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USA Hair Reviews

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In this review, I will be reviewing USA Hair. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased Usa Hair review.

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You must have heard quite a lot about USA Hair and the fine quality of products that they provide. Coming across the popularity of USA Hair, I decided to give them a try for myself. I visited their online store, I got my hands on a set of gorgeous clip-in hair extensions and decided to give them a go. My experience does not end just here though, let us take a little detailed insight on my complete experience with the website, the customer service, the product, and all there is to experience with If you wish to read reviews about different hair extensions brands, please browse my website for detailed in-depth reviews. All my reviews are based on my opinion, and were not sponsored by any company. You read this right: I buy the extensions with my own money. I’m not in the business of posting fake reviews in exchange of money or free products by companies. I regularly get emails from companies trying to get me to review their products, and I always ignore such emails. I want to share my honest opinion about the different products I buy online without any monetary incentives. This USA Hair extensions review is the result of my honest experience purchasing hair extensions from this retailer with my own money. 

So without further ado, let us dive right into it!

First and foremost, let us start by discussing what USA Hair is and what products does it offer to its customers. USA Hair is an online store that offers a range of hair extensions and wigs so wide that you surely would not have a problem finding any hair extensions or wigs that will suit your needs and requirements. I was introduced to the website via an advertisement on Facebook, and when I opened up the website, my mind automatically registered that the setting of the entire website is similar to that of Canada Hair, which piqued my curiosity. Upon some searching here and there, it came to my knowledge that both the sites (or stores) USA Hair and Canada Hair are owned and run by one company, the difference between them both being that one is based in The United States of America and the other is based in Canada, respectively. Having gained assurance in terms of the company’s background, I moved on to the products offered by the store. Since I have tried products from Canada Hair before and was very satisfied with the service that they provided, so I decided to check and see if the USA version of the company meets the mark. What really differentiates USA Hair and Canada Hair from other websites is that they virtually have all possible hair extensions and wigs. Their inventory is really huge and from what I see they keep in adding new products and new colors every few months.  

About the company

The whole layout of the store is simple and user-friendly, and it actually helps you out in easily narrowing down your options to precisely find what you need. The part that I found impressive is that when you select a color for the hair extensions or wigs that you want to buy, the website directly takes you to various options of just that color, which is quite convenient in my opinion and helps you save time by not having to browse through multiple pages of options upon options. That many options can be a good thing in terms of variety but sometimes it can be a tad bit overwhelming when it comes to picking out the product your are looking for. So, when I had chosen the color that I wanted, which is a natural, rich dark brown, I was immediately transferred to another page where all kinds of hair extensions and wigs were available just in my selected color. I navigated the website with ease and I had no trouble at all in going through all that they had to offer.

USA Hair extensions Reviews

When any of us is about to buy a product, naturally we first go ahead and search for people’s reviews about the said product, checking out their experiences so we can decide if the products are as good in real life as it advertised and if it is actually worth buying or not. Just like that, when I visited and scrolled through their vast range of products, I wondered if the products offered by the store are really as good in reality as they look on the website and if I would be making a wise decision in buying them. My curiosity took me to the reviews section of the website, and not too late after reading all the reviews, my doubts had vanished and I was satisfied enough to want to buy their products. The previous customers of USA Hair seemed to be pretty happy and satisfied with the products of the store, as well as with the service the website provides to the customers. . The reviews on Canada Hair were overwhelmingly positive, and judging by the customers’ comments, the USA based store of the company has been a great success as well.

The Variety of Hair Extensions and Wigs Available at USA Hair

The variety of hair extensions and wigs available at blew my mind away. There were so many different kinds of wigs available along with hair extension: clip-ins, tape-ins, micro loop, nano, halo, fusion hair, nano ring, wigs, you name it! I was glad to have that many kinds available to buy from the comfort of my home without having to go out and visit stores and salons since there are not many online stores that sell hair extensions or wigs in all these kinds. And now with the coronavirus, shopping online is our only option since all stores are closed! In fact, I ended up finding my desired hair extensions in a matter of mere minutes, which was a set of clip-in hair extensions in the shade “#2”, a dark brown color, in 18 inches of length. My luck had seemed to hit the jackpot that because just when I decided to shop from there, USA Hair had a sale going on.

USA Hair offers different options in colors ranging from natural for an everyday, subtle modification to your hair, to bold and wild hair colors for a funky and exciting upgrade for your hair. USA Hair also offers tools tools to install hair extensions, which gains another point in the store’s favor.

