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Tape-in extensions USA Hair Reviews

Tape-in hair extensions USA Hair Reviews: Did you buy tape-in extensions from USA Hair? If so, please leave your USA Hair review below.

In this review, I will be reviewing USA Hair tape-in extensions. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased Usa Hair tape-in extension reviewreview.

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Introduction of my USA Hair review

I’m a certified professional hairstylist who has specialized in doing versatile hair makeovers, styling and dying, but installing hair extension is my absolute favorite and it’s truly what I live for. I’m passionate about my work and have been working for many years in this field. 

From sew-in to micro-bead hair extensions, I have got a vast experience in installing every type of hair extension. I’ve made purchases from common retailers who deal with the production of hair extensions. 

Undoubtedly, hair extensions have become increasingly popular among teenagers, adults and any age group who want to spice up and add some length and volume to their hair. I’ve tried hair extensions from popular retailers like Glam Seamless, Luxy Hair, Bellami Hair, Cashmere Hair, and USA Hair. Previously, I bought clip-in hair extensions from USA Hair and I was 100% satisfied with the quality and how reasonable the price was. Therefore, I decided to make another fancy purchase, and this time I ordered tape-in hair extensions. In this blog, I’ll be sharing my two cents on the tape in hair extensions from USA Hair.

This will be a comprehensive review of the tape in hair extension that will highlight everything from hair extension quality to customer service. So, read on if you wish to know my experience with the company and its hair extension. 

About the company USAhair.com

It’s been a few years since the creation of the Canadian based company – Canada Hair. After seeing the success of the hair extension business, the company started its USA branch called USA hair which offers hair extensions ranging from clip-in extensions to tape in extensions to micro-loop extensions to sew-in extensions to Remy hair extensions to fusion extensions to hair wigs and many more. That too at a remarkable price and great customer service from my own experience.

I’ve ordered hair extensions from USA Hair in the past such as clip-in extension and had a good experience. Therefore, I decided to order the tape in extension. I’ve been receiving requests from people to make reviews on other permanent hair extensions, I definitely will review more in the near future.

This isn’t a sponsored review. Neither did the company pay me, nor ask me to make a review on the purchases. I’ve bought the hair extensions entirely at my own expenses. 

All of the reviews that are posted here are unbiased and unpaid because I believe that honesty is the best policy and one shouldn’t trick someone only to later end up with the product that disappoints them.

Majority of the websites have paid/sponsored reviews that are done solely for the purpose of making sale and gaining profit/commission from the company that is sponsoring these reviews. In my blog, the reviews are genuine and you’ll not find any affiliate link or coupons anywhere on the website that results in commission. 

Usa Hair Online Reviews

Before making a purchase online, never forget to read online reviews about the product. Whenever I’m one click away to buy the product, I make sure that I read the reviews thoroughly as it’s a wise thing to do.

I came across reviews on USA Hair where the majority of the people complimented about the hair extension quality and their quick service. Even though, the reviews could be paid and biased because there are websites who post fake positive reviews to trap customers. Therefore, I looked up for the reviews on other websites and took a leap of faith before ordering the product. 

It’s best to search up for reviews on other websites other than the company’s site since the website has the authority to control what reviews can be posted on their site.

When I came across reviews of USA hair from other websites, they were consistent with the reviews on the company’s website. Here is what customers think about their products 

  • Fast shipping
  • No Duty Charges and Taxes
  • The Quality of Hair Extensions are good
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Priced at an affordable rate
  • Complimentary gifts along with the purchase 

Being a professional hairstylist, I order hair extensions from various companies like GlamSeamless, Canada Hair and Bellami. I noticed Canada Hair also has a US-based website called USA Hair. 

I found reviews on the company’s site as well as some other websites; however, there weren’t many video reviews about USA hair which means that the company doesn’t have social media engagement such as YouTube. For example, top American bloggers and Youtubers had never talked about USA hair. This made me believe that the Company wasn’t involved in sponsoring famous beauty bloggers and Youtubers so they could give positive reviews regarding USA Hair. Or perhaps the company just isn’t popular enough? Because USA Hair seems to be pretty dead on social media honestly. They barely have any engagements, but that doesn’t matter if you want to get good extensions, it’s just that USA hair is missing on a huge opportunity there. Just my opinion. 

