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Quality Hair extensions Reviews

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Hi, everyone! To anyone that’s a new reader of my blog, thank you for reading my reviews and I hope that my experiences will be helpful to you when you’re shopping for new hair extensions. To anyone that’s already an avid reader of my blog, welcome back! I hope you all are doing well and staying as safe as you can during this crazy pandemic. Truly, all we can do right now is follow the social distancing orders and check up on our loved ones whenever we can. We’re all feeling very lonely  and frustrated lately, which is why I hope we all can remember to stay focused on the positives and take care of our mental health as much as we can. This time is perfect to work on your personal projects, so let those creative juices flow. Since most places are in lockdown right now to prevent the spread of the virus, I’m not allowed to work at the moment, much like many other beauty professionals and those in creative fields. However, I’ll be looking at the positive side of things this time and use all this free time to work on my blog a bit more. I’ll be writing more reviews over the next few weeks on many different hair extension businesses. I’m sorry to all those that have been affected by the pandemic; my own business was deeply troubled since I could no longer meet my clients as easily as I could normally. I run my own small salon at home, and due to the pandemic, I now had to improvise so that I could still make some sort of income and help my customers. One of the few ways I worked around the situation was by selling custom hair dye formulas to those of my customers that needed procedures done which really couldn’t wait; for example, getting their roots done.

About the Review

There are a few things I want to mention about the review before I actually get into talking more about the brand and its products. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and most of us can’t go to professional hairstylists to get our hair done, I want to make sure that my reviews are also helpful to those that have to do their hair at home now. That’s why I’ll be reviewing hair extensions like I always have but for now, I’ll be focusing more on hair extensions that the customers can install by themselves at home. I’m very excited to tell all my readers about my top recommendations when it comes to the best hair extensions from different hair businesses at affordable rates with no compromise on quality. If any of you have any suggestions about different hair extensions that I should review, don’t hesitate to tell me about them in the comments! But please keep in mind that I don’t do any sponsored reviews or anything like that. I’m always up for suggestions, but I’ll buy the product of my choice with my own money.  I don’t take anything for free, and I don’t want any collaborations with any company. I want to share my authentic point of view on the extensions I buy online and have a 100% control over what I write. I want to build a community where we can find the best hair extensions deals + great quality. 

I have a lot of new hair extension companies and products in mind to review for you guys this time, so I’ll be trying my best to upload a review for one new product and a new company on my blog every month. For the record, I won’t be reviewing Amazon hair extensions. There’s so many of them from so many different companies, and most are from China that I’m not even sure if there’s a point in reviewing them. Regardless, I’ll focus on known online brands and I want you guys to know that writing these reviews is quite a time-consuming process since I have to keep every aspect of the product and brand in mind and make sure my readers find exactly what they’re looking for in a review. Plus, it’s also quite costly since I have to pay for all these products myself and I end up losing money when the product isn’t good enough to be used at all, which happens every once in a while. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews before, you’re probably aware of the fact that I make a point to mention in every review that none of these reviews are sponsored or paid by any of the brands that I talk about. I always give my readers an unfiltered and honest recap of my experiences with the hair extensions businesses that I review, no matter how positive or negative it was. Plus, I purchase all these products with my own money because I don’t accept products in exchange for my reviews.

The reason I started writing these blogs is that whenever I went online looking for reviews of products by hair extension businesses that I wanted to buy from, I found absolutely nothing except for a few sponsored or paid blogs and reviews that were very clearly fake. This lack of truthful and helpful reviews online motivated me to start writing my own so that other consumers know what they’re getting when they’re buying hair extensions, wigs, or other products from certain hair businesses. That’s exactly why you’ll never find a coupon code with my name or an affiliate link in any of the reviews on my blog; I do this purely to share my experience with these companies. Another thing I want to mention to you all that I look forward to reviewing different hair products like wigs and hairpieces in the future!

