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Zala Hair extensions Reviews

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In this review, I will be reviewing Zala Hair. I purchased my hair extensions with my own money. This is an unbiased review.

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Zala Hair is a famous Australian hair extension brand that sells a variety of hair extensions. All of their hair extensions are available in various sizes such as 12”, 14”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 26” and 30”. Their hair extensions are also available in a wide range of colors for their customers to choose from. The wide collection of colors, lengths, and textures allows their customers to select the perfect extensions according to their real hair and requirements. Zala Hair also offers various hair extensions such as the quad welted, double drawn, balayage, ombre, human hair ponytails, and keratin ponytails. The website also provides services such as the color match service, the color chart, and hair extension level charts to choose the right length and color for themselves. 

There is a ton of reviews and before/after pictures posted on the website for you to get an idea of what the product is like once you put it on. You can also take a look at the styling tips posted by renowned influencers and try them out to choose the best one for yourself for the specific occasion. Zala Hair provides their customer accessories such as hair extension accessories, the Cosmo curling wand, and lashes so you can style your hair extensions the right way. Not only that, but the website also offers the very demanded and loved payment method, the Afterpay method, where the customers can pay in installments after receiving the products. If you can’t find the right product or your purchased product has a problem, you can contact them on their support messenger to clear out your queries.

So far, I must say that Zala Hair is the most complete website I used when purchasing hair extensions. They literally have all the information you’d need before making a purchase. 

They do have lot of reviews online. There was some concerning reviews that I read on Make Up Alley , but there were also positive reviews. Screenshots below!

Reviews on Trustpilot were better!

Purchasing Experience

Today on my website, we will be talking about the very famous Zala Hair. This is going to be an honest review of my experience with this hair extension brand. I will be stating the events that I went through, my overall experience, and my final opinion on For starters, I must say, I wasn’t too satisfied. I am not too excited to share this unsatisfactory experience with Zala Hair. At first, I didn’t even think I would want to give this experience a spot on my review website. Still, after a lot of thinking and consideration, I convinced myself that I had to post this dreaded review.

So let’s start with the beginning where one of my friends requested me to review Zala Hair. My friend had been obsessing over this famous YouTuber who was very much in love with Zala Hair, and that is why she was adamant that I review this hair brand as well. For those who don’t know what Zala Hair is, Zala Hair one of the famous Australian companies that offer a wide range of hair extensions. You can find various types of hair extensions available in different colors, textures, and lengths. All in all, they have a never-ending list of hair extensions that you can look through and choose.

I finally gave up and decided to visit the website. When I first clicked on the website, the homepage directly showed me a popup ad. When I saw the popup on the homepage, it made me think that the website would simply change the currency of the website’s prices to the place where I am currently living. However, the website redirected me to another domain, which was This was perfect because the website sent me to the appropriate website for the region I lived in and the corresponding currency.  

Anyway, I was quite happy with this because I thought the brand must have a warehouse in Canada for all the hair extensions, which would probably result in me not paying extra money for the shipping. When you usually buy online products from out of your region, it either takes too long to deliver, adds additional payment as the duty fee, gets too expensive, or sometimes all of the above. But in my case, I didn’t have to deal with any of this. The thought of a hassle-free shopping experience had me excited to carry on with the rest. But, there is more to it, which we will be talking about later in the review.

As it was my first experience with this new hair extension brand, I decided to choose the least expensive item on the list. Doing reviews about different products can get pretty heavy on the wallet as I buy the products with my money. I don’t do sponsored reviews; that is why I have to get the products for the review independently. This is why choosing a cheaper item was the most sensible option. After a lot of thinking and confused scrolling, I finally decided to choose the Dark Choc Brown #2 Clip-In Hair Extensions 12/14 inch 90/180g 100% Human Remy Hair. I am sure you can tell by the complicated name. I just mentioned how confusing and tiring it was to scroll through the options and choose the right one for myself. This set of 5 clips in the piece was available for 99.99 CAD, which is, I must say, a little expensive for just five pieces of hair extensions. 

