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Tara Hair extensions Reviews

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In this review, I will be reviewing Tara Hair extensions. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well and having a good time with your loved ones at home. This time has been affecting a lot of lives in a variety of ways. So, I hope you are taking this well and are trying your best to stay safe and protected from this deadly virus. It is essential to stay safe during these crazy times, both physically and mentally. I am not sure how your area or city has been affected by this virus, but things have been pretty brutal from where I am right now (Canada). All of the non-essential businesses have been shut down for months, which means no luxury treatments or self-care for an extended period. This pandemic and all the quarantine period had majorly affected the hair salons and barbershops. Some of them had to struggle a lot to keep their work going, and some even had to permanently close their business due to the financial strain that this pandemic had caused them. A lot of people lost their jobs, and others struggled to keep the ones they had.

My business, too, was affected quite a lot by the lockdown situation. I have told you guys before about the small hair salon business that I run from my house. The pandemic and the lockdown had resulted in me shutting down my salon and losing the regular customers that I’ve had for so long. I was struggling a lot and had to improvise to make some income. I also could not just abandon my loyal clients so suddenly, so I had to think of something new. After a lot of thinking, I started selling my clients’ custom hair dye formulas. This service was for clients who wanted their hair to be treated before it started to look bad, for instance, those that needed their roots retouched. All this struggle made me realize how so many men and women had to take care of their hair and retouch them over and over again at home, all on their own. This led me to think about how I needed to post more reviews about the hair extensions that did not need professional help when putting them on. I wanted to talk more about hair extensions that do not involve a hairdresser. But with that being said, I still want to remind you all about how important it is to consult a professional hairdresser from time to time. This not only helps you keep your hair in check but also helps the local economy a lot. So, when all of this is over and all businesses are allowed to reopen, visit your hairdressers as soon as you can. 

My Initial Plan

Now, onto the product that I will be reviewing today. I purchased invisible wire hair extensions for this review, but I have to be honest, I was pretty scared of trying this kind of hair extensions. From my usual hair extensions and all the knowledge that I have gathered before, invisible wire hair extensions are different from the other kinds. I was very skeptical and nervous about trying out the invisible wire hair extensions as I had never tried such hair extensions before. I have been into the easy, clip-on ones that take near to no effort when putting on. I thought this type of hair extension was perfect to try  and to learn  the right techniques and tips to wear them the right way. The invisible wire hair extensions are different from the classic clip ins and more commonly used by people from all around the world. After tons of arguments with myself, I decided to go with invisible wire hair extensions.

Now when it came to deciding which brand I would choose, I automatically thought about Canada Hair. Since I have had a satisfying experience with Canada Hair, I decided to give them a go once again. My overall experience with this brand was quite satisfying, and their delivery services had not disappointed me. I was glad that I had decided to order from them again. Despite the pandemic and the lockdown, Canada Hair had delivered the package right on time, with constant communication with me.

My Final Plan

For this review, I’ll be focusing on the brand that Canada Hair sells. This brand is called Tara Hair. The first time I ordered from Canada Hair in 2018, I was confused why the extensions I received were named Tara Hair. I thought that by buying from Canada Hair, I’d get extensions with the words Canada Hair on it, or something similar. As it turns out, Canada Hair carries different brands. From what I can see, they carry 2 brands: Quality Hair and Tara Hair. In this review, I’ll be focusing only on Tara Hair brand. This brand is owned by Canada Hair, or by USA Hair if you’re an American reader. I haven’t heard much about Tara Hair, which is a shame because the extensions are really great especially for the prices. Tara Hair extensions seem to be the most affordable extensions you can buy online, but also get reasonable hair quality.  Whenever I review hair extensions, I prefer using darker shades for all of my reviews as I am a brunette myself, and I don’t particularly appreciate wasting the hair extensions. Choosing another color for the hair extensions only leads me to give them away or just sit inside my drawers, waiting to be used again after a long time. This is why I mostly go for a similar color as my real hair. But for this review, I decided to do the opposite; not all of my readers are brunettes, and they need to see how hair extensions would look like on them. So, for this review, I finalized a lighter shade for the hair extension. I plan on experimenting with other shades in my future reviews, so stay updated for more. For this review, I chose the hair extensions brand Tara Hair, which I have already reviewed in the past. I had a reasonably satisfying experience with this brand that is why I chose this brand once again. In this review, I will be reviewing the invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair. Keep on reading to know all about it!

