Hair reviews as well, but these were much less in number compared to the positive ones. Some of these were so extreme that I almost second guessed my decision to purchase any products from this hair company. I have included the screenshots of some such reviews below so that you get a better idea of what I am talking about.

luxy hair reviews

luxy hair reviews

luxy hair reviews

However, I later decided to go ahead with the purchase since every company has its share of positive and negative reviews, and Luxy Hair was no different. Especially on Facebook, where I believe the reviews are the most credible. So, seeing the discrepancy in Luxy Hair reviews, I decided to not let those influence my decision to purchase from Luxy Hair. I wanted to form my opinions on the basis of my personal experiences only.

As a quick reminder, I believe that reviews posted on TrustPilot aren’t the most credible out there. I feel Facebook reviews (where you can see the profile behind the reviewer) and Google reviews (it’s hard to post fake Google reviews) are the most trustworthy ones.

Luxy Hair had good Google reviews and good Facebook reviews.

luxy hair google review

luxy hair review extensions

review about luxy hair

hair extension luxy hair review

reviewing hair extensions

So overall, Luxy Hair is getting good customers reviews. Despite seemingly sponsoring a few reviews found on blogs and YouTube videos, they are actively getting real positive customer feedback.

Product Range

Okay so when it comes to product range offered by Luxy Hair, there are some good parts and some not so good ones. The hair company offers only one type of hair extensions, namely clip in extensions. No other type. So, if you are a fan of the semi-permanent hair extensions, Luxy Hair is not the company for you. It would be better to look elsewhere. For example, their competitors in the USA such as Bellami Hair and Glam Seamless offer different types of hair extensions. And in Canada, their competitors Canada Hair and Bombay Hair offer virtually all types of hair extensions. The good part though is that the company offers a lot of choice in terms of colors and thickness of the clip in hair extensions.

luxy hair reviews luxy hair reviews

Considering how popular the company is and the sheer number of positive reviews, I really find it hard to understand why they have such a limited product range. They could really benefit greatly from a more diverse product range. Hopefully, that’s on the company’s agenda for the future. But for now, clip in hair extensions are all they offer. I personally prefer clip in extensions too, so I didn’t have many complains about this though.

To read my detailed Luxy Hair review about the hair quality used in Luxy Hair clip in extensions, click here. In my 2nd review of Luxy Hair, I go in details regarding the quality of their clip ins.


Pricing Information

As far as price is concerned, Luxy Hair can be ranked among the average hair extension companies. The prices were definitely not the cheapest you can find online, but they were fairly consistent with the prices I had seen on other e-commerce hair extension websites. In short, you get a good value for your money. I found the clip in extensions by Luxy Hair to be fairly affordable and reasonably priced. At the end of the day, you do get good value for your money.

My purchase

I purchased chocolate Brown #4 clip in hair extensions from Luxy Hair. They only had the one standard length i.e. 20 inches. For weight, I went with their thinnest extensions that weigh 120 grams.

This Luxy Hair review though is focused on my general experience while shopping for hair extensions from Luxy Hair. If you wish to read a detailed Luxy Hair review where I cover in-depth the hair quality and my experience with the hair extensions I bought from them, please click here.

All seemed well with Luxy Hair till now, but shipping does not seem to be the company’s strong points. In my case, they performed rather below average in this regard.

For starters, the shipping took really long. I had to wait for nearly two weeks after placing my order before I received the package. And even then, the package was damaged and had obviously been tampered with. Maybe the shipping took so long because Luxy Hair is an American company and that’s where they ship from. However, even then, 2 weeks seems a bit long to me.

luxy hair extensions

luxy hair reviews review luxyhair

Apart from this, I didn’t appreciate the fact that I had to pay additional duty fees of $20. I mean, I understand that as I am based in Canada and duty fees are a part and parcel for international shipping, but my complaint is that the additional shipping charges were not mentioned on the checkout page. The website advertises free shipping, but I found out the hard way that the free shipping only applies if you are based in the USA. Otherwise, you have to pay the shipping. This fee has to be shown on the checkout page! I feel it is really dishonest not to do so. If I knew I would have to pay an extra $20 at the post office just to get my order, I might not have purchased from Luxy Hair. After all, I thought shipping was free as advertised on their website. That came as a surprise to me, and I was really upset with being charged an extra on my order without being notified beforehand. I have purchased many times from US retailers such as Nordstrom and, and each time, the extra shipping charges were mentioned on the checkout page. I even purchased from Bellami Hair and wasn’t charged any duty fees. But this was not the case with Luxy Hair.

I read other negative Luxy Hair reviews in this regard. Luxy Hair should be clearer about any fees and charges. Merely writing it on one of their pages on the website is not enough. They can detect your IP address since their prices automatically were converted into Canadian dollars when I made a purchase since I am from Canada, and they also advertise heavily to Canadians, so why not show a notice as well that informs customers outside of the USA that they will incur an additional charge once they receive their order?

However, I’d like to point out that I’ve seen way worse. Although I wasn’t happy with Luxy Hair surprising me with hidden fees, one of their competitor did way worse. I’m talking about Glam Seamless. They’ve billed me a 50% duty fee (whereas Luxy Hair was roughly 10%) and they didn’t even mention that their prices were listed in USD. Yet, that didn’t prevent them from soliciting Canadian customers while on the same time hiding crucial information. I’ve ended up paying twice for my hair extensions when I purchased from Glam Seamless. Whereas with Luxy Hair, the duty fee was a lot less. Regardless, it’s still dishonest and bad business practice to not inform customers that they solicit through advertisements that they will incur hidden fees!