Like I mentioned before, when you visit the website, get ready to be overwhelmed by the different sizes and clips available in the collection. The overly detailed names will have you confused for a good minute. For instance, if you select the five-piece set 12/24″ on the product page, you will see the other format of the nine pieces 14″ set. I was lost in the middle of this confusing combination, and I didn’t know what I was finally purchasing. Then I had to reset the process to start from scratch. I later selected the item one by one to my cart to get the right order. The website was just trying to sell other related products simultaneously, even when you have already selected a specific hair extension item.

That being said, the only thing I liked about the website and the online shopping experience was that they had pictures of different hair extensions adorning the head of several other women. This helped me understand how it would look and work practically.

Shipping & Delivery

Now moving on to the shipping and delivery, my order was delivered in a total of 13 days after I had placed my order. The total bill for the delivery package was $14.99, as shown in the picture shown below.

I had already received an email with the tracking details of my order. Along came a text message with the same information. I also received a notice where they said I had to pick up my order from the post office, which I was super excited about. I hurriedly went off to the post office to collect my package to un-box it as soon as I could and post the review on my website. Now, this is where everything goes wrong. It turns out, the notice I received earlier was for the fact that I had to pay the duty fees. I was shocked and confused about why I would have to pay the duty fee from within Canada? I even asked the lady if there was confusion and that this package was delivered from within Canada. The lady at the Canada Post was confused and assumed that maybe it was just some extra shipping fee. But what she didn’t know was that I had already paid the $14.99 for the shipping. Even the shipping label had mentioned that this package was shipped from Canada. After minutes of confusion and frustration, I reluctantly paid the $15.55 duty fee because I was scared that I would never get a refund back if I refused the package. Do you know what the worst part was? That $10 from the total $15.33 was just a service fee for DHL to pay the duty fee of only $5 on my behalf. Sounds crazy, right?

Later on, when I opened the packed, still worried about the extra payments, I found out an invoice that stated that this package was originally shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I have mentioned it before, but I will repeat it to clear any confusion that I initially ordered the product from, thinking they will ship from within Canada. There is a specific requirement for a business to operate under the domain .CA, and one of them is to operate from Canada. After this horrible experience, I got back home with a frown, feeling duped and seriously angry. I was not upset only because I had to pay the extra $15.33 and because I was tricked when I first placed my order; they should have been elaborate enough with the details, the shipping process, and the extra payments. If I had known that my package was being delivered from outside Canada and not from an original .CA domain, I wouldn’t have complained about the extra fees as it would have been obvious. This was only the starting of my bad experience with When I later contacted the brand’s customer service and thoroughly explained all the problems I had to go through. All I got in return was the generic response that meant it was my responsibility for any duty fees or extra charges. They also didn’t seem to understand the fact the main problem the wrong usage of the .CA domain, which had led me to such issues. 

The customer service even acknowledged that they use the .CA domain to attract Canadian shoppers, even if the brand isn’t registered initially in Canada. I even told the customer service that they can easily allow their customers to change their currencies according to their location without manipulating their domain. For instance, Luxy Hair enables their customers to change the currency without a hassle. The unfair response had frustrated me to the core, so I went ahead and asked them to connect me to the manager. This isn’t usually what I do, but what happened to me was genuinely unfair. Unfortunately, the customer service later told me that the manager won’t be able for now, and they will be getting in touch with me in 24 to 48 hours. I waited just like they asked me to, but I got no response in return.

To be very clear and avoid any misunderstandings, I should tell you that I know Zala Hair is an Australian hair extension brand, but if they are using the .CA domain at the end of their website should mean that they have a warehouse or an outlet available in Canada. For example, brands like Amazon does the same. They use the .CA domain for the Canadian customers can receive their order from one of their fulfillment centers in Canada, hence the absence of duty fees or any other extra charges. The inappropriate use of the .CA domain had created most of the problems I had faced regarding the package’s shipment and payment. Why bother hosting your company name on a .CA (canadian) domain, but then ship from outside of Canada? You’re misleading Canadians into believing you’re a Canadian company. For example, in Canada we have a famous hair extensions store called Canada Hair and they use the .CA domain and their warehouse is in Canada. But Zala Hair doesn’t operate from Canada, yet is using the .CA domain to trick users into believing it has some sort of presence in Canada, only to later charge us hidden shady fees. This is completely unfair I wasn’t aware I was going to pay additional fees to get my Zala Hair order. I thought the order total was the one shown at checkout, and the one I paid for with my credit card. Adding additional fees later on that I must pay or risk not getting my order is completely unfair and unethical business practices. NOT HAPPY. 