My Purchases

About the set of hair extensions that I mentioned above, I had actually purchased the clip-ins for my sister-in-law who had been living in Texas at that time, thinking it to be a good enough gift to give to her for a boho updo on her baby shower day. Luckily for her, I am a hairstylist myself and we settled on the decision of me installing the hair extensions on her hair on that day and style her hair for the occasion. To the immense joy of both of ours, the experiment turned out in our favor and produced great results, that is a breathtakingly beautiful and pretty natural looking hairstyle on my sister-in-law, which means plus points for USA Hair hair extensions. The color that I had bought perfectly matched her hair color and texture, making it blend naturally and provide the most magical updo for her special day!  

Hair Quality

I was definitely satisfied with the product’s quality, I would say without a doubt. The hair of the extensions was luscious and did not look artificial at all. The extensions were not one-timer either, which means they would give you your money’s full worth. They were light, easy to manage, and added some beautiful and natural-looking volume and length to my sister-in-law’s hair, which I just what I had been aiming for when buying the hair extensions. Moreover, the hair extensions were easy and comfortable to wear and were a hassle-free option for her since she can wear them and remove them on her own as well.

The hair extensions were classified into certain categories. This factor put all the options out on the table for the customer which made it easy to choose among the multiple options. For the clip-in hair extensions in the color that I chose, (dark brown) there were 3 options available in terms of length: 14 inches, 18 inches, and 22 inches. I opted for the second option. Furthermore, the hair extensions were also categorized into different weight or thickness options. gave me three sets to choose from, which are “standard hair”, “thick hair” and “ very thick hair”. The difference between these 3 options is how much hair there is in each set. In addition to this, you are given the options of synthetic hair, human hair and premium remy hair to choose from.

Easy and Clear Product Information

I may have been mentioning it again and again but I just can’t help it; the website was easy to swift through and the whole setting was very convenient, which just shows that USA Hair cares about the comfort of their customers quite deeply. That did get my vote. Along with the pictures of the hair extensions and wigs, there was all the information that you would need to know about the products before confirming the decision of purchasing it. The product photography was pretty good and sufficient too.

Pricing and Affordability

Nothing attracts a customer more than pocket-friendly prices, and same was the case with me when I noticed affordable prices of products mentioned on the website. The prices of hair extensions seemed pretty good, which would not burn a gaping hole through your bank account and leave you regretting your decision later on. I was given the coupon code “SUPER10” through a Facebook ad and used to get myself a 10% discount on my order. This discount code is listed on the website seems to be valid throughout the year. Plus, ever since I placed my order, I noticed many sales there from time to time. One last point that I really liked is how they list all their coupon on their website you don’t have to search on some random websites for coupons to be scammed into giving your email or get look or hours for a valid coupon.

The Website and The Buying Process

The payment/checkout method was made easy by letting us pay using our credit cards or PayPal. Being a passionate online shopper, I find it very satisfying when websites allow you to pay through PayPal, making the experience safer and protected. As some of the websites cannot be trusted with our precious money, PayPal allows you to pay for your order more safely.

Customer Service

The website was very well-constructed, but looks a bit old in my opinion, and provided all the necessary information for a shopper. The FAQ section had everything explained in detail, enough for me to get the information that I needed. The detail and descriptions had made it easy for me to experience However, the overall look of the website wasn’t very pleasing, an upgrade with pictures of homogenous models would have been enough to make the website aesthetically pleasing and catchy to grab the attention of other shoppers. The reviews that I had read about the customer service had been pretty satisfying, which is not much of a surprise due to the positive reviews and comments about the customer service at Canada Hair.

A very good thing from USA Hair is that they offer free color swatches for a $1 shipping fee. They do the same thing at Canada Hair. So if you are unsure which color to choose, you fill in their color swatch form, pay $1 with PayPal, and you’d get by USPS mail the swatches you ordered. This allows you to view the color with your real eyes and not through a computer screen. From there you can determine whether the colors would be a good match for your hair or not. You can also contact customer service with a picture and they will suggest a color. This color swatch feature is really amazing, I’m unaware of any other hair extension company that sends you color swatches!