My expectation from the company was very high because being a hairstylist, I look for characteristics like flexibility, weight, durability, and quality of course.  I deal with customers regularly who want semi-permanent hair extensions, and I make sure that their investment is worth it so that they leave the doors of the salon happy.

Thank god, I came across USA Hair which completely satisfied me with their top hair extensions and fulfilled my requirements.

However, there was another factor that captivated me to try out their tape-in hair extensions. The price. As compared to other websites that offer hair extensions, USA Hair turned out to be reasonable for me.  Other companies offer cheaper hair extensions are neither up to the mark nor look natural. However, USA hair gives you more than what you pay for! 

On their website, USA Hair claims to provide quick shipping with no duty costs and taxes. They’ve also mentioned that their hair extensions are unlike any other cheaper extensions. This tempted me to order the hair extensions and give an honest review.

Keep in mind that if you wish to test a sample first, you can order one for only $10, this way you will have the chance to know the quality of the product you are ordering before spending hundreds of dollars. Also, with your sample order, you will be getting a $10 gift card that can be applied towards your next purchase.

My Purchases on USAhair.com

After having good experience with clip in hair extensions that I bought from USA Hair, I was excited to receive my package and finally, I got my hands on tape in hair extension!

I ordered the tape in hair extensions in the color #613 which is beach blonde and the length I chose was 18” as the length perfectly suits my hair. The brand of these extensions is called Quality Hair. USA Hair, just like their Canadian-based website Canada Hair, offer 2 brands: Tara Hair and Quality Hair. Tara Hair is the human hair quality, and Quality Hair is a superior type of human hair quality called remy hair. 

I ordered one pack of tape in hair extensions which consist of 20 hair wefts and weighs 45g. This is the usual format in the hair extension industry.

The number of sets you purchase depends on the length and the thickness of your hair. There are many hair color extensions to choose from, and they are available in 3 lengths – 14”, 18” and 22”.

The thickness of Tape-In Hair Extension

On the company’s website, there are options to choose from such as type of hair extension, color, and length.

Tape-in hair extensions is suited for those who have thin hair. It gives a fuller and thicker look to your natural hair. Don’t worry about hair extensions causing pressure on your head. They are light-weight and blends seamlessly with your hair, making it look natural. 

Hair Extension Types

What I found amazing about USA Hair is that they give you a choice to select the hair extension type according to your preference- be it synthetic hair, human hair or Remy’s hair. It’s up to you whether you want to go for human hair or synthetic hair extensions. 

The real hair extensions are made up of 100% human hair and it’s a more suited choice for a natural result, since they blend effortlessly with your natural hair without looking fake. Most importantly, you can style it just the way you want to, and it won’t do any damage to your hair. The hair texture is sleek and smooth, and you can use any hair styling tools such as straightener or curler to achieve the look you want to. 

As for Remy hair extensions they are also good quality hair extensions that you can easily find in USA hair. They have a longer life span than the standard human hair extensions. It’s basically human hair as well but just of better quality. 

Lastly, synthetic hair extensions are easily one of the affordable hair extensions available, but they don’t give a natural look to your hair and they don’t have a longer life span. Keep these factors in your mind before purchasing hair extensions. 

Length of Hair Extensions

Another positive aspect of USA hair is that there is a choice of selecting the length of hair extensions. There are three lengths available in total – 14”, 18” and 22” inches.  I selected the most suitable length according to my natural hair’s length. Whenever you’re ordering hair extension, make sure you select the length that is closest to the length of your natural hair to void having a line where your own hair ends. I chose 18” which is size medium and weighs about 45g that is light-weight and adheres to my natural hair easily. I loved just how tape in hair extension sit comfortably in my hair and did not feel heavy on my natural hair at all. 

Pricing and Affordability

On their website, I saw the prices that were clearly mentioned below the product so I didn’t have to look over the whole page to search the price. What compelled me to order the tape in hair extension was the price. The prices are an absolute stealer and were listed in US dollars.  