Hair Quality – Zala Hair Review

Now, time for the much-awaited product review. There is a lot that needs to be talked about so, I will explain everything in two different categories, the packaging and the hair extension itself. 

I’ll start with the packaging, which I must say, was kind of big. The hair extensions came in somewhat a big box, which looked similar to the one Luxy Hair provides. It seemed identical to the Red box by Luxy Hair but comparatively much larger. When I opened the box, I could instantly decide that the packaging was a bit wasteful and not practical. The hair extension packaging had another packaging of their own, which was kept inside the larger box along with the other small items. So for the packaging size, it wasn’t something surprising or aesthetic, just a plain, unnecessarily big box that took up too much space.

On to the items inside the box; inside the box, I received the hair extension, a small hairbrush for the extensions, tiny samples of the shampoo and conditioner for the extensions, and finally, the 15ml hair mask. The shampoo and conditioner samples were just small 10ml containers. Other than that, there was much other marketing material like the $10 off coupon for when I order from their website again (which is evident by now that I won’t). The brand also added a couple of advertisement cards from their brand to the box.  Along with all of this stuff came a small catalog book. The little book by Zala Hair showcased all of their products and their minimal details for the customers to take a look at so they can easily choose again.

All in all, the box was still a little too big for all the contents present inside of it. A smaller, more compact, and aesthetic looking package would have been more attractive for me. It would also have saved a lot of space and would have been more comfortable for the receivers to carry around. Other than the defects mentioned above, I did not find any other concerning problems such as the leakage of the shampoo and conditioner sample, torn packets, damaged box, or the broken hairbrush bristles.

Even when my friend had suggested me this website after her favorite YouTuber had recommended and used it, I had heard about this hair extension brand before. When I first got the package, I expected the hair extensions to be thicker and shinier. I always wanted the shine to stay even after multiple washes and the texture to stay smooth just like the starting. I wanted the borders and the insides to be smooth and plain, without any excess hair sticking out. I wanted it to look and feel real, just like any other high-quality hair extensions. Other than that, I expected that they would send an aesthetic looking packaging and eye-catching items that come with it for promotional purposes. The high but reasonable prices had me thinking the quality would be exceptional. I’m happy to say that this is exactly what I got. Despite the very bad delivery experience, the hair extensions I got from Zala Hair are great. The hair quality is better than what you’d normally get. I think Zala Hair clip-in extensions are as good as Luxy Hair’s clip-in extensions. They are definitely better than Bellami Hair!

When I first opened the hair extensions packed, I could tell how soft and shiny the hair extensions were. To make sure it wasn’t just the appearance, I brushed the extension with my fingers multiple times and checked for any tangles or roughness. But luckily, the hair extensions seemed completely fine. The clips for the proper grip on the hair were wholly functional and intact. The small clips gripped my hair well and stayed in place the entire time. At this point, my frustration and anger started to cool down, given the hair extension turned out good. I noticed a small card on the hair extension inside; it certified that the set that I now own had passed extensive quality inspection by professional workers.

The card’s date mentioned the year 2017/2018, which was quite odd, considering that I had ordered the hair extensions in 2020. I am not sure if that means the product was manufactured in 2017/2018 and had been sitting in storage for so long. I can’t speculate on this, but it makes me think how old this set is. One of the things that bothered me was a couple of threads hanging from the top of the hair extensions. One of them was green, and the rest of the two were plain white. This made me skeptical about the hair extensions overall that they might poke out when I am wearing them, and it would look weird. The package also mentioned that the hair extensions were double drawn, but it doesn’t look like double-drawn extensions at all. 

Later on, I did the heat test, and it went considerably well. I straightened my hair correctly with a flat iron, and the results were quite satisfying, but in the end, there was a small plastic-y looking hair stuck to the base of the flat iron.

Again, I was confused that the tag had stated that the hair extension had gone through an extensive testing session and quality control. The hair extension looked well on my hair, but the sticky hair strand combined with the colored strands stand out was a negative point. Later on, I used the shampoo and conditioner samples given by the brand and the hair extensions.  I emptied the 10ml containers of the shampoo and conditioner on the hair extension and gently and thoroughly washed them. The hair extensions lost their original shine. I gathered from this experience that the shampoo, conditioner, and water washed off the silicone coating that made the hair appear shiny and glossy. The hair extensions that I had initially received were not the same as those I had after the single wash. 