Tara Hair Brand

I have already posted a review about hair extensions from Tara Hair and have talked about the brand itself. But for those who have not read my review or who have no idea what Tara Hair is, Tara Hair is a hair extensions brand owned by Canada Hair / USA Hair. That’s the brand name of their hair extensions. 

 I will be sharing all the points and experiences that I personally witnessed, without a filter. But before I start the review, I would like to make it clear that this is not a sponsored review in any shape or form. I bought these Tara Hair invisible wire hair extensions with my own money and I was never contacted by any company or brand to post this review. Everything I tell you all here is my personal opinion based on my experience with Tara Hair. Just like all of my previous reviews, this review too is not sponsored or paid. I will not be compensated or earn any money from this review.

Tara Hair Reviews

Now on to the much-awaited product review that you all have been waiting for. As I have mentioned before that, I decided to go for invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair. I have also mentioned that I have already once ordered from Tara Hair, and my overall experience with the hair extension brand has been pretty satisfying. But I wanted to give it a go once again as I have chosen a more complicated and different type of hair extensions. I wanted to see if they supply the same quality in this hair extension type.


From all of the research that I have done and my personal experience combined, I have gathered that Tara Hair is one of the only few brands that offer almost every hair extension type available on the market. This is a beneficial point because I did not have to go around and search through hundreds of websites to find my ideal option. I could find all the desired products, which saved a lot of my precious time. I think you can only buy Tara Hair extensions from Canada Hair or from USA Hair. 

Previous Experience

I have already mentioned that blonde hair extensions are usually weaker than dark-colored ones in my previous review blogs. The blonde hair extensions turn out to be dryer than the brunette or black options. Want to know why? That specific amount of hair has to go through various treatments and bleaching processes to get the desired color. All the harmful products ruin the hair’s quality and result in them getting weaker and dryer than the dark-colored hair extensions. I came up with this conclusion after testing and using tons of blonde hair extensions. In case some of you did not know, almost all of the hair donated or sold to factories to make hair extensions is dark hair. So, when a the factory is required to make such light shades, they are forced to use bleaches and other harsh products. This quickly helps them get what they want but this only results in the hair extensions getting weaker than the dark-colored hair extensions. Even for red shades, which are lighter than most colors, the extensions’ hair has to go through different processes and harmful products.

If you remember one of my old review blogs about Bellami Hair, you must remember how I mentioned hair quality. The moment I opened the box and held the extensions in my hands for the first time, I could tell how dry the hair was. The hair extensions were blonde, so it was inevitable that they would be dryer and weaker than usual. This was one of the major demerits because hair extensions deteriorate with time anyways.

Tara Hair: reviewing the hair length

Now let’s talk about the overall description and quality of the invisible wire hair extensions from Tara Hair. The invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair that I had received was approximately 18″ long. This was the only length available on the website I purchased them from (CanadaHair.ca but you can also buy invisible wire extensions from USA Hair, so I was stuck with choosing this specific length. However, when I went visited back the website a few days ago I noticed that they added 2 other lengths: 14” and 22”.  I measured the invisible wire hair extensions I ordered on my own, it turned out to be longer than the mentioned length. The difference was not even that big; it was just an extra inch, 19″ in total. Other than that, the invisible wire piece’s width was about 10″. I had to carefully measure every single length so I would not get anything wrong. In addition to the length options, the website offered two thickness option of invisible wire hair extensions with different weights. One of them, the standard weight, was about 85g, which is usually the right option for people who don’t need to show a lot of hair and don’t require much coverage. As for the second option, it weighed over 130g. This set is perfect for people who are into fuller and heavier coverage over their heads. I, of course, ordered the standard weight because I was not looking into having extreme coverage. I just wanted to review the hair quality and overall experience with the invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair.