I purchased hair extensions from other companies like Bellami and Glam Seamless, both of which are famous companies. However, their rates of hair extensions are expensive as compared to USA Hair. Maybe it’s because the company is a wholesaler. Either that or the USA Hair isn’t as popular as Bellami and other such companies. No matter how huge and popular the company is, it doesn’t mean that their products will be the top seller. Although USA Hair isn’t a famous company, I’m amazed at their quality and how affordable the brand is even for those who find hair extensions a luxury. The brand name doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting what are paying for.

I believe that I’ve been paying more than I should for the hair extensions from other companies before stumbling upon USA Hair.  

Aside from the affordability factor, USA Hair also has discounts on their products which means that you can purchase the hair extensions at a much cheaper price than the actual price of the product mentioned on their website.

I came across online reviews that mentioned that USA Hair changes the prices of their products on not only occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc. but normal days as well. How cool is that? I’ve noticed the change in prices as well. I purchased tape in hair extensions at a fairly reasonable rate which is indeed a luxury without being expensive.  This company runs one promotion after the other, so never buy from USA Hair if they don’t have a promotion. Never ever pay the full price on this website. Just be patient and prices will probably drop once they launch a new promotion. It seems they always have some kind of hair extension deals going on. I’d also like to remind you that they always show available coupons at the bottom of their product pages. Don’t forget to redeem it, why leave money on the table right? 

You can either buy the hair extension on sale or without a sale. Nevertheless, you’re getting such a good deal at an unmatched price. Their sales virtually never run out. So, do check out for sales when Black Friday or any other occasions are around the corner.

Since tape in hair extensions require more than one sets, it won’t be heavy on your pockets if you order from this company. It’s really a great find. It’s one of these websites that you won’t find on Google or social media, yet they provide superior stuff than others! 

The Website and The Buying Process

The buying process is pretty simple and straightforward. If you’ve previously done online shopping, you won’t face any issues with USA Hair as it’s a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate through. I liked the website’s interface. The colors used on the website aren’t sharp to the eyes. They are appealing. I said this before and I will say it again: I think USA Hair website (and their other affiliates websites such as Canada Hair) should make a better job in modernizing their website. The website works well and everything is in order, but it could still benefit from a refreshing update.  

 The images of the products are plenty in number and high in quality so you will exactly know what you’re ordering without being misguided. Really unfortunate that there are no product videos where you could see the color in video instead of a picture. Would be even more awesome if I could see customers videos. It seems the one posted by USA Hair don’t mention specifically what hair extensions or wigs the customer in the video purchased. 

Moreover, the descriptions of the products are very detailed and complete so one could easily make a decision before placing an order. Before I ordered tape in extensions, I read the description and made up my mind. 

The website is fully secure since the URL of the website has https which means that the website has mandatory certifications and it’s completely safe to input credentials when you’re filling out the order form. It’s important that a site should be secure since you’ll be required to enter your credit card information and personal details. They take PayPal which is great this way you are protected in case something goes wrong. You could for example open PayPal disputes and go through the resolution process in case there are any issues. I don’t think you will need to do that with this company since every time I purchased from them, they were really kind and quick in their  responses. It’s a great team and customer service is really helpful and friendly. But it’s always a good idea to buy through PayPal just to have this extra layer of security because we never know!

If the website’s URL doesn’t contain https, it means that the website isn’t secure and it isn’t safe to make purchases there, especially if you’re going to enter credit card details and not pay with PayPal. So you won’t have to worry about security when it comes to USA Hair. Looking at their competitors, most of them have secured website as well. 

So, before you purchase something online, you need to check whether the site is secure or not. With COVID19 still present in our lives, online fraud is higher than ever and scammers are out there trying to steal your credit card information. Be very careful when shopping online if you’re not going to use PayPal. 

I added the product into the cart, fill the necessary details required to order such as name, address, contact number, etc. The usual stuff.  There were options for payment like money transfer or PayPal. The website is secure which means that your personal information and credit card details are kept safe. I used the option of the credit card to order tape in hair extensions. 

Many online shopping websites state that their website is secure, but as far as USA Hair is concerned, I’m pretty sure it’s true. The website doesn’t at all look suspicious and the ordering process went smoothly. I’ve no complaints regarding that. After placing the order, I received a confirmation email and less than 48 hours later I got a second email with my tracking details so I could track my order online.

