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Market Hair Extensions Reviews

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In this review, I will be reviewing Market Hair Extensions. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased Market Hair Extensions review.

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Hello everyone! If you’re new to my blog, I’m so excited for you to read my experience with several hair extension businesses and my reviews on their products. If you’re an avid reader who’s coming back, welcome back! Today, I’ll be telling you about my experience with the brand Market Hair Extension and the products that I purchased from their website, The reason I wanted to review this business, in particular, today is because of how low their prices are; in fact, these are the lowest priced hair extensions that I’ve seen on the market in my years of experience in the field. I wanted to see if the quality of their hair extensions will be affected due to the incredibly low prices or if they will be one of those generous brands that don’t compromise on quality while also offering affordable rates for their customers. Even though I’d heard about the affordability of their prices before, I was quite surprised to see how low the rates were. You can even buy clip-in extensions as cheap as $50 CAD from their website when the average price of high-quality clip-in extensions is somewhere between $100 and $200. Market Hair Extension also sells other different types of hair extensions (including fusion hair extensions and micro loop hair extensions), straight, wavy, and curly hair, different types of wigs, wefts, hair pieces, tools, and so much more. I was impressed by the variety they offered, but let’s talk about their website, the products I bought, and the purchasing process first.

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Purchasing Process

The first thing I thought when I opened up their website was that I wasn’t impressed. My first impression of the website wasn’t too good since it looked like their design needed a major upgrade and the layout was very strange and outdated, just like USA Hair. The color palette, the font, and the features they offered made it look like the website hadn’t been updated in many years, but I did notice that the reviews at the bottom were from last year, which means the design of their website is something they need to work on. It was very cluttered, and in my years of experience in the field as a professional hair extension technician, I have come across many hair extension websites and reviewed and bought products from dozens of them. That means I’ve seen my fair share of bad website designs but I would still say that Market Hair Extension’s layout is cluttered, hard to use, and one of the worst I’ve seen in terms of user-friendliness. The website is strangely buggy and has a lot of errors, which alters my opinion of their professionalism a lot. The abundance of texts and pictures on their website makes it confusing to look around and hard to navigate the website and find what you need in a short time. It wasn’t long before I got lost in the labyrinth of products, texts, and pictures while trying to find what I wanted to buy since the products were basically all over the place. Plus, the pictures they used were of celebrities or simply random ones taken off the internet; it didn’t seem like they did any photography for their own websites so that you could see what you’ll be receiving in your packaging.


Another thing I instantly noticed was the striking and odd similarity to the website design of Hair Extension Sale, which is another hair extension business I’ve reviewed and brought from before that has the same issues with user-friendliness and accessibility. Both websites have the same design and feature the same product images which makes me wonder if both Market Hair Extension and Hair Extension Sale are operated by the same company? Since I’ve already written about Hair Extension Sale’s products in a review before, which you can find on my blog, I already know a bit about the business’ history and their quality. I know that Hair Extension Sale are based in China and that my last experience with their products didn’t go well at all, which you can find more about in my review of their products. However, I still went into this review with the hope that Market Hair Extensions is a different company. 

The Product

The hair extensions I ordered were the “100S Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions” in the shade Jet Black #1 and 16 inches in length; they cost me $43.95 CAD. 


It wasn’t too late after I placed my order for the extensions that I received an email from Market Hair Extension, in which they had sent me information on how to track my order. They had told me to track my order on a website called YANWEN, which didn’t have many positive reviews on Google, and that my package was being shipped by air from China. However, when I opened up the website, it was buggy and errored just like Market Hair Extension’s website and I wasn’t able to track my order at all. The error message that it gave me was not in English, so I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and stayed completely in the dark about the shipping process of my package. Nonetheless, I stayed very patient and decided to wait a few more days before I contacted the customer service offered by Market Hair Extension. After all, prices are so low that I don’t have much expectations.  After I had contacted the business, I received my package of hair extensions at my doorstep 3 weeks later, which in my opinion, is a bit too long for such a small package especially since it was shipped by air. All that aside, let’s move on to talk about the actual hair extensions themselves.

