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For those of us who constantly like to switch up their hair or just can’t commit one hair length or hair color, hair extensions are a true blessing. They are such a gift because they are the easy way to modify our hair without having to commit to a permanent look. Whenever you want a bit more length in your hair, or to spice up your hair color, hair extensions are the easy and fun solution. When it comes to types and kinds of hair extensions, the variety is vast. One of the many kinds of hair extensions is  “tape in” hair extensions. Now, if you are wondering what tape in hair extensions are, then you have come to the right place because in this guide we have gathered all that you need to know about the tape in hair extensions. From what they are to how to use them, to how to take care of them, everything you need to know about the tape in hair extensions is right here. So let us dive right into the world of hair extensions and get to know as much as we can about tape in hair extensions.

What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Aside from being one of the easiest and the most convenient options for adding extensions to your hair, tape in hair extensions also happens to be the latest trend in hair extensions. These quickly gained an impressive amount of popularity all over the world and an even more impressive amount of love among frequent users of hair extensions. Probably the main reason for its popularity and people being quite fond of it is how natural and discrete they are. Tape-in hair extensions are basically small wefts of hair extensions that have an adhesive tape attached at the top, you apply them to your hair by sticking the adhesive end of the extension to a thin strands of your hair. This is a very easy and absolutely hassle-free method to add some volume, length, and texture to your hair.

That is not the only great thing about the tape-in hair extensions though. Another amazing factor about these is that they are absolutely perfect for people with fine or thin hair. They can last up to 3 months! Need more reasons to love tape in hair extensions? Don’t worry because we can give you just that; these babies are reusable! How awesome is that?!

How To Use Tape-In Hair Extensions?

What plays a significant role their popularity all over the world is that they are super easy to use and take only about an hour to install them. For your ease, we have brought together a few steps and tips to applying tape in hair extensions:

#1 Make Sure Your Head Is Clean:
It is greatly important that your hair is properly washed and clean before you apply anything to it. Make sure to have a clean head before installing your tape-in hair extensions to it so that the extensions adhere to it properly and so that there is no dirt buildup to stay among the hair. It’s recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo twice and not to use a conditioner after.

#2 Start From The Bottom Of Your Hair:
When it comes to installing the tape-in hair extensions to your head, the best way is to start from the bottom then proceed upwards. Starting a little above the end of your scalp, tie the upper half of your hair up and leave the lower half down so that you can start installing the extensions from there and then go upwards, thus achieving beautifully even length.

#3 Section Your Hair In Thin Parts:
For the application of the extensions, start by parting your hair into thin sections. Since you will be using the sandwich method to stick the extensions, which is sandwiching a strand of your hair between two tape in strands, it is a must that you part the hair in specifically thin section so that the adhesive part of both the extensions stick to each other firmly.

#4 Start Attaching The Extensions Carefully:
Now comes the step where you start applying the extensions to your head. Test the strand of hair extension by pressing it onto your scalp, then layer your own hair over it, and then test if you can feel the adhesive tape with your finger. When you’ve reached the required thickness, you’re good to start sticking the extensions together.

#5 Repeat The Process Until Done:
Once you are satisfied with the thinness of your hair and the placement of the extensions, you can start sticking them together and repeat the process until you have covered the entire head with hair extensions to reach the desired length and volume.

How To Take Care Of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Like all other hair extensions, tape in hair extensions requires certain care and attention too, if you want them to last as long as possible. To ensure longer life for your tape in hair extensions, you must not neglect taking care of them. We have gathered a few easy steps so that taking care of your tape in hair extensions will be no problem at all.

#1 Remember To Have Washed Hair Before Application:
Having washed and clean hair before applying tape in hair extensions is a necessary part of its care routine and it is best to not skip this step, otherwise, dirt and grease would build up in your hair and extensions as well, damaging the quality and appearance.

#2 Keep The Extensions Clean:
Even when they are not in use, always remember to keep your tape in hair extensions appropriately washed and clean in order for them to not lose their quality, their sheen, and their fullness, and also for them to not get dirty. This way, you can make your hair extensions last longer, with beautiful appearance every time you use them.