One thing that actually bothered and confused me a little at first was the fact that there were clips on the inner side of the invisible wire piece. This was unusual, but I decided I needed to figure it out and see how it worked. When I completely opened the hair extensions package, I could see how they stuck the clips to the invisible wire piece with the help of Velcro. It meant that I could undo it and stick them on my desired spot to help fix the invisible wire hair extensions just like I wanted. The fact that I could move the clips around had cleared all my suspicions and actually helped me decide that this was such a useful feature. This feature can be helpful if you plan on moving around here and there a lot with your hair extensions on. Or, if you are too conscious about your hair extensions falling off in front of everyone, then this simple trick can help you keep your hair extensions in place firmly.

If you think about it, if you end up wearing your invisible wire hair extensions with just the wire set around the top of your head, it will eventually fall off if your have your head upside-down for some reason. Even if you bend over or spin around too quickly, your hair extensions will come right off. They will never stay in place and will come off quickly until they are secured with external help. It would be like wearing those cheap plastic or velvet headbands that fall off your head even if you breathe too hard. This is where these Velcro-attached clips come in handy. You can stick the Velcro clips just on the right spots and secure your invisible wire hair extensions with them. This will help your hair extensions stay in place and prevent them from getting messed up when you move around. Do you know what the best part is? The clips are super high-quality and are strong enough to keep the hair extensions in place. They even have this small silicon grip on each of them to have a better and firmer grip. The clips also open and close without having to put effort into it. What else would you want in these clips? Personally, these clips were the most satisfying part about the invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair.

Hair’s Appearance of Tara Hair extensions

Now on to the appearance of the invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair. As I mentioned before, I chose the Ombre Ash Blonde Shade for the hair extensions. When I first unpacked the hair extensions and measured everything, I noted everything down to provide you guys with the right info. I noted that the darker ombre color on the hair went down to approximately 6″ from the top of the invisible wire hair extensions. The ombre fades for another 2 inches and turns into the perfect blonde colors for the rest of the length. The shade that it turns into would probably be the light blonde level 10 or 11. This discreet ombre made the invisible wire hair extensions look real and natural. The fading job was done well, and there were no abrupt endings or cuts that would have made it look fake or unnatural. The transition between the darker blonde and the lighter shade of blonde was relatively smooth, and I liked it. But when I looked a little closer, I could tell that the hair extensions’ roots were not that ashy.

Given the name Ombre Ash Blonde, the roots of the hair extensions were sitting right with it. I would have loved the color work even more if only the roots were a little darker and ashier, making it look more natural. But again, this is my personal preference, maybe most people like the roots less ashy. All in all, the colors and the fading job was brilliant, and I absolutely loved how flawless it was overall. Other than that, the colors looked quite similar to the pictures on the CanadaHair.ca page. This meant that they did not mess up the colors and that the product was genuine. It helped me feel relieved about the fact that I had not wasted all my money.

Hair Quality of Tara Hair extensions

Now it’s the turn for the detailed hair quality and my experience with it. Well, I have to say the hair quality itself was pretty good. I have no flaws to pick out from these parts; I would say I was actually satisfied with it. From the softness to the anti-frizz texture, all of it was very smooth and satisfying. The hair was so soft when I touched it, and my fingers glided right through the strands without getting stuck. The hair’s quality was stunning as well; they looked and felt healthy, just like normal human hair. I started shaking the extensions to see if it would tangle again, but fortunately, it stayed smooth and silky. Not only that, but the hair stayed shiny and soft all through the experience. I was surprised to see how these blonde hair extensions were so healthy and not already damaged, even though I mentioned how blonde colored extensions or wigs tend to get weaker than the common ones. But this one stayed healthy, glossy, and soft even after going through several treatments and bleaching products. The hair quality was similar to the darker shaded hair extensions that I have reviewed in the past.