Shipping Fees

One of the thing that I liked about them was that they let you order without any minimum amount to get free shipping. At Bellami Hair, you typically have to pay a shipping fee per item, which means, the more products that you order, the shipping fee just keeps multiplying and getting higher, which in my opinion is quite ridiculous. Bellami Hair requires around $60.00. for priority shipping which is quite a hefty fee to pay for just shipping. When I had placed my order, I didn’t get a confirmation email so I contacted the customer service and asked them what the problem was, and why I didn’t get any confirmation email for my order. After verifying and further checking, I had made a typo in my email when I placed my order. After fixing the email, I immediately got my confirmation email. I was able to get instant replies to my query, in under an hour. I had received yet another email in the next 24 hours which consisted of the tracking number for my order. In my experience of being an online shopper, I am used to waiting for at least 2 to 4 days to receive the tracking number email, so the instant response and email had pleasantly surprised me. The delivery is fast and free, I got my package in under 3 business days and was delivered safely by USPS. I have nothing but positive reviews about the delivery services, especially if you compare it to Bellami Hair which requires a specific fee as well as take up to 3-5 business days. No other extra or hidden fee such as the duty fee were added to my purchase. Even with all these plus points and satisfactory results, they had something that I didn’t like. The fact that they don’t have an option where you can upgrade your free shipping to faster shipping even a paying one.

Packaging and Delivered Product

The product that I had received was nicely packed and even had a “thank you” pamphlet along with it. The pamphlet consisted of all the necessary information that I might have needed to take care of the hair extensions. There were instructions on how to take care of synthetic hair, human hair, and even a wig if that’s what you purchased from USA Hair.

usa hair review hair extensions reviews (5)  

Other than me, my sister in law fell in love with the product itself and was satisfied with the instructions. Being inexperienced in using hair extensions, she thought the pamphlet was quite helpful. What I appreciated the most was the extra free hairbrush and a couple of hair ties that were included in the packaging as a gift from the website.

USA Hair carries their own exclusive brands: Tara Hair and Quality Hair. The packaging included a tester strand to match the color of your hair without opening the actual packaging of the hair extensions. If it wasn’t there, you would have to open up the main package which will make it unable to be returned in any case. As hair extensions are a very hygienic product, all of the trusted retailers do not accept  packaging that had been opened or torn or damaged in any way, which is understandable.

My Experience with USA Hair Extensions

In this blog, I will talk about my general experience when I had ordered from USA Hair along with some insight on my experience with the hair extensions. I had tested all the hair extensions, from the professional ones to the cheap ones that are sold on eBay. What I conclude is that it is all about branding. Some of the brands mostly focus and spend more on marketing and advertising rather than paying attention to the actual product. They will grab your attention with the gorgeous and eye-catching packages, collaborating with well-known influencers to make you believe that the hair is of better quality. Bellami Hair and Glam Seamless hair extensions can be counted as one of the best examples in this case. I was quite disappointed with the results when I tested the hair extensions from both companies. You can go check out my reviews on both their websites and get the idea of my experience. Usa Hair is the type of business I would like to promote and support. It is safe to say that USA Hair, just like Cashmere Hair and Luxy Hair, is one of the few websites that can be trusted with quality.

About The Hair Extensions That I Bought from USA Hair

First things first, let me just say it that the quality of the dark brown set of clip-in hair extensions that I bought from Usa Hair is, without any doubt whatsoever, simply excellent and top of the notch. I became an instant fan of those extensions after I first used it on my sister-in-law to style her hair for the baby shower party we were going to be attending that day. Not only that but also my sister-in-law was beyond delighted to have such beautifully voluminous and longer looking hair to rock at the event and was super impressed with the performance of the hair extensions. Now let us move on to the quality. It was most probably a contributing factor to my instant and immediately established love for those clip-in hair extensions that they were very easy to apply. Crazy it may sound but they were so easy in terms of application that it was like you added gorgeous length and volume just with magic! The clips used to attach the extensions to my sister-in-law’s hair were quite small, which is a good thing because that way they would not show up through your hair and would not add any excessively bulky look to your hair. The clips were pretty strong and held the extensions together with her natural hair quite well. What’s also great about clip in extensions is that no hairdresser is required to install them, they are truly a no hassle product, not demanding any hefty tools or experience in installing them. That is what makes people love clip-in hair extensions, after all. Now hold up, that is not where all the good things end about USA Hair and the product I bought from there. There is more to impress such as the quality of the product. What I liked in particular about those clip-in hair extensions is that the small clips were sewn on to a mesh or a cloth and were not directly glued or sewn on to the band of the hair extensions, this added fabric makes the clips more sturdy and prevent shedding . Moving on to the hair, the quality of the hair went above my expectations. They looked soft, strong, healthy, gave off a luscious look, and were smooth and soft to the touch when I ran my fingers through them. When the time came to style my sister-in-law’s hair and finally attach the clip-in hair extensions to her hair, we decided to curl all the hair a little for a little volume boost, as well as beautiful appeal to her boho theme party. We were a bit skeptic about using a curling iron on it, even if slightly, but to our absolute joy, the heat didn’t damage the extensions.

My Sister In Law’s Experience With USA Hair Extensions

When I bought these hair extensions, I did not buy them with the intention to use it on my own. This is the reason why I bought a dark brown set for my sister in law as her baby shower gift. I wanted to know about other girl’s experience as well to understand these extensions to the max. I gave these hair extensions to my sister in law who did not only love them but intended to buy more hair extensions of different kinds from USA Hair. My sister in law and I both loved the fact that there are a variety of hair extensions available on USA Hair so everyone can have a set for themselves. As my sister in law tried out these hair extensions for the very first time, she was a bit self-conscious, worrying about them falling down or peeking through, but she forgot about them after a few minutes. The natural flow of the hair extensions matched perfectly with her actual hair and she loved the carefree yet polished look that hair extensions provided her.

 I put these hair extensions in my sister in law’s hair and tried them into an elegant yet bomo  bun to complement with her boho bridal shower gown. Her hair instantly looked voluminous, longer, and shinier and she couldn’t help but thank me countless times for these hair extensions. The updp looked thicker and had a unique texture that I couldn’t have achieved with just her natural hair. With my long earned experience as a hairdresser, I can gladly and surely say that if a client forgets that she is wearing any hair extensions, it means the hair extensions are of very good quality. Both of us were quite pleased with the amazing quality of the hair extensions we received and planned on ordering more hair extensions from

 My sister in law has been wearing her dark brown #2 hair extensions since the past two months and she still loves them equally. The quality, the color, and texture of the hair extensions have not changed at all. There is no frizz in the hair even with the minimalistic aftercare process my sister in law has been following. The color of the hair extensions has not faded at all which is a major plus point. She has been trying out various hairstyles and styling techniques with these hair extensions and they are still in the perfect condition. She has been experimenting with different styles and sporting a different kind of hairstyles on all the occasions. My sister in law has washed the hair extensions quite a few times and the hair has not lost its shine at all.

 The best part about these hair extensions is that they are quite affordable without compromising on the quality of the hair. My sister in law enjoys her hair extensions to the fullest and plans on buying more to suit all different kinds of hairstyles. They are so easy to install and even easier to take off which makes these such a hassle-free option for altering the look of your hair. She has practiced installing them with so much ease and takes them off when she is ready to undo her hairstyle.

 According to my sister in law, these hair extensions are easy to style and do not tangle. If you are a newbie and want to find the best quality hair extension without falling for any scams, Usa Hair extensions is the best option to go for.

 I also bought a set of bleached blonde clip-in hair extensions for myself and I can surely say I am 100% satisfied with their delivery services and products. It was my second time ordering from USA Hair and I will be reviewing my bleached hair extensions in another detailed post. As bleached hair has different ways of aftercare and needs a bit of precaution while styling so a separate post will do justice to those clip-in hair extensions.


Hairstyles That You Can Achieve Using Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be used in various different ways to achieve beautiful hairstyles. I create a lot of hairstyles using hair extensions to add that glam factor and depth into the hairstyle. My sister in law has created quite a few hairstyles with her hair extensions but there are a few that she particularly loves and suggests other people try out as well. They are not only easy but go well with a lot of occasions and outfit choices. Here are the top five easy yet beautiful hairstyles that she loves creating with hair extensions to complete her look.

#1 A Sleek High Ponytail:

According to my sister in law, a sleek ponytail is a timeless classic hairstyle that never goes out of style no matter what age you are and what era you are living in. It is quite easy to achieve a sleek high ponytail with the help of clip-in hair extensions especially if they are really good quality. To create a sleek ponytail with the help of hair extensions you will have to create a mini ponytail right in the middle of your head leaving behind a chunk hair on the crown of your head, both sides of your temples and the nape of the neck for later use. Attach the smaller wefts of the clip-in hair extensions in a circular direction to add length and volume to the ponytail. Once the whole ponytail band is covered, gather all the hair from around the ponytail that you initially left and tie it over the hair extensions as you would do with a normal ponytail. This way, your hair extensions will be properly concealed while your final ponytail looks sleek, long and voluminous instantly. My sister in law and I both love this technique of styling your hair into a ponytail using hair extensions as it stays secure and concealed for the rest of the day and night.

#2 Soft And Romantic Side Bun:

A romantic side bun goes perfectly well with a lot of outfits. My sister in law is specifically a fan of buns, especially a low side bun. Whether you are going to attend a wedding, a bridal shower, baby, shower, or even a graduation party, a low bun will add a ton of elegance to your overall look. To achieve a beautiful low, side bun you will have to start off by installing your clip-in hair extensions like you normally would and curl the ends in order to add some texture. Gather all your hair on one side of your neck and tie them into a loose, low ponytail. Backcomb your hair extensions and natural hair a little bit to add some extra volume. Twist that backcombed ponytail around itself and form it into a messy bun. Secure the bun in place with the help of a few bobby pins and voila, you are done. You can also add a few accent braids and twists starting from the crown of your head to add that glam factor to your hairstyle.

#3 Bohemian Fishtail Braid:

 When everything else fails, braids come to the rescue. My sister in law and I share some serious love for braids and we use hair extensions to take our braids a few levels up. Braiding with hair extensions can be a bit tricky depending on what kind of braid you are going for. In my opinion, the easiest yet the most eye-catching braid to do with hair extensions is a bohemian fishtail braid. To achieve a beautiful and voluminous boho fishtail braid you will have to attach your clip-in hair extension on the lower part of your head. One done, bring all your hair on one side carefully to make sure your hair extension clips are not sticking out. Start tying your hair into a tight fishtail braid that you can pancake later. Before you tie a band on the end of your fishtail braid, tug on a few strands to volumize the braid and finish it off with a generous amount of hairspray to keep everything in place throughout the day. This hairstyle is perfect for carnivals, music festivals, summer beach weddings, or even for a casual day or night with your best friends.

#4 An Uber Chic Top Knot:

A top bun is a hairstyle that you can wear to a lot of formal occasions if you opt for the neat and sleek version of this hairstyle and can also go perfectly well with the laid back, casual events if you go for the messier version of this hairstyle. My sister in law usually prefers a balance between both. To create this hairstyle you will have to repeat the exact same steps that you did to create a sleek ponytail, except making your ponytail in the middle of your head. This time aims for the top of your head and makes a ponytail using hair extensions like mentioned in the first hairstyle. Once done, wrap your ponytail around the ponytail band and secure it with bobby pins. If you want to keep your top knot chic and sleek, then leave it as it is and if you want to go for a laidback back look then loosen up a few strands around your temples to frame your face and mess up the knot a little to complete the look.

#5 Feminine Half Up-do:

Last but not least, a beautiful feminine half updo will never fail to make you look absolutely beautiful. This is the easiest hairstyle to create with the help of hair extensions. Install your hair extensions like you normally would and curl the ends of your hair to add some texture. Section off the top portion of your hair, twist it and pin it back into place while pushing it upwards a little. This will create the effect of a puff on your head without any backcombing.

Final Verdict

In short, I think Usa Hair has the best products and the most amazing prices available in the market. The wide variety of their products and hassle free delivery services make Usa Hair stand out from the rest of the hair extensions brands. Their products come nicely packed with proper instructions but still if any customer has any query, they can contact their active customer service team for further instructions. Their customers and the quality of their products are their priority instead of unnecessary glamorous advertisement which I think is a plus point. I would definitely recommend all the girls and women to check out Usa Hair hair extensions to instantly glam up their hair.

My Views:

The Dark brown hair extensions by Usa Hair were mainly used by my sister in law but as far as my views are concerned I loved them. While I was styling her hair for the baby shower, I noticed how silky smooth the hair quality was that you have to pay a hefty price for if you would buy it from another brand. Their hair extensions are not only premium quality but also very easy to handle. Their high quality clips securely latch themselves onto our natural hair to avoid slippage or any other hair extension mishap. When I style the hair for my clients, they usually ask for high quality hair extensions that are also easy on the pocket and I think I have found the perfect solution for this demand of my clients. Usa Hair has now become my go-to place for buying hair extensions and wigs for personal and professional use. I have also ordered a set for myself which I will be reviewing later in a separate post. If you have tried hair extensions from Usa Hair then share your experience with me and my readers in the comments section and let us know if you would recommend these or not. It’s important that you take the time to post a Usa Hair review below!