About Quality Hair

Now that we’ve established a few facts about the current situation and some disclaimers about the following review, let’s go over what we know about the brand first. The brand I’ll be reviewing today is Quality Hair, specifically the Premium Remy clip-in hair extensions. From what I can tell so far, the brand Quality Hair is associated with the brands USA Hair and Canada Hair, which are quite famous in the hair industry already. Since I live in Canada, I’ve bought from and reviewed hair extensions from Canada Hair in the past, which you can read all about on my blog. Knowing my experience with that company, I thought it would be a good idea to try out the quality offered by Quality Hair as well and understand the differences since I reviewed the standard quality of clip-in hair extensions that they offered at Canada Hair’s website and they were the brand Tara Hair. However, I will be going into this review with a clear and unbiased mind as well as no special expectations, since there isn’t much that I know about Quality Hair other than the fact that it is affiliated with the brands Canada Hair and USA Hair. If you’ve read my previous reviews already, I don’t feel like it’s necessary for me to get into any more details about the brands Canada Hair or USA Hair since I’ve already spoken about what I know about them in my past reviews. I don’t have any comments to make about the websites themselves, so let’s just move on to the review.

Quality Hair Review

I feel that it was important for me to put out disclaimers about the upcoming review and talk a bit about the brand so that my readers understand the background of the business they might be buying from. In this review, I’ll be going over my experience with and thoughts on the delivery, the packaging, the product, the quality, the quantity, the installation process, the curling process, the washing process, and the durability of the hair extensions. Without further ado, let’s get into the review of Quality Hair! 


There’s not much I have to say about the delivery and shipping process of the product from Quality Hair, because everything went pretty smoothly except that for the fact that the package arrived at my doorstep much later through USA Hair than it did the last time when I ordered from Canada Hair instead. The delivery of my hair took over a week to get here, which is a little later than usual considering my experience with the company. However, I assume this delay was because of Covid-19 which is making it harder for products to be shipped quicker. I noticed that all my other online purchases are taking longer than usual so I won’t be blaming Quality Hair or USA Hair for the delay in this delivery. In short, I didn’t face any issues in the delivery and shipping except for the unusual hold-up. 

I’d also like to point out that there are other retailers carrying Quality Hair brand but I never purchased from any of them with the exception of Canada Hair and USA Hair. It may be that other retailers have different are mostly hair salons. Regardless, it seems only Canada Hair and USA Hair offer this brand online. And the delivery speed was amazing with Canada Hair, as for USA Hair not so much during the pandemic.


Let’s talk about the packaging that the hair extensions from Quality Hair came in, since I believe that packaging plays a great role in keeping the hair intact during shipping and the wrong packaging can result in creases in the hair extensions. I was impressed by how simple and chic the packaging was; it was classic, small, and served its purpose. It was a positive point in my list knowing that I could recycle this packaging fully. In my experience, I’ve noticed that most hair extensions’ businesses ship their products in boxed packages so that, in the future, the customer can store the hair extensions in it while not in use. Personally, I don’t believe that’s a very practical idea since it doesn’t actually end up being the case at the end and it’s just a waist. Although you can store the hair extensions in these boxes during transportation or warehouse storage, they end up being too small to fit the hair once the extensions have been used by the customer since they’ve been brushed out, volumized, and styled. Plus, they take up unnecessary space in your room. Larger packaging also adds to the total price of the product. In my opinion, the simplest and easiest way to store hair extensions is by hanging them on a hook, or if you have one, a mannequin head. You can even just braid them and put them in a Ziploc bag to keep them in perfect condition, so there’s absolutely no need for you to spend extra money on fancy packaging that won’t even be useful to you in the end. In conclusion, the packaging sent by Quality Hair was practical, small, safe, and recyclable, and that’s really all I’m looking for in the ideal packaging for hair extensions.

About the product

Finally, now that the details about the packaging and delivery are out of the way, I’m excited to tell all my readers about the product that I bought from Quality Hair. The product that I picked for this review was Quality Hair’s Premium Remy Clip-in Hair Extensions. I decided to get these extensions 18 inches in length and the shade “Black Brown #1B”. The website described them as being 145 grams in weight, and I also noticed another option of 18-inch-long hair extension which weighed around 200 grams.

I was really mesmerized by the gorgeous rich mocha dark brown shade of hair extensions that I received in the package, which was described on USA Hair website as the transitioning shade between Jet Black and Dark Brown. It’s safe to say that when it came to the color of the hair, there were absolutely no complaints as it was a beautiful and realistic shade. I’ll talk more in detail about the quantity of the hair later on, but the set I ordered had 7 wefts of hair with clips attached to each.

My favorite thing about Quality Hair so far is that their hair extensions feature the clips that I’ve always preferred over the other kinds. The reason I love these clips so much is that they are small and not harsh on your roots at all, while also being easier to hide in your hair. Plus, they also have a silicone strip that provides a better grip on your hair; this is an extremely beneficial feature for those that like to wear their extensions for a long time and have a finer hair texture.