Just to be sure, I ran my fingers through the strands again, and the texture stayed the absolute same; no frizz, no tangles, and no dryness. I had to try all the tips and techniques to see if the quality changed so that you would not have to go through any problems after buying the product. To test the hair even further, I went ahead and picked up my flat iron and got to work. I wanted to see if the heat affected the hair quality. But after multiple tries, I could tell that even the heat did not damage the hair texture or quality. In fact, it went pretty well, and the hair extensions curled easily with the help of my flat iron. All it took was a good, heated twirl, and there I had it, the perfectly curly blonde hair.

Other Features

There is one thing that genuinely confused me and had me panicking for a while. The wire system of the invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair was a little more complicated than I had expected it to be. When you first receive your package, the first thing that you will see is the long wire set. But no need to freak out as I did; I am here to guide you through the process. The long wire set is supposed to be that long and comes into use in the further process. When I first saw the long wire, I immediately contacted the customer service to clear out confusions. I initially thought that the Tara Hair invisible wire hair extension piece that I had ordered was defective, and I needed to get it replaced as soon as possible. I did not want to pass the return date, so I panicked and messaged them instantly. The customer service team of CanadaHair.ca soon contacted me back and informed me that the invisible wire hair extension wire is longer by default. They further explained that each customer has a different head size and shape, which is why they provide the extra wire to make room for adjustment. They told me that I could always cut the wire short according to my requirements. They were nice enough to send me a bunch of videos that described how I could easily  adjust the wire size cut off the excess wire. The video also described how I could perfectly fit the wire around my head. I was able to do the right thing make the wire shorter according to my head size, without a hassle.

Like I mentioned before, it would be a little complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it and fix the wire properly in place, you won’t even have to do it again! It’s just a one-time adjustment that can last until the end, and you don’t have to worry about it again. It’s completely unnecessary to make a fuss about it, as you can quickly learn through the video tutorials and get it done once and for all. I had a friend who had also ordered the invisible wire hair extensions from a local beauty store near her house. When I compared those two, I could tell how different they both were from each other. My friend and I were completely confused about why both the invisible wire hair extensions were different and if her invisible wire hair extensions had another system to go with it. After tons of confusion and research, we found out that every website or brand has its way of making invisible wire hair extensions. Every brand or website chooses different techniques and systems to make their hair extensions, so most of them look different from others. They have in common the wire; all of them necessarily have a wire, but the way they set it is different from each other. So if you buy invisible wire hair extensions from a local brand or a different website, DO NOT expect it to turn out the same because they are designed differently. All of them will have different fixtures and methods to put on, so make sure you get the right tutorial or guidance from the brand you order from. Personally I feel as if Tara Hair invisible wire extensions are quite complicated, way more than what it should be.  I really hope that they can come up with a different option to install it in the future. Moreover, I hope that Canada Hair can add more videos tutorials in the future to explain how to use them.

My Preference

One thing that I would like to mention as my personal preference and opinion is that one should never place a hairpiece of hair extension right on top of your head. You must never set it right on top; instead, you should go for a lower angle. Keeping it low helps make it appear natural and real; you can always check out videos to help you understand which point is the ideal spot for you to place your invisible wire hair extensions.  One of my primary goals for this review was to show you how blonde hair extensions look instead of the black ones that I always try.  I put the invisible wire hair extensions to the test by putting them on around the house. I thoroughly tested the quality and texture of the hair and the level of comfort when wearing it. Wearing hair extensions that bother you from time to time is just a waste of money, so it is essential to see if the hair extensions are wearable and feel comfortable throughout the day.

How to Wear Tara Hair invisible wire extensions

I will now talk about how you can wear these invisible wire hair extensions for my lovely reader out there. I have a few easy tips and tricks on how you can effortlessly put these invisible wire hair extensions the right way.