Market Hair Extensions Review

When I opened my package, I was appalled to see that the hair extensions were not even the length that I had ordered. I had paid for 16-inch long hair extensions but instead received only 12 inches of hair, which is quite a significant difference. I will mention that at least the hair color was correct and what I’d seen on the website; I had ordered the “100S Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions” in the shade Jet Black #1. While I was still quite disappointed about the length of the hair, it was the quality of the hair that let me down the most.

Hair Quality

Simply put, the hair quality was just awful and inexcusable; I could tell that I would never recommend buying from them even from just one feel of the extensions. I don’t know how I can word this better but although their prices are already quite low, I’d say that these extensions were not even worth $10 in my professional opinion because of their horrible quality. When I opened the package, I could clearly see that they were very tangled and that the team at Market Hair Extension had not gone through any preventive measures to keep the hair from tangling during the shipping process, as most companies do. It took me quite some time to get the tangles out and observe the true potential of the extensions, but even then, I couldn’t see a lot to be impressed by. Nonetheless, I stayed patient and brushed the extensions thoroughly so that I could capture the quality in pictures for my readers to see what they’ll be receiving if they buy from Market Hair Extension. Even then, the hair extensions tangled up all over again in just less than a minute even though I was simply taking photos of the product for my blog; it wasn’t as if I had worn the extensions yet or even moved them around. A big red flag when it comes to the quality of hair extensions of wigs is constant tangling no matter how much you brush them out. When I touched the extensions, I was really disheartened to find how dry and dull they felt. They weren’t soft in the least and it was really hard to run my fingers through the hair without getting stuck in the unpreventable tangles; this was especially disappointing because the website claimed these extensions to be made of real human hair which means they would be soft, natural, and manageable. I’ve reviewed many different kinds of hair extensions in the past, in terms of quality, length, type, and what they’re made of, and this was by far one of the worst I’ve worked with.


Hair Quantity

As I mentioned before, I ordered 16 inches of hair extensions but only received 12 inches of hair. Not only that, but it also had the worst thickness ratio from the roots to the ends in my experience, which you can notice in the photos I’ve given. I’ve tried my best to picture their quality in the pictures attached and to videotape how thin the hair actually is at the bottom. It tapers down into a weak and unrealistic length which makes the hair look really thin and unhealthy and that is not what I paid for; the purpose of extensions is to add more volume to your hair and make it look thicker and healthier. When I twisted the hair, you could see that there was barely any hair at the bottom since my little finger was wider than the strand at the end. I was extremely disappointed to see how thin the hair was and I wanted to contact customer service about it so I decided to get the accurate measurements to see what I was working with. I ended up weighing the hair using my kitchen scale and was exasperated with the results since all of it combined weighed only 53 grams, which explained a lot to me. I then understood why the hair felt so thin and less because 53 grams of hair was nowhere near enough to cover a full head and add any volume to it. This made me believe that their fusion hair extensions are only 0.5 gram per strand after the right calculations and nothing of the sort was mentioned on the website or their product description. Since the amount they’re selling isn’t the standard weight sold of hair extensions sold by most companies, I believe they should make a point to mention it alongside the product so the customer knows what they’re buying. In my years of experience in the field of hairstyling and installing hair extensions and wigs, I’ve found that the right amount of hair extensions to cover a full head is no less than 100 grams and that’s how much I usually use on most of my clients but the amount can go up depending on whether they want more volume in their hair. I always make sure that the hair extensions I use have 1-gram strands and no less than that if I not only want to make my job easier for me but also ensure the right amount of volume for my hair. Using 0.5-gram strands would only mean that I will have to install at least 200 strands of hair extensions in my client’s hair. Not only is that extremely laborious and time taking, but you also have to trust me when I say that having 200 strands of hair extensions in your hair is a nightmare for your scalp that you don’t want to go through. It’s definitely uncomfortable to have that many hair extensions in your hair on a daily basis and will put a lot of strain on your real hair, which is why it’s best to simply go for a 100 1-gram strands. I should also mention that I did order the 100 strands set from Market Hair Extension’s website, expecting 1-gram strands, but instead, I received a package of 95 strands weighing just 0.5 gram each, resulting in no volume at all.