Customer service

Good customer service is a must for me when it comes to e-commerce companies!

I cannot stress how important this is. Not all companies are perfect. Mistakes happen. I’m pretty sure Luxy Hair made mistakes too. That’s not the end of the world and stuff like this happen. Actually, it will happen with all companies. Therefore, I highly recommend you to buy only from companies that offer great customer service. If they don’t, stay away.

For example, Bombay Hair offers phone support. That’s wonderful. But on the other hand, Hair Extension Sale offers the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life. Literally!

Luxy Hair scored high in this department. I received my package from them very late, after waiting for two weeks! And even then, the product wasn’t delivered in the condition I had expected it to be in. The box was all damaged and had bumps on it. Initially, I thought that the shipping had been rough, and I hoped that the damage was only on the box. However, that was when I noticed that the security seal on the box had been removed already. This meant that even if I wanted, I couldn’t return the package if it wasn’t in line with my requirements or expectations since that is a part of their return policy and conditions.luxy hair reviews

When I opened the package, the extensions seemed to be in good condition and the color test showed that I had received the correct shade of extensions. So, I didn’t need to return the package, but the broken security seal was still bothering me. It seemed like the extensions had already been used and that is extremely unhygienic and unacceptable for me.

Therefore, I sent an email to the company and I found them to be actually very helpful and receptive. I received a reply to my email within a couple of hours only. This is way above average as per e-commerce standards which can take at least a day to respond to emails. All of my future correspondence with Luxy Hair was also through email and each time the company replied just as efficiently.

Keep in mind that Luxy Hair doesn’t offer phone support. Although that’s always a negative thing, it wasn’t that bad with Luxy Hair. The communication was quick and the representative would go in great details in her replies. I don’t think I would have called their customer support department taking into account how quick they were with their replies.

Luxy Hair email: 

luxy hair review

I informed the customer service representative about the broken security seal and they offered me a partial refund of $30. That’s almost 25% of my total order amount. So, although I had a rocky start with Luxy Hair, I was really satisfied with how attentive the customer service is. As someone who has purchased hair extensions from many retailers, I can confidently say that Luxy Hair offers the best customer service. Contrary to other hair extensions retailers, Luxy Hair looks like they genuinely care about you. My email interactions with them were excellent and the representatives responding to the emails were helpful and really attentive.

Luxy Hair is rather stingy with discounts and promotions. After I had decided to try them out, it took me a long time to finally get around making a purchase because Luxy Hair isn’t generous at all with coupons. I barely got $5 off and that too only after browsing just about everywhere on the internet. However, you can find voucher codes from affiliates who share the details of such vouchers in their blog or video reviews.

Return Policy

Luxy Hair has a reasonable return policy. If you find that the products you received aren’t up to the mark or don’t match your requirements, then you can get in touch with the company and request a refund. The return policy is applicable to a 60-day period. This was rather generous of Luxy Hair, as most companies only let you return the products within 3 days. Besides this, Luxy Hair only allows you to return the products if the extensions are unused and the security seal on the package is not broken.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

No, I am not talking about the show. I merely meant that if you use hair extensions from Luxy Hair, you will be taking a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s book. According to an Instagram post by Kim’s hairstyle, Kim Kardashian used Luxy Hair’s clip in extensions on one occasion at least.

I am assuming that Kim got exactly the same hair extension quality an average customer would receive after buying from Luxy Hair, and then this is really impressive! After Bellami Hair worked with Kylie Jenner, it is interesting to see a competitor company respond by working with Kim Kardashian.

luxy hair reviews

Luxy Hair extensions vs Bellami Hair extensions

Honestly, I find that both companies offer a similar hair quality. There wasn’t that much of a difference. But it seems that Luxy Hair quality was a bit better, and considerably less expensive! If you’re hesitating between Luxy Hair extensions and Bellami Hair extensions, I’d go with Luxy Hair. Here’s why:

  • Luxy Hair customer service was by far the best I’ve ever experienced. They truly made me feel as if I was buying a Lamborghini! I can assure you this company will never ignore any of your complaints. The customer service offered by Luxy Hair is far superior to Bellami Hair.
  • Luxy Hair quality isn’t the best, it was quite average. But so was Bellami Hair! However, Luxy Hair is a lot less expensive than Bellami Hair.

Final verdict – Luxy Hair Reviews

Alright, so this was my general review of the company Luxy Hair. Overall, they did quite well. There were, of course, some places were things could have been a little better, but I was quite happy with my experience with Luxy Hair. Their superior customer service surely was the best part about my entire experience with the company.

Now, what was my experience with a Luxy Hair clip in extensions? Was the quality good? Is it worth the money? Overall, the answer is yes. If you wish to read more about the quality of the hair extensions I received from Luxy Hair, and see a side-by-side comparison of Luxy Hair vs Bellami Hair, please click here.

The hair extensions are of satisfactory quality, the price is somewhat of a good deal especially if you are in the US and don’t have to pay the additional duty fees. Overall, I think it’s a reasonable hair quality for most of the women, and since these are a clip in extensions that are meant to be removed on a daily basis, the quality doesn’t necessarily need to be better or more expensive than the one offered by Luxy Hair. True, the hair quality is not the best quality available in the market, but for the price you are paying, its overall excellent value.

Did you purchase any extensions from Luxy Hair? If yes, please do leave your detailed review below. You can also use our stars system to give Luxy Hair a rating. Additionally, you can also include photos and videos whenever possible. I would love to hear about your experience too!

And don’t forget to head over my 2nd Luxy Hair review where I cover in details my thoughts on the hair quality.