All things considered, the experience with these extensions was overall satisfactory. You can tell by the review that my experience with Zala Hair was disappointing because of the delivery issue, but the hair seems to be fair for the price. 

The clips weren’t too big and not too small. They also had a really good grip on my hair. I tried Bellami Hair clip-in extensions a long time ago and didn’t like them. But Zala Hair’s clip-in extensions seem to be fine so far!

Return Policy

The last thing that I would like to address in this review about the Zala Hair extensions is the return policy and its details. The first main point that is relatively satisfying is that once you have ordered the product, you have 30 days to return it to the website. But there is a significant drawback to this. You have to pay an extra fee to return the product.  Many brands, companies, and websites allow their customers to return the product without the hassle of paying an extra fee. 

So if you do the calculation right, from the hair extensions that I got for $99, I will be losing $14.99, that is the shipping fee, plus the $15.33 that is the duty fee, an extra $15 handling fee, and lastly an extra fee to return the order back to Zala Hair.  And let’s say that the shipping cost for the product returned to the US warehouse is the same as before, then excluding that from the total will leave me with approximately $38.

Cost of extensions: $99

Shipping fees: -$14.99

Hidden Duty fees: -$15.33

Returning extensions shipping fee: -$15

Returning extensions handling fee: -$15

So basically, the money that I’d get in exchange would be almost half the amount of what I had paid before. What a horrible deal right? So I guess I won’t be returning my extensions and Zala Hair return policy is pointless unless you don’t mind bleeding $60+ in the process!

I really dislike businesses that require the customers to pay extra charges to return the product to the website. Especially that now with COVID19, we have no choice but to rely on online retailers. Customers should never have to pay to return an item they don’t like. Companies should allow their customers to have a hassle-free shopping experience without the extra fees and added charges. Unlike other famous brands, Zala Hair does not allow their customers to enjoy luxuries without breaking the bank. Later on, I discovered how Zala Hair justifies their extra charges,

”These fees help businesses pass on the costs of repackaging the reduced sale price of a resale to the customer. Orders will be refunded the total order amount minus the shipping incurred by ZALA and a $15AU handling fee, or you can return for 100% store credit minus the shipping paid.”

When a business does this, it doesn’t want to be responsible for regular business expenses such as product returns and exchanges. Most famous websites and brands stake the responsibility of taking back their product if there is a defect or if the customer doesn’t like it.  The brands believe that they must fulfill the customer’s need and give them the perfect product according to their needs and requirements. Thankfully, brands like Luxy Hair, USA Hair, Bellami Hair, and Glam Seamless don’t do this. They also do not charge a fee for product return or exchange. So, in short, the return policy and extra charges were pretty disappointing, and they just added up to my utterly dissatisfactory experience with Zala Hair. They kept charging fees repeatedly for the littlest of the things, which made me finalize my decision that I will not be buying hair extensions from Zala Hair again.

Conclusion – Zala Hair Review

In the end, I would like to conclude that I will not be ordering any hair extensions or any other product from Zala Hair again. I was utterly disappointed by their messed up delivery service and disappointing customer service. They did not put any effort into satisfying their customers and even charged the extra fee for return. My overall experience with Zala Hair was very disheartening, and I can indeed say I will not be doing it any time soon. I’m afraid I also have to fiercely disagree with them using local domains such as .CA attracts individual customers from that region. It is simply a bad business practice that every business should avoid if they need customer loyalty and positive feedback. This rule may even go against the Canadian Internet Registration Authority guidelines. 

I also won’t be returning the product because I will get just half the amount I spent. The unfair exchange will only result in me losing my money because their service weren’t what they promised it would be. I hope this detailed review helped you understand if this is the right product for you or not.

Hair extensions are an excellent investment and help you create as many hairstyles as possible without spending money over and over again. So choose wisely and spend your money in the right place. Happy Shopping!

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This was my personal review of Zala Hair’s hair extensions. Have you ever used clip-in hair extensions from Zala Hair? If yes, please let us know about your experience in the comments below! Wherever possible, please upload pictures so that everyone can benefit from your review!