Another thing that added one more pro to my list was that Quality Hair included 2 extra replacement clips in the package, which will be of great use in case a clip breaks off or becomes ineffective over time. All you’ll have to do is sew in these extra ones and your hair extensions will be as new. I’m glad that they added these replacement clips in the packaging because, in my experience, it’s quite hard to find individual clips online. On the off chance that you do find individual clips online, you’ll have to buy them in large quantities and they’re also always overpriced.

Clip-in hair extensions quality

Those were just a few features of the product that caught my eye and added more positive points to my satisfying experience with the brand. Let’s move on and talk about the quality of the clip-in hair extensions that I bought from Quality Hair. As I said, the website described them as being Premium Remy Hair Extensions of high quality, so I was impressed when I felt the hair and found that their claims were true. The hair felt extremely soft and luscious which made it look and feel a lot like human hair; it didn’t have the harsh, plasticky feel that cheap hair extensions often end up having. When it comes to appearance, I would describe these hair extensions as lustrous and almost satiny looking; this shine made the hair look and feel so healthy and realistic that I couldn’t be more impressed.

You can tell a lot about the quality and durability of hair extensions at the first touch, and by the softness and healthiness of these hair extensions, I could tell that they’re going to last a long time. I knew I wouldn’t be having any trouble heating or styling these hair extensions in the long run, and that was one of the most important factors of high-quality hair in my book. This is exactly why I believe first impressions are very important when it comes to hair extensions and wigs. I’m glad to say that I paid for premium quality and received exactly that. Each of the 7 wefts in the pack is double wefted, which means that 2 wefts of hair were sewn together to create one. Not only does this make the hair look denser and more voluminous, but it also plays a great role in making the hair extensions blend better with various haircuts.

The clips of these extensions were tightly sewed in place on a cloth band that held the wefts of hair together. I mention all this because I loved seeing how everything was very resilient and secure, which is a very important factor of high-quality hair extensions.

I had no worries about these clip-in hair extensions being flimsy or falling apart any time soon since I could see how securely it was sewn together. Plus, this also meant that the hair won’t shed as much!

Quantity of hair

I want to talk in detail about the wefts of hair I received in this set so that my readers have an idea about the quantity of hair they’ll be receiving if they order the same amount that I did. The set I ordered contains 7 wefts of clip-in hair extensions, each of which had a varying number of clips depending on the size. The 1 large weft had 4 clips attached while 2 comparatively smaller wefts had 3 clips attached to each. The rest were 2 wefts with 2 clips each and 2 small wefts with 1 clip attached on each. As I mentioned before, the hair extensions I ordered weighed 145 grams total but the website also offered an option for the same extensions which 200 grams instead. I made sure to weigh the hair extensions that I received in the package using my food scale and it was 146.4g. If your hair density is anywhere between medium to thick and the length is medium to long, I would recommend buying this set I bought, which weighed 145 grams, as it’ll give you enough volume and density without being too heavy. However, if you very thick and short hair, I would recommend the 200-gram hair extensions instead.

Installation process of Quality Hair clip-ins

Since I run my own salon at home, I have years of experience in installing different kinds of hair extensions with varying textures and lengths. I found that these Premium Remy clip-in hair extensions were quite easy to install. The way you install these hair extensions is simple, easy, and quick; it shouldn’t be too troubling for beginners who want to get their hair done at home. Unfortunately, I’m not too good at recording and editing videos while also being camera shy, so I won’t be able to upload any video tutorials for my readers on how to install these clip-in hair extensions. It’s also important to mention that these reviews are very time consuming to write and take up a lot of my creativity, which is why I’m not about to start doing free video tutorials on installing hair extensions on top of that. However, there are many tutorial videos available online which will give you a detailed insight on how to install different kinds of hair extensions quickly, easily, and effectively. In fact, if you head over to Canada Hair’s website or USA Hair’s website as well, you’ll be able to find some helpful hair extension installation tutorials for Quality Hair clip-ins.. Beginners don’t need to worry though, since you don’t need any specific experience or skill to be able to install the hair extensions that I bought from Quality Hair; the whole process is fairly easy. All you’ll need to do this efficiently is a rat tail comb and a hair tie.