#3 Do Not Let Them Get Tangled:
No matter what, do not let your tape in hair extensions get tangled. At all. In all times and cases, make sure to comb or brush your tape in hair extensions gently yet properly so that they do not get tangled to avoid any breakage or damage and to ensure maximum quality.

#4 Avoid Brushing Your Hair When Wet:
One of the steps of taking care of your tape in hair extensions that you need to pay special attention to is that you must avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. It is highly important to avoid doing so because when you brush your hair when it is wet, the risk of damage and breaking gets higher.

#5 Dry The Extensions Before Going To Bed:
Before finally hitting the sack at the end of the day, you must remember to dry your hair properly, including your tape-in hair extensions. This way, you can avoid leaving them damp for longer than necessary and also prevent them from getting tangled as your toss and turn in your sleep.

#6 Remember To Brush The Extensions Daily:
Once again, we remind you to brush your tape in hair extensions on a daily basis. We cannot stress enough on how important it is to keep your hair extensions from getting tangled so that they do not lose quality and batter down quickly,  gently brushing them daily is the best way to go. Remember to hold the roots in place so that the adhesive bond does not get tugged out.

#7 Give Extra Love And Care To Your Extensions:
It is okay to use products in your hair to give it that dose of extra love, but make sure to not overdo the usage so that there’s no product build up which will result in less voluminous locks and tangles.

#8 Strictly Avoid Coloring Or Bleaching The Extensions:
Strictly avoid coloring or bleaching the hair extensions as they can cause serious damage to their quality and appearance.

#9 Protect Your Tape In Hair Extensions From Heat:
When styling your hair with a flat iron, make sure to use a good heat-protectant so your extensions don’t suffer from heat damage.

#10 Keep Any Heat Away From The Adhesive Part:
Also, you must keep all heat away from the adhesive of the extensions so that it doesn’t melt away, otherwise your extensions will come loose.

#11 Keep From Applying Conditioner To Your Scalp:
When wearing tape in hair extension, don’t get any conditioner on your scalp so that it doesn’t affect the roots of the extensions directly.

Wondering What Would Be The Cost Of Tape-In Extensions?

Good quality tape in hair extensions can cost you from $150 to $400, depending on the amount and length that you require.

How Long Will Your Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

Depending on how you take care of them, your tape in hair extensions can hold up to a good time of 3 months.

Pros Tape-In Hair Extensions:

There are several reasons why people all over the world totally love tape in hair extensions; they come with many benefits that really act in their favor. First of all, these extensions are quite easy to apply at a hair salon. Second, they require no hassle in their application since they don’t ask for usage of any tools, which promises maximum comfort. Another plus point of tape in hair extensions is that they require no chemicals in their applications, ensuring zero damage to your hair or to your scalp. The pros of these do not end here though; these hair extensions are reusable. Tape in hair extensions is particularly beneficial for thin hair, giving easy volume and a healthier look to your hair. Along with that, another supporting point of these extensions is that the adhesive tape part of these extensions is hardly visible, so it does not show at all.

Cons of Tape-In Hair Extensions?

While we are discussing the characteristics and qualities of tape in hair extensions, let us not miss the cons of this type of hair extensions so that you are absolutely sure of what you are getting. One downside about them that would be commonly shared and understood among people is that they are quite expensive. Tape in hair extensions are not the most permanent kind of hair extensions, but they will hold up to about 3 months. Moving on, these hair extensions ask for certain attention and maintenance in order to keep them in good condition. Most importantly, if tape in hair extensions are not applied to your hair precisely and properly, irritation and discomfort can occur. In case of incorrect installation, or if the adhesive is not sufficiently strong, the extensions can slip from your hair, which we are sure you would not want especially when out in public.

Tape-in hair extensions reviews

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Now that you have all that you need to know about the tape in hair extensions, hopefully, you will have an easier time in getting the right hair extensions to add to your locks!