  1. The first thing you must do before installing these invisible wire hair extensions is to wash your own hair thoroughly. Try using a very hydrating conditioner to give your hair the shiny and silky touch, just like the hair extensions. This will help your hair appear similar to the hair extensions, instead of looking oily and dirty. Brush your hair thoroughly to make sure there are no tangles or knots that can make your hair look unruly or unmaintained.  
  2. After that, when you start to install them, section your hair from near the starting of your hairline. Imagine making a round section that goes from that point to the back of your head where your crown’s bottom is. Make sure to brush your hair up properly to prevent any tangles.
  3. Once you have this part of your hair up, you can start by measuring the wire size you will need for your head. The goal is to pull on the wire that sticks out on either side until you have shortened the wire to the desired size. Make sure that the wire is not too tight or too loose. It should just fit like a comfy headband, not too harsh or not too easy to pull. I suggest that you ensure that the wire headband is a tiny bit loose than usual. You can always use the added clips to secure the wire headband in place. You can add your clips to properly stick the invisible wire hair extensions and the wire headband in place. Move around a little to see if it still moves and adjust it according to the requirements.
  4. Once you are done securing the wire headband in place, untie the hair on top and let them fall to the sides. Gently brush your real hair to help it blend with the invisible wire hair extensions. You can lightly brush your fingers through the hair and shake it a little to better mix the hair extensions and real hair. You can check out this given video tutorial to see how you can put your invisible wire hair extensions on step by step. These easy steps can help you get thick and healthy-looking hair without even spending money on a hairdresser. You can do all of this in the comforts of your home, safe from the dangerous virus.

Other Tips, Points and Features

If you talk about comfort and effortlessness, these invisible wire hair extensions are super comfortable and easy to wear. Once you wear the hair extensions, it won’t even take you a while to get used to the wire and feel absolutely nothing at all. Even I forgot that I was wearing the invisible wire hair extensions after moving around and using my phone. When I first wore the invisible wire hair extensions, I started to worry that the wire might dip into my scalp and would leave it swollen and hurting when I take it off. I initially thought that as the single-wire was carrying all the hair’s weight, it would feel heavier than usual. But surprisingly, the wire was light and comfy, and the hair’s weight did not bother me at all. The wire was made out of nylon, which comes in handy when you want it to feel lighter and blend in with the hair extensions’ color. But I must admit the wire felt really cheap but it works well! Other than that, I used the clips that they had provided to keep the wire and hair extensions in place. 

To make sure the invisible wire hair extensions by Tara Hair blended with my wavy hair, I used my curling wand to curl the strands. The curls stayed tight looking for a fair amount of time, and then started to loosen a little as time went by. I would like to remind you all  to spray a fair amount of heat protectants on your hair and your hair extensions before curling or straightening them. I always make sure to spray a generous amount, so the heat does not destroy the quality of my hair and the hair extensions. The 85g set had a surprising amount of hair. If you have thin hair or an average amount of hair, I would suggest that this set will be enough to help make your hair appear healthy and stylish. If your hair is thick or has a lot of volumes, get your hands on the thicker option to get better coverage. However, I would not recommend invisible wire Hair extensions in general if you have short hair or a shorter haircut, like a bob or any shorter cut; it would not look natural. I would say that they are an ideal option for people with medium to long hair. I say this because short hair needs hair extensions around the head and not just at the back and the crown area. If your hair is short, you need the right amount of hair extensions on the sides of your head as well, or you will end up with a weird mullet. I will suggest getting clip-in extensions since you can place different hairpieces around your head depending on where you need them.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I would like to summarize that the hair quality was terrific, and I recommend them if you are looking for the perfect invisible wire hair extensions. The prices are reasonable; I reviewed other hair extensions from Canada Hair as well as from USA Hair (same company), and I must say that the prices are satisfyingly affordable. As far as longevity goes, I washed them only twice so far, and the hair quality is still good. I noticed a slight wave to the hair when I let it air dry. If you have naturally pin straight hair, you will need to straighten them afterward. If you plan to wear them often, they will probably last a few months or up to a year. The invisible wire system, which is a little confusing at first, is efficient for everyday use. Unlike classic clips in hair extensions, it’s just one piece that you have to install on your head. It takes less than a minute to put the wire in place, and you are good to go!