Hair extensions are a great way of adding length and volume to your hair without having to commit to naturally long or thick hair. For those that are not blessed with thick hair or hair that grows fast, there’s truly no better option than investing in high-quality hair extensions. However, finding long-lasting and high-quality hair extensions isn’t the problem. Most people that don’t have enough experience with hair extensions often have issues with the durability of hair extensions and they find themselves asking, “Why do my hair extensions keep falling out?” That could happen for a myriad of reasons, and we’ll tell you exactly how to avoid that from happening again. Read on to find out how to correctly install tape-in hair extensions, why they may be falling out, and how to safely remove them. 

What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

When it comes to ease in installation and discreetness, tape-in hair extensions always stay at the top of the list. They’re incredibly easy to install, maintain, and remove. Tape-in hair extensions are exactly what their name entails; they come with high-quality, medical-grade tapes attached to the top of each weft of hair which you use to stick  the hair extensions to your real hair. The reason tape-in hair extensions are the most sought after, out of all the other types of hair extensions on the market, is that the tapes make it incredibly easy for the hair extensions to blend into your real due to their transparency. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, these tapes are medical grade, which means you can definitely count on them for lasting a long time and staying attached to your real hair sturdily. 

How To Install Tape-In Hair Extensions:

Although we would always recommend the expertise of a trained professional hair dresser, you can also easily install tape-in hair extensions by yourself at home with enough practice. Here’s how:

  1. Part your hair horizontally across the crown of your head and clip the top half up.
  2. Separate a very thin but wide strand of your hair and sandwich it between two wefts of tape-in hair extensions.
  3. Place the tape near the roots of your hair and make sure the tapes of both the wefts are aligned perfectly.
  4. Repeat this process all throughout your hair, until you have the last two wefts left.
  5. Install the last two wefts on the sides of your hair and cover it up with your real hair.

Why Do Hair Extensions Fall Out?

There could be many reasons behind tape-in hair extensions falling out, some of which are:


  • Incorrect Installation Process: If the tapes aren’t attached correctly, your tape-in hair extensions could easily fall out. To prevent this, it’s best to get your hair extensions professionally installed. Almost all tape in hair extension that are applied outside of a hairsalon will fall.
  • Product Buildup: Product buildup such as your hair oils,  hair spray, dry shampoo, and toner can damage the adhesive of the tape and prevent it from sticking to your hair sturdily, thus falling out. That’s why you should wash your hair the same day using a clarifying shampoo twice and never a conditionner.
  • Same Day Treatment: The most important tip to remember is to never get any hair treatments done the same day that you installed your tape-in hair extensions, since the adhesive needs to set for 48 hours. This includes a hair dye, a keratin treatment, a perm…
  • Oily Scalp and Hair: Excessive natural oils in your hair and on your scalp can prevent the tapes from properly sticking to your hair and results in them slipping out.
  • Mishandling: Being careless or rough while the tape-in hair extensions are in your hair can also make them fall out, such as carelessly shampooing your hair or roughly brushing your hair. 


How To Maintain Tape-In Hair Extensions:

Taking care of your tape-in hair extensions while they’re in your hair is the best way to prevent them falling out. This includes being gentle while massaging the shampoo into your hair, using ultra-hydrating hair products only on the ends, avoiding hair products with alcohol and same day treatments. 

How To Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions:

It’s important to remember not to just simply rip off the tape while removing your tape-in hair extensions as that can result in hair loss. Apply a bit of adhesive remover on the hair directly near the tapes and let it seep into the tapes. After letting it sit for a while, the tapes will be loose enough for you to remove gently and safely. 

Now that you know the A to Z of hair extensions and how to correctly install, maintain, and remove them, we hope you’ll never be troubled with the issue of hair extensions falling out after a week.