The Package

I received my package four days after I placed the order and I was amazed just how fast the service is. It’s not the first time I order from USA Hair, and every time shipping is quick. Last time, my clip-in extensions took a bit more time to be delivered. But this USA Hair order was different since I got my tape-ins in only 4 days. That’s really quick. Some companies take up to ten days to deliver the product, but USA Hair proves it’s unlike any other company when it comes to fast delivery. My package came in a pretty pink box that immediately caught my eye and I was eager to open up the box. Inside the package, I saw a thank you leaflet from the company which included all the relevant information regarding the tape in hair extensions like how to install and how to take care of the extensions.

Do you know why all types of permanent hair extensions don’t last for long? They don’t adhere to your hair the way it should. Why is that? The major reason is that if you don’t get the hair extensions properly installed, no matter how perfect the hair extensions are they won’t last for long on your head. Therefore, it’s important to get your hair extensions fixed by a hair professional. If you’re an expert, you could do it yourself but if not, don’t take any risk and go to a hair expert. 

Moreover, in my package, I received a complimentary hairbrush and a few hair ties. It was a very sweet gesture from the company and this shows that they do care about their customers so they could come back and shop again.

Shipping Experience (Shipping fees & duty fees)

USA Hair has its courier service. There isn’t an option where you could choose your courier service. It’s all managed by the company and I’m thoroughly satisfied by their quick and fast service. It would’ve been nice if there was an option to select courier service for some people out there who prefer to choose their delivery service provider that they are satisfied with.

There are no shipping charges across the USA as well as no hidden charges. What’s incredible about USA hair is that there is no minimum order requirement in order to benefit from free shipping. Literally everything ships for free. There is no minimum order and there are no shipping charges on any amount of order. How cool is that? Most of the online shopping websites specify minimum order at which the shipping charges are applicable. If the amount is greater than the minimum, there are no charges. With USA Hair, you don’t have to worry about paying extra charges!

I paid $0 shipping charges and $0 duty taxes since duty taxes. The company ships from the USA to all of the states. If you’re living in the USA, then consider yourself lucky but for international customers, it is a disappointment because orders may be delayed but I believe that they should expand their shipping services to other parts of the world which will be a huge success.  

If you’re living in Canada, here is a good news for you – There is a Canadian based hair extension company called Canada Hair where you could easily order the same quality of hair extensions. It’s basically the same company 100% but they use a different domain for the Canadian market.

If you compare USA Hair with Bellami Hair, Glam Seamless, Donna Bella Hair, or other companies, USA Hair have the top shipping and delivery services without being costly. Unlike Bellami Hair, USA Hair doesn’t have separate charges for priority shipment. The charges are fixed regardless of any shipment you choose, and that charge is $0. Speaking of Bellami Hair, it offers priority shipment at $60 and the delivery time is 3-5 business days. The priority charges are indeed higher, but at least you have the option to get your order faster but it’s not a guarantee. 

If you live outside of North America, USA Hair may not provide shipping services to you. Check out the shipping page on the website to see if the company cater your region or not. 

Hair Quality of the tape-in extensions I bought

Being a hairdresser, I’m very picky about my hair extensions so the first thing that I notice is the quality. When I received tape in hair extensions, I immediately noticed that good hair texture. The quality exceeded my expectations.

The texture of the hair extensions was soft and smooth. The best thing is they looked natural, even for a blond shade. Blonde shades are usually dryer in texture because of the bleaching they went through.

I ordered one set of tape in hair extensions that consists of 20 hair wefts. I used ten hair wefts on my hair and the remaining ten hair wefts were installed on my mother’s hair. I love trying out hair extensions on myself and my friends or family since they aren’t as experienced as I am.

The tape it self is transparent and blends very well with your hair. German tape and blue tape, both are popular tapes in the market.  When I installed the tape in hair extensions, the tape was so strong to the point that it got quickly glued to the natural hair and had be very fast.


Undoubtedly, the hair extensions are of good quality and they remained attached and glued to the hair. The tape in hair extensions that I bought from Glamseamless wasn’t satisfactory and were a mess and I did drop review about them in my website. 