Heat Test

After working with many different kinds of hair extensions and reviewing several dozens of brands for my blog, I’ve found that what you see isn’t always what you get. Even if the hair looks shiny and high quality, and in some cases, even feels soft and like it could last a long time, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can count on it to be actually good in quality and preserve under different conditions. The best way I tell the quality of hair extensions is by putting it through a heat test unless the product description mentions that the hair extensions can’t handle the heat (typically with synthetic hair). High-quality hair extensions often handle heat very well and can be curled or straightened or blown out many times before they lose their softness and freshness. This time, I used my hair straightener to test how Market Hair Extension’s product handles heat since I didn’t see anything in their product description instructing their customers not to use heat on the hair. Unfortunately, I was once again disappointed by the results. The hair extensions did very poorly in the heat test and the quality got even worse than it was before. The hair got even drier and more brittle after the heat test and I was positive that I would never use these hair extensions on anyone or myself. Even though the hair was now straightened, it continued to get irreparably tangled and I found that I needed to brush through the hair even more often now to keep it in a usable condition. After being let down by the bad quality of these hair extensions so many times, I no longer felt even slightly confident about testing them any further, let alone install them in my own hair or my clients at all. I have had many good years of experience in my field and know what I’m doing when it comes to wigs or hair extensions and their quality since I’ve reviewed and tested a lot of other brands and products like this. I can surely and confidently tell my readers that this hair quality is nowhere near good or acceptable. In my professional opinion, it’s unacceptable that they even charge $43.95 for this quality and don’t even try to send their customers the product that they advertised on their website.

Hair Durability

On the topic of the durability and lifetime of the hair extensions that I bought Market Hair Extensions; I have nothing positive to say considering the experience I’ve had with their products. If they barely survived the heat test, I doubt they would last more than a few weeks. I visited their website ( to see if I could get more information on the durability of their hair extensions and read more about their product and saw that they claimed that the set I ordered should last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. In my opinion, that is a wild exaggeration from the truth and I am really skeptical and doubtful about the accuracy of this claim since I just witnessed the inexcusably horrible quality of their products. It would even be surprising if these hair extensions lasted more than 3 weeks considering their quality. Plus, using heat on them would instantly decrease their lifetime even more than it already is. As I said, I would never consider installing these extensions on any of my clients or even myself because I don’t trust their quality at all. Let’s end this review with my final thoughts on these hair extensions, whether or not I would recommend Market Hair Extension to my readers, and how they can improve their business to keep their customers.

Final Thoughts

I assume none of you will be surprised to read that my experience with Market Hair Extension is one of the worst I’ve ever had, in terms of their website, shipping, hair quality, and customer service. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with different hair extension businesses and Market Hair Extension definitely stays high on the list. There’s no doubt in the statement when I say I would never recommend any of you to buy hair extensions from this business since it will just be a waste of your money and time. Don’t be convinced by the simply low rates that they offer, thinking you’ll be able to save more money, because their products will only cause you to lose more money than you anticipated in the long run. Their hair extensions aren’t even worth $10 in my opinion and the horrible quality is not worth spending time and money on. Not only is their quality not worth it, but they also will be of no use to you if you’re looking to add volume to your hair since they only sell 0.5-gram strands in their hair extension wefts. That’s why you’ll have to buy at least 2 sets to cover a full head and add any amount of volume; one set costs $43.95 and holds 100 strands. Installing 200 strands in your hair isn’t only costly but also a nightmare for your scalp. Plus, having to get them replaced every 3 weeks by your hairdresser will cost you even more. In the long run, hair extensions from Market Hair Extension are simply a waste of your money and time and offer nothing of substance to the user. In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend shopping from them since you could use all that money to buy hair extensions from high-end businesses that don’t compromise on quality and actually offer products that last a long time and are worth it.