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Introduction to Sew-in Extensions

Hair extensions have become a pretty popular method of increasing your hair’s length and volume in no time. With hair extensions, the sky is the limit because you can get any color and any length you want using them. They allow you to explore different hairstyles that might not have been possible to make otherwise!
Keep reading to find out more about sew-in hair extensions!

Sew-In Hair Extensions: What Are They Exactly?

Sew-in hair extensions also called weave hair extensions, are more complicated than the other variety of hair extensions like tape-in hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions. In order to get sew-in hair extensions, first, a cornrow is made on both sides of your head, starting from behind the ear. This cornrow is made horizontally towards the middle of the back of the head, until the cornrows from each side meet.

After that, hair extensions are sewn into that cornrow directly, with the standard sewing method with the help of a thread and needle.

This means that the hair extensions will be directly sown into your natural hair. Therefore, hair extensions should only be sewn into thick hair because they can significantly pull thin hair and cause damage to the person’s naturally thin hair. Moreover, the hair extensions can pull tightly on the scalp, in which case it may cause a headache and a lot of discomforts. Therefore, it’s best if you get these hair extensions only if you have thick hair!

Not only this, but these hair extensions take ages to be installed! It can literally take your hairdresser hours to install these sew-in hair extensions since each weave has to be sewn into the client’s hair delicately. It’s a complicated process which is why it takes so long. You also need to make sure that you get it installed by a professional hairdresser who’s experienced in installing sew-in hair extensions. Don’t go for a hairdresser who’s experienced in installing other types of hair extensions but not this one. More than anything, don’t install these hair extensions yourself at home! It’s impossible to try and install these hair extensions yourself because you can’t look at the back of your head and be precise. Trying to install these hair extensions may cause you to harm yourself seriously. You can pierce your scalp with the needle while trying to sew them, only go to an experienced and professional hairdresser with these hair extensions! I cannot stress enough on how important it is that you choose an experienced and certified hairdresser for this matter.

The greatest advantage about these hair extensions is that they’re the most permanent type of hair extensions. Unlike clip-in and tape-in hair extensions, these are directly sewn into your hair, which is why they don’t fall out easily. They’re permanent and very durable, which is why they’re pretty popular as well. Moreover, there is no tape or clip in these type of hair extensions, so they look natural and there is no seam in it that can become visible. Therefore, these hair extensions are permanent and they also give a more natural look when compared to the other types of hair extensions.

How to Take Care of Sew-In Extensions

Taking care of sew-in hair extensions is a lot easier than taking care of tape-in hair extensions for example because you don’t have to worry about haircare products damaging the tape. Here are a few tips and guidelines that will help you take care of sew-in hair extensions:

  • Moisturize all the exposed parts of the braid as well as the scalp around it. Since your hair is tied in a cornrow because of these sew-in hair extensions, that particular area of the scalp can become excessively dry and it can also get damaged. This is why you need to take extra care of that area by making sure that you moisturize as well as deep-condition that area at least once a week!
  • Wash the hair with products that contain protein. Your hair is made out of protein and therefore, it needs protein to prevent it from getting damaged and to help speed up the repairing process. Use cleansing shampoos that have protein in them and also use hair masks with protein in them. This will prevent hair breakage and it will strengthen your hair!
  • Style your hair carefully. Avoid using hot styling tools until they’re absolutely necessary. Hot styling tools can damage your natural hair as well as the hair extensions. Usually, sew-in hair extensions are made of real human hair because they’re placed in your head for a very long period. They’re permanent hair extensions, which is why they need to be of very high quality so that they don’t get damaged while they’re in your hair. Hot styling tools can cause your hair to lose all its moisture and it can damage your hair, resulting in excessive and uncontrollable frizz. Instead, use gentle styling creams and gels to style your hair. They’re way better than heat! However, be careful not to go too close to the roots because it can cause build-up.

Taking care of your hair extensions is very important if you want them to last longer and if you want your natural hair to sustain minimal damage. Take special care of your scalp when using these hair extensions in order to avoid excessive itchiness.

How long do sew-in extensions last?

Usually, sew-in hair extensions are made out of real human hair so that they can last long without getting damaged. However, after some time, your natural hair starts to grow long, so the braid that the hair extensions are sewn into gets loose and distorted. As a result, your hair extensions can become disproportionately placed in your hair and you will need to get them removed and installed again.

You should get these sew-in hair extensions removed about after 6 to 8 weeks. Keeping them on for too long might retard the growth process of your natural hair and it might make your hair grow pretty slowly. Therefore, if you want your hair to grow long quickly, you should remove these hair extensions after about six to seven weeks.
The maximum limit for keeping on these hair extensions is 3 months! The sew-in hair extensions shouldn’t exceed an application time of 3 months in one go because it slows the growth process of your natural hair and may even damage your scalp if applied for too long.

How much do sew-in hair extensions cost?

Sew-in hair extensions cost about the same as other types of hair extensions. The cost for full head coverage may vary from $100 to $300, depending on the brand and hair quality that you use. However, be aware of the fact that a higher price doesn’t always ensure a better hair quality.

To get the best sew-in hair extensions at a reasonable price, you should check out reviews of the hair extensions online on trustworthy websites. Be aware of paid or sponsored YouTube channels that provide false reviews just to get monetary benefits! Try to look for genuine and authentic reviews on trustworthy sites.

When it comes to sew-in hair extensions, you should always prefer getting extensions that are made out of human hair, considering that they’re supposed to stay in your head for a very long time.
Now, the expensive thing about hair extensions is that they require the installation process to be done by a professional and experienced hairdresser. This means that the hairdresser will charge you for installing the hair extensions as the process is very long and complicated. It can take hours for the whole application process to get completed, which is why your hairdresser can charge about $100 to install these hair extensions.

Therefore, the total cost of sew-in hair extensions becomes about $200 to $400 if you include the installation charges by your hairdresser. Your hairdresser might even charge you more than this if you have excessive volume in your hair, but usually, the total cost will be in the range mentioned!

Pros of Sew-In Extensions

  • The hair extensions themselves are pretty inexpensive, especially if you compare them to other types of hair extensions and consider how long these hair extensions last. For a less price, you’re getting hair extensions that will last longer. Therefore, these hair extensions are considered as inexpensive ones.
  • These hair extensions can add to your volume and length overnight! If you have a wedding to attend the next day and you want to add some volume or length to your hair, you can always rely on these hair extensions to give you your desired length and volume overnight! These hair extensions can literally transform your hair from thin and short to long and voluminous in a matter of hours. The results are instant and immediate.
  • Very suitable for thick hair. If you have thick hair and you’re not sure which type of hair extensions you should get, then you should definitely consider getting sew-in hair extensions because they’re very compatible with thick hair!
  • These type of hair extensions will not slip away or fall away randomly. They’re very safe and securely tied to your natural hair. While other types of hair extensions like clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions can fall out of your hair relatively easily, the sew-in variety doesn’t fall out pretty easily because the hair wefts are literally sewn into your braided hair using a thread and a needle. This kind of bond is stronger than the bond in other hair extension types, which is why these hair extensions are safe, secure and permanent. You don’t have to worry about them slipping away in the middle of an event, until and unless the braids start to come loose.
  • These hair extensions cause less damage to your natural hair because they don’t need any type of tape or glue during the installation process. The tape or glue used in other hair extensions can cause damages if you have fragile hair. However, with sew-in hair extensions, the installation process does little to no damage to your natural hair.

Cons of Sew-In Extensions

  • Sew-in hair extensions might cause a lot of pain and discomfort if applied improperly or if applied to thin hair. Since these hair extensions are sewn directly into your natural hair, it may cause your hair to pull constantly if applied by an inexperienced hairdresser. This prolonged pulling can cause your scalp to hurt and it can also give you a headache in severe cases.
  • It’s not easy to find a hairdresser who is certified or experienced in installing these hair extensions. A lot of expertise is required in order to install these hair extensions because it’s a very complicated and technical process.
  • It’s not suitable for people with thin hair. The hair wefts can pull too much on thin hair, causing a lot of hair damage to thin hair.
  • The braid into which the hair is sewn might pull too much on your scalp. It may even cause hair loss if it’s too tight and pulling on your scalp too much.
  • Since the braids are there for a long time, products build-ups might accumulate if not washed properly. Therefore, you need to wash these frequently and take good care of them to prevent such incidents from happening.
  • You might not be able to make many different hairstyles with these types of hair extensions because they’re sewn directly into a braid and that braid is fixed. Therefore, styling options are limited with these hair extensions.

Sew-in extensions reviews

Before purchasing anything online, especially when it comes to hair extensions, it’s always important to read reviews. I regularly publish sew-in extensions reviews on my website!


Therefore, these hair extensions have both pros and cons. If the pros are heavier for you than the cons, you should definitely try getting these hair extensions and experience it for yourself how it feels like!