I also tried different styles because I, being a hairstylist love to create various hairstyles. Therefore, I decided to use a hair straightener to straighten the extensions and also check whether it can withstand heat or not. Surprisingly enough, at maximum temperature, there was no smell nor was it damaged. Instead, the hair extensions looked perfectly normal, just like human hair. 

Some hair extension companies mix human hair extensions with synthetic and other types of hair extensions. That too of poor quality. As a result, the extensions would be damage when exposed to heat. However, I had no such issues with USA tape in hair extensions and their website says that its 100% real hair which is true. I had easily straightened my extensions without any difficulty.

I previously bought clip in hair extensions from USA hair. I’ve used them for a considerate amount of time and they are still brand as new. Likewise, when I tried the tape in extensions, they didn’t fall as well. The tape used is of high quality that remains fixed to your hair. When I installed the tape-ins, they weren’t gluey at all and even after washing my hair several times, the extensions didn’t come off .

I picked out the color bleach blonde for the hair extensions and the color I received exactly matched the picture that was shown on the website. The shade was pretty impressive and looked natural. Otherwise, most of the blonde hair extensions from other companies have some problems. USA hair did a great job in dyeing the extensions. I forgot to mention this before but they offer color matching options if you are not certain about your hair color. 

I wore the tape-in extensions for about 11 weeks and then removed them to test out other hair extensions. They could’ve lasted for an additional 2 weeks, but they were getting slightly dry so I decided to remove them at the 11th week. The hair extension last for 2 months or more depending upon how you take care of them.

I found the hair quality excellent and I’m sure my customers would love it as well. I like the fact that the extensions are neither too cheap nor too expensive. 

My mum also loved her extensions and kept them for 8 weeks since she had to go for a beach vacation. Wearing the tape in extensions to the beach isn’t a good idea. My mum’s hair extensions held up pretty well for someone who doesn’t wear hair extensions.

I found no issues with hair extensions shedding or matting when I wore it. As for washing my hair, I use sulfate-free shampoo and hair products that don’t pose damage to the hair extensions. My hair became smooth and silky after wash. It didn’t make my hair frizzy. The shine was still there.

Once you’ve purchased the hair extensions, I suggest getting hair products suitable for colored hair extensions. Opt for chemical-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and don’t promote oil build up.  

Moreover, the extensions are re-usable and can blend with your natural hair. It’s high-maintenance which requires care. The time duration of the application is approximately 1 hour.

Customer Service from USA Hair

Fast Shipping without Any Additional Charges

Since USA Hair’s order are shipped within the USA, there are no duty or shipment charges and the products are quickly delivered within 4 days. I was impressed by just how quick the delivery was. Moreover, there are no hidden charges and there is no order limit.

Refund Policy

They have a 30 days return policy USA Hair has a return policy. You can easily return the product and the company will refund you 100%. The plus point is that when you’re refunding your product, you don’t have to pay for the return fees. Instead, the company takes care of the job by paying the return fees.  I think not every company provides such great service when it comes to order returns. 

I was fortunate enough to receive the right package that suited my natural hair and I have no regrets. 

Very Responsive

Most companies take ages to reply to your queries or complaints. However, USA Hair has an online chat feature where you could have a live one on one session with the customer service tea, so you could ask any question and you will get a reply quickly and effectively. 

Speaking of the ordering process and the quality of the product, I faced no issues and I got exactly what I wanted. I believe that just as their order and the delivery procedure was fast, similarly their customer service will be top-notch. 

Final Verdict

My final verdict regarding the hair extension that I ordered from USA Hair is that I’m completely satisfied with my order. The pros outweigh the cons. The price, quality, customer service, and the products set the bar high for other hair extension companies. It was my second time ordering from USA Hair and so far I had a great experience and I didn’t see any variation in the quality. I’ll continue to order other types of hair extensions for my salon because my clients had complimented about how amazing the hair extensions are and their price beats them all. 

In a nutshell, I found the online reviews posted on their websites valid and authentic. I definitely recommend buying hair extensions from USA Hair. You won’t regret it.

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 If you’ve ordered hair extensions from USA Hair, don’t hesitate to share your experience with me by simply commenting below.