The first step is to make sure your hair is completely detangled, before you start the process of installing the hair extensions. This will not only prevent the extensions from getting stuck in your real hair but will also make the process of securing the clips much easier. You should start installing the extensions from the nape of your neck and building your way up until, finally, you can clip on the remaining wefts on the sides of your head. This creates the perfect level of volume while also keeping your extensions discreet and realistic. I’d suggest starting with the 2nd largest wefts in the pack, the ones which have 3 clips attached to them, and then moving onto the largest weft of 4 clips, which is used for the crown of the head. About 1 inch away from each of your ears, you should then install each of the 2 clip wefts. After all those wefts are secure and in place, you should part a new section in your hair right above that to secure in the remaining 1 clip wefts. One thing I should mention is that this is simply the traditional way of installing clip-in hair extensions which have been foolproof for me for many years, which is why I always recommend it. However, you can definitely customize this method the way you see fit and do it your way. Plus, you can also take tips from any detailed video tutorials available online. Once you’ve clipped in all the weights, you’ll notice that they are considerably lightweight for hair extensions which actually weigh 145 grams. Of course, you’ll feel the difference of weight and volume in your hair for some time right after you’ve installed the extensions, but it won’t be long until you won’t even remember that you have any hair extensions on.

Curling the extensions (heat test)

As I’ve mentioned before, the first look and feel of the hair extensions will tell you a lot about the quality of the hair extensions, and in the case of the ones I bought from Quality Hair, I was pretty satisfied. However, since I conduct a heat test on all the hair extensions that I review to check how they react to heat styling or if that drastically decreases the hair’s lifetime, I decided to try it out on these hair extensions too. Whether or not hair extensions react badly to heat is a great indicator of the quality of the hair. So, I curled these extensions the same way I do it with all the other hair extensions that I’ve reviewed so that I could see how heat resistant the extensions really are. Customers mostly tend to buy hair extensions to wear on special occasions, which also means they’ll be heat styling the extensions along with their hair too. When I curled these extensions, I didn’t see any burns or marks left on my flat iron, which can sometimes happen in the case of cheap hair extensions. When exposed to heat, they didn’t have the strange smell of burning smell that you would expect from low-quality extensions and there was no change in the texture; it was just as soft as it was before. It’s safe to say that I’m very impressed by the high quality of the hair extensions from Quality Hair. After I had curled the hair extensions, I noticed that the curls stayed in place for about 3 to 4 hours before they started loosening up. However, I didn’t see that as a problem at all since that’s how all my other high-quality hair extensions react to heat styling. In fact, even my own hair does not hold curls all day, so to see the curls stay in place for 4 hours was enough to impress me. I do know that it’s very important for some of my clients that the curls stay in place for a long time so I thought I should mention the durability of the curls. Something that I really liked about these extensions was that they stayed in place all day and did not once move from the spot that I had clipped them in, which was impressive considering the fact that I was active all day. The resilience of hair extensions is very telling of the hair’s quality and the clips, so when it came to Quality Hair’s premium Remy clip-in hair extensions, I couldn’t say that I had any complaints.

Washing clip-in extensions

Washing your hair extensions should not only be a careful and precise process, but it’s also very telling of the quality of the hair extensions. Certain shampoos can dry out the hair and if you don’t take a delicate approach while washing them, the hair extensions can start to shed quicker. I would suggest only washing your clip-in hair extensions when it’s absolutely necessary when you can notice the hair dirty and losing its volume. If you’re someone who wears their hair extensions every single day, my suggestion would be to only wash them twice a month to keep them in a soft and healthy condition. However, any time that you feel like there’s too much buildup on your hair extensions from your styling products is a good time to wash your hair extensions. For those that don’t wear their hair extensions too often, I would say that a good rule of thumb would be to wash them every 20 uses. In the case of the clip-in hair extensions that I bought from Quality Hair, I’ve washed them twice already. Using the right hair products on your hair extensions is extremely important if you want them to stay in good condition for a longer time and look realistic. A high-quality, very hydrating shampoo is the perfect option for when you’re washing your hair extensions; remember, you don’t need to use a large amount. You’ll only be needing a very small amount since hair extensions don’t have the same nourishment that your real hair does and you can even dilute it with some water if you’re worried about strong chemicals affecting the hair extensions.

The first step before you start washing your hair extensions is to make sure that all the wefts are completely tangle-free and brushed out. During the shampooing process, the hair will get further tangled up which will become impossible to detangle unless you brush it out beforehand. After that, you can fill up a sink or a tub with cold water (remember, hot water is harmful to your real hair as well as your hair extensions) and dipping each of the wefts in it one by one. Gently massage the hydrating shampoo into the hair extensions until you’re sure that the product buildup or dirt is cleaned out, then rinse all of the wefts out with cold water. Conditioner is a step that you absolutely can’t miss when it comes to washing hair extensions since they don’t have natural oils like real hair to keep them hydrated and soft. Use a very hydrating hair conditioner or a moisturizing hair mask of your choice. To be honest with you, I’ve always used a hair mask on my hair extensions and it has always worked out well for me in the case that the hair extensions are of as high quality as the ones I’ve bought from Quality Hair. Even on my own real hair, I’ve always used a hair mask and it has always kept my hair soft and healthy, which is why I never buy hair conditioners for myself or hair extensions. In my experience, hair masks are simply more effective and do the job better. Plus, you won’t need to use much product when it comes to hair masks since they are more potent and thicker in consistency as compared to hair conditioner.

I really can’t stress enough the importance of being gentle with your hair extensions and treating them with care; it’s one of the main factors of retaining the quality of the hair extensions and make them last longer. Your hair extensions and wigs are not like your real hair at all since they don’t have natural oils and nourishments constantly developing on your scalp to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. That’s why you have to be gentle and take your time to care for them if you want to make sure they last a long time and retain their healthy and realistic appearance. The reason I’m repeating these instructions so often for you guys is that I have seen people neglect care instructions for hair extensions and end up with really bad results. For instance, I once gave proper instruction on how to care for her hair extensions to one of my clients, but she didn’t follow through with them and ended up washing her hair extensions in the washing machine. Yes, you read that right and I’m not kidding because this is something that really happened! After washing her hair extensions in the washing machine, it was no surprise when the hair was completely ruined beyond repair and it was simply a lost cause at that point. I couldn’t do anything to fix them or help her. So, if you want your hair extensions to be healthy, realistic, and durable, be gentle with them and use the correct products.

Quality Hair durability

Now that you know how to care for this kind of hair extensions, let’s get back to my review and talk a bit about the durability of the hair extensions I bought from Quality Hair since that’s the most beneficial factor of buying premium, high-quality hair. I’ve worn these clip-in hair extensions a few times over the course of a month and have had a great experience. The reason I wanted to try them out for a whole month is that these were expensive and described as high-quality, premium hair extensions. I wanted to create a very accurate and detailed. review of them for you guys and showcase their quality over a month. I’ve washed them twice in that time and they’ve retained their softness and realistic look even after being washed and heat styled. In short, they remained in good condition. However, I will mention that they’ve lost a bit of the shine that I saw the first time I received these hair extensions, but that’s only because they’ve been washed twice. Just in case you weren’t aware of this, most hair extensions come with a silicone coating applied on them as a top layer when they are manufactured. Not only does this help in protecting the hair from surface-level buildup and dirt, but it also locks the nutrients and moisture in the hair and prevents the environment from drying them out. Plus, it also gives it a healthy shine which makes the hair extensions look more realistic and blend well with your real hair. This silicone coating is sure to wear off little by little every time you wash your hair extensions. But in the case of Quality Hair’s clip-in hair extensions, the hair still feels very soft and nourished when I touch it. I make sure to apply a bit of hair oil on the hair extensions every time I leave them out to air dry to retain this softness and keep the hair healthy.


Now that we’ve talked in detail about the hair quality, hair quantity, delivery, packaging, and hair durability offered by Quality Hair, I want to give you guys my final thoughts on this brand, their Premium Remy clip-in hair extensions, and my experience with using them. First and foremost, I highly recommend them! It’s not often that you come across a hair business that checks all the boxes when it comes to great hair extensions; they’re soft, they’re beautiful, they’re realistic, they’re resilient, and most of all, they’re durable. That’s all that you need in the best hair extensions. In my opinion, these extensions are truly a higher quality of hair that I don’t think is easy to find. They’re very easy to install, style, wear, remove, and wash. Plus, they retained their softness and high quality even after I washed and heat-styled them a few times; the hair extensions definitely maintained their integrity and quality after a whole month of regular use. The best part of these hair extensions is that they will last much longer and stay beautiful for much longer which means you won’t have to buy more frequently; that wouldn’t have been the case with less expensive hair. I really believe that they’re worth the higher price as they’re a great investment for someone that wears hair extensions every day. In my opinion, you truly won’t regret buying hair extensions from